Saturday, April 21, 2007


I officially announced myself as a Makeupholic!!

I just realised that I've basically almost changed my entire make up/ cosmetics to Bobbi Brown collection!!!!

It all started... with a blush (sand pink) that I bought from Robinsons Raffles City.
Nice rosy colour..

Then.. bf gave me $160 worth of TANGS voucher.. and I used almost 80% on Bobbi Brown makeup @ TANGS Vivocity by buying:
1) 2-way foundation (refillable with a white classy casing)
2) No Smudge Mascara

I spurgled on myself by buying again back at Robinsons Raffles City in March with Charles..
1) Sky shimmer eyeshadow
2) Corrector
3) Creamy Concealer kit
4) Travel concealer brush with 2 heads (concealer + powder brushes)

Then.. I spent AGAIN after going for my free lessons with Jerlyn @ Robinsons Raffles City:
1) Bone matt eyeshadow (eyeshadow base)
2) Heather matt eyeshadow
3) Eyeliner Gel
4) Ultra Fine Eyeliner Brush
5) Blemish Concealer
FREE: Trial size lipstick in Rosy, Trial Size Vitamin-enriched Face Base and No Smudge Mascara (which this mascara I gave it to my buddy)

Recently at TANGS Vivocity, I spent $$$ on buying:
1) Peach Shimmer Eyeshadow
2) Blush in Pale Pink

I'm hopelessly a makeupholic!!!!!!

So after buying quite a hefty amount on their makeup... My reviews:

1) 2-way cake - Medium coverage for everyday office wear. If you have good skin, and lazy, it's good! Matt look at least more than half a day. Blotting still required since my face is a combi-skin type. How you swipe your foundation on your skin will affect the looks of your pores.

2) Corrector and Creamy Concealer Kit - SAVIOUR for all DARK EYE CIRCLES SUFFERERS!! Corrector basically covers and brightens your eye area, while concealer provides the coverage to reduce puffiness and the darkness. Set the eye area with the sheer powder, and VOILA! Your face instantly brightens, even if you only have 3 hours of sleep!
Remember not to use your foundation to go over your eye area again, else you will ruin everything!

By the way, do you know that you are not supposed to put foundation over your eyelids?? You will cause your eyeshadow to have creases/crack (for those with double eyelids) easily.

3) Eyeliner Gel + No Smudge Mascara - NO MORE PANDA EYES!! Both products guarantee no smudges at all!! (unless you got horribly oily eye area)
The eyeliner gel glides on smoothly over your lids. Non-cakey and don't flake when dry. All natural, soft look. Do not attempt to line your lower eyelids with the gel though, cos' the sebrum/ facial oil will tend to dissolve the gel. If you wanna line your lower lids, use pencil or eyeshadow.
The mascara brushes on smoothly too! Doesn't clump and stays on your lashes! Staying power is fantasic!
Both products stay on after 1 whole day outside.

4) Blemish Concealer - For the red, swollen pimples to camoflage! Because it's a slight medicated, it will help to heal your giant pimple, yet conceals effectively. After applying your foundation, apply using the concealer brush on the pimple, then using your finger, slowly tap/ blend. Then use Loose Powder to set the face.

5) Eyeshadows - Earthly colours for the everyday look. I like it! The Bone colour is more of a eyeshadow base before you put on other colours.

6) Blushes - I absolutely love Pale Pink, so pigmented, yet giving that soft natural flush on the cheeks. Many thanks to Jerlyn for teaching me the correct way to put on blusher without looking like a wayang. Sand Pink is of a duller colour but still lovely for that warm beach look.

I've tried the trial-size face base (viatmins enriched) as a makeup base. My 2-way cake was able to glide on evenly on my face. Skin looks dewy, soft and smooth (except for a few large unsightly pores). Makeup stays on longer and minimum touchup is required. Not forgetting, the smell is so delicious!

I learnt a few tricks from the Bobbi Brown makeup artists on eye-makeup, especially for people with single eyelids like me.
My challenge is how to make my eyes look bigger (or open them up), so that I dun give a 'forever-sleepy' look. They gave me a few good tips.. so.. if anyone is interested to know, or if you have any good techniques, do leave a comment! No fake eyelashes/ big-eye contact lenses is required! :P

I'm officially also the makeup guru of the department liao.. LOL~

Saturday, April 14, 2007



So many of my friends MARRIED LIAO LEH!!!

Wah piang.. I was going through friendster and saw so many of my friends all put profile as MARRIED..

They win liao lor.. last time, nong nong ago.. I in poly.. all say I either the 1st or 2nd one to get married (just because I attached).. then hor.. all now.. run faster than me.. all get hitched first.. LOL~

Singaporeans all so kiasu..

Today, one of my colleagues, Maria, getting ROMed.

Don't ask me when's my turn.. even though me and my dear already been together since late 2002. We already like 老夫老妻, ha ha ha。Marriage is just like graduating from your degree of 'single'logy, embarking another journey of getting a doctorate aka kids.

I'm wondering if when we are married, will we still behave like a bunch of teengers? LOL~ fight over playing wat games to play on our xbox360, pondering what new games to buy, tearing open the new game like small kids with new toys..
DIE ar.. i think if we got kids... people maybe will think we are the KIDS themselves.

Anyway, bf told me earlier that he just got signed his confirmation papers today. So, he's offically graduated from his probation and now a confirmed PROJECT ENGINEER. YAY~!!
But hor.. Miserable increment, he said..

C'mon lor.. considering that you can claim your petrol, handphone, carpark, road tax, etc etc. I only got $50 handphone allowance. LOL~

Hmm.. when are we going overseas to play ar?

At this time, my cat has taken my bed as his territory and refused to budge.. tonight.. I got no BED to sleep on!!!

Promotion Dinner

I just returned from my promotion dinner by my company. It's held at Hilton Hotel..

When we recieved the email from our HR, we were waiting exciting for this day. Our first time being invited and congratulated on stage by our CE leh.. not forgetting being given small little souvenir which is actually 2 pens (1 blue and black) with our company logo.

I like the sleek black box.. cos' it's also printed "Congratulations on your promotion".

We were lucky enough to sit with our colleagues from SECDC cos we already knew each other quite well.

While waiting for the dinner to start, we were chatting and making silly jokes. We even asked how come there was no performance or entertainment during the dinner, then answered on our own with the following reply "Cos' we already can entertain ourselves the whole night".

And it's true lor.. we had so much laughter.. which I think we are probably the noisiest table there. Ha ha ha..

Anyway, our dinner was a 4 course dinner and it's FABULOUS!!

The appetiser is nice, the.. main course..
I asked for grilled chicken breast stuffed with mushrooms and cheese.. the chicken is SO SO SO TENDER.. So yummy!!!
The dessert is apple pie with vanilla ice-cream.. so SWEET and Sinful~!!!

We also had a glass of wine.. being the drunkards that we are.. ha ha ha..

On the whole, it's a really nice memory to remember.. hopefully.. every year (or other year) I get to go for such dinners.. It really felt good being recognised for our efforts and getting promotion..

Oh.. did i forget to mention that I wore my new contact lenses to the dinner?

Yes!! I finally get a chance to wear my contact lenses again after 3 whole years!!!

I had a trial pair by my optician last week, and my eyes didn't itch, sore or anything!!!! So he allowed me to get those daily disposables which I will only wear if I have events or dinners to attend. I'll still stick to my glasses for work, since it's less stressful for my eyes.

So happy!!! except for the fact that my colleagues joked at me after I changed out from my glasses to the contact lenses.


ArGHhh... sigh.. problem with small single-lid eyes..

JERLYN~!! Where are you??!!!

** Jerlyn is the makeup artist at Bobbi Brown who taught me for my 2 lessons-shaping of eye brows and eye makeup. She also taught me how to do smoky eyes and the big eye makeup trick ( which I din do for today's dinner).
Anyone interested in Bobbi Brown makeup, you can look for either Charles or Jerlyn at the Raffles City Robinson branch. Super nice and friendly people.. so much better than those at M.A.C.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Happy Updates~!

Update updates updates~!!

Hasn't been updating for a very long time..

Let's see.. where shall we start?

finally.. after talking about it for so long..
I finally.. bear to part $700 from my bonus to buy it.. DEFINATELY money well-spent!
Although we bought quite a few new games.. even before we complete any one.. Our habit is to finish/ complete 1 game before buying another. Mind you.. our speed of playing, we can complete 1 game probably within 2 days (weekends, burning our sleep). Yes.. we are that MAD~!
So.. enjoying every single second of our Xbox360, we now have (in less than 2 weeks) the following games:
- N3 (Completed Inphhy's profile, now playing Asphaar)
- PGR3
(free with the package that we bought)
- Gears of War (because of the suspense and excitement at times, my heart was thumping hard)

Newest addition: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Las Vegas

It's so REAL.. that.. I was totally an idiot at this game.. BUT.. I declare myself as a pretty good 军师 when bf was playing it in 1-player.

There are certain types of games which I can't play, especially those types like counter strike where you usually see the hands only (i.e: Halo 2). I will get giddy.. then.. nauseous.. then.. major big headache.. and get sick. So.. too bad.. I can't play for too long, if not, I probably won't even buy.

There are games which can make me doze off faster than sleeping pills. Ask my bf.. he will sure shake his head and tell you. The fastest way to make me sleep.. Just put Fifa, NBA Live etc to play... I will just doze off beside you. Don''t ask me why.. I have no idea..

2) Promotion
I'm a very happy gal.. My letter of promotion came with my PB letter..
I'm now a SWDA Grade 5 officer.. Hee Hee.. Hard work paid off..

3) PB
Another happy thing.. got good PB.. and I've treat those who have helped me with a good meal/ food to show my appreciation. BF is the happiest.. cos he got his precious 360 even though he requested for his 1 month-bonus from me.. (-.-)

4) Salary Increment
There was a 1-time adjustment to my salary (for Diploma grads), that was enough to make me delighted and gleeing with joy.. BUT to make things even better, I've also got the following:
- Merit + Promotion increment

Should see my face when my Director asked me to open up my letter..

Can't stop SMILING.. I've never thought I could get this much.. I probably know that I'm at the low end of the range, but I'm happy..
This means that I can now SAVE more money.. probably increase my shopping budget another $50 higher? If my mum knows, she will ask for a pay-rise from me.. ArgHh.. but.. the priority goes to saving for my big day, which.. I have no idea when. anyway, feels good to have a good sum of $$ in your bank a/c.

5) Shopping SPREE
Went for spree.. to reward myself..
Attended my 2nd facial session at Bonafides, Attended my free makeup lessons at Bobbi Brown (2 out of 6 lessons), Trimmed and shaped my eyebrows nicely by the BB Makeup artist, bought a few new makeup items, 1 blouse + pants from DP.

Supposed to treat my parents to a good meal.. but.. shall let that wait until my new pay comes in. Ha ha ha..


Now.. I'm deciding whether to get, or not to apply for a credit card. A lot of people said, it's like sending myself to hell.. cos if I can't stop, i will probably end up with a lot of DEBTS. I reckon I will become like that..I never like to be in debt.. I'm a stingy pig, who will try to keep as much $$ as possible.

I'm thinking of convenience.. during emergencies.. when you do not have so much cash.. or when you need to purchase something and do not have so much cash/ not willing to depart so much cash at 1 time..
Dining at restaurants, shopping etc.. I still have my debit card and I've controlled my expenses well so far.

So.. should I? or should I not?

Then if I should.. which one is better to get? UOB or Citibank? (_ _??)