Thursday, December 27, 2007

It slowly approaches...

for us to say 'I do'... 'till death do us apart'...
1 more week to go...

I'm feeling all jittery.. excited.. and nervous..

I wonder if I can be at my most beautiful.. despite the permanent-resident acne scars.. and stubborn fats that dont wanna go away.
I wonder if the makeup artist can do her magic on my pathetic skin..
I wonder if the dress can make me look 1kg slimmer..

I wonder... if... I will make a fool out of myself on that day (typically... I always do something silly or idiotic everyday.. )

It's a weekday.. I wonder if my friends are taking leave to see my marital status changed from single to married.. (like as if I'm gonna change from Ms to Mrs.. I shall still remain as Ms)
Whichever it is, I know a few of my close colleagues and my best buddy is taking leave to celebrate with me.. and my other colleagues already expressed their keeness to join in (despite having to work on that day, and our operations cant really allow everyone to go on half day.. er.. maybe when the time comes for my boss to get married, we will self-proclaim 1 day off just for her :P )

I have to go redo my hair colours, re-perm my hair by this week.. I think the best part is my hair liao.. so.. at least everyone can focus more on my hair than the face/ fats. LOL~
I have to at least attempt to go on a crash diet (perhaps) so that I can get to alter even more during my final fitting of my dress on 31st.


We went to The Central to get our wedding bands.. while others opt for gold, platinum, titanium etc with lotsa diamond, we ended up choosing with the same taste... a simple pair of bands made from silver, engraved with the words "Make My Dream Come True". The band has 2 rings, criss-crossed at the correct angle where at a certain angle, it looks like a heart shape. They are designed and made in Japan and made one of the Top 10 popular designs.

I actually like the actual gold series (made with black gold and rose gold) but .. er... the price is too steep. Dear dont really like to wear anything on his hands, so he made it clear that he probably wouldn't be wearing the band (thus no point buy until so expensive). So.. my dream that I want to make it come true.. is just a simple wish that he will wear the ring for me. But of course, I will respect him if he's not wearing it. It's the heart that links the 2 of us together.. we gradually have some sort of connection where there are times we probably can read each others' minds.. Now.. how creepy that can be at times. Ha ha ha ha..

The house.. we got the keys.. now.. we (or he) are cracking our brains to think of a good home style design.. we roughly know what we want.. but.. not sure if it's feasible..

I would be more likely having to crack my brains over the budget part.. need to get loan from banks.. then the furniture to go with the design of the house.. ahh..

My parents kept telling me to just buy the essentials.. then slowly buy the remaining furniture.. but.. the essentials already costing us quite a fair big amount of moolah..

Anyway.. I'm creating a list of electrical appliances which.. you guys can give me for my housewarming, probably set next year..
1) Smoothie maker (for the mini bar counter)
2) Wine glasses, champange glasses, water goblets..
3) Wine, Liquor such as Vodka, Whisky, Jack daniels, Tequilla etc
4) Iron
5) Rice Cooker (enough to cook for 4 persons)
6) Water Flask (to boil and store hot water)
7) DVD Player
8) Bose speakers
9) 21 inch television (for our bedroom)
10) 42 inch television (for the living room)

Hmm.. ok.. perhaps I'm asking a bit too much liao... :P

Whichever it is..

Anyone who wish to donate to my Furniture-Appliances-Fund, please feel free to tell me hor.. :P

Still feeling damned... NERVOUS for my big day... :(

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


My apologies for the lack of updates (to whoever that's reading my blog... if I have any >:P )

Been busy.. and lazy (no doubt).

Busy in the sense that upon reaching home after work, I prefer to watch TV, gossip with my mum, or chase my 2 cats around.. though there are a few times i was reading other people's blogs and couldn't lift my fingers to type out my own (that's where the laziness seeps in.. )

Even going to Amore.. has been... less frequent.. imagine from like 3x classes + 1x gym reducing to like.. probably 1x gym per week?

Likely cause, work.. and of course some other personal matters (which happened to my dear but indirectly affected me). Only just yesterday that I went back to my usual Monday Hi-Lo and Stretch-Fit classes. Ok.. aching tummy.. and the sides... My fats are aching... all thanks to stretch-fit.

Supposed to go gym today, but ended up meeting dear and his buddy for dinner at Lot-One. :P

Anyway, after dinner, we went to NTUC to buy rice and salt for our new flat tomorrow.. cos....
YES! Finally... our new home is here..

My parents told me about the rituals before entering the flat etc.. so.. rather to be safe than sorry, wanting better health and WEALTH when we start living there.... I (and I force dear to go along with me) decided to listen to the folks.

Gotta wake up early tmr.. and settle all the admin stuff.. We will be around $27k poorer..
My retirement plans... I think I better start to decide when I wanna start saving for it. Doubt my investment can earn me much to live a comfortable retirement life.

I'll also be getting my security deposit back... good to add on to my incoming bonus.. which i'll be pooling them in for my furniture expenses. Anyone who's thinking of convincing me to treat them to good food because of the announcement about civil servant's bonus, you can kiss my ass before I decide whether to treat. Outsiders can never understand the misery/ scoldings/ accusations etc that we have to endure from the public, no amount of money can relieve the stress that we go through. No wonder, more and more civil servants are seeking psychiatric treatment. Serious!! I, soon will fall into that category... :X

Well.. on a lighter, more serious note, I have to do some re-financing.. considering that now got flat to support.. haiz..
Need to save for future baby (surely I wouldn't wanna wait until I 30++ yrs old then give birth).. children's education.. retirement.. so..


p/s: Any friends of mine who wants to come and witness me and moon's ROM solemnisation on 02/01/2008 2.30pm, please let me know so that I can make arrangements for some little reception after that. :)

Monday, November 19, 2007

More songs!!

Another must-sing song from gary..

It's easy to sing... but nid a lot of feeeeeling of sadness...

曹格, 我爱你!!!!
(ok.. I siao liao.. )


With permission from bf to buy (if not wait he says I buy rubbish to put on my face.. LOL), I contacted the MUA which Sock Mun's friend recommended to her.
Here's her addy if you are interested to buy. :

Shared the ampoules with Tiff since she's also interested to get it.

Shirley, the MUA, said that she will give me discounts next time when I buy from her again. She's such a friendly gal.. Wondering how is her makeup skills.. if she's good, maybe can ask her to be my MUA for my ROM.

I'm still wondering whether to do my own makeup or get a professional..

I've yet to find my ROM dress..

I've yet to lose that extra 5kg..

I've yet to decide whether to get a photographer..

I've yet to decide whether to book any tables for makan after the ROM..

I've yet to make this spotty face clear..

So many things.. yet I've yet to do anything..

Anyone got any good ideas how I can do the a/m stuffs? :(


I think I got hooked to play Assassin Creed.. We bought the game on Saturday (xbox360 version), I played on Sunday when bf is out to send something to his technician.. and.. I declared that I'm hooked..

I'm now hesitating whether to buy the PC version.. Should I?
I'm also hesitating whether to buy any more expansion packs for Sims 2.. Now they got so many expansions.. geez.. I wanna buy them all!!!!

So.. anyone can guess what I will be doing usually when I'm on leave... GAMES GAMES AND MORE GAMES!!!

So.. to anyone who plans to buy something for me for christmas..
My wish list:
(1) Robinsons/ Tangs/ Isetan/ Takashimaya shopping vouchers (cos I can use them to buy makeup..:P )
(2) Any Sims 2 expansion packs (currently I have Sims 2 Deluxe and University)
(3) Assassin Creed PC version
(4) Hell Gate (ok.. perhaps.. my brother will be hogging the pc to play this)
(5) Gym Bag
(6) Yoga pants (3/4 pls... cos I'm short, so 3/4 will be of a nice length, size wise.. should be UK16)
(7) Exercise T-Shirts (preferably those dri-fit type, UK 16)

So.. there you have it!! :P

Friday, November 09, 2007

曹格... 苏永康... 我的最爱!

These 2 male singers ARE my FAVE!!!!

No doubt.. I'll make sure I sing their songs during karaoke.. especially Gary..
His remix of 新不了情 is absolutely.. FANTASIC!!
Too bad.. None of the KTV i went has his version.. It's very gary.... of cos those who like the original sad version will probably shake head when they listen to it.
The user disabled the embedding part.. so.. I can only just provide the link:

Trust me.. 他会让你听出耳油。

Another remix.. is 张惠妹's 听海。

It's.. so... touching..

Finally.. my other favourite karaoke must-sing...

I found a few 苏永康's songs as well.. all the sad sad love songs.. those which are good to sing during break-ups.. Oh ya.. they really make you weep lor..

Oh man...


Saturday, October 20, 2007

Precious.. and ... Forever...

This was what the pastor said to Jason (my poly buddy) and his wife, earlier this evening at their solemisation.

Marriage is precious.. and it's forever..
So.... inspiring.. HA HA HA.. can't wait to hear what my solemiser will say to us..

" I announce you.. husband and wife.. Sign liao can go... "
Ok.. me = lame..

They had their wedding at the Gallery Hotel.. where the hotel's swimming pool walls are actually glass.. which means, TRANSPARENT! WAH~~~~~

But.. too late liao, no swimmers..

We the gang of 5 from SPAC2GO.. finally witnessed our big brother (Jason's the oldest) end his bachelor life.
Next in line... should be our 2nd brother, Jianhao.. but hor.. he hasn't made his move.
3rd brother, Gary... no targets yet.. so... left me.. the 4th sister.. who's about to sign away my singlehood in another 2+ months time.
5th sister, Qiuyun.. who knows may be the 3rd? :P
Counting the years.. we have known one another for almost 10 years (ever since poly year 1)..
Me and Siti.. for almost 8 years.. (we became buddies from year 3 onwards..)
I think.. the longest running.. most likely.. is Liming aka Michelle.. from Sec 1.. as well as Weijing aka Tiff..

This reminded me.. TIME FLIES LIKE A ROCKET!!!

So fast.. :(
Ah well.. better do what I want now.. before time is wasted.. (which anyway, I started going for exercise classes, hopefully to lose the fats, tone up, get healthier and maybe can grow prettier also *LOL*, then made new changes to my hair - 1st time in my life, I permed it.. and even change my style of dressing... well.. that maybe hv to depend on my hubby, he's the stylist.)

Whichever it is.... it's all for the better..
If I become more confident about myself.. Naturally.. I will become more beautiful.. i think. :P

Gary started cam-whoring at the wedding earlier.. and that inspired me.. to do the same when I got home..

Ok... enough of acting cute... EVERYONE PUKING LIAO!!!
Are my eyes looking bigger? I took pains to makeup my eyes so that they look bigger, becos' they are so small.. I tried using the method of drawing my eyeliner according to Kevin 老师in女人我最大 and adding some white eyeshadow/ liner to my lower lashline. Wearing this big eye lens (I bought this Maxi Eyes by Spectroflex from USA).. Probably the last thing which I should learn.. is to wear faux lashes.. ok.. enough of makeup.. *bf must be shaking head by now.. *
Anyway, my eye bags are showing.. I havent been sleeping well... Always not enough sleep..
Must get rid of eye bags..
I can't wait for my hair to grow longer.. long sexy curls at the end.. to create my ultimate sexy look for the ROM.. provided if I can slim enough.. :P
Hmm... feel like having prata tmr morning.. :X
COUPLE OF TURI BEACH RESORT SWIMMING POOL PIX!(sorry.. no bikini babes/ speedo trunks hunks)

That's all folks!!!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Back from Turi.. again..

I juz came back from Turi Beach.. again...

Guess I know why bf;s cuz loves going there.. it's so relaxing.. away from the hustle and noise from the city.. just laze around, have a dip into the pool (or the sea, if you are daring enough...), go to their town and shop till you drop cos, you bascially live like a king there (yes.. cos.. it's so CHEAP!!!). The best thing is... AWAY FROM WORK!!!

Yes.. away from work.. there are many times where i just get so frustrated from work, so many things to do, and I juz dunno where to start. Sometimes, I even forgot what to do..

Bf's work is even more stressful from mine. Calls, calls and more calls.. From his technicians to his customers to his manager.. He juz finished his 2 weeks reservist and off we packed and go to Turi. He needs his precious sleep, which he din manage to get much so far.

Anyway, on our first day, after unpacking our stuff, we went for lunch at the local seafood restaurant, called Amazon, that's juz beside the ferry terminal. They serve their freshest catch to their customers. How fresh? Well... their seafood are mostly caught by some of their staff and then kept in their pond for customers to choose. It's cheap too!

Afterwhich, we head on to Batam Center. Aim: To buy our hair care products that's 6 times cheaper than in Singapore and... bf's cuz bought 6 Loreal White Perfect Zoom In Spot Corrector (so something like that?) that's half the price than Singapore (the cuz's sister sweared by its effectiveness, dunno how true is that?). Anyway, because it's Hari raya, a lot of shops are closed. We din really get to walk around much though.. So.. we quickly grabbed 2 dozen of donuts, A&W's Root Beer Float and head on back to our hotel.

Rested a while before going to have our dinner.. Soup Butuk (think it's cow/bull/ox tail soup?) though... one of cuz's fren said butuk means BUTT..
Aiyoh... din know the buttock soup is so nice... LOL

Afterwhich, we watched cable Tv till 1am and slept like pigs till next day..

Morning, we went for our buffet breakfast.. and then a dip in the pool.

I learned swimming when I was 10.. but I din swim since 12. So.. after 14 years... I forgot how to 'swim' liao. Previously I tried. and FAILED.. now.. I tried again.. and FAILED again.. So.. in the end, i grabbed a float... and... VOILA! I SWAM!!!!
Ok.. i just nid to grab the float while I 'swim' to keep me upper body above water.. and I can start 'swimming'. Ok.. LOUSY.. I know.. LOL
I even went into the 'hole' and swam using breaststroke. WAHAHAHAHHAA...

I think.. me upper body too heavy liao.. that's why i kept sinking.. WAHAHAHAHAHA..

Even though we had fun.. sinking.. jumping in water.. waddling.. I think I got sunburn.. my arms and shoulders (tan also not even.. stupid SUN), my back... and lower neck area.. my back really look like it's BURNT.. now my body.. can see SUPER clearly.. the shape of my swimsuit. No wonder... girls preferred to wear bikini to sun tan.. sigh..

Since I wont be swimming in Singapore (cos everyone just starred at you if you are fat and wearing a swimsuit, they never see piggies swim before, that's why), bf recommended that I buy myself bikinis.. Not that I dun wanna buy.. but... judging at my 'top', buy in Singapore.. a bit difficult.. all catered for mini 'tops', wait I wear liao.. cannot cover how? Free show leh.. I promise that if we ever come across nice ones and got my size one.. I will sure buy..

If Ms Piggy can wear bikini, so can I! (Juz wear a t-shirt over it to cover the fats lor.. ha ah ha ha)

p/s: I din manage to find the ampoules, but I bought this award-winning whitening serum from The Face Shop to try out. Dunno if it will work.. but.. no harm trying! :)
However.. if you know where to buy the ampoules, please let me know still!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Seeking ampoules..

Need to look for ampoules for my face..
Those that can lighten acne scars (even from million years ago *LOL*) and minimise pores..

If you have friends who study in beauty schools or working as beautician, and is able to buy for me or has lobangs for such, please let me know.

I'm also looking for those ampoules for cosmetics use.

Heard from many that the ampoules for cosmetics allows your makeup to stay longer and oil-free.

p.s: If you know where these are sold, please also let me know~! :)

THANKIES~!! *muaks*

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

New Hairdo!!!

I've got a NEW hairdo!!!!

A move which SHOCKED practically everyone.. even bf said this to me..
" I think I'll need some time to get used to your new look.. "

My colleagues.. also said.. SO DIFFERENT.. Must need some time to get used to my new looks...

Sie lar... dunno that's good or bad... :(
maybe I look like AUNTIE!!

But.. my hairstylist said it suits me.. miraclously.. LOL~ (ok.. maybe I really look like auntie..)
She was just experimenting.. YES.. experimenting..

I trust my hairstylist so much that.. the fate of my hair is in her hands.. she can do whatever she wants with it..

Anyway, after 3 months, my hair will be long enough with all the wavy ends.. I can just retouch on the colours.. and.. be a pretty piggy on my ROM day. Ho Ho Ho~

3 more months.. and I'm planning to lose at least 5 to 10 more kgs (ok.. at least just another 5kg, I'll be happy)..
3 times a week aerobics/ cardio-latino/ stretch-fit/ hip-hop etc.. is showing slow results.. I only lost about 2 to 4kgs..

Even eat also.. not as much liao.. (ok I lied.. I just ate 4 mini bread-rolls from Provence @ Holland V before my dinner.. it's SO TEMPTING and DELICIOUS!!)

Guess.. it's bee hoon soup everyday for lunch..

Where to buy dress to wear for our ROM day? Si bei sianz.. how to find plus-size dresses that's not like grandma dress or curtain draping on me?

If you have places to recommend that I can go, please let me know!!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Yes... My favourite!
Noone can make better durian ice kacang/ chendol/ bobo chacha than my 3rd Aunt!
I've been eating it since I was young... My aunt knew it's been always my fave.. so everytime I go there, no need to say anything, she will sure make for me 1 bowl with lotsa durian puree toppings!
Brought many friends there... everyone fell in love with it after 1 spoon.
Imagine... REAL durian puree.. where u can even taste the fibres in every mouthful.. 香滑却很有口感,原汁原味。It's not like those foodcourt where the durian puree became like syrup or those whipped cream type. Somemore.. it's only $2!!!!! With a BIG scoop of the durian puree. Not it's not becos I'm her niece so she gave me more (of cos more than others lar).. but when I see other customers buy, theirs also a BIG scoop one.. Dun believe?
Check this out!

My mum's durian chendol... without the coconut santan.. LOL~
She's enjoying her chendol..

My durian ice kacang (which is already half-gone) and her durian chendol which she has to tahan it until I finished taking pictures...
All other usual desserts like ice kacang, chendol, ching tng, tau suan, ice jelly etc.. all selling for $0.80 (takeaway is $1). SO CHEAP and STILL HAS LOTSA INGREDIENTS!! Exotic desserts will cost from $1.50 to $2.00. Even her SOURSOP PUREE topping is nice okay!
Cheap and nice desserts.. so hard to find nowadays!

It's at Chong Pang Food Market (in Yishun).. stall number: #01-157
Closed on Wednesdays usually (but she's opening today cos she's closed this Saturday to attend my cousin's wedding).. Open from around 12 to 1pm onwards.. MAY sold out by 8.30pm. See if you are lucky!
U might have to wait a while, cos when i was there with my parents, the queue just kept getting longer.. some even pack around 10 to 15 packets of desserts. My aunt and uncle are like machines, non-stop since 7pm until everything was finally sold out by around 9pm.


Monday, October 01, 2007

Lonely Pig..

Bf went on 2 weeks reservist today. Meaning to say i will be on my own for the week.. :(

Anyway, we went shopping around during weekend to buy his reservist stuffs. I also bought some of my stuffs - Bobbi Brown No Smudge Mascara, and ........ Clinque's Anti-Blemish post blemish treatment gel. Saw a few comments about it, being able to lighten acne scars so....... I dug whatever money i had to get it. What to do.. if I hope to look pretty on our ROM day, I had to sort to all sorts of ways and means to do it. Ha ha ha. I actually wanted to buy my blemish cover stick also.. but the shade that I used is out of stock.

Dun ask me when is my ROM... cos.. #$%#$#*%$#% .. I've yet to get any dates.. EVEN AT MIDNIGHT, I ALSO CAN'T BOOK ANY DATE! HOW LAME IS THAT!!!!
Stupid sad me..

We wanted to be on 12 Dec, but fully booked by the time we wanna book.. 24 Dec.. hands slower than other people.. 26 Dec .. bf dun hv his dad's ic (for the witness) so.. by the time we got it.. booked.. 31st also booked.. we went in at midnight, it was not even in.. 15 mins later.. it's fully booked. I'M SO F#$#KING ANGRY!!!!

Sigh.. Let's see if I'm lucky today to book 2nd January 2008.

5 more days to go before my cuz's wedding on saturday.. I'm making extra efforts to slim down as much as possible and my skin to clear. This is to avoid any 'irritating' questions from my relatives about me being FAT..
To date after I started Amore.. I've lost around 4kg (I just checked on the weighing scale, but dunno how accurate). I dun even see much changes... I dun look any slimmer.. My clothes dun feel any looser.. Ah well... Heck..


UPDATE: I finally managed to book my ROM date... it will be on 2 January 2008, 2.30pm!
Watch out for more updates.. so friends and buddies who wanna come to my ROM date, please let me know in advance hor!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My birthday..

Yesterday was my birthday..

Actually.. bf and I started 'celebrating' since the weekend... Yes.. on Sunday, I treated my 二姨and her family + my parents and brother and bf to C-Nai Hongkong Cafe @ East Coast Park.
My 二姨 is like my 2nd mum to me since young. When I was younger, she's been the very fierce aunty that all of us feared.. but we always look forward to see her during CNY.. cos' her ang pow is the biggest. LOL~
As years go by, her temper reduced.. and she's even more motherly..

Anyway, we had a good time eating.. and eating more stuffs... In the end.. for 8 persons, I spent around $90++.. Then we eventually headed down to Arena Country Club. 二姨's friend took over the bowling alley and herself took over the games arcade management. The pool hall (which i used to work part-time in) was still under Mambo Billards. Anyway, bf and I grabbed our cues from his home and went there to play.

2 long years of not playing already... we both got so rusty.. that we couldn't even shoot a proper straight ball. LOL~
We took some time to get back at least 40 to 50% of our 'skill'. By then we already spent a good 4 hours before stopping to have dinner. Then continued for another hour or so.
I think bf was keen to go back to the days that he used to 'conquer' the pool table.. ke ke ke..

So.. on my actual bird-day.. bf had to go back to office to settle his work before meeting me in the afternoon. Like all birthdays.. it's usually food and shopping..
We had Sakae for lunch.. shopped at almost all the malls in Orchard.. and went to Marina Sq for more shopping. Eventually.. bought the following..
1) 1 pair of DP jeans
2) 1 pair of Everbest shoes in Cream White
These 2 are bought to match the white empire top with flowers motif. Bought it at DP in Paragon last week. Somehow.. the top looks very nice.. BUT.. can be quite.. er.. sexy. Can see a deep monsoon drain... WAHAHAHAHAHA.. No need to wear push-up to get the effect hor..
All clothings are picked out with bf's special styling power...

I did attempt to try to buy a denim jacket from Levi's.. but as usual.. like all clothes store for skinny ladies.. their largest size is L.. miserably SMALL.. Despite being an american brand, their sizes are bloody f**king small. Bf kept asking me to buy one of their jeans.. of cos, he can fit in their guys jeans.. but... if I were to get their guy's jeans..
1) I probably have to get like a few sizes bigger just to fit my HUGE HIPS and having to see myself sticking 1 arm into the jeans at waist level.
2) I will probably also start feeling annoyed having to see myself wearing such BIG size.. I'm already wearing like size 16 at DP.. and size 18 for buttoned blouses so that I have ample space for my assets w/o bursting the blouse..
3) LEVI'S JEANS ARE EXPENSIVE.. even though they are durable..
It irritates me so much.. that I prefer to call them C***B** Jeans instead..
Then again... I know.. I just have to blame it on myself for being... so NOT THIN..

Anyway.. We had a good time... despite having to see my poor darling so tired from all the walking.. I am tired too..

So before we decided to head back home.. he pulled me conveniently into SK..

I need not tell you what he bought.. Anyway.. it wont be ready until probably 2 weeks later, cos they ran out of the size that I need.. FAT FINGER!!!

Till then.. I will be eagerly waiting for the lovely birthday present of mine..
hey.. who knows.. he might just use that to propose to me.. WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA..

p/s: We are still waiting ... for the kuku HDB to get back to us on our HDB loan..

Anyone interested to donate $$$ to 'Shannon & Moon Love Sty Renovation Sponsorship' are welcome to drop me a mail or sms me.. or.. write me a cheque.. Or.. you can also volunteer to help out on certain things like painting the house for free, donate tiles for the whole house (it's a huge area of 126sqm), pulling of electrical wires blah blah blah..

All of my friends out there... U GUYS BETTER START SAVING FOR THE ANG POW.. !!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Out 1st overseas trip...

We went to Turie Beach @ Batam couple of weeks ago, with his cousin and friend.
My 1st overseas trip (OVER the seas..) with bf.

Just a short getaway from all the city life.. The last time I went to Batam was 10 yrs ago with my parents..
Definately lotsa changes.. it's like Singapore in its 1990s.. The resort that we stayed in was nice and comfy.. and 'natural'.
Took a few pictures.. I din take a lot.. cos.. I found it a hassle to bring around (especially when I went to the city area for shopping). I only brought my wallet, resort keys and tissues when I went to their mall (in my adidas sports pants and t-shirt and sandals). LOL~

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Nice hor?

More views....

Storm brewing... on our 1st day there... But we still went out shopping in their new mall- Nagoya Hill. It's like... IMM... with Giant inside.. Ha ha ha.. The resort helped us book a taxi for 250 000 rupiahs (eq. to SGD$36) for 3 hours. Trip from resort to the centre.. 30 mins.

Attempted to look for a swim suit.. planning to go swimming.. and sun tanning... Ok.. I din actually swim.. cos.. I've forgottened how to swim! Yes.. I learned swimming back when i was in pri. 4 (it's compulsory for our primary school then) then.. eventually.. as i grew.. fatter.. I got no GUTS to wear a swim suit.. So.. now since I'm overseas.. where noone knows me, nor bothers to take a second look at me, I planned to wear one.. and soak in the water till i become a prune. HA HA HA HA HA...

I did manage to find 1.. Super revealing at the back, all the way to the lower back with just 2 strings cross at the shoulder areas. In front, of cos.. must cover until 'kao kao'. WAHAHAHAHA..
It's only SGD$20+... Speedo brand one okay... where to find??

It was definately fun and relaxing.. Chow bf din even wanna get anywhere near the waters though.. kuku-piggy.. Anyway I had more fun laughing at myself while I attempt to 'swim'. $#%^&$#*&%^## I just kept sinking.. All those fats just cant keep itself afloat.. Whichever it is.. I did get a tan! I guess it will fade off soon in another month..

Here's more pictures..

Comfortable beds... twin beds... But.. even under the same mosquito nettting.. I still got bitten.. on my arms by this annoying greedy fat bastard commando mozzie in the middle of the night.. Bf just slept his way through.. ArGHhh.. my arms still had the scars from the battle..
The mozzie din escape of cos.. I murdered it.. the old fashion way... in the middle of my palms.. blood splattered all over.. 去死吧!WAHAHAHAHA...
Definately going to come back to tis nice place soon.. and I WILL go to BATAM CENTRE this time to buy all my Branded Polo Ralph Polo (made in indonesia) and CLOTHES (if I can slim down some more by then).
Yes... I'm still going for my Amore.. Usual Mondays and Fridays.. for Hi-Lo, Stretch Fit, Cardio Latino and Hip Hop. Will attempt to go for other classes like BellyBlitz.. My left ankle is still relatively weak so.. kickboxing seemed to be kinda hard for me to go leh..
I muz try to slim somemore..
Maybe somemore classes should do the trick..

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Lousy class..

Today's Low impact class @ Amore by this instructor Jet.. was LOUSY..

Unclear English... Pace was ultra fast.. steps were complicated.. and not much demo of the steps to us the newbies.. wait.. he din even bother to ask if there's any one new joining the class.

Although I already knew some of the steps, it's so hard to catch up! Jump here.. right there.. left here... turn around (wTF?? He din even turn.. but I see everyone turning.. except us the new ones.. ) .. BLOODY KUKU...

I dun think I wanna join his class liao.. wat a let-down.. Think Jovienne's one still the best..
Shall rest tmr.. and Friday.. it's another round of 2 hours cardiolatino and hip hop!!!

I weighed myself today.. again.. yes... I just cdn't stop thinking about my weight gain..
Weighing machine must be spoilt.. cos.. I weighed 500grams lighter..
ONLY 500 GRAMS.. But then again.. I weighed 500 grams heavier 2 days before..
So.. I'm back.. to my ORIGINAL WEIGHT!

So what's the moral of the story?

and noone commented if I got slim down or not... not even my bf...

low morale liao leh...
Ah.. Well...

I SHALL WORK HARDER!!! EAT HARDER!!! ha ha ah ha ha ah.... *gone kuku*

p/s: My new found fave food since 2 months ago... Caesar Salad.. *drOOlz*

It's back to blogging..

I'm back to my freaking o' self.. Shall treat nothing has happened..

Lotsa happenings..

I've finished my hip hop classes which my co. sponsored @ Amore. Jovienne is an excellent instructor; every session is a fun experience. Having considering to take up more Amore classes, and getting piggy to give me the approval stamp, I signed up for the Power Package aka Unlimited classes, Unlimited gym, any time, any where. It's a 24 mth package but they threw in 15 more months free!
Now I can get to lose weight... on my body and my wallet... LOL~

Went for 2 classes straight at Jurong Point last Friday. Luckily all the hip hop classes which we took have helped me improve my stamina.. otherwise I probably will be panting like a dog after 1 class. Took Cardio-Latino and Hip Hop (the actual one).
Took the last Hip Hop (aerobics+dance) class on Monday (that's yesterday), supposedly to rush down to the 7pm Hi-Lo class at JP but I decided not to. Not that i'm lazy but i still have lotsa work to do and I have a workshop that I'm doing today.

Anyway, I've decided the following routine from now on.
Monday 7pm Hi-Lo JP
Wednesday 7pm Low Impact Aerobics Wdls Civic Ctr
Friday 7.30pm Cardiolatino JP
8.30pm Hip Hop JP

Not sure if I still got the strength to do gym after the classes, but I might just go for gym after wed's Low Impact Aerobics. It's like my previous routine when we first took the low impact on Mondays followed by 30 mins cycling at the gym.

Anyway, although as much as I hope that I have lost some weight, I stepped on the weighing machine yesterday with my fingers crossed, and.... was shocked to see that I've gained 1/2kg more.

I was like, WTF%$$##!@!

Wasn't I supposed to lose the FATS in my body? WHY AM I GAINING WEIGHT??!!!!

Staring at the stupid needle pointing at *8.5kg (I refused to reveal my hideous weight), I lose all motivation at very moment and decided not to go for my cycling.
Kuku-hell... cycle cycle.. also neber lose weight.. waste my time, sweat, time..
Off I went.. back to work..

But today.. miraculously.. I decided (or convinced myself) to continue.. Remembering SM has signed up also, asked her if she wanna go for the low impact on Weds @ Wdls. She helped me to make booking and so.. we shall go for our 'ah-lo-pig' tmr. Good starter for her..

Anxiously waiting for tmr to come.. For a moment.. I've never seen myself so enthusiastic about exercising.. piggy says.. I've gained weight becos my pui bah now turning into muscles so will gain mass. but hor.. after some time.. muscles tone liao hor, sian already will start to lose the mass.. that's where I'll start to look like a slim pig. Ho seh liao leh..

Can go shop for preety clothes liao.. heh heh..

** if any one is wondering why my ang moh looks weird at times... it's my alter ego showing itself.. LOL~*

p/s: stupid piggy everytime go see other gals' blog, neber see my blog... then says this preety, that preety.. me will become TL jealous one leh.. *^%$##$%^&@

Sigh.. birthday coming.. dunno got pple remember or not..

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


If showing concern is being described as 'kaypoh';

If giving my sincere suggestions is being described as 'busybody';

Should I dun bother to waste my time and effort to care for someone whom I consider as a friend, despite knowing this person for a short period of time?

Should I go against myself since I'm not a person who can 'dun care' about someone which i consider as a friend?

The person mentioned in this person's blog may not be pointing to me.. but it seemed to be pointing at me somehow.. like the arrow pointing north in a compass..


First time in my life.. I'm being described as being a hypocrite.. I wonder what would I get out from showing my concern?

I felt betrayed... and speechless..

Ain't going to blog any time soon.. heart pain.. Think I better showered all my love, care and concern instead for my bf who's so stressed over his work and projects and also to my family, perhaps a small amount to my close true friends who truly understand me.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Something sad..

I had my EFD Offsite Meeting @ Orchid Country Club yesterday. It was a fruitful session (with more headaches to come) and lotsa teambuilding sessions.

However, in the morning, I received a sms from a good friend, pinky..
His mum just passed away..

Shocking.. wasn't really able to concentrate much.. wanted to call to ask how he's doing but couldn't do so. Director was talking about our upcoming plans..
Then during our toilet break, gave him a call.. Glad to hear that he's ok.. and he's already prepared for it. Told him that I'll be heading down at night as I had another council meeting in the evening. A month ago, moon's ex-colleague (which he had introduced to me last time) also passed away suddenly after his soccer game. Even though I may not know him much, but it's really sad..

Council meeting ended at 9.30pm.. Moon's project had some problems cropped up.. so he couldn't accompany me to the wake. Told my colleagues to drop me off at the wake on our way home.

pinky looks alright, he's pretty much relieved that his mum has been released from the agony (of her illness). Chatted with him for about an hour before I headed home to continue my presentation for today's staff meeting.

By then.. I'm already dead-tired.. it's already 11plus.. Moon just reached his home.

Quickly finishing all my work, I dropped dead onto my bed.. without reading my Harry Potter..

Previous updates..

Took leave on last thursday to accompany piggy bf Moon to see his doctor for follow-up. We headed to Novena- Velocity.. and.. I bought a pair of Nike shoes at a super discount of 30%.

Friday.. stayed at home all day.. and left home around 5plus to meet piggy at Suntec. With Lady luck smiling at us, we found piggy's hp.. Sony Ericsson M600i @ $348 (w/o GST). It's without contract somemore!! Without much hesitation, we bought a pair. Black for him, Crystal White for me. Once again.. for the 3rd year running, we have the same couple phones. LOL~

Other stuffs that burned a hole in my wallet,
1) Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows
2) 4 Fila Tees (2 for piggy, and 2 for me) @ Velocity. $10 each and it's NEW DESIGN leh!!

Piggy also bought a pair of Billabong bermudas for his company Teambuilding session @ Batam this coming Sat & Sun.
I'll be left alone.. haiz..

Told piggy his company is more likely organising a teambuilding session to find batam mistresses. LOL~

Anyway.. I've already got plans on Sat. Told piggy I'll be going to Jay's birthday party at night.
And.. maybe bring my parents around on Sunday maybe for a shopping trip.

Ah well... if not.. it's Sims 2 all day long!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Getting lazier...

Getting super lazy to blog..

Been working overtime for a few weeks.. always knocking off around 8 to 9+pm.. Seemed like work is endless..

Anyway, my ESS project manager is finally here.. I can finally relieve myself from all the covering for ESS projects.. All the tension from not getting enuff people for my customised classes, running here and there whenever jobseekers asked for training and to sign up.. explaining things over and over again to colleagues who have bad-memory.. LOL

Now the period for handing over all the necessary stuffs.. Luckily, lady boss is back from her USA study/ conference trip.. I was extremely excited.. cos' she's bringing back my loot.. Stonewashed Nudes Eyeshadow palette and champagne eyeshadow.. all from Bobbi Brown. Stonewashed palette won't be coming to Asia so soon one lor.. Imagine Surf & Sand already took almost 3 months to Sg after it's released in US.

Anyway, I have my statistician to use as guinea pig.. to test out the colours.. I even tried it out on Joney.. Colours look great on fair skin. Bring out the sparkles in the eyes..
Now I can do the smoky eye look without looking like being punched cos' the colours are so natural. (unless you are talking about naturally looking panda eyes) HA HA HA HA~

Lady boss also bought presents for us.. She specially bought an Adidas Tees (which was absolutely comfortable and so preettyy~!!), a pair of Tom & Jerry's dangling earrings and 1 small packet of America's 花旗人参 (which i dun like.. so gave to my parents :P)

Next week is my 1st Hip-hop lessons @ Amore.. but... I guess I got to miss it.. cos.. have to attend our HQ's offsite meeting with our Director. ArGHhh.. :(

Found Motorola E6 selling at one of the shops @ Westmall. 12mth plan - $398.
I'm very tempted to buy.. but it's been a habit that me and moon always use the same phone.. Moon kept telling me to buy since I like it.. but he prefers Samsung P310 (i think thats the model) but it's already out of stock and not many places got sell. Anyway, both phones are expensive..
I've been spending quite a lot lately.. my cc bills are my gauge to monitor my spending.. if i'm using my debit card.. guess.. i cd have spent until bo lui.. LOL..
So this month must cut down.. no unnecessary spending.. So..
1) new watch
2) new pair of sports shoes (aka the adidas black pair that I saw @ Suntec for gym, aerobics etc)
3) new hp

ALL.. CANNOT BUY.. yet..



Haiz.. back to doing all my endless reports and stats..

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I'm a lazy pig..

Ya.. Haven't been updating..

Cos.. I'm very busy.. trying to run my sims' lives..
YUP!! Recently I bought Sims 2 Deluxe (which is the original Sims 2 and Nightlife) and I've been playing it almost every night.

I'm a Sims-fanatic!

It's really like playing God over your Sims which either you've created or pre-created by the game. Running their lives as if your own but making it even more perfect..

Now.. my hands are itchy.. hoping to buy more extensions..

Lao ban niang just flew to US for conference/ study trip. I was made the covering centre manager during her absence. It's the auditing period as well.. so.. I'm given the task of answering auditors' questions.. As everyone know, I'm a finance-idiot..

Ask me why this amount like that, that amount why no tally, why this, why that.. Haiyo.. How i know?!! I din do the reports and stats what!! Anyway, lao ban niang already told me, just tell them that she will get back to them when she's back.

Before she left, she asked me if I wanted to get anything from US. I dunno what to buy.. though i tot of asking her to tabao Dunkin' Donuts.. LOL!

Whatever it is, I told her that I will email her once I know of anything..

Then just yesterday, lao ban niang sms-ed me.. and told me she's at Bobbi Brown and asked me if i wanna get anything.. yes.. She's also a Bobbi Brown fan liao.
I guess everyone can guess what I will do next..

Open Bobbi Brown webby.. and saw their latest eye shadow palette.. Stonewashed Nudes.. and immediately got her to buy including 1 other eyeshadow which is not available in sg. My statistician also got herself a 2-way cake after trying out mine.

On the same night... my Surf N Sand palette came as well! Finally released in Sg!!! So happy!! My Makeup artist called me to pick up and when I went down to Isetan Scotts, he told me I was their 1st customer to get it. WAHAHAHAHA..
The colours are amazing!! So different from Bobbi's all other colours..
Definately worth my wait!!

Brought it to work today, cos statistician wanna see. I dabbed on 1 colour on her eyes since she already had her eyeshadow. Immediately, she can see the difference in her eyes. So much brighter! Tried on Queen and HR Director as well.. all 3 of them loved the colours..
Statistician requested that I bring my gel eyeliner and the palette so that I can do a eyes-makeover for her tmr. She likes the eyeliner that I used after seeing me using it everyday. Told her that she doesn't need to draw such a thick line like mine, cos, she got double eyelids and her eyes are big. Not like mine, small and single lids. LOL.. Must draw thicker so that it will show. :P

So.. tmr i'm gonna be a freelance makeup artist, just for the day..
This hobby.. is definately.. a expensive hobby.. :P
But like what my makeup artist said, he loves to see women smile after he helped them to put on suitable makeup and how it bring out their features. I like how my colleagues glee in joy when they see a difference in their looks. :)

Monday, June 04, 2007

Amore.. and my 1st Aerobics..

Had my 1st low-impact (fast-paced) aerobics class at Amore today..

Class was good.. with all my colleagues.. and... it's damned f**king FAST-PACED!!!

Hands like legs, and legs are like hands.. so fast.. until.. I dunno where my legs or hands shd be..

My body now..started to ache.. grRrr~

Anyway.. thanks to the aerobics, my makeup from bobbi brown is put to the ultimate test. 1 hour of continous perspiring.. and wiping from my towel..

My gel eyeliner, mascara and eye shadow stays on.. no smudges!

My foundation and blush, at least 30% stayed on.. considering that I din put much due to my high acne population (becos of the time of the month).

I din took off my makeup.. due to.. laziness.. LOL~ Yeah.. i know it's probably bad for my already bad skin.

Anyway.. my every penny spent on Bobbi Brown is well-worth! Ho Ho Ho~

Waiting for the next class next Monday.. I wondered if I will actually lose any weight at all..

Shall see after 1 month. :)



Kenna sabo-ed by Weijing through her blog.

I heard about Tag.. but never did I expect kenna tagged by my own friends..

Anyway.. for the sake of FUN.. I shall reveal.. the 10 facts about me..

1) I used to be very..very... tomboyish during school days.. Never wear skirts, other than my own school skirt and Girl Guide uniform. Always in t-shirt and jeans.. Even tot being tomboyish will help me 'gain' popularity with the boys.. DUH~ Felt so stupid now.. (-.-)

2) Wore this stupid-looking super big glasses during primary school. Prescribed by the optician located downstairs of my old block at Jurong West St 41 Blk 456. He said.. it was the most popular one then.. POPULAR MY F**KING HEAD!!! My NRIC is still bearing this stupid looking dork picture.. I shall reveal this ugly-looking alien to everyone..

Now.. I feel like digging my eyes out.. and YOURS TOO!!!

3) I guess I was much of an introvert before Secondary 2.. and a scarycat.. Scared of ordering food from hawker stalls, scared of going out without my parents, scared of getting called by my bro's teacher during primary school becos' it's usually due to his poor studies or mischief. Slowly became more outgoing after I joined Girl Guides later in Sec 1 (becos' one of my classmates pulled me in) and I said my first 'Grace' during our leadership camp at Camp Christine. yes.. i said 'GRACE' only, cos' I wasn't a Christian and no idea what 'grace' means.. so just say Grace lor..

4) My home once got its electricity and water supply cut off because my dad was out of a job and my mum wasn't working so we had no money to pay the bills. Luckily my family were close-knitted and helped us tide through that difficult time. I was only primary 4 then and preparing for my streaming exams. Since then, I swore silently that I will never let my family fall into that state again. Must work and earn big bucks and let my parents have a good life. That also helped me understand how some families struggled through such times during my course of work.

5) I was a comics freak.. started collecting DragonBall comics since young.. and now.. I have their full series.. as well as SailorMoon. Even collected A-Club magazines.. Think I spent almost more than 1k there..

6) I tried acted as an ah-lian once.. during sec 4... Ok.. a FAT ah-lian.. LOL~
Anyway.. I gave up acting as one.. cos' more or less, I'm already like one lor.. talk chor-lor, walk chor-lor,.. open mouth, close mouth all KNN, CB lar.. Tsk tsk.. BAD BAD BAD.. But still a student which teachers adore.. *evil laff* I was even a pet student of my Home Econs teacher (took Home Econs and F&N for my O levels)...

7) After Sec 4, engaged in IRC-ing.. and... a 'well-known' irc-er back then, using LemonTea as my nick where all others called me LT instead. Got lotsa god-brothers and god-sisters.. In fact my 1st boyfriend was from IRC.. and steady for 2.5 years. :P Sadly.. things din work out well.. I even heard he's already married now.. Congrats congrats..

8) I enjoyed my Poly days very much.. my most memorable part of my life.. with the company of my 5 other good friends, Qiuyun, Gary, Jianhao, Jason and the long-lost Bee Har. We were the gang of SPAC2GO.. Had so much fun also.. Even now.. our outings still drowned in lotsa laughter and fun.. SP is also where I got to know my buddy, Siti Awiyah or Awyn or 'Wyn' in short.. 8 hours everyday stuck together doing video editing during our final year project .. you are bound to just stick to one another.. We are buddies since then.. till now.. and will always be..

9) I LURVE going to WATSONS!! I can spent an hour or so there.. browsing through their stuffs.. especially health and beauty products.. Constantly looking for miracle products to make my pimples and scars disappear in a night or make me slim in just 1 dosage.. :P
I hate going into clothings stores which salesgirls like to use their eyes to mock at you for not being able to fit into their XL clothings. I will always curse them silently.. either shop will close down or the salesgirls will just grow fat and ugly for every chubby girl they mocked.
I will tend to frequent a shop/ salesperson if I find them very professional and friendly. That's the reason why I will keep on going back to my 2 makeup artists (Charles and Jerlyn) at Bobbi Brown. Not only the products speak for themselves, but the MA are professionals who will not judge you by your complexion.

10) Lastly.. I have a wish that I will get married by 25 and have kids by 27. Cos' I wanna be as young as possible when my kids are ready for the working world. Then I can go travel around the world with my husband. Then of cos.. it's a dream. LOL~

So there... 10 fun facts about me..
Mock if you dare.. WAHAHAHAHA~

Next on list to Sabo..
1) Raymond aka Tiramisuboy
2) Shu Juan
3) My bro - Patrick
4) Shermaine aka my bro's gf
5) Siti.. aka Wyn.. (pronounced as Wee)
6) Sock Mun (if she writes a blog.. LOL)

Saturday, June 02, 2007

I haven't eaten so much in the past few months..

It must have been the company that I'm with that I haven't eaten so much for the past few months..

Lady boss treated the 5 of us to Kintamani Restaurant.. We laffed.. and we ate.. and we laff again.. We talked about work.. the people at work.. how their childish behaviour and attitude affected the whole department..

B'cos of their jealousy.. their belittleness of themselves.. their insecurities.. they made 2 poor colleagues cry on Monday. Even though the 2 gals did something wrong, but they have already apologised yet.. one of the 'children' refused to accept their apologies..

And so.. as team leader (and being the only leader around since lady boss and another team lead was not in), of cos.. definately had to do service recovery for them..

Apart from listening to what had happened (since I prefer to let Lady boss handle the 2 'children'), I did what I had to do as a friend- giving them a lunch treat @ Swensens. It's what I can do to let them feel better; they are not just support staff for officers to boss around but capable colleagues who did their best to whichever job given to them.

Even though the incident had passed for a few days now.. their hearts are already sore.. and bitter.. To think that those 2 'children' are degree-holders.. their behaviour are really worse than children..

I shan't comment much on them.. but I only hope that our department can become 1 united team..


Yesterday.. bf and I went to Vivo for a walk after his family gathering.. Took us some time (firstly I wanted to makeup before I go out) and Vivo carpark was full.. So we had to drive another round to park at Habourfront instead.

Walking around, bf asked me is there anything I had in mind that I wanna see/ look/ buy? I told him the typical stuffs lor.. shoes, bags, wallets or makeup lor.. Of cos, he will definately forbid me to go anywhere near Bobbi Brown. LOL~

So walking around Tangs, I was browsing through if I can find any wallets. I'm very choosy over what I want..
For wallets, no coin compartment cos it makes my wallet bulky. enough card compartment, cos' considering I have numerous discount and membership cards.

For bags, must be sleek yet sporty and can be paired off nicely for work and play. It's almost impossible to find such bags unless the bag is leather/ partial leather/ 'fake' leather.. I have set my eyes on 1 bag previously.. under Fion. It's a document bag.. but... it's bloody expensive at $200++. Other bags are either having too short/ long straps, too big/ small, too colourful/ dull.

For shoes, right now.. it's either I buy shoes for work which I prefer half-boots nowadays or casual going-out shoes. Boots.. till now I have not seen any that I like. Eiher the heels are too thick and ugly, or design is yucky. Aldo and Ecco are nice.. but probably can squeeze my wallet dry. Even everbest also dun have the design. Causal shoes.. saw many many.. but... SO EXPENSIVE..

Therefore.. the probably affordable one and easier to find is probably wallet. So.. we scouted through the mens section (yes.. I use mens wallet.. cos they have nice design whch the ladies one dun have and of cos' bf is the one who choose for me) and the womens section. I set my eyes on 3.. 1 Renoma, 1 Braun Buffel and another Balenciaga. I can't decide on which is the one..
Pricing.. is about the same.. and becos of GSS, it's 20 to 30% sales.

Walking around..thinking.. and decided not to buy, cos... I hv already sort of burst my budget..
But.. darling bf is such a dear.. said he will buy for me as a present. So.. I decided to buy the Balenciaga one. Soft leather, with no coins compartment and lotsa card slots. Sweet.. and 20% off somemore.. Me a happy piggy!!

Then we continued to walk around Vivo.. and went into Timberland since they also having good discounts. Looking through the shoes.. bf spotted a few.. and I spotted a couple of nice-looking shoes for him. Our fave.. was ultra-sleek, cool, and NICE.. but limited edition.. meaning.. even after discount.. it's still $250.. So we settled on another one.. $79 with 50% discount.. his 'fave' safety-shoes-lookalike.. Ha ha ha ha.. he probably missed his on-job training days wearing his safety shoes.. So.. gave him permission to charge to the card and pay it next month when bill comes.

2 very happy pigs left Vivo with a smile on their face.. We are glad that we both now have steady and reputable jobs and able to go window shopping. We compliment each other in some ways.. to make up for our own flaws. Our lives may not be as exciting as others but.. we definately enjoy each other's company so much.. that we dun need so many excitement in our lives. LOL~

However, to us.. once in a while, a little surprise will spice up our relationship that will last for a long time.. :)

Monday, May 21, 2007


Yesh.. I'm going for aerobics next month!

If it wasn't so cheap, I probably won't even wanna think about going for aerobics. LOL~
My workplace is subsidizing $60 and with just $10, we can enjoy around 6 lessons of low-impact aerobics. My colleagues from my department are joining.. so I've got plenty of companionship.. though the dreaded thought of people watching a lump of fats jumping around might be an unpleasant sight.. (-.-)

Anyway, I'm really excited.. perhaps after that can psycho them to join me in the hip-hop dance class as well. LOL.. More BOUNCING FATS!!!

Bf and I went to Marina Square today for window shopping.. I bought myself an Adidas 3/4 exercise 'bermudas'. Cos those yoga/ exercise pants that I saw were either of a material too thin or it's too long for my short legs. Ha ha ha.. So, bf suggested that I buy those 3/4 type. To my astonishment.. I can fit into its XL size with some room to spare. YiPpEE~!! Usually I never managed to squeeze into any of those sports clothings since their sizes dun run big. I've tried Reebok ones in the fitting room and I can actually wear them without being too tight. So.. I guessed the clothing brands finally realised that if they want overweight peeps to lose weight, they better have sizes for them so that they can wear the correct gear to exercise.

I'm now a happy girl who realised she can finally buy decent yoga pants in XL sizes. LOL~
(I probably haven't lost much weight cos' it's already written on the label that the clothes are designed according to asian sizes. Even so, I'm happy liao.. )

Last night, we went out with his buddy, Star for a late night supper and late night shopping at Mustafa. His wife din come along cos she's studying for her course. We ate at Ho Kee at Aljunied, both guys ate porridge and lotsa Fried youtiao with Sotong.. cos I couldn't stuff anymore things into my pig belly liao. Ha ha ha..
Poor Star thought that the porridge was like those small bowl kind (similar to Rui Chun) but it came to be those big soup bowl type. WAHAHAHA.. no choice lor.. must eat.. somemore we ordered quite lotsa dim sum.

Ate there till 12++ before we decided to head out to Kallang Mcdonald's for more drinks. It's soccer night, Man. U vs Chelsea but we din managed to get any seats near the TV. Anyway, we just ordered drinks and waited till 1am+ so that we no need to see too many foreign workers in Mustafa. I can't stand the smell lor..

Accompanied the guys around the shopping centre.. Bf was like so excited at the tools, car assessories section.. Star was looking for those wood shaver so that he can rework on his house's grill gate. His house is spacious.. but.. ulu.. Used to have a big drain in front of his block which he said, his neighbour saw a lady in white along the drain.. (-.-) Went to his house a few times.. Scenery so nice.. pitch black (cos' facing the forest) at night.. and cooling.

Anyway... we walked around and reached the health products section. Joking about re-stocking rubber and i was joking to bf why the lubricant+massage gel is in such a weird dildo-like bottle when Star pointed to durex's new play wand. I was like, Eh.. Play Wand?
Star later said it's a vibrator.. LOL.. The packaging is really nice.. and it doesn't look a 'vibrator' at all.

We then looked at the mobile phone section, ogling at the new phone models. Bf is eyeing for a new ear-piece since his ear-piece is starting to fall apart. It's the one which I bought for him 2 years back. Maybe if the ear-piece can tahan.. next month I will buy for bf as a present if I have some budget left after paying for my credit card bills, income tax, hp+internet bills, car instalment and road tax, not forgetting saving a bit of $$ for our wedding if we wanna get married next year.

Too bad.. I din strike 4D.. :P

Anyway.. Star was hoping to buy a new hp for his wife. No camera function though.. cos she works in a high-secuity govt. stat board. He saw one.. but hor.. if not for the obiang hot pink colour, it will be a nice phone for her. Not that I dislike pink, in fact I like pink colour, but depending on what type of pink and where it's shown on. The pink too loud liao..

By the time we reached home after sending Star back, it's already 5am++. We were dead tired..
Knocked out after bathing.. and only woke up this AFTERNOON at 3pm. Bleahz~

Oh Oh.. I just realised something..

While chatting last night, Star told me that his sis is selling those big-eye contact lenses on her blog. So since now that I can wear contact lenses.. I asked him for his's blog and scrolling through...

I found out that.. my ex-secondary school mate is actually Star's sister!!!!! Cos the sis put some pictures of my friend, I was wondering if it's her.. and... and.. I saw Star's pic.. and SO... I realised.. they are really siblings lor. Small world leh!!
Everything kinda tally now.. she used to live in Jurong West Ext, Star also lived there, cos bf told me before and her name is also Chan Jack ** while Star's name is also Chan Jack **.
remembered he said before his 2nd sister used to have poor health (my ex-sec sch friend also.. I remembered one of the times during sec 3 or 4, she was having this thyroid problem and it affected her. The boys in class gave her very horrible nicknames.) and it's probably due to the bad feng-shui of the house that's why they moved house to current CCK.
Anyway, after O levels, I din keep in touch with many of my sec sch friends which I'm ashamed to say. :P

Well.. Jack Mun, if you are seeing this entry (since you are in my friendster's and I've just sent you a message), I dunno if I ever said anything horrible to you before or do anything horrible to you last time. But if I did, my sincere apologies to you. I remembered very faintly that we were once good friends until something happened.. My memory's failing me so I can't remember most of the good o' days.
Perhaps we can go out one day with your bro as well.. and catch up with the old times. :)

Going to end this long entry.. and wake up tomorrow to go hospital with my dad for his follow-up.


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

It's been a fruitful.. virus-ful...week..

Down with flu today.. been sneezing.. sniffing.. and now running fever (again)..

Monday... I kenna stiff neck which affected moi poor head.. got headache.. and slight fever.. but went down in the noon time..

Yesterday.. was feeling very... 'light'.. my head was like spinning every now and then.. but I manage to pull through.

Bf and I went to have dinner with his buddy, Star and his wife @ IMM Aijisen. Been a long time since we last had dinner with this couple. I was famished.. cos.. I din eat much during lunch.. and no idea why.. I had such good appetite. Ha ha ha..


The best week I had.. was definately from 2nd to 4th May.

I was in the BEST TRAINING CLASS ever..

The trainer, Ms Zaibun was GREAT!!!!!!

Serious..!!! It was full of energy and vibes!! So much laughter.. and I LEARNT SO MUCH!!!

Despite being 60 years old, she was definately not acting her age. She was so energetic, we wonder if she's only in her forties!

Here's a picture to show what I mean..

You see the lil' greenie dino? His name is Mr Ringgasamy Samyveloo.. everytime, he will have something for us at the end of the day. All made/ bought by Ms Zaibun herself.

I miss those happy and fun-filled days.. Makes me feel like I wanna resign and join Zaibun @ NP. LOL.. She's a training consultant @ NP, training lecturers and staff. And in the Council of NYAA. She even wrote a book call Managing Oneself. I bought the book from her and have yet to finish, but so far.. after 3 chapters.. I must say.. it's so.. motivational.. and short and sharp to the point.

Anyway, if anyone is interested to engage her for her trainings, feel free to contact me for her details. :)

p/s: As you can see from the pic, I have a new hairstyle (again) with a new colour. And.. I have yet lost any weight (sadly). Ah well.. But I'm definately able to fit (somehow) into G2000 blu's stretchable pants. LOL.. Bought some new clothes from there.. cos they finally have XXL tees (loose enough to hide the bulges). I can forget about the blouses, cos... I probably need extra size for my 'erm-erm' front. HAIZ..
Whoever needs some fats to fill your boobs up, contact me.. I will be glad to donate. Perhaps once I lost the weight.. I can go a cup-size down.. YEAY~!!!

I must be crazy.. :P

Perhaps i can pray and pray every night to my fairy god-mother/sister/brother/father/grandmother/grandfather/whatever to transfer a bit of fats to all my friends.. to whichever parts of their bodies that they wish for (i.e: Boobs, Butts etc).

I suddenly got pimple outbreak.. and a hideous STUPID GIANT SCAR on my right cheek.. that no concealer can cover...

FAT GERL now still FAT.. worse still.. SCARRED!!!

Ar well.. life goes on... and I'm still lovable, kissable, huggable and absolutely.. CUTE. BLeah~
*thick-skinned* ;)

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Long weekend~!

Took leave on last Friday and Monday.. initially thinking of going to Malaysia or somewhere with bf.. but... due to last min changes, we decided not to. Actually.. mainly because.. my stupid menses came. How to enjoy a holiday when you are having irritating menses!!

Even trip to Sentosa was cancelled, after we planned out where we wanna visit. Basically.. NOT MUCH PLACES THAT WE ARE INITERESTED.. so.. CANCELLED.. SIGH~

What did I do?

Simple.. we went strolling around everywhere.. Friday night.. to Vivo.. and to Orchard since.. some of the shopping centres were opened till midnight. I withheld my urge to shop since I've spent a hefty amount within these 2 months.. WAHAHAHAHA~

I'm proud of myself..

Then both of us started our RAINBOW SIX: LAS VEGAS mission again.. We completed the normal co-op mode with unlimited respawns.. so now.. we started our REALISTIC co-op mode with NO respawns.. meaning.. more intelligent enemies who can kill us with 1 shot even if they are 1km away.. ha ha ha

Ok.. too ambitious...
We ( I admit,... it's me only) died rather fast.. so... we decided to put it as 3 lives (respawns) only... then.. after being defeated numerous rounds.. we changed to unlimited respawns again. BUT.. it's still NOT EASY hor..

1 day 1 nite of rainbow six.. I think I suffered from post-rainbow six syndrome..

"Breach and Clear"
"Go silence"
"Go loud"
"I think I hear something.."
"Come out, come out wherever you are..."
"I can see you.."
"Come out, you bitches!"

If anyone play Rainbow Six: Las Vegas.. you will know what I mean.. LOL

Sunday morning.. I received a call from a rare guest..

I was like.. wondering why so good, call me.. actually hor.. someone made a mistake so need my help.. Bo bian.. since I was the 'connector' for those 2, I better help. Ha ha ha..

I guess, mr rare guest managed to rectify the problem..

These 2.. really owed me a treat.. no.. 2 treats liao.. When these 2 pumpkins gonna treat me ar?

Anyway.. I certainly have a damned good time relaxing during this long weekend, bf also..

So we decided to have such long weekends every 6 months or so..

Battery recharged also full liao.. tomorrow.. it's back to work.. er... I mean on course.. 3 days course at Suntec, IBMEC.. YEAH~!!!

Saturday, April 21, 2007


I officially announced myself as a Makeupholic!!

I just realised that I've basically almost changed my entire make up/ cosmetics to Bobbi Brown collection!!!!

It all started... with a blush (sand pink) that I bought from Robinsons Raffles City.
Nice rosy colour..

Then.. bf gave me $160 worth of TANGS voucher.. and I used almost 80% on Bobbi Brown makeup @ TANGS Vivocity by buying:
1) 2-way foundation (refillable with a white classy casing)
2) No Smudge Mascara

I spurgled on myself by buying again back at Robinsons Raffles City in March with Charles..
1) Sky shimmer eyeshadow
2) Corrector
3) Creamy Concealer kit
4) Travel concealer brush with 2 heads (concealer + powder brushes)

Then.. I spent AGAIN after going for my free lessons with Jerlyn @ Robinsons Raffles City:
1) Bone matt eyeshadow (eyeshadow base)
2) Heather matt eyeshadow
3) Eyeliner Gel
4) Ultra Fine Eyeliner Brush
5) Blemish Concealer
FREE: Trial size lipstick in Rosy, Trial Size Vitamin-enriched Face Base and No Smudge Mascara (which this mascara I gave it to my buddy)

Recently at TANGS Vivocity, I spent $$$ on buying:
1) Peach Shimmer Eyeshadow
2) Blush in Pale Pink

I'm hopelessly a makeupholic!!!!!!

So after buying quite a hefty amount on their makeup... My reviews:

1) 2-way cake - Medium coverage for everyday office wear. If you have good skin, and lazy, it's good! Matt look at least more than half a day. Blotting still required since my face is a combi-skin type. How you swipe your foundation on your skin will affect the looks of your pores.

2) Corrector and Creamy Concealer Kit - SAVIOUR for all DARK EYE CIRCLES SUFFERERS!! Corrector basically covers and brightens your eye area, while concealer provides the coverage to reduce puffiness and the darkness. Set the eye area with the sheer powder, and VOILA! Your face instantly brightens, even if you only have 3 hours of sleep!
Remember not to use your foundation to go over your eye area again, else you will ruin everything!

By the way, do you know that you are not supposed to put foundation over your eyelids?? You will cause your eyeshadow to have creases/crack (for those with double eyelids) easily.

3) Eyeliner Gel + No Smudge Mascara - NO MORE PANDA EYES!! Both products guarantee no smudges at all!! (unless you got horribly oily eye area)
The eyeliner gel glides on smoothly over your lids. Non-cakey and don't flake when dry. All natural, soft look. Do not attempt to line your lower eyelids with the gel though, cos' the sebrum/ facial oil will tend to dissolve the gel. If you wanna line your lower lids, use pencil or eyeshadow.
The mascara brushes on smoothly too! Doesn't clump and stays on your lashes! Staying power is fantasic!
Both products stay on after 1 whole day outside.

4) Blemish Concealer - For the red, swollen pimples to camoflage! Because it's a slight medicated, it will help to heal your giant pimple, yet conceals effectively. After applying your foundation, apply using the concealer brush on the pimple, then using your finger, slowly tap/ blend. Then use Loose Powder to set the face.

5) Eyeshadows - Earthly colours for the everyday look. I like it! The Bone colour is more of a eyeshadow base before you put on other colours.

6) Blushes - I absolutely love Pale Pink, so pigmented, yet giving that soft natural flush on the cheeks. Many thanks to Jerlyn for teaching me the correct way to put on blusher without looking like a wayang. Sand Pink is of a duller colour but still lovely for that warm beach look.

I've tried the trial-size face base (viatmins enriched) as a makeup base. My 2-way cake was able to glide on evenly on my face. Skin looks dewy, soft and smooth (except for a few large unsightly pores). Makeup stays on longer and minimum touchup is required. Not forgetting, the smell is so delicious!

I learnt a few tricks from the Bobbi Brown makeup artists on eye-makeup, especially for people with single eyelids like me.
My challenge is how to make my eyes look bigger (or open them up), so that I dun give a 'forever-sleepy' look. They gave me a few good tips.. so.. if anyone is interested to know, or if you have any good techniques, do leave a comment! No fake eyelashes/ big-eye contact lenses is required! :P

I'm officially also the makeup guru of the department liao.. LOL~

Saturday, April 14, 2007



So many of my friends MARRIED LIAO LEH!!!

Wah piang.. I was going through friendster and saw so many of my friends all put profile as MARRIED..

They win liao lor.. last time, nong nong ago.. I in poly.. all say I either the 1st or 2nd one to get married (just because I attached).. then hor.. all now.. run faster than me.. all get hitched first.. LOL~

Singaporeans all so kiasu..

Today, one of my colleagues, Maria, getting ROMed.

Don't ask me when's my turn.. even though me and my dear already been together since late 2002. We already like 老夫老妻, ha ha ha。Marriage is just like graduating from your degree of 'single'logy, embarking another journey of getting a doctorate aka kids.

I'm wondering if when we are married, will we still behave like a bunch of teengers? LOL~ fight over playing wat games to play on our xbox360, pondering what new games to buy, tearing open the new game like small kids with new toys..
DIE ar.. i think if we got kids... people maybe will think we are the KIDS themselves.

Anyway, bf told me earlier that he just got signed his confirmation papers today. So, he's offically graduated from his probation and now a confirmed PROJECT ENGINEER. YAY~!!
But hor.. Miserable increment, he said..

C'mon lor.. considering that you can claim your petrol, handphone, carpark, road tax, etc etc. I only got $50 handphone allowance. LOL~

Hmm.. when are we going overseas to play ar?

At this time, my cat has taken my bed as his territory and refused to budge.. tonight.. I got no BED to sleep on!!!

Promotion Dinner

I just returned from my promotion dinner by my company. It's held at Hilton Hotel..

When we recieved the email from our HR, we were waiting exciting for this day. Our first time being invited and congratulated on stage by our CE leh.. not forgetting being given small little souvenir which is actually 2 pens (1 blue and black) with our company logo.

I like the sleek black box.. cos' it's also printed "Congratulations on your promotion".

We were lucky enough to sit with our colleagues from SECDC cos we already knew each other quite well.

While waiting for the dinner to start, we were chatting and making silly jokes. We even asked how come there was no performance or entertainment during the dinner, then answered on our own with the following reply "Cos' we already can entertain ourselves the whole night".

And it's true lor.. we had so much laughter.. which I think we are probably the noisiest table there. Ha ha ha..

Anyway, our dinner was a 4 course dinner and it's FABULOUS!!

The appetiser is nice, the.. main course..
I asked for grilled chicken breast stuffed with mushrooms and cheese.. the chicken is SO SO SO TENDER.. So yummy!!!
The dessert is apple pie with vanilla ice-cream.. so SWEET and Sinful~!!!

We also had a glass of wine.. being the drunkards that we are.. ha ha ha..

On the whole, it's a really nice memory to remember.. hopefully.. every year (or other year) I get to go for such dinners.. It really felt good being recognised for our efforts and getting promotion..

Oh.. did i forget to mention that I wore my new contact lenses to the dinner?

Yes!! I finally get a chance to wear my contact lenses again after 3 whole years!!!

I had a trial pair by my optician last week, and my eyes didn't itch, sore or anything!!!! So he allowed me to get those daily disposables which I will only wear if I have events or dinners to attend. I'll still stick to my glasses for work, since it's less stressful for my eyes.

So happy!!! except for the fact that my colleagues joked at me after I changed out from my glasses to the contact lenses.


ArGHhh... sigh.. problem with small single-lid eyes..

JERLYN~!! Where are you??!!!

** Jerlyn is the makeup artist at Bobbi Brown who taught me for my 2 lessons-shaping of eye brows and eye makeup. She also taught me how to do smoky eyes and the big eye makeup trick ( which I din do for today's dinner).
Anyone interested in Bobbi Brown makeup, you can look for either Charles or Jerlyn at the Raffles City Robinson branch. Super nice and friendly people.. so much better than those at M.A.C.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Happy Updates~!

Update updates updates~!!

Hasn't been updating for a very long time..

Let's see.. where shall we start?

finally.. after talking about it for so long..
I finally.. bear to part $700 from my bonus to buy it.. DEFINATELY money well-spent!
Although we bought quite a few new games.. even before we complete any one.. Our habit is to finish/ complete 1 game before buying another. Mind you.. our speed of playing, we can complete 1 game probably within 2 days (weekends, burning our sleep). Yes.. we are that MAD~!
So.. enjoying every single second of our Xbox360, we now have (in less than 2 weeks) the following games:
- N3 (Completed Inphhy's profile, now playing Asphaar)
- PGR3
(free with the package that we bought)
- Gears of War (because of the suspense and excitement at times, my heart was thumping hard)

Newest addition: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Las Vegas

It's so REAL.. that.. I was totally an idiot at this game.. BUT.. I declare myself as a pretty good 军师 when bf was playing it in 1-player.

There are certain types of games which I can't play, especially those types like counter strike where you usually see the hands only (i.e: Halo 2). I will get giddy.. then.. nauseous.. then.. major big headache.. and get sick. So.. too bad.. I can't play for too long, if not, I probably won't even buy.

There are games which can make me doze off faster than sleeping pills. Ask my bf.. he will sure shake his head and tell you. The fastest way to make me sleep.. Just put Fifa, NBA Live etc to play... I will just doze off beside you. Don''t ask me why.. I have no idea..

2) Promotion
I'm a very happy gal.. My letter of promotion came with my PB letter..
I'm now a SWDA Grade 5 officer.. Hee Hee.. Hard work paid off..

3) PB
Another happy thing.. got good PB.. and I've treat those who have helped me with a good meal/ food to show my appreciation. BF is the happiest.. cos he got his precious 360 even though he requested for his 1 month-bonus from me.. (-.-)

4) Salary Increment
There was a 1-time adjustment to my salary (for Diploma grads), that was enough to make me delighted and gleeing with joy.. BUT to make things even better, I've also got the following:
- Merit + Promotion increment

Should see my face when my Director asked me to open up my letter..

Can't stop SMILING.. I've never thought I could get this much.. I probably know that I'm at the low end of the range, but I'm happy..
This means that I can now SAVE more money.. probably increase my shopping budget another $50 higher? If my mum knows, she will ask for a pay-rise from me.. ArgHh.. but.. the priority goes to saving for my big day, which.. I have no idea when. anyway, feels good to have a good sum of $$ in your bank a/c.

5) Shopping SPREE
Went for spree.. to reward myself..
Attended my 2nd facial session at Bonafides, Attended my free makeup lessons at Bobbi Brown (2 out of 6 lessons), Trimmed and shaped my eyebrows nicely by the BB Makeup artist, bought a few new makeup items, 1 blouse + pants from DP.

Supposed to treat my parents to a good meal.. but.. shall let that wait until my new pay comes in. Ha ha ha..


Now.. I'm deciding whether to get, or not to apply for a credit card. A lot of people said, it's like sending myself to hell.. cos if I can't stop, i will probably end up with a lot of DEBTS. I reckon I will become like that..I never like to be in debt.. I'm a stingy pig, who will try to keep as much $$ as possible.

I'm thinking of convenience.. during emergencies.. when you do not have so much cash.. or when you need to purchase something and do not have so much cash/ not willing to depart so much cash at 1 time..
Dining at restaurants, shopping etc.. I still have my debit card and I've controlled my expenses well so far.

So.. should I? or should I not?

Then if I should.. which one is better to get? UOB or Citibank? (_ _??)

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Earlier on, bf called me.. told me he just knocked off from work.

Can hear from his voice that he's stressed and frustrated.

He's overwhelmed with so many ad-hoc projects and there's a lack of manpower (not forgetting quality manpower).

Perhaps you are putting too much pressure on yourself to make every project a success cos' you are a perfectionist?

It makes me sad when you told me you couldn't sleep at night and woke up in the middle of the night.

When there's a chance for you to take a couple of days' leave, let's go and have a good break. I also need a good one.. We'll just stay at home, play our xbox, drive around for good food, shop till we drop or we can go to all the places of interest and have fun, taking pictures.. Let's go Sentosa and take the sky-train, play the luge.. Ok?

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Awaiting the news..

In a few days time..

We will be receiving news on our Performance Bonus.. and our SWDA grades (similarly equivalent to PA's PAL system).

I'm waiting anxiously for the letter..

There's a high chance that our Director of the department might wanna give us our letter by hand and to see each and every one of us.

I dunno whether it's good or bad.. though I was thinking, if my PB was pathetic, can I look into his eyes and say..



Of cos, who dare to do it anyway?

IF.. and IF.. my bonus is REALLY GOOD.. I shall...
TRY to give 0.5 months to my parents.. and.. a small minimal amount to buy a XBOX 360..

Ya.. I know I've been talking about getting it for dunno-how-many-donkey-months.. but if.. there's a CHANCE.. we will buy it you know.. :P

Be patient...

Sunday, March 04, 2007

WDA Dinner & Dance 2007

Just returned not long ago from our D&D..

They held it at Grant Hyatt Hotel's Grand Ballroom.

It's a fabulously magnificent place, so elegant, so beautiful.. The best part is.. I've finally seen a hotel whose waitresses knew how to serve fish (yes.. bones removed and fish meat remained intact nicely on the serving plates) and they served... OR-NI*!!!!!
*Or-ni = yam paste.. sinfully sweet and fattening..

Took many pics for my colleagues (which's the purpose of me buying one, cos' I luv taking pics) and I took a couples of shots with my colleagues..

As usual.. I shall only present the 'presentable' piggy side of me.. LOL. Bo bian lar..

Please be warned.. all pixs are never photoshopped.. meaning.. you can see all my giant pores, old acne ('battle') scars, small beady eyes, oily face that can literally reflect someone else's face and the same o' FAT side of me.. HA HA HA..

Somehow.. I realised.. all my pics.. are taken with my left side.. LOL..
Another pic taken with the host, Mr Wilbert Delerose Ang and his 'uncle', Mr Happy Tan..
As you can see... it's dark.. I've got no photoshop in my bro's new computer so hor.. cannot adjust.. :P

Ok.. that's all for today...

Saturday, March 03, 2007

On another note..

I'm having a swollen right eye..

No idea how it came about.. started last night..

I dun remember spying or peeping or surfing obscene porn sites..

Must be too heaty liao..

It was rather painful when I tried to blink each time and I had to sacrifice myself by not wearing makeup to work today.. Yes.. that's my first time in 1.5 years of working here..

Nevertheless, I hope my eyes recover by tomorrow.. cos' tmr it's my 1st WDA D&D that I'm attending.. and I BETTER LOOK 'PRESENTABLE'!!!! GrRRr...


Haiz.. Looking at the pics that my colleagues took for me today at our CNY Gathering in office with my other HQ colleagues.. it's either their camera techniques were not good enuff or I really look god-damned fat and ugly (I lost my cute piggy looks) or I'm just simply looked HORRIBLE!

How come ar.. I took the rest of my colleagues until so nice.. yet mine.. TAKEN UNTIL LIKE SHIT LOR..

Sigh.. I must have lost my cute piggy looks..

Lucky, at least there's 1 pix that managed to look 'cute' enough.. *自我安慰*


Yes.. I'm gonna be busy for the next weeks..

Other than work (which has always been keeping me busy)..

I'm busy with training.. training my elves, dwarves, and men... from..


That's right.. I've finished my EASY level of Battle for Middle-Earth 2.

Now.. I'm going to NORMAL level..

Ok lar.. I know I sound rather like shit.. but.. what to do.. you need to familarise with the game wat.

SO.. I shall engrossed myself in this game.. even though... I've yet to finish The Longest Journey 2. *cos' I'm stuck in it.. SIGHZ....*

I think.. I'm more of a Strategist than a Fighter/ Puzzle Solver (perhaps better as a solver when I see others playing games instead). I did pretty good whenever I played Command & Conquer last time.. Now.. I'm still as good. :P

Bf just told me to save a tiny weeny part of my upcoming performance bonus (if I have) for buying Xbox 360. We've ran out of Xbox games to buy.. Now to think we have to buy old games.. i.e: Marvel Action heros Alliances or something.. to pass our time when I'm at his house.

So.. I SHALL PRAY FOR MORE BONUS.. I WANT MY XBOX 360!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and also the expansion pack for Battle for MIddle-Earth pls. WAHAHAHA~

Wednesday, February 28, 2007



Once again, I failed to update this blog regularly..

So.. a brief run-through of my daily or otherwise other happenings..



Yesh.. I had a very pleasant surprise (and unexpected one too, having the feeling that both of us now can read each others' thoughts) from my bf for Valentine's Day.

We celebrate our Valentine's Day (14 Feb) at a kopi-tiam (in Bt Batok East) eating Hokkien Prawn Mee and Or-Jian cos' we din wanna squeeze with the couples in town (then of cos' we found that kopi-tiams are crowded too.. with families all eating their dinners). So.. that was what I thought..

BUT.. in actual fact, my thoughtful bf had actually made plans the next day. He told me that he had booked tickets for 2 for the movie 'Ghost Rider' cos' since it's a preview, so better to book tickets first. I waited for him outside UOB and he passed me a free sample for Face Shop, saying someone gave it to him.

Bf also brought along with him the remaining TANGs vouchers, so.. I decided to buy a lip gloss from Clinque after seeing the reviews on a magazine and a belt (to match my CNY clothings). Then we proceed to GV after having a quick dinner at BK.

While we happily went to Vivo for the movie, going up the escalator... he asked me to check which cinema hall.

Without much thoughts, I just took the 'tickets' from him. There.. I was really.. extra.. super.. very... extremely.. touched. He had actually made bookings for 2 for GOLD CLASS!!!!!
I was speechless.. and had almost wanted to start tearing. I've always wanted to watch a movie in Gold Class, but becos' it's not cheap (1 tix at $25), I never really thought he will actually bring me to see a movie in Gold Class. And maybe becos' he's tired of hearing me saying I wanna go watch at Gold Class.. Ha ha ha ha..

The tickets.. are under a Valentine's day special, costing at $44 each, it comes with a giant popcorn, giant nachos, with 2 soft drinks OR giant popcorn with 2 glasses of champagne. Knowing that he doesn't drink anything alcohol if he drives, we ordered 2 soft drinks. The service was of cos excellent.

AND... in addition, we have 2 COMPLIMENTARY SPA VOUCHERS! Bf was saying that it was worth the money since the spa packages costed more than $200. And he felt that girls should go for facials (or at least once a month) and he wondered how come he never see me going for one.. EXPENSIVE MAH..

Reclining chair.. so comfortable that you can sleep in it (i think someone slept during the movie).. FLUFFY BLANKETS!! YES.. I FELT LIKE BRINGING IT HOME!!!


Thank you dear.. and sorry for making you spent so much money also. But I really enjoyed that night..


The complimentary spa.. I went for it at Bonafides..
Had my 1st facial after 10 over years of not going for one.. it was GOOD.. I 'upgraded' to a better facial session anyway..
And signed up for a special package given to me by the spa manager..

Will be going for my next appointment in March with my buddy to let her use the voucher (well.. maybe as a birthday present) :P

I definately need to do something about the damned acne scars which just doesn't wanna go away.. Hopefully.. this facial works.


I went to PRISON again.. for a meaningful event for the pre-release inmates..
Everytime I particupated in such an event, it made me feel like joining the special volunteer groups to help these people. They are actually nice fellas who made a stupid mistake that ruin their whole lives. One of the ex-offenders who participated in last March's Job Fair @ AWP (organised by us) actually cried when interviewed. He said that without the help from CARE Network, SCORE and NWCDC, he wouldn't have this chance to start anew. From a technician of a salary of $1000+, in less than a year his salary was increased to around $1200.

I was really touched when I heard him saying that.

This is something about my job which I love..

The number of lives that we have helped to change in our course of work.. can never be felt in other kinds of jobs..