Monday, November 19, 2007


With permission from bf to buy (if not wait he says I buy rubbish to put on my face.. LOL), I contacted the MUA which Sock Mun's friend recommended to her.
Here's her addy if you are interested to buy. :

Shared the ampoules with Tiff since she's also interested to get it.

Shirley, the MUA, said that she will give me discounts next time when I buy from her again. She's such a friendly gal.. Wondering how is her makeup skills.. if she's good, maybe can ask her to be my MUA for my ROM.

I'm still wondering whether to do my own makeup or get a professional..

I've yet to find my ROM dress..

I've yet to lose that extra 5kg..

I've yet to decide whether to get a photographer..

I've yet to decide whether to book any tables for makan after the ROM..

I've yet to make this spotty face clear..

So many things.. yet I've yet to do anything..

Anyone got any good ideas how I can do the a/m stuffs? :(


I think I got hooked to play Assassin Creed.. We bought the game on Saturday (xbox360 version), I played on Sunday when bf is out to send something to his technician.. and.. I declared that I'm hooked..

I'm now hesitating whether to buy the PC version.. Should I?
I'm also hesitating whether to buy any more expansion packs for Sims 2.. Now they got so many expansions.. geez.. I wanna buy them all!!!!

So.. anyone can guess what I will be doing usually when I'm on leave... GAMES GAMES AND MORE GAMES!!!

So.. to anyone who plans to buy something for me for christmas..
My wish list:
(1) Robinsons/ Tangs/ Isetan/ Takashimaya shopping vouchers (cos I can use them to buy makeup..:P )
(2) Any Sims 2 expansion packs (currently I have Sims 2 Deluxe and University)
(3) Assassin Creed PC version
(4) Hell Gate (ok.. perhaps.. my brother will be hogging the pc to play this)
(5) Gym Bag
(6) Yoga pants (3/4 pls... cos I'm short, so 3/4 will be of a nice length, size wise.. should be UK16)
(7) Exercise T-Shirts (preferably those dri-fit type, UK 16)

So.. there you have it!! :P

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm Tiff's friend. I just got married abt 1/2 yr ago. My MUA was Sherry. Not 'famous' like Ponnie or Sandy, but I was very pleased with her for my studio and actual day wedding make up and hair.