Saturday, June 02, 2007

I haven't eaten so much in the past few months..

It must have been the company that I'm with that I haven't eaten so much for the past few months..

Lady boss treated the 5 of us to Kintamani Restaurant.. We laffed.. and we ate.. and we laff again.. We talked about work.. the people at work.. how their childish behaviour and attitude affected the whole department..

B'cos of their jealousy.. their belittleness of themselves.. their insecurities.. they made 2 poor colleagues cry on Monday. Even though the 2 gals did something wrong, but they have already apologised yet.. one of the 'children' refused to accept their apologies..

And so.. as team leader (and being the only leader around since lady boss and another team lead was not in), of cos.. definately had to do service recovery for them..

Apart from listening to what had happened (since I prefer to let Lady boss handle the 2 'children'), I did what I had to do as a friend- giving them a lunch treat @ Swensens. It's what I can do to let them feel better; they are not just support staff for officers to boss around but capable colleagues who did their best to whichever job given to them.

Even though the incident had passed for a few days now.. their hearts are already sore.. and bitter.. To think that those 2 'children' are degree-holders.. their behaviour are really worse than children..

I shan't comment much on them.. but I only hope that our department can become 1 united team..


Yesterday.. bf and I went to Vivo for a walk after his family gathering.. Took us some time (firstly I wanted to makeup before I go out) and Vivo carpark was full.. So we had to drive another round to park at Habourfront instead.

Walking around, bf asked me is there anything I had in mind that I wanna see/ look/ buy? I told him the typical stuffs lor.. shoes, bags, wallets or makeup lor.. Of cos, he will definately forbid me to go anywhere near Bobbi Brown. LOL~

So walking around Tangs, I was browsing through if I can find any wallets. I'm very choosy over what I want..
For wallets, no coin compartment cos it makes my wallet bulky. enough card compartment, cos' considering I have numerous discount and membership cards.

For bags, must be sleek yet sporty and can be paired off nicely for work and play. It's almost impossible to find such bags unless the bag is leather/ partial leather/ 'fake' leather.. I have set my eyes on 1 bag previously.. under Fion. It's a document bag.. but... it's bloody expensive at $200++. Other bags are either having too short/ long straps, too big/ small, too colourful/ dull.

For shoes, right now.. it's either I buy shoes for work which I prefer half-boots nowadays or casual going-out shoes. Boots.. till now I have not seen any that I like. Eiher the heels are too thick and ugly, or design is yucky. Aldo and Ecco are nice.. but probably can squeeze my wallet dry. Even everbest also dun have the design. Causal shoes.. saw many many.. but... SO EXPENSIVE..

Therefore.. the probably affordable one and easier to find is probably wallet. So.. we scouted through the mens section (yes.. I use mens wallet.. cos they have nice design whch the ladies one dun have and of cos' bf is the one who choose for me) and the womens section. I set my eyes on 3.. 1 Renoma, 1 Braun Buffel and another Balenciaga. I can't decide on which is the one..
Pricing.. is about the same.. and becos of GSS, it's 20 to 30% sales.

Walking around..thinking.. and decided not to buy, cos... I hv already sort of burst my budget..
But.. darling bf is such a dear.. said he will buy for me as a present. So.. I decided to buy the Balenciaga one. Soft leather, with no coins compartment and lotsa card slots. Sweet.. and 20% off somemore.. Me a happy piggy!!

Then we continued to walk around Vivo.. and went into Timberland since they also having good discounts. Looking through the shoes.. bf spotted a few.. and I spotted a couple of nice-looking shoes for him. Our fave.. was ultra-sleek, cool, and NICE.. but limited edition.. meaning.. even after discount.. it's still $250.. So we settled on another one.. $79 with 50% discount.. his 'fave' safety-shoes-lookalike.. Ha ha ha ha.. he probably missed his on-job training days wearing his safety shoes.. So.. gave him permission to charge to the card and pay it next month when bill comes.

2 very happy pigs left Vivo with a smile on their face.. We are glad that we both now have steady and reputable jobs and able to go window shopping. We compliment each other in some ways.. to make up for our own flaws. Our lives may not be as exciting as others but.. we definately enjoy each other's company so much.. that we dun need so many excitement in our lives. LOL~

However, to us.. once in a while, a little surprise will spice up our relationship that will last for a long time.. :)

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