Monday, October 01, 2007

Lonely Pig..

Bf went on 2 weeks reservist today. Meaning to say i will be on my own for the week.. :(

Anyway, we went shopping around during weekend to buy his reservist stuffs. I also bought some of my stuffs - Bobbi Brown No Smudge Mascara, and ........ Clinque's Anti-Blemish post blemish treatment gel. Saw a few comments about it, being able to lighten acne scars so....... I dug whatever money i had to get it. What to do.. if I hope to look pretty on our ROM day, I had to sort to all sorts of ways and means to do it. Ha ha ha. I actually wanted to buy my blemish cover stick also.. but the shade that I used is out of stock.

Dun ask me when is my ROM... cos.. #$%#$#*%$#% .. I've yet to get any dates.. EVEN AT MIDNIGHT, I ALSO CAN'T BOOK ANY DATE! HOW LAME IS THAT!!!!
Stupid sad me..

We wanted to be on 12 Dec, but fully booked by the time we wanna book.. 24 Dec.. hands slower than other people.. 26 Dec .. bf dun hv his dad's ic (for the witness) so.. by the time we got it.. booked.. 31st also booked.. we went in at midnight, it was not even in.. 15 mins later.. it's fully booked. I'M SO F#$#KING ANGRY!!!!

Sigh.. Let's see if I'm lucky today to book 2nd January 2008.

5 more days to go before my cuz's wedding on saturday.. I'm making extra efforts to slim down as much as possible and my skin to clear. This is to avoid any 'irritating' questions from my relatives about me being FAT..
To date after I started Amore.. I've lost around 4kg (I just checked on the weighing scale, but dunno how accurate). I dun even see much changes... I dun look any slimmer.. My clothes dun feel any looser.. Ah well... Heck..


UPDATE: I finally managed to book my ROM date... it will be on 2 January 2008, 2.30pm!
Watch out for more updates.. so friends and buddies who wanna come to my ROM date, please let me know in advance hor!


tiramisuboy said...

Hey babe! congrats on getting your ROM date;)

hmm... can't imagine the frustration u went through unless I have a taste of it! LOL...

Anyway, keep me informed of the details, I'll sure make time to attend your ROM!!

Shannon said...

Yes.. it's frustrating!

just make sure you have the IC number of your 2 witnesses, the details of your partner, your credit/ debit card... the fastest broadband you can ever have..good nimble fingers..

It only shows the date 3 months after (i.e.: if you want your ROM date to be 02 February 2008, you have to book on 2 November 2007). Unless you wanna hold your solemnisation in another place, you can just book the person directly).

The time I've booked is 2.30pm.. but I've yet to finalise the details. Dun worry.. wont forget to invite you one. :)