Thursday, June 08, 2006

Beri poor liao ar~!

I'm officially poor..

Cos... I've just busted my account.. buying... 2 Motorola L6 (1 was a investment for a bigger diamond ring on my wedding day.. *grins*), paying for car insurance (thank god ours is a small car and bf is above 27 years old with good driving record), stupid road tax and my darn shopping sprees..

There goes my performance bonus.. and WE ARE NOT EVEN INCLUDED IN THE DAMNED CIVIL SERVANT 0.5 MONTH + $200 BONUS!!!!!!! @#$%^&* !

*calm down... *

Anyway.. bf promised me that starting from end of this month, he can start taking care of all our financial stuffs cos he's already been working OT consistently.. AND once he passes his motorbike license and gets confirmed, we can start planning for all the necessary wedding plans. Which means... I can.... be more stingy and save more money.. and go for shopping often.. ho ho ho~

I wonder when we can upgrade our laptops and get a new Xbox 360... hmmm...

p/s: Poor bro is entering his BMT this Friday.. Monkey goes in.. Gorilla comes out.. WAHAHAHHAHAA~
Sianz.. noone to bully from Friday onwards... :(