Friday, November 09, 2007

曹格... 苏永康... 我的最爱!

These 2 male singers ARE my FAVE!!!!

No doubt.. I'll make sure I sing their songs during karaoke.. especially Gary..
His remix of 新不了情 is absolutely.. FANTASIC!!
Too bad.. None of the KTV i went has his version.. It's very gary.... of cos those who like the original sad version will probably shake head when they listen to it.
The user disabled the embedding part.. so.. I can only just provide the link:

Trust me.. 他会让你听出耳油。

Another remix.. is 张惠妹's 听海。

It's.. so... touching..

Finally.. my other favourite karaoke must-sing...

I found a few 苏永康's songs as well.. all the sad sad love songs.. those which are good to sing during break-ups.. Oh ya.. they really make you weep lor..

Oh man...


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