Saturday, March 03, 2007

On another note..

I'm having a swollen right eye..

No idea how it came about.. started last night..

I dun remember spying or peeping or surfing obscene porn sites..

Must be too heaty liao..

It was rather painful when I tried to blink each time and I had to sacrifice myself by not wearing makeup to work today.. Yes.. that's my first time in 1.5 years of working here..

Nevertheless, I hope my eyes recover by tomorrow.. cos' tmr it's my 1st WDA D&D that I'm attending.. and I BETTER LOOK 'PRESENTABLE'!!!! GrRRr...


Haiz.. Looking at the pics that my colleagues took for me today at our CNY Gathering in office with my other HQ colleagues.. it's either their camera techniques were not good enuff or I really look god-damned fat and ugly (I lost my cute piggy looks) or I'm just simply looked HORRIBLE!

How come ar.. I took the rest of my colleagues until so nice.. yet mine.. TAKEN UNTIL LIKE SHIT LOR..

Sigh.. I must have lost my cute piggy looks..

Lucky, at least there's 1 pix that managed to look 'cute' enough.. *自我安慰*

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