Saturday, August 30, 2008

Power of Makeup

wanna know the power of makeup?
Nah.. I'm not gonna show you pics that already from the net of taiwanese girls..
I'm gonna show you.. ME!

Yup... I thick-skinned mah.. can let everyone see the naked face of mine.. (actually I just wanna encourage girls out there to be more confident of themselves.. everyone can be pretty, it's just a matter of whether they want or not?)
Anyway, one of the few good reasons why i seldom leave house w/o makeup... die die will have a BIT lor.. except when I go exercise..

This is... no makeup me.. BEWARE!

1) small eyes.. I told you so lor..
2) many many countless battle scars since teenage years..
3) uneven skin tone
4) raging hormones thus the pimples.. OI.. what you thinking?!

However... with the miracle of makeup.. even if it's just a bit, Yes.. NO heavy makeup for me (except during my ROM) .. I can have almost-flawless, almost-even, almost-invisible scars, almost-unseen pimples face!

So.. there's no UGLY women in the world.. but LAZY ones.. so ladies.. if a pig can be beautified, SO CAN YOU!
Stop whining about looking ugly! Just slap on some makeup! ;)

Shannon's Fish & Chips!


Another new recipe! Ok.. Sharlene is hoping for makeup applications.. but pai seh, my camera dun seem to pick up the makeup well. My pic all machiam I never put anything one lor..

Ok... I just try try only.. still need to improve cos' it din turn up crispy as i hope it would be..


(A - Batter)

2 cups of flour (**note: I was using plain flour but result was not fantastic)

1 tablespoon of baking powder

1 can of SODA water (plain soda water)

2 eggs

(B - the fish and the chips)

Russet potatoes - peeled and cut into wedges or strips, up to you)

Fish fillet (frozen/ fresh also can.. )

I bought a pack of 6 fillets-frozen and the batter left with a bit but I guess should be enough to make 8.

How to make?

For the batter, I learn this on this food show Food911. Pretty easy to make, so I decided to make it myself.

Combine plain flour + baking powder, mix well. Home Econ teacher used to tell us to sieve the powders but.. heck lar.. LOL~

Anyway, please note that the flour could be the reason to why my fish wasnt crispy, so I will experiment next time and update accordingly. However if any one of you knows... PLEASE TELL ME! :P

Add in the soda water, fold in the flour mixture using your whisk. Yes.. you will see bubbles... dun just stare! WORK YOUR HANDS!

Add in the eggs to your mixture also.. mix everything until it forms a slightly fluid consistency. Meaning to say, when you use a spoon and scoop the mixture up, the batter should be like those thicken gravy type. If it's dry, add more soda water.

Make sure there's no lumps of flour hor.. btw, I also added in a bit of my garlic spice mixture and sesame oil. Aiyah.. it's Shannon's version what.. of cos I must add in special things.

Prepare a pot of hot oil or if you have a deep fryer, just use it..

Your fish fillets must be THAWED hor... dun stupid stupid use the frozen fillets... wait all the hot oil spray all over your face and you will become like me.. scar face! :P

Marinate your fillets if you want.. otherwise, powder your fish fillets with corn starch. The show recommends corn mill (grinded corn) but I have no idea where to get that. The corn starch is for the batter to have something to hold on to.. otherwise it will just say bye bye to your fish upon touching the hot oil.

Coat with a layer of batter....

Your oil should be relatively hot by now...

Slowly put in your battered fish fillet.... DO NOT THROW IT IN! I know some girls scared, just dump/ throw/ fling the food into hot oil. NEVER NEVER DO THAT! Just slide it in.. the oil is hot enough to cook the batter, and there's no water, so.. no OIL fountain.. no need to be scared..

Lower the heat slightly...

Cook until golden brown. My first attempt... it was brown.. BROWN!! I forgot all about the heat.. yes.. genius makes mistakes too you know! WAHAHAHAHA

Your fish is then done.. Simple hor?

As for the chips.. AIYAH JUST FRY THEM LAR..


Good enough to eat.. ok.. maybe not the crispy part.. but... here it is!

What can I say.. I lurve myself! LOL~ *thick-skinned*

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

KTV Depression

Suffering from KTV depression...

Been grabbing anything that feels like a mic.. and started singing unknowingly...
Singing from bathroom..
Singing while surfing net...
Singing in my sleep!!!
Of cos not lar..

Practising the following songs from Gary Cao Ge..
Known to be super hard to sing!

1) 世界唯一的你

2) 無辜

It's hard to remember where to go high.. change to fake voice etc..

I even once thought of going for singing classes when there's a recruitment going on for one of the known singing schools. Of cos.. not for participating in those singing contests lar... I where got the figure and looks.. I just enjoy singing for leisure.

Anyone wanna join me? I told my hubby once... he just gave me the looks.. and said... "ORH"

Super demotivating...

Oh oh.. this song has been ringing through my head for quite some time.. and I finally got to know the song name.
Found the original singer's clip on Youtube too!

Open Arms by Journey... Seemed like a good song to sing at KTV! It's one of the background music of "格斗天王".

All of a sudden... I was thinking about the songs that I wanna play during my wedding (if there's any)
1) Truly Madly Deeply ( Savage Garden)
2) Valentine
3) Open Arms (Journey)
4) 世界唯一的你 (曹格)
5) 梁山伯与朱丽叶 (曹格&卓文萱)
6) I Still Believe (徐若瑄&曹格)
7) First Love (Utada Hikaru)
8) 唯一 (王力宏)
9) 月亮代表我的心
10)你最珍贵 (张学友& 高慧君)
11) I knew I loved you (Savage Garden)

I knew I loved you...... yup.. that best described me and my hubby. We met through ICQ (aiyoh.. so retro.. wahahaha) less than a year after I broke with my ex.. we then chatted on fone.. and then... "WHAM!"

That mysterious feeling filled me... I knew I loved you before I met you, I have been waiting all my life....
The lyrics really can describe my feelings.. somehow I felt as though I might have met him way way before we actually met (ya... indirectly met each other during my cousin's army funeral -.- )

We met on Sept 10 in ICQ.. less than 3 days, we became boy-girl friends (arent we silly? ha ha ha).. then now... 7 years later.. we are married.. and waiting for our love nest..

More sweet memories to come..

Saturday, August 23, 2008

I finally have.. new toys!!!

In advance of my birthday..

I convinced myself... to buy something(s) for myself...

I'm not gonna tell u guys what it is.. now..


I will tell u guys soon!


p/s: Wondering whether I shd do a step-by-step makeup guide for the gals... or... step-by-step cooking guide... Anyone wanna tell me?


I've been known to my friends to be a relatively good cook.

My mother is of cos, pleased with her own dotter's cooking expertise.
My hubby, needless to say, enjoys every single thing I cook.. even if it's made from canned soup.
My dad... always wondering how come his dotter can come up with funny-looking fusion foods that he finds it delicious as well..
My brother.... well.. he can always count on his sister to whip out something for him during his bbq/party etc..
My parents-in-law hv been praising their dotter-in-law's cooking skills.. fancy eating home-cooked food that tastes and look like restaurant type. LOL~
My friends? Ha ha ha... anything to do with cooking during a gathering/ bbq... 1st person that comes to mind... ME.
Hey I'm proud of it, okay...

Once I tasted something, I'll always go and search for the recipe.. and attempt to do something similar..

So today... I'm gonna reveal my secret to Shannon's Japanese Curry Rice.
- pork, chopped into cubes (marinated with corn starch, a lil chinese wine, light soya sauce, pepper, sesame oil and mirin)
- onions, chopped into cubes
- potatoes, chopped into cubes
- carrots, chopped into cubes (ok.. today when I cooked, I realised.. there's no carrots left, but u can still put it in lar)
- S&B Golden Curry Sauce Mix (Hot)
- Dunno-how-many-cups-you-want Japanese rice.. I used only pure japanese pearl rice.. bought from giants the other day..
- Japanese crispy chicken for additional side dishes (optional)

What do you do?
Chopped all your ingredients into cubes. If you like it to be circular, rectangular, triangular.. do what u want lar..
Prepare your pot... make sure it's deep enough to contain the sauce.. heat it up

Add oil... then add your chopped onions... sprinkle some salt.. I heard that sprinkling salt to onions will make it sweeter (dunno how true)

Stir fry for a while..

Add in your pork (chicken, beef, lamb whatever)

Fry somemore... at this time, the fire shd be around medium to medium-high

Add in your potatoes.. Remember after cutting your potatoes, you MUST soak them in water with some salt.. You wont wanna see your potatoes turning brown right?

Fry.. fry fry... stir stir stir...

When the pork is almost cooked.... add water... 3/4 to the top... stir somemore..

Then now.. you add the sauce mix to a bowl... add some water from the pot to melt it slightly (it's like chocolate bar)...

Then pour in the sauce mix..

Reduce heat to low.. then stir occassionally...

Your sauce shd be brown colour by now...

I then add in my special ingredient... dried garlic spice blend from The Gourmet Collection (great for the ULTIMATE GARLIC BREAD!!!).. stirred the sauce..

You shd let your sauce simmer... not boiling...

By now, you shd have cooked your rice... if you havent... please go and cook it lar.. you silly bum..

Also go and fry your crispy chicken... once that's done...

Your Japanese Curry sauce shd be ready.. Your onions are already very soft and translucent.. potatoes shd be very soft (use Russet potatoes), carrots also...

Now... just pour over your COOKed rice... add your chicken...

It's done!
Delicious Japanese Curry Rice.. why spend the money when u can do it yourself?!

I'm a lousy blogger

Ya man...

I'm a lousy blogger.. cos' I dun update regularly..
Anyway, bo lang complained..

So.. what have I been up to?


It's another 3 weeks to my 27th birthday...
I'm telling you... it's not a good feeling..

Furthermore.. I'm been having this stupid urge of shopping for like.. since August?

I'm like... wanting to buy makeup... skincare products... clothes... swimwear.. making new pair of glasses.. buying new sunnies... new shoes for work and for leisure.. a sling bag for leisure..

Look at the LIST!!!

I kept resisting the temptation..

I only managed to prevent myself from buying new shoes cos' nothing pretty much caught my eyes, the ones I like either dun have my size, colour i like or simply... f**king expensive.

Clothes wise...
Those i like.. as usual... my boobs are a pain.. front is always too tight esp those buttoned blouses, else.. it's the cutting that is damned fugly.. supposed to wear clothes that look nice on u.. not those tat makes u look ugly.

Cdnt find one that's the right size..

Just wanna get a nice tankini... but... those online.. are ex.. fancy one that's from Victoria Secrets, but.. not sure if it can fit me. Oakley also has one... but... skeptical leh

So in the end..

I bought........
makeup... skin care products... new glasses... new sunnies...

Wallet BIG HOLE liao...