Thursday, September 25, 2008


Oh.. forgot to praise myself... and boast a little.. WAHAHAHAHA

I received compliments for the hamburgers I made..
I received compliments for the crabby snacks (it's actually shredded crab-sticks in mayo/garlic/cheese slices/ chilli/ spring onions on bread, topped with parmesan cheese and toasted to 'perfection' in the toaster oven) with I made for hubby's colleagues...



Hainan Tau....


I'm going to be on my 1st air flight!!!! Ok.. I'm not exactly thrilled... China got the evil milk scare lor.. So dairy products is definately a NO-NO on my eating list.. Dunno what to buy back leh..

Going on budget airline - Tiger Airways... and my flight is tomorrow noon. Gotta check in at 10.45am. So the management informed us to be there by 10am and we have to help our councillors to check in (guide them lar). Our better'er' minister Lim will be joining us, along with mayor, MP Ms Ellen and Dr Lim.

It's our annual Council Retreat and this year I was nominated by my boss, approved by GM to go. Last year was Charlie Brown who went to Vietnam. Going there to work actually..

Anyway.. my mum wanted me to check out the place cos she was thinking of going there with my dad at the end of the year.

So.. I will be away for the weekend.. and back on Sunday night. Hubby was joking that he can go out and mess around.. with his male colleagues (-.-). Sometimes, I wonder if he's a gay... HA HA HA HA.. He got his office darling one hor..

Wish me a safe trip everyone!!!

====== Updates on Renovation ========

Unfortunately..... we always go there at night to check our reno progress, having without lightings, we couldnt take any pictures lar..

Anyway, our living room flooring is already done, kitchen is starting soon.. and the bedrooms are 1/2 done. Estimating the flooring to be done by Friday.

I'm quite happy with the results as of now.. white flooring.. and the gaps between each tile is about 1 toothpick apart. Without the lights, the living room is still visible with minimum lights. At least not totally dark..

I'm anxiously waiting for my new house to be done.. Our sanctuary... resort.. and get-away home..

House-Warming... ETA December 2008.. So peeps.. watch out for my sms and emails!

Btw.. just a reminder.. if you are planning to get me gifts.. please avoid the following:
1) Coffee Maker - both of us dun drink kopi..
2) Tupperware - my mum bought me a whole carton, full of every single size found available until I can organise a tupperware party
3) Pots/ Pans - my mum bought me (again) many of these since she knows her daughter loves to cook...
4) Mini Hi-Fi - My disciple has already aimed to buy me that..
5) Hair-dryer - Seriously... I dont use it...

My Wants:
1) Philips Pro-Smoothie maker (ok.. even if it's just A philips smoothie maker is good enough)
2) Waffle Maker
3) Rice-Cooker
4) Thermal Flask
5) Toaster Oven (ok.. why do I want it when I got an oven? cos... it's more energy-saving to toast bread with the toaster oven than an oven wat... )
6) 42-inch LCD TV
7) iMac

Ha ha ha.. the last 2 items, if anyone can buy and give me... I PROMISED TO COOK DINNER TO TREAT THAT PERSON!

My parents really dote on me.. they have already bought for me a 32-inch HD ready LCD tv, all the pans and pots, tupperwares and even fork out money when I want a Mac-Mini and not forgetting sponsoring $700 to my washing machine.

My in-laws... gave us $1500 to buy our fridge and any other necessities..

My aunt gave us $1000 to buy anything we want for the house.. and I have used it for my cookerhood, stove, and oven (i just need to top up with another $400)

It's definately a RESORT when the reno is done.. and I'm more than willing to let my family / friends make it into a gathering point (provided someone help me to clean up the mess after).


========= My Birthday =============

Nothing much exciting on that day... just a simple jalan-jalan in town..

I received the following presents:

$100 from my colleagues who really have no idea what I want or need, so they gave me an ang pow to buy whatever I want.. not forgetting, a really nice card! Oh.. I used the moolah to pay for my Benefit spree that I ordered in early Sep..

A pair of Armani Sunglasses from my hubby.. It's just so NICE!!!

2 jeans + 2 tops from Club Marc from my BFF (hey I got BFF too!) - although it's 50% off, it's still not cheap lor! Thanks bestie!!

A super cool personalised self-made card from Khai, my ex-husband in CDC (wahahahaha.. I had affair at work)

A cute bear from J, da man...

Oh... should I consider my new Mac-Mini from my mum as my b-day pressie too? :P

I'm so blissed!!!

Pictures to be uploaded as soon as I have the mood to take the pic.. LOL

Friday, September 05, 2008

MC.. yet still can cook.. I'm Super Cook!

I'm sick.. yet still can whip up a meal!

Dun worry.. no bacteria were exchanged during the course..

What did I cook?

Hamburger patties (yes... all made from scratch), cauli-prawns, beancurd-wrapping chicken in eggy mushroom sauce and... my Aglio Olio! :P
Sorry.. not in the mood to give recipe.. but..

Pics to show the food.. (and yes.. I have packed some for my lunch and hubby's breakfast tmr with the tupperware my mum bought for me since she saw me packing food every time I cook extra since dunno how many years ago... we've been like using the plastic food containers so she bought me these.)
Now.. dun get hungry...

The ingredients... I usually separate all the ingredients according to the dishes beforehand..
Once you marinate your meat, mould them nicely.. and place them in plastic wraps (i cut up those plastic bags into halves) before u put into the fridge. When u need them, just take it out..
This is.. fried beancurd wrapped chicken.. with egg+mushroom+green capsium sauce.. FUSION..

This is my specialty hor.. restaurant standard (like real). LOL
The lunch for tmr... I doubt I'll have time to eat breakfast.. so i'll keep it for lunch. Just need to heat it up. Wondering when I can stop using those filmsy food seperaters...

My tupperware and Spork! It's a spoon + fork + knife combo.. you can get it at Robinsons! I'm waiting for my mum to get me the tupperware for soups.. wanna make minstrone soup and bring to work...
Ok... if you are tempted.. go ahead.. ask me for the recipe! LOL :P