Wednesday, May 16, 2007

It's been a fruitful.. virus-ful...week..

Down with flu today.. been sneezing.. sniffing.. and now running fever (again)..

Monday... I kenna stiff neck which affected moi poor head.. got headache.. and slight fever.. but went down in the noon time..

Yesterday.. was feeling very... 'light'.. my head was like spinning every now and then.. but I manage to pull through.

Bf and I went to have dinner with his buddy, Star and his wife @ IMM Aijisen. Been a long time since we last had dinner with this couple. I was famished.. cos.. I din eat much during lunch.. and no idea why.. I had such good appetite. Ha ha ha..


The best week I had.. was definately from 2nd to 4th May.

I was in the BEST TRAINING CLASS ever..

The trainer, Ms Zaibun was GREAT!!!!!!

Serious..!!! It was full of energy and vibes!! So much laughter.. and I LEARNT SO MUCH!!!

Despite being 60 years old, she was definately not acting her age. She was so energetic, we wonder if she's only in her forties!

Here's a picture to show what I mean..

You see the lil' greenie dino? His name is Mr Ringgasamy Samyveloo.. everytime, he will have something for us at the end of the day. All made/ bought by Ms Zaibun herself.

I miss those happy and fun-filled days.. Makes me feel like I wanna resign and join Zaibun @ NP. LOL.. She's a training consultant @ NP, training lecturers and staff. And in the Council of NYAA. She even wrote a book call Managing Oneself. I bought the book from her and have yet to finish, but so far.. after 3 chapters.. I must say.. it's so.. motivational.. and short and sharp to the point.

Anyway, if anyone is interested to engage her for her trainings, feel free to contact me for her details. :)

p/s: As you can see from the pic, I have a new hairstyle (again) with a new colour. And.. I have yet lost any weight (sadly). Ah well.. But I'm definately able to fit (somehow) into G2000 blu's stretchable pants. LOL.. Bought some new clothes from there.. cos they finally have XXL tees (loose enough to hide the bulges). I can forget about the blouses, cos... I probably need extra size for my 'erm-erm' front. HAIZ..
Whoever needs some fats to fill your boobs up, contact me.. I will be glad to donate. Perhaps once I lost the weight.. I can go a cup-size down.. YEAY~!!!

I must be crazy.. :P

Perhaps i can pray and pray every night to my fairy god-mother/sister/brother/father/grandmother/grandfather/whatever to transfer a bit of fats to all my friends.. to whichever parts of their bodies that they wish for (i.e: Boobs, Butts etc).

I suddenly got pimple outbreak.. and a hideous STUPID GIANT SCAR on my right cheek.. that no concealer can cover...

FAT GERL now still FAT.. worse still.. SCARRED!!!

Ar well.. life goes on... and I'm still lovable, kissable, huggable and absolutely.. CUTE. BLeah~
*thick-skinned* ;)

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