Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Out 1st overseas trip...

We went to Turie Beach @ Batam couple of weeks ago, with his cousin and friend.
My 1st overseas trip (OVER the seas..) with bf.

Just a short getaway from all the city life.. The last time I went to Batam was 10 yrs ago with my parents..
Definately lotsa changes.. it's like Singapore in its 1990s.. The resort that we stayed in was nice and comfy.. and 'natural'.
Took a few pictures.. I din take a lot.. cos.. I found it a hassle to bring around (especially when I went to the city area for shopping). I only brought my wallet, resort keys and tissues when I went to their mall (in my adidas sports pants and t-shirt and sandals). LOL~

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Nice hor?

More views....

Storm brewing... on our 1st day there... But we still went out shopping in their new mall- Nagoya Hill. It's like... IMM... with Giant inside.. Ha ha ha.. The resort helped us book a taxi for 250 000 rupiahs (eq. to SGD$36) for 3 hours. Trip from resort to the centre.. 30 mins.

Attempted to look for a swim suit.. planning to go swimming.. and sun tanning... Ok.. I din actually swim.. cos.. I've forgottened how to swim! Yes.. I learned swimming back when i was in pri. 4 (it's compulsory for our primary school then) then.. eventually.. as i grew.. fatter.. I got no GUTS to wear a swim suit.. So.. now since I'm overseas.. where noone knows me, nor bothers to take a second look at me, I planned to wear one.. and soak in the water till i become a prune. HA HA HA HA HA...

I did manage to find 1.. Super revealing at the back, all the way to the lower back with just 2 strings cross at the shoulder areas. In front, of cos.. must cover until 'kao kao'. WAHAHAHAHA..
It's only SGD$20+... Speedo brand one okay... where to find??

It was definately fun and relaxing.. Chow bf din even wanna get anywhere near the waters though.. kuku-piggy.. Anyway I had more fun laughing at myself while I attempt to 'swim'. $#%^&$#*&%^## I just kept sinking.. All those fats just cant keep itself afloat.. Whichever it is.. I did get a tan! I guess it will fade off soon in another month..

Here's more pictures..

Comfortable beds... twin beds... But.. even under the same mosquito nettting.. I still got bitten.. on my arms by this annoying greedy fat bastard commando mozzie in the middle of the night.. Bf just slept his way through.. ArGHhh.. my arms still had the scars from the battle..
The mozzie din escape of cos.. I murdered it.. the old fashion way... in the middle of my palms.. blood splattered all over.. 去死吧!WAHAHAHAHA...
Definately going to come back to tis nice place soon.. and I WILL go to BATAM CENTRE this time to buy all my Branded Polo Ralph Polo (made in indonesia) and CLOTHES (if I can slim down some more by then).
Yes... I'm still going for my Amore.. Usual Mondays and Fridays.. for Hi-Lo, Stretch Fit, Cardio Latino and Hip Hop. Will attempt to go for other classes like BellyBlitz.. My left ankle is still relatively weak so.. kickboxing seemed to be kinda hard for me to go leh..
I muz try to slim somemore..
Maybe somemore classes should do the trick..

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