Monday, May 21, 2007


Yesh.. I'm going for aerobics next month!

If it wasn't so cheap, I probably won't even wanna think about going for aerobics. LOL~
My workplace is subsidizing $60 and with just $10, we can enjoy around 6 lessons of low-impact aerobics. My colleagues from my department are joining.. so I've got plenty of companionship.. though the dreaded thought of people watching a lump of fats jumping around might be an unpleasant sight.. (-.-)

Anyway, I'm really excited.. perhaps after that can psycho them to join me in the hip-hop dance class as well. LOL.. More BOUNCING FATS!!!

Bf and I went to Marina Square today for window shopping.. I bought myself an Adidas 3/4 exercise 'bermudas'. Cos those yoga/ exercise pants that I saw were either of a material too thin or it's too long for my short legs. Ha ha ha.. So, bf suggested that I buy those 3/4 type. To my astonishment.. I can fit into its XL size with some room to spare. YiPpEE~!! Usually I never managed to squeeze into any of those sports clothings since their sizes dun run big. I've tried Reebok ones in the fitting room and I can actually wear them without being too tight. So.. I guessed the clothing brands finally realised that if they want overweight peeps to lose weight, they better have sizes for them so that they can wear the correct gear to exercise.

I'm now a happy girl who realised she can finally buy decent yoga pants in XL sizes. LOL~
(I probably haven't lost much weight cos' it's already written on the label that the clothes are designed according to asian sizes. Even so, I'm happy liao.. )

Last night, we went out with his buddy, Star for a late night supper and late night shopping at Mustafa. His wife din come along cos she's studying for her course. We ate at Ho Kee at Aljunied, both guys ate porridge and lotsa Fried youtiao with Sotong.. cos I couldn't stuff anymore things into my pig belly liao. Ha ha ha..
Poor Star thought that the porridge was like those small bowl kind (similar to Rui Chun) but it came to be those big soup bowl type. WAHAHAHA.. no choice lor.. must eat.. somemore we ordered quite lotsa dim sum.

Ate there till 12++ before we decided to head out to Kallang Mcdonald's for more drinks. It's soccer night, Man. U vs Chelsea but we din managed to get any seats near the TV. Anyway, we just ordered drinks and waited till 1am+ so that we no need to see too many foreign workers in Mustafa. I can't stand the smell lor..

Accompanied the guys around the shopping centre.. Bf was like so excited at the tools, car assessories section.. Star was looking for those wood shaver so that he can rework on his house's grill gate. His house is spacious.. but.. ulu.. Used to have a big drain in front of his block which he said, his neighbour saw a lady in white along the drain.. (-.-) Went to his house a few times.. Scenery so nice.. pitch black (cos' facing the forest) at night.. and cooling.

Anyway... we walked around and reached the health products section. Joking about re-stocking rubber and i was joking to bf why the lubricant+massage gel is in such a weird dildo-like bottle when Star pointed to durex's new play wand. I was like, Eh.. Play Wand?
Star later said it's a vibrator.. LOL.. The packaging is really nice.. and it doesn't look a 'vibrator' at all.

We then looked at the mobile phone section, ogling at the new phone models. Bf is eyeing for a new ear-piece since his ear-piece is starting to fall apart. It's the one which I bought for him 2 years back. Maybe if the ear-piece can tahan.. next month I will buy for bf as a present if I have some budget left after paying for my credit card bills, income tax, hp+internet bills, car instalment and road tax, not forgetting saving a bit of $$ for our wedding if we wanna get married next year.

Too bad.. I din strike 4D.. :P

Anyway.. Star was hoping to buy a new hp for his wife. No camera function though.. cos she works in a high-secuity govt. stat board. He saw one.. but hor.. if not for the obiang hot pink colour, it will be a nice phone for her. Not that I dislike pink, in fact I like pink colour, but depending on what type of pink and where it's shown on. The pink too loud liao..

By the time we reached home after sending Star back, it's already 5am++. We were dead tired..
Knocked out after bathing.. and only woke up this AFTERNOON at 3pm. Bleahz~

Oh Oh.. I just realised something..

While chatting last night, Star told me that his sis is selling those big-eye contact lenses on her blog. So since now that I can wear contact lenses.. I asked him for his's blog and scrolling through...

I found out that.. my ex-secondary school mate is actually Star's sister!!!!! Cos the sis put some pictures of my friend, I was wondering if it's her.. and... and.. I saw Star's pic.. and SO... I realised.. they are really siblings lor. Small world leh!!
Everything kinda tally now.. she used to live in Jurong West Ext, Star also lived there, cos bf told me before and her name is also Chan Jack ** while Star's name is also Chan Jack **.
remembered he said before his 2nd sister used to have poor health (my ex-sec sch friend also.. I remembered one of the times during sec 3 or 4, she was having this thyroid problem and it affected her. The boys in class gave her very horrible nicknames.) and it's probably due to the bad feng-shui of the house that's why they moved house to current CCK.
Anyway, after O levels, I din keep in touch with many of my sec sch friends which I'm ashamed to say. :P

Well.. Jack Mun, if you are seeing this entry (since you are in my friendster's and I've just sent you a message), I dunno if I ever said anything horrible to you before or do anything horrible to you last time. But if I did, my sincere apologies to you. I remembered very faintly that we were once good friends until something happened.. My memory's failing me so I can't remember most of the good o' days.
Perhaps we can go out one day with your bro as well.. and catch up with the old times. :)

Going to end this long entry.. and wake up tomorrow to go hospital with my dad for his follow-up.


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

It's been a fruitful.. virus-ful...week..

Down with flu today.. been sneezing.. sniffing.. and now running fever (again)..

Monday... I kenna stiff neck which affected moi poor head.. got headache.. and slight fever.. but went down in the noon time..

Yesterday.. was feeling very... 'light'.. my head was like spinning every now and then.. but I manage to pull through.

Bf and I went to have dinner with his buddy, Star and his wife @ IMM Aijisen. Been a long time since we last had dinner with this couple. I was famished.. cos.. I din eat much during lunch.. and no idea why.. I had such good appetite. Ha ha ha..


The best week I had.. was definately from 2nd to 4th May.

I was in the BEST TRAINING CLASS ever..

The trainer, Ms Zaibun was GREAT!!!!!!

Serious..!!! It was full of energy and vibes!! So much laughter.. and I LEARNT SO MUCH!!!

Despite being 60 years old, she was definately not acting her age. She was so energetic, we wonder if she's only in her forties!

Here's a picture to show what I mean..

You see the lil' greenie dino? His name is Mr Ringgasamy Samyveloo.. everytime, he will have something for us at the end of the day. All made/ bought by Ms Zaibun herself.

I miss those happy and fun-filled days.. Makes me feel like I wanna resign and join Zaibun @ NP. LOL.. She's a training consultant @ NP, training lecturers and staff. And in the Council of NYAA. She even wrote a book call Managing Oneself. I bought the book from her and have yet to finish, but so far.. after 3 chapters.. I must say.. it's so.. motivational.. and short and sharp to the point.

Anyway, if anyone is interested to engage her for her trainings, feel free to contact me for her details. :)

p/s: As you can see from the pic, I have a new hairstyle (again) with a new colour. And.. I have yet lost any weight (sadly). Ah well.. But I'm definately able to fit (somehow) into G2000 blu's stretchable pants. LOL.. Bought some new clothes from there.. cos they finally have XXL tees (loose enough to hide the bulges). I can forget about the blouses, cos... I probably need extra size for my 'erm-erm' front. HAIZ..
Whoever needs some fats to fill your boobs up, contact me.. I will be glad to donate. Perhaps once I lost the weight.. I can go a cup-size down.. YEAY~!!!

I must be crazy.. :P

Perhaps i can pray and pray every night to my fairy god-mother/sister/brother/father/grandmother/grandfather/whatever to transfer a bit of fats to all my friends.. to whichever parts of their bodies that they wish for (i.e: Boobs, Butts etc).

I suddenly got pimple outbreak.. and a hideous STUPID GIANT SCAR on my right cheek.. that no concealer can cover...

FAT GERL now still FAT.. worse still.. SCARRED!!!

Ar well.. life goes on... and I'm still lovable, kissable, huggable and absolutely.. CUTE. BLeah~
*thick-skinned* ;)

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Long weekend~!

Took leave on last Friday and Monday.. initially thinking of going to Malaysia or somewhere with bf.. but... due to last min changes, we decided not to. Actually.. mainly because.. my stupid menses came. How to enjoy a holiday when you are having irritating menses!!

Even trip to Sentosa was cancelled, after we planned out where we wanna visit. Basically.. NOT MUCH PLACES THAT WE ARE INITERESTED.. so.. CANCELLED.. SIGH~

What did I do?

Simple.. we went strolling around everywhere.. Friday night.. to Vivo.. and to Orchard since.. some of the shopping centres were opened till midnight. I withheld my urge to shop since I've spent a hefty amount within these 2 months.. WAHAHAHAHA~

I'm proud of myself..

Then both of us started our RAINBOW SIX: LAS VEGAS mission again.. We completed the normal co-op mode with unlimited respawns.. so now.. we started our REALISTIC co-op mode with NO respawns.. meaning.. more intelligent enemies who can kill us with 1 shot even if they are 1km away.. ha ha ha

Ok.. too ambitious...
We ( I admit,... it's me only) died rather fast.. so... we decided to put it as 3 lives (respawns) only... then.. after being defeated numerous rounds.. we changed to unlimited respawns again. BUT.. it's still NOT EASY hor..

1 day 1 nite of rainbow six.. I think I suffered from post-rainbow six syndrome..

"Breach and Clear"
"Go silence"
"Go loud"
"I think I hear something.."
"Come out, come out wherever you are..."
"I can see you.."
"Come out, you bitches!"

If anyone play Rainbow Six: Las Vegas.. you will know what I mean.. LOL

Sunday morning.. I received a call from a rare guest..

I was like.. wondering why so good, call me.. actually hor.. someone made a mistake so need my help.. Bo bian.. since I was the 'connector' for those 2, I better help. Ha ha ha..

I guess, mr rare guest managed to rectify the problem..

These 2.. really owed me a treat.. no.. 2 treats liao.. When these 2 pumpkins gonna treat me ar?

Anyway.. I certainly have a damned good time relaxing during this long weekend, bf also..

So we decided to have such long weekends every 6 months or so..

Battery recharged also full liao.. tomorrow.. it's back to work.. er... I mean on course.. 3 days course at Suntec, IBMEC.. YEAH~!!!