Saturday, July 30, 2005

Theme for doodles needed...

I need to come up with a theme for my doodles..
I cant exactly doodle w/o a theme.. There must be something that can spur my imagination like.. something corny/ lame that someone did, or a decription that 1 would think of him/herself (i.e: I probably admit I'm filled with dirty evil thoughts in my head, WAHAHAHA~)
Which is also why I will just doodle out during MSN cos of the jokes we had.. *lol*

Last night (after splitting with my $150 which I had saved up ever since my 1st Wacom Graphire ceased operations) , I drew of something which I probably had already drew during office free time..

Someone.. probably in his younger years.. (ya lar.. I bought a new one.. after 2 years.. @ $139)

See if any1 can guess who that can be..
*seriously.. it meant no offence, just that somehow that's wat I observed lar..*
Hope it's not too blur.. I doodled it on my MS Paint, though I should really do it on my Adobe Photoshop (I did a 'portrait' of myself, and.. that kinda din look like me.. at all)
The lines shd be more defined after saving in Jpeg if it's done on Photoshop, even after minimising the size when I place it here cos' I dun wanna jammed up all your bandwidth.

I doubt I got any 'fans' at the moment, but if any1 got any comments or criticisms, do leave a comment. Ha ha ha..

Friday, July 29, 2005

Comics doodling..

I know I have a flair for doodling (I dont usually call it drawing since I only 'draw' when I have that inspiration coming in.. )
I'm sure everyone know that MSN now enable the user to 'draw' and send to their friends when MSN-ing..
Practically I've been doing that, doodling whenever me and my friends are discussing some stuffs, and being the 'comical/ lame' me.. I just doodled (using mouse hor) .
Check this out..
When I was talking to my ex-secondary school-ECA-mate, WC, she was asking me to draw whatever that comes into my mind about her. Since I havent seen her ever since we left CSS, i just basically dug into my imagination and drew.

This was drawn when I remembered about her incident with The Worm she wrote in her blog. *laffs*

This is about her, having a nasty temper.. Guess she didn't change much afterall. She was that little Chilli Padi. *LOL*

My other friends have asked me to just put up my doodles, and seriously, I would be.. since drawing on paper sometimes isn't as fun as doodling on your own PC. Hopefully, my laptop can 'tahan' that kinda work load. Hey.. anyone wanna find out for me how much does that Wacom Intuos/ Graphire will cost?

I better start to familerise myself with this blogspot.. Damnedz..

Counting down..

Thursday liao.. 28th liao.. waiting for pay day..
My sales are pathetic for this month..
I've lost all mood to continue working here..
Somehow I'm eagering waiting to start a new life..
Life here.. simply.. SUX..