Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thursday... WEEKEND's here soon!

I've been going for lotsa courses at WDA these past 2 weeks.. Good thing about such courses, is where you are not in the office to be stressed about seeking employment for our jobseekers and also.. get to go shopping directly after the course itself.

Khai's prolink modem, after troubleshooting by me last night, is diagnosed to be.. SPOILT~! Both of us are Singnet broadband users, thus the modems that we used are the same, so it's pretty easy to troubleshoot.

Since we are at One Marina Boulevard, we decided to pop over to Funan's Challenger to check out the ADSL modems. I'm a challenger member mah.. using my card, can get either 10% discount or the promotion rate for members for certain products. It's quite a long walk from OMB to Funan.. The walk is made shorter by talking rubbish along the way, with Khai and Andrew as the entertainers. Ha ha ha..

Once at the Challenger, we were scratching our heads which modem is suitable for SingNet broadband. Suddenly, my excellent memory reminded me that there's a Singnet broadband counter over at one hidden corner.. so.. just ask the guy lar.. Surely he will know right? Just as I guessed, the guy gave us a list of the modems which are suitable. It's an easy search, given that I'm a regular over at Challenger. No need to wonder why I'm a regular there.. When me and my bf got nothing to do, or nowhere in particular to shop, we'll just go there to shop (not forgetting the Software Boutique for a range of Xbox games not found easily in Challenger).

Anyway, Khai got what he wanted (and I earned another 75 points to my Challenger account), we decided to go home. Bf called.. and said that he finished his OT already and had gone home to change. He's already on his way to meet me (I msged him that I'm at Funan earlier). Wondering where to have dinner, and being the lazy me, I told him to meet at Marina Square. Maybe can eat Carl's Junior.

We headed down to Carl's Junior at the basement area.. Packed... really very packed.. Ah...well... had dinner at Cafe Cartel instead. Since I've already got my salary, and bf's salary is yet to come, I paid for our dinner tonight. We are not very particular about monetary issues between the 2 of us. Usually we will just initiate the payment and won't argue about it.

Passing by Dorothy Perkins, I had the urge to go in and shop. My bf, being the clever one, restrained me from going in. Ha ha ha.. he knew i'll spend a lot once i'm in there.
So never mind lor.. I shall go to The Face Shop instead.

I heard about this place when I surf this forum ( Apparently, they sell very good face masks. I've been having a pimple outbreak since 2 weeks ago, and these pimples are not going away. So tot of buying a couple of face masks to see if they work. Heard also that they are very good for those who have acne-prone or sensitive skin.

My trophies: 3 mushrooms and 3 lemon face masks.. AND.. 1 stick eye shadow and 1 lip gloss. Total damage: $40.90. A bit harsh on my thinning wallet though.. BUT.. guess wat?!

Bf paid for it~!!!


He seldom paid for my makeup/ beauty stuffs, cos I'll usually pay them myself since I'm the one using them. So.. it's really nice of him to pay for them :P

Anyway, I have already used one of the mushrooms mask. Smells nice leh.. and after using it.. wah.. damned shiok lor.. Hopefully my pimples will go away.. I hate pimples. For once, they are gone, and out of my sight for 3 years, now they are back! Damned those pimples!! GrrR~


Sunday, November 20, 2005

Saturday... World Cyber Games~!!!

Woke up at around 12pm on Saturday..

Decided to go and see World Cyber Games at Suntec Convention Hall, hoping to get some good deals from the Xbox booth. We assumed they have placed a booth there, since WCG includes playing Halo 2 and other xbox games.

Parked our car at Millenia Walk and walked to Suntec. If anyone is wondering why we parked there instead of Suntec, please lo... anyone who drives a car will know.. SUNTEC CARPARK IS ALWAYS FULL!!! You can try circling in there for 20 mins and you can never find a empty slot that easily.. Millenia Walk is a lot easier, and less than a 5 mins walk across the road.

So.. we went.. and surprising.. not many people.. So we searched high and low for the xbox booth..
WAH PIANG EH!!! They never set up a booth!!!!!!!

Great.... so much for getting cheap deals for xbox games.. Bf was saying I should get a game that I'm interested in playing since everytime I was the one buying the games that usually he likes to play (i.e: those millitary type, or those shooting ones.. etc)
I'm the intellectual type *pukes*... k lar... I'm the type who prefer RPG type.. If not those fight, kill, kick, bash type. :P

Anyway, we went to watch around at the new Marina Square which was fully renovated already. Lotsa people.. lotsa shops.. damned.. tight budget. LOL *must fight the urge to shop*

Initially wanted to buy Carl's Junior back since everyone was saying it's really nice. But hor, after 2nd thought... better not... Bf's mother already cooked our dinner. Next time, perhaps..

So we walked back to Millenia Walk, deciding to go to Funan to get our games instead. Cos... I'm a Challenger member mah.. so might as well, get some points from the games.

Then someone really familar caught my eye at Harvey Norman.

Even though it was just the back view, I can recognise him, even if he's reduced to ashes.
2.5 years together, I'm damned sure he's someone I know..
No prizes for getting the correct answer.. It's my ex.. He did turn his face a bit, so I'm even more sure..
I didn't wanna go up and greet him though.. Kinda awkward.. even though we did like kinda remain as friends..
Anyway, I think he's with his gf lar.. so I think better not. Ha ha ha..
I din tell my bf, cos he probably will try to see how my ex look like.. My bf although may not be a handsome guy, but he's pretty confident of himself thus he carries himself quite well. (Not forgetting his sacarism is horrifying).. So.. what if... both meet eye to eye.. ?
Bf told me once.. that if he was to meet my ex one day, he will probably thank him(ex) for breaking up with me and thus letting us meet and become a couple. How sweet is that.. :)

But of cos, I wish my ex all the best, and can see he's really happy, compared to last time. Ha ha ha.. I admit, I was really.. er... horrible last time.. HA HA HA HA..
Now.. think I'm worst.. so thank god, my bf can tame me.. *LOL*

Friday.. Harry Potter~!!

Went to catch Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire @ GV Plaza, late-night movie.. 1.50am. Was thinking of going to Orchard Cineleisure, but thinking it might be packed, we just went to Plaza Singapura.

This movie had made me waited for 1 whole year.. Finally.. it's HERE!!!!

A week ago, I read my book again to refresh my memory, believing that this new director will do a good job.

However..... after watching it.. I WAS SO DISAPPOINTED!!!

It's probably only 60% of the book being made into a movie. The director missed out so many important sections!!! Utterly disappointed~!

For example, the 1st scene where Harry Potter and Ron was awaken suddenly by Hermione to go to the Quidditch World Cup and all hell broke loose becos' of the deatheaters, that particular scene where Harry lost his wand and met with Winky the house-elf.. Where's that scene??!!
The Death-Mark was conjured using Harry's wand not that... Fudge Junior fella.. Haiz..

Triwizard Tournament supposed to have 10000 Galleons as prize money, and that wasn't being mentioned! Needless to say, nothing was mentioned about George and Fred opening a joke shop and Harry being the investor was mentioned (becos' Harry won the tournament so he got the 10000 galleons).

There's a lot more not being mentioned.. and Dumblelore.. I din know that he actually became 'younger' than the other Dumblelore in Prizoner of Azkaban. Ha ha ha..

The whole movie anyway, was a less exciting or mysterious (which my bf commented) than the previous 3. Take note that my bf has never read Harry Potter's books before. He doesn't know who's Harry Potter until I was pestering him to watch it with me 3 years ago. :P

They could have made it into a 3 hour show like Lord of the Ring or Titanic.. not a miserable 2.5 hours.. Did I mention we were watching a full 20 mins commercials from the 1st min we sat down in the cinema?

GV,please take note... DON'T AIR YOUR COMMERCIALS FOR SO LONG, CAN? 10 mins is enough already. I can have a full 20 mins nap in there... and we even try to finish our Nachos in 20 mins just to show that commercials are very long. Ha ha..

I give Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire.. 3.5 out of 5 (in comparison to the first 3 movies).

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Fish & Co @ Park Mall

I admit.. I'm a sua-ku girl..

Long ago, I've known that Fish & Co had opened one of its branches at Park Mall..
Long ago, I've heard that the ambience is superb..
Long ago, I've stepped at the doorstep of this place to book a table (but un-booked it after)..
Long ago, I've seen the crowd waiting for a seat..


Dinner with my 4 other colleagues (or should I say.. jokers) Annie,Maria,Khairuddin (Khai for short) and Andrew.

We went for a course on our PES system (ya.. after 3 mths of using it ever since we started - other than Maria) over at WDA (it's at NTUC Centre, One Marina Boulevard). Ended our course early by 30 mins, thus we decided to have dinner.

Since Khai is a malay, we have to dine at somewhere halal. Racking our brains through, we thought of..
Seoul Garden.. 1st thought.. I'm gonna go home smelling like a walking roasted pig.

Then, Maria suggested Fish & Co at Park Mall. So.. everyone of us agreed. I was hoping that it wont be crowded. Maria said, we are too early for the crowd.

True enough, the whole place is like.. empty... Shiok leh..
We ordered a few stuffs, planning to share among everyone..

I must say, their food standard is absolutely better than some outlets. Their service is great too!! This is how service crew should be like in all restaurants! Once in a while, they will pop by and ask if food is okay, or do we need anything and our waters are filled up everytime without us asking for it!! Great right?

During this while, people came in.. and the whole place is packed!!!

The next thing we know.. the LIVE BAND came in!!!! 2 guys and 1 lady..
I've always like live bands.. especially those that they interacted with the crowd.

We decided to grab some drinks since it was still early.
Maria actually had a drink named after her.. Fishy Maria.. Ha ha ha..

Suddenly thought of dedicating songs.. and we've decided to sabo Andrew.. So we wrote a song dedication, indicating it's for Andrew, and end with a note asking for any interested gals, please go to the bar (we were sitting near there). Damned.. the girl forgotted to read Andrew's name! :(

Ah well... whichever it is, it's still fun.. Great time chatting, laffing, and joking about stupid things.. Annie wasn't a very good drinker though.. less than a few sips, I think she has turned lobster red.. ha ha ha.. in the end I had to finish her drink for her (we ordered passion fruit with vodka).

Planning for Karaoke on this coming Tuesday over at Party World, since it's just our neighbour over at our CDC (not forgetting we get 15% discount). I wonder how many people will be going.. :)

Since my bf is working almost from morning to night everyday (cos' he worked a lot of overtime, so that he can earn as much money as possible).. I had to find some ways to keep myself occupied (either work or chilling out with colleagues/ friends). Bf doesn't mind.. at least he won't feel too guilty for not spending enough time with me, unlike the last time (where we see each other everyday, more than we see our parents.. ha ha ha)
I'm easily contented if I get to see him once a week, and occassional smses or calls (or weird, funny calls) from him. I guessed we treasure our time with each other more.. Quality time together. :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Project Runway

WENDY (the auntie) won~!!

The judges commented on the previous 2 episodes that her designs were either... cloth-less or not 'complete'. So.. Wendy designed this outfit which was conservative yet stylist and the winning design is gonna be sold in all their outlets as well as online stores.Oh.. did I mention that the company is Banana Republic? Apparently this company is as famous as Guess/ Levi's/ Gucci in US.

Starr (the lawyer) got kicked out. I don't like the clothes she designed anyway. Just simply.. UGLY.. Glad she got kicked out.

Austin's design is slowly bringing out his style - Victorian/ European style of design.
I like Nora's and Alexandra's design.. classy~

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Kenna 'volunteered'..

I was.. baffled..

My manager nominated me to be in the committee for organising this year's Year-End Staff Party..

In the email she wrote..
"Hi Shannon,

Pls add some fun to our year end party, help make it a success ok.

Thanks :) "

Arghh... SABO-ED AR~!

Then again.. that means I get a chance to 'officially' sabotage my own colleagues.. *evil laughter*

Present Revealed!

Did I ever tell you guys that my bf can read my mind?

(Maybe my forehead is transparent and thus he can read my mind)

He even guessed what present I bought for him!!!!

Damned.. talking about surprising him.. I was totally surprised by him!
Ah well... I made him guess about the brand of the pen and after he din manage to do so (thank god), I presented to him his present (even though it's not his birthday yet).

Wanna see?
He was totally speechless! Wait till he knows about the price that I've paid (apparently, he guessed it to be around $100+). I think he was hoping that I bought a pair of lover pens instead, but er.. I sheepishly told him.. it was way out of my budget. Ha ha ha..
I let the cat out of the bag by saying that.. The clever him immediately realised that the pen was worth more than $200. Of cos, I had a little 'scolding' from him for spending so much money. But can tell that he was really touched.

Bf doesn't really wanna bring it to work, cos' he worried that he might drop and spoil it. Pen are meant to be used, so.. never mind lar (even though my heart will break in a million pieces)

I may be very stingy.. but when there's a need to spend, I can be very generous (only after I calculate that it's in my advantage.. ha ha.. kidding :P)

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Mission accomplished..

Went out with my buddy, Awyn, to Orchard.

I had to withdraw and deposit money from my POSB to UOB. Cos'... I wanna get UOB points using my debit card to pay (and sadly UOB not much money left lar).

Anyway, I decided to go to Robinson to have a look at the pens. Came up to the Men's section and found a counter selling the pens.

My eyes caught the glimpse of Mont Blanc pens.. Wow~ All look so nice.. but hor, when I see the price tags.. ArGHh.. OVER BUDGET!!
Then I pretend pretend, asked the counter lady if she had Waterman brand of pens. She's very nice, showed me the range of Waterman pens.

Nice leh.. got pens with prices within my budget range somemore.. I told the sales lady that I'm buying as a birthday present for a guy,told her my budget range and she immediately took out the range of pens which is within my requirements. Finally.. after looking here and there.. I've set my eyes on this roller pen which can be changed to ball point, by changing the refillable ink.

Charcoal black looks very common to me, so I chose copper brown. It's a unique colour lor.. Awyn agreed with me too. Then, the very 'auntie' side of me asked the sales lady if she got any free gifts (cos the pen cost a few more dollars above my budget, must make it worthwhile).
She gave me.. not 1.. but 2 free gifts!!!
2 key chains - 1 leather, and 1 steel (with crystals on it)

Got it wrapped up.. and happily made payment.

Mission accomplished..

But here comes the next mission.. HOW TO SURPRISE HIM WITH THE PRESENT????
Basically... I think my bf can read my mind.. and I dunno if I can tahan not telling him that I've got a present for him for his birthday (which is on Saturday).

I'm really hoping I can surprise him..

1) Thought of secretly hide it in the front compartment of the car (what if.... he din open it?)
2) When he's out of the car, placed it on the driver seat and act innocent (Ya.. lame.. LOL)
3) Hide it underneath his driver seat (and risk getting the present stepped by him.. :P )
4) Just give it to him like that.. and say I picked this box from somewhere.. (Duh~)
5) Bake a cake, and give everything together.. (Cake... okay... where's my oven ar?)

How how how??

Monday, November 07, 2005

Pens pens pens..

I need major help!!!!

4 more days to my deadline.. I need help in choosing pens.. no.. not those pilot ballpoint cheapo pens or watever.. I mean.. BRANDED pens.. branded meaning Mont Blanc that kind..

This Mont Blanc is so god-damned expensive!!!! Though I must agree, the design is sooooooo.. classy! *drools*

In order of preference to brand:
1. Mont Blanc
2. Waterman
3. Parker
4. Sheaffer

Here's the challenge.. under budget of.. not more than $250.. no.. i'm not talking about US dollars nor British pounds.. $250 singapore dollars!
That's the highest I can spare out now..
I'm forgo-ing my digital camera to buy this pen.. I know it's quite impossible (just like my digital camera.. ) but... I'm sure it can be done (ya... right.. Arghh..)

Fountain pens are classy, beautiful, but a hassle to use (still hv to pump ink.. )
Roller pens can be messy as well, smudge inks.. yucks..

So.. meaning.. back to the good o'ballpoint pens..

Check this website out.. Asethetic Bay
So many nice pens, but since I'm a self-proclaimed pen-idiot, I don't know if other brands of pens are good.

I need suggestions, comments watever.. Please please help~ (At this point of time, I wish I own a credit card, or earning $3000 every month. Haiz~)

p/s: Meeting my good o' buddy tomolo @ Orchard to search for the impossible. Wish me luck~

Project Runway ep.2

I'm still watching this interesting reality show..

This week's theme is on 'Envy'. Using limited length of white cotton cloth, all contestants must work out an outfit that portrays Envy.

Envy to me.. 1st thing that comes to my mind.. Green, evil yet sexy look(a lot like Austin's idea- Austin's the guy). Maybe I'll use a long long long cloth, dyed green (apple green or dirty, drape around the model; covering all important 'spots' (*lol*), then stitched up some strategic points, This will hopefully make the whole dress look seamless. Of cos,the lower part will have a flowing effect..
Makeup for the model... green with gold theme.. and a sexy glossy pout, with long flowing golden brown wavy hair.

Anyway, Cara won (she's the Afro-amercian girl). She used War as her concept to Envy (envy induces war between countries. ) It was really nice.. and sexy.. The model..erm...probably will keep the guys glued to the TV.

Since the models are important, to a certain extent, how come the producers never think about corporating both America's Top Model together with Project Runway?

See...great idea eh? I can watch 2 great reality shows at the same time. Ha ha ha. ;)

Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire!!!!

17 November 2005!!!!!!!!

Harry Potter!!! This is even more exciting than the book itself!

I just can't wait!
Damned! Bf working night shift that week.. ArgHh! :(


Wait for 19 November then.. :-/

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Sky High

Watched Sky High on Thursday (Yup... Hari Raya Holiday) @ Bugis Parco.

It was a funny movie.. Super heroes' kids going to a school, specially built for them.. to cultivate their 'talents' or'super powers'. Ha ha ha..

So.. this fella was the son of 2 super heroes- Dad's a mighty strong hero, while mum's a flyer. Initially the son didn't have any powers, or rather, he had not developed any yet. Until a fight in school kinda spurred him, and he developed super powers like his dad.

The rest of the story is quite predictable. Boy fell for the belle of the school, neglecting his friends (who arent the popular ones in school), ignorant of his childhood friend who's been secretly in love with him since young and realised everything when something went wrong. Belle of the school was a evil villian shrunk back to a kid by the boy's dad many years ago etc etc.. and THEN.. boy developed another super power- his mum's powers, being a flyer. So now, he's like Superman.. a hero with incredible super strength (virtually indestructable) and able to fly in the speed of light. Ha ha..

Anyway.. i HATE the seats @ Parco Shaw. The seats are damned high (okay.. maybe becos I'm short *dreads*) and they aren't even seated like a slanted slope (dunno how to explain lar, arrangement like GV that kind).

Heng, the one sitting in front of me wasn't any tall guy with a big head cos' probably my view will be totally blocked. The only good thing about Parco Shaw.. is the POPCORN~!! Apparently.. Shaw outlets make great popcorn. Ha ha.. (and they also seem to only hire very senior people to work there. :X )

Ain't going there to see movies anymore... Sucky seats. Hmph!

Friday, November 04, 2005

My Cats!

This 2 are my beloved cats..

My precious babies...

In fact, they are my parents' babies.. Ha ha ha.. Love them or Hate them.. :P

A gift!

I was out having dinner with my bf's parents today, over at Jurong East.

There's this coffeeshop opposite Jurong East Stadium, the food was great. For a 5 persons-meal, it only costs us around $40+.

Anyway, after dinner, we went to look for some cats' veggies. Surprised right? Cats eat greens too! They have this special grass, which are like malt grass especially for cats. It was said to help in removal of furballs. So both of our cats have finished the grass and we thought of looking for the grass at the petshop.

To our disappointment, they sold mainly doggies stuff, and dun sell the grass for cats. However, my bf's mum took a liking for a 2storey high basket. So they bought it. In fact I took a liking for that basket for quite some time already, but the price was quite steep, it's about $80. My cats probably preferred my mum's bed than the basket. Ha ha..

We walked to another pet shop (in front of Chinese Garden MRT station), and same thing, they dun sell the grass too. BUT... the lady boss was very nice, she gave us some cat food samples for FREE!! A total of 6 packets, Solid Gold brand somemore!!
As we are about to go out of the shop, my eye caught this ornament by the shelf.

It was in the shape of a cat, made from this cat's eye gem and some sparkling diamonds. (Of cos not real ones lar). I asked my bf's mum to take a look, cos I know she might like such stuff. Instead of buying it for herself, my bf's mum bought it for me. Hee hee..

This is the brooch that his mum bought and a closeup.. (sorry for the blurry pic, I dun own a digital camera lar.. only a camera phone. :P)

Nice right??

I'm gonna put it on my jacket tomolo at work. Yeah~!!!

Project Runway

Watched Project Runway's debut on Monday..
I kinda like it.. Though the concept is the same as any other reality show, but it's really cool.

For America's Top Model, it's quite interesting to see how ordinary girls transform themselves into beautiful, sexy ladies in front of the set. They have to bare themselves when needed (in front of strangers somemore), get dirty (remember the episode on Britany rolling around in mud?), get tortured (sort of, by this nasty photographer, who tried to act nasty as a challenge to the models) etc..

But... once they see their photos.. WOW~
They look absolutely gorgeous! I was cheering for Naima all the way. She looks really awesome in the pictures. I'm glad she won.

For Project Runway.. some designers... erm... are pretty.. weird.. A few that I remembered, this 'porn-supplier' turned designer, a 'father for marriages' who once had a line of fashion under his name, a lawyer who thinks she can design fashion and gay-ish guy who's more into Victorian-style fashion etc..

I'm rooting for this young graduate from the fashion school. Their 1st challenge was to design an outfit where their models can wear for a party. The materials for the outfit... must be from the local grocery store! This amazing gal used lounge chair material (the plastic-sheet kind) and transform it into a wacky, creative 1-piece tube dress. It was to me... very very eye-catching.

Guess wat, the gay-ish guy won.. his design was made from corn husks.. though he had forgottened that corn husks will wilt if not refridgerated. But he was very creative to use such material.
The lousy piece(s) was 1 that was made from candies (really lousy) and another made from..I dunno what (made by the lawyer).

I'm totally glued to this show. Ha ha :P

Saturday, October 29, 2005

New passport~!

I finally decided to get my new passport..

Moon went to apply for his, around 3 weeks back. Got his passport last week, and since mine was expiring in another 2 months time, I decided to just make mine.

Now they make it so easy to apply, just fill in the details, attached a photo and pay via NETs or Credit/ Debit card. I decided not to use my debit card to pay. Think via NETS better.

Before I got the form, I was asking the counter lady if the photo that I took, roughly around 2 mths back (for PA) was alright. She asked me if that's recent, I just gave her a blur blur look, and replied saying "Yuh..". I looked at my bf, and asked him, "I looked very different ar?" Ha ha ha

Anyway, I received the letter on Wednesday(I applied on Saturday) that I can collect it. I'm gonna set out and collect at around 12.30pm.

I wonder if I get a chance to travel overseas with my new passport..

Friday, October 28, 2005

Slim means beautiful?

I have absolutely no idea what's the craze about..

Everywhere we go, see, hear.. everyone's talking about slimming..

Yesterday I was watching tv happily when the reality show on transforming fat ladies into skinny ladies showed. Then came on advertisements on slimming products, slimming centres..

Does slim mean beautiful?

The ladies I saw on TV, all din put up much makeup, lousy fashion.. all trying to look haggard, ugly and not at all confident.

Whereas sometimes on the streets, I see chubby (or some will unkindly say FAT) ladies with great makeup, great clothings walking on the streets with confidence about themselves. I don't see them as fat and ugly, I see them as Big Beautiful Women.

Give those ladies a makeover- great makeup and great clothings, I bet you.. They will look like a superstar and guys will sure look at them the same way as they look at skinny girls.

Few years back, after healing from a bad breakup, I decided to make a change. Start my life all over again..

I told myself to be confident.. Be more outspoken (that's why now a bit siao siao one).. I guess I used to be quite... shy bah..

Nevertheless... my efforts paid off. See my boyfriend.. fruit of my labour.. (though he probably thinks I'd conned him into becoming my boyfriend. ha ha ha) If not for my 'outspokeness', how to know him, right?

Ha ha ha.. 3 years and counting.. cannot run liao.. ;P

Great discovery!

I was watching the tv earlier on, when I came across Krafts advertisement on kitchen recipes.

So I followed the webby indicated at the bottom of the screen.. (FYI: Krafts Australia)


A totally fun way to make cheesecake the EASY way!!!!

Now I can lay my hands on making the best cheesecake around!! Okay... I'm just bragging.. ha ha ha..

If only.. my mum's willing to spend the $$$ on buying a oven for baking cakes and cookies. (But of cos, she wouldn't mind her dotter paying for it.)

I missed the good old days in secondary school where I can lay my hands on the school oven every week during F&N classes.. *remembering the days*

想当年。。。I was the Top student in Food & Nutrition in Secondary 3 and got a A2 for my F&N O's as well.

Damned... I should have opt to study in SHATEC last time. :P


IE really sux.. particularly for logging into No idea why I couldnt login when I'm in the office, that Sign-in button is totally missing~!

I have no idea why, maybe it's becos it's an office computer? Whichever it is, I just couldn't login.

Whenever I got home, I have practically no mood to use my laptop. Been staring at the pc for the whole day, see some more.. can die leh..

Finally I decided to log-in tonight using my Firefox.

Anyway, nothing much happens for this entire week. I was on course yesterday (wednesday) from 9am to 5pm. By right, I'm supposed to attend another course today, from 4pm to 6pm. BUT due to unforeseen circumstances, my team leader (aka POLAR BEAR) had to ask me to attend it next month with another 4 more colleagues and I was to do my duty over at Ulu Pandan service centre.

It's a peaceful place there. Usually..most of us who were there, will be eating snake. Ha ha ha..
But of cos, it's also a good time where we can clear up our paperwork.

Without noisy colleagues around to chat, life's such a bore over there~!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


I took 1 hour time off today (cos' I went for my brisk walking session with my brisk walkers @ Marsiling Zone 7 last Saturday and we get to claim 1 hour off from our work)

Another stormy day..Just when I got out from office at around 5pm, the sky was dark grey, and lightning were flashing across the sky. It's especially obvious across the big field opp. the MRT station. Loud thunder was heard.. like as though the sky has been cracked open by force. In fact, for a moment, it sounded like the scene in War of the Worlds, where the aliens first arrived to earth by lightning. Bolt after bolt of lightning.. Ear-deafening thunder.. next came the downpour.. Heng I'm already at the mrt platform waiting for the train.

My mum cooked fried bee hoon for dinner. Having dinner at home certainly can save lotsa money.. ha ha ha.. Was chatting with my mum about work, and that I was assigned to Nee Soon East CC for mobile service from next week onwards. No more Bukit Panjang.. heh heh..

Anyway, got feeling for drawing.. Suddenly remembered about the incident I had on Monday.. I had morning counter duty that day, and had quite a few interviews with the walk-in jobseekers. So in the afternoon, I was doing my data entry (new jobseekers' application forms and also their job referrals). Our online database was as usual, super slow.. and login time always expires very fast. I was finishing off the jobseeker's working experience and clicking on the SAVE button.

1 second passed... (as usual.. response is ultra slow..)
2 seconds passed... (I'm a patient person)
3..... 4...... 5...... 6..... 7..... 8.....9....
10 seconds passed.. (all right... testing my patience.. fine.. I can wait.. )
30 seconds passed...
WTF~!!! No response!!!
Great... my data arent saved.. and I wasted my time keying in so many data..


Never mind.. re-login again..
Same thing happened... 2x!!

I mumbled "SHIT this database" while re-logining..
I think I mumbled too loud liao.. even my colleague over at the far end (she's around 6 cubicles away) can hear me.. WAHAHAHA.. my 'SHIT" kinda loud.. *LOL*

The stupid database expired my login again when I was keying in my data.. This time, I was like trying to strangle the monitor when my colleague,Lizah walked passed. Lizah was stunned at what I was trying to do to the PC.. and then she asked me what I was trying to do. I just joked with her saying I'm trying to strangle the damned PES. Lizah laffed her head off.. Ha ha..

And so I drew this comic (click for a larger pic).. Basically, that's wat I think most of my colleague will think of me bah.. :P

Our job section can say.. is the liveliest in the office.. We have.. a Polar Bear aka SAGE (organisation for elderly jobseekers), a Gorilla, a Doggy, Corny Johnny who's Horny aka Bizlink (it's an organisation for the handicapped), a self-proclaimed YanDao Kia (erm.... like i said, self-proclaimed), Farmer & Harvester (for cauliflowers - think dirty), Any-thing-any-how-any-where (aka Annie), etc.. Not forgetting me (heng.. no nicknames yet.. LOL)

With such crazy colleagues, everyday is a funny day.. :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


I've not updated my blog for so long~

Nothing much happened nowadays..
My bf started teaching over at BBDC.. so, that means he's working shift. Which also means... I wont get to meet him so often now. Ahh... I've gotta find things to occupy myself during his absence. :(
This probably will mean more OT.. or shopping alone.. correction.. window-shopping alone. Danger to my wallet.. likelyhood to spend more than usual. *help*

Anyway, I've watched Deuce Bigalow: European Gigalo last night @ Jurong Point. It was hilarious!!
Though some of the jokes were kinda old, but it's really funny. Can you imagine.. Golden Boner award? And got one of the gigalo with a well-endowed(read: long and juicy) *censored*, which was actually.. cucumber. LOL.. :P~
Whatever it is, you guys gotta watch it.. Nice to drive the blues away.. even the most depressed person will start laughing their heads off.. (^-^)

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

NWCDC Employing!!

Anyone of you interested to work as a Customer Service Executive?

You will be working in the frontline, at the counter serving walk-in jobseekers and answer their enquiries or helping them to make appointments to meet the officers.

You must be service-oriented, able to work in a stressful environment, bilingual in English and Mandarin (ability to speak chinese dialects is an advantage), computer-literate and has a passion in social-services.

For Career Consultant, you must be knowledgable in current trends of recruitment, service-oriented, passion to help (social services), able to work in a stressful environment, positive attitude and computer literate.

If anyone's interested, please drop me a mail. :)


I had a total of 16 direct placements and 10+ indirect placements, which was way past the targetted monthly KPI.


Staff Retreat @ Raffles Marina Country Club!

WOAH.. Shiok leh~!

My 1st time going into Raffles Marina Country Club!

1st October, Children's Day... also NWCDC Staff Retreat day~! This retreat is possible with many thanks to Dr Gan (MP for Community Development- i think). He was previously the chairperson of Raffles Marina (i think).

Anyway, I woke up around 6.45am. In fact, I only slept at 1am cos' I was too engrossed in playing my Romance of 3 Kingdom (Q-version) that I've forgottened all about the retreat. So, i was all blur and sleepy. But I managed to pull my fat arse out of my cosy bed, dress up and took a bus to Boon Lay, waiting for our bus to bring us to the country club. Our company is kind enough to get a bus to transport those living in the West area to Raffles Marina, w/o going to Woodlands to take the transport. Raffles Marina, for your info, is located in far end of Tuas, near to the sea.

By 8.45am, we reached the place. OH MY GOD, IT'S A PARADISE!!!!!!

The whole place is SO SERENE!!!!!

You can see the straits of malacca!!! Hmm... was that the straits of Malacca? Aiyah.. dunno lar.. I only know you can see the 2nd link from here. WAHAHAHHAA

So many yatches!!!! Deep blue sea~!!!! Clear blue sky~!!!

We proceed to the function room, and get our seats near to the mini stage. My GM gave a warm welcome to all of us, and next in line to give a welcoming speech was Dr Teo, our mayor. A short intro was given by Dr Gan.

1st half of the morning was mainly on our discussion topics. I was asked to present the presentation slides on the topic of 'How to help mature jobseekers seek employment'. I was shaking my hairs off, having to present in front of so many people.. in front of our GM, Mayor and MP!! Luckily, I managed to present w/o having a heart attack. My colleague was saying i did a pretty good job. Hee~

The most entertaining part of the morning was the short skit, presented by my colleagues in the job team. Since I was already involved with the discussion topic, I was spared from the skit. But I can tell you.. it's the funniest skit I've ever seen!! It was so hilarious!!! Everyone of us was laffing till we had tears in our eyes.. even the Mayor was laffing too!

After a good laff, we had a short training lesson with Ms Jacqeline-Carter Teo, Mrs Singapore 2005. She's a trainer with Knacks Pte Ltd on Customer Service. It's a very informative training session and Ms Jacqeline is so pretty!

By 12pm, we had our lunch. Food was great!

From 12.30pm to 6pm was basically free and easy. We can do whatever we want. Me and my colleagues went to play bowling. Seriously, it was my 1st time to bowl, despite my brother was a player with SP Bowling Team. HA HA HA.. Though I've cleaned the 'longkang' many times (and even accidentally had the ball slipped from my fingers and rolled BACKWARDS!), I managed a strike or 2. Heh heh.. At the end of 3 hours, my arms were tired as hell.. It's worse than playing 4 hours of pool..

So it's karaoke time. Didn't really sing a lot, cos everyone had to q-up to dedicate the songs. So i just sang along to the songs everyone was singing. I did sing with my colleague, Annie - Colours of the Wind. Hmm.. my voice.. pretty impressive.. to a certain extent. WAHAHAHAHA~

6pm.. FOOD TIME! DINNER.. BBQ SEAFOOD BUFFET DINNER~!! We just have to sit down and see the waiters bbq the food for us! I din eat a lot, cos' recently I've gained so much weight!! I dunno what happened to me.. I was guessing maybe I was too stressed over work that I snacked quite a lot w/o realising.

Anyway, so long that I'm healthy, I'm happy with it. Maybe i have to go for more brisk-walking sessions with my RC zones.. HA HA HA..

I luv my work.. :P

Friday, September 23, 2005

No time to blog

Time seemed to be getting shorter and shorter..

I don't seem to have any time for myself.. Recently I've been bringing work back home. Cos
the bloody online system is so much faster when less people are using it.. I don't even need to wait for more than 1 min for the page to be refreshed.

Now that I've cleared much of my work, I've also reduced the number of jobseekers under my care from 370 to 350 (with an increase back to 368) to now.. 354 cases...

To reduce to this number also means I have already hit my KPI (aka target) for this month within 2 weeks of September. In fact now, I'm like just closing for the sake of reducing the number of cases.

Wondering if I can do that again next month. Think shouldn't be a problem bah..

If I can consistently close cases at such rate, getting a good performance bonus is within sight. *lol*

For those of you who dunno... September 17 was my 24th birthday. :P
So those of you who didn't give me a present, you better do that. HA HA HA

Not much celebration since me and my bf are both broke. Ha ha ha ha.. Anyway, I've got a XBOX game from my bf (San Gup Wu Shuang 4) and 1 set of perfume+moisturising gel+scented stones from my new colleagues. As for myself, I bought myself 1 pair of pants, 1 blouse (dunno why so bloody low cut), and lingerie~ *grins* as soon as I got my salary on sunday.

But it was enjoyable.. it's the quality time spent that's more important than the quantity.. Cos' bf nowadays don't have much time to spend with me as he's busy with his driving instructor course.

He's gonna take his exam next friday.. I'm sure he can pass with flying colours. :)
I've been helping him memorising all the text in the handbook.
I can even memorise some details liao.. Check rear view mirror, check left blindspot, check right blindspot, etc etc

Whichever it is..I'm stopping my blog here. Dunno when will I have the time to blog.

Btw, does any1 know where to get ultra cheap digital cameras of decent brands (like olympus, canon, nikon, sony) ?

That's all for now.. Ciaos~

Thursday, September 01, 2005

I'm drop dead tired..

Work's piling up..
Been trying to close cases.. and so far.. I've got around 3 direct placements and 9 indirect placements. But new registered job seekers kept coming in..
Some more this freakin' month, dunno why got so many recruitment exercises and job preparation exercises. So in the end have to call all the jobseekers, prescreen them, then send them to the job fairs.

Moon finally quitted.. cos he's gonna work as a Driving Instructor with BBDC. Cool eh~
I can get free driving lessons liao.. ha ha ha.. but of cos, I have no intentions of getting a driving licence. Driving so bloody stressful.. somemore I'm the type who will sleep once I sit down.. So.. imagine me driving behind the wheel.. and dozing off.. Ha ha ha .. Just think of me as a hazard to the road users...

Anyway, he's currently on course.. 2 months driving instructor course, afterwhich if he pass, he will be engaged as a Driving Instructor. Then he has to go get a Class 2 licence, which is a must. Somehow, he's struggling with the course. He told me that for each procedure, it takes around 15 mins. Today, he was 'teaching' me on how to get into the car.

You all may think getting into the car is just, unlock the freakin' lock, open door, and sit down right? Sorry lor.. it's not!

As far as I can remember, he said, must check the rear signal lamps, check tires, check boot, bonnet, windows, blah blah blah.. and also whether got anything leaking i.e: radiator water, coolant blah blah... then even opening the door also must have some action action.. haiz..

Anyway, I hope he pass the course with flying colours and become a full-pledged driving instructor. Moon was biting his lips and trying hard to pass also.. cos' upon securing the job as an instructor, the income will be better and more stable. Then hopefully by saving up our bonuses (yes.. BBDC's employees' welfare are damned good, lotsa bonuses; mine isnt that bad either), we can tie the knot by next year or the year after next.

I'm sure many will say, just go ROM register, then save up for the dinner lor. But he doesn'tlike that idea. He was hoping to settle the ROM and the dinner within 1 month gap. He was kinda determined to earn more, so that we can finally settle down with a average yet decent wedding. Look at it this way, we've been together for almost 3 years this coming September and getting married is being delayed, cos' neither 1 of us holds a job that pays well and stable. Rather to rush into things, he feels that it's better for us to take things one at a time. Our relationship is already stablised, the only thing to settle.. is the finance part (after marriage). What if.. we have a kid? At least with some savings and stable income, we can raise our children without worrying much.

Well, I'm pretty much contented with just registering at ROM. Though.. i dont mind if the wedding proposal is done in a fairly romantic and unexpected manner.. ha ha ha ha :P

Tomorrow gotta attend a 1-day seminar.. *yawns*

Time to sleepz.....

Monday, August 15, 2005

Nice to see comments

Thanks for all your comments everyone.. Really glad that you guys are reading my blog (which initially I dun think anyone who wanna read it.) :P

Anyway, just a quick reply to the comments..

To Tiff, yes... I do have sales target (sadly). But the great thing is.. it's according to the number of jobseekers who have found a job. Explanation as follows: Sales target(in recruitment industry).. is known as K.P.I where I work.. think it's Key Performance Indicator. It's some word used when u are doing HRM..( i think so lar.. whoever knows, please enlighten me.)

Our KPI is 8 direct/ indirect placements per month. Placements referring to the number of jobseekers who found a job, through us (direct) or by their own means (indirect).

So basically, if everyday I do my work properly and do my 'housekeeping', 8 per month isnt any problem. The more j/s found a job (under my cases), the better (to my performance bonus) *lol*

To Tiramisu, keep your stress bug under control. Sounds like you are quite stressed, which results in your poor health. Dont forget to avoid chicken and oranges as they induce coughing.

Swallow more Vitamin C.. keeps the flu bug away.

A healthy man works better and thinks clearer (which indirectly affect the safety of the plane's passengers) :P

Dunno if it's effective, but a good way to remember the procedure (SOP), is to role-play the scenerio out. Say out loudly what's the procedure and act it out as if there's a control panel in front of you. Go through the whole procedure many times, and during exam time, just take it as though you are role-playing. I used to do that when I'm preparing for my Food & Nurition practical exam during O's. *LOL*

Cant really be of any help to help find you guys work.. since the positions which are available are mostly production operators, cleaners, general workers etc. U cant be interested in those, right?
But I can let you know when there's vacancy for Career Consultants. :P

I hope everyone else is doing well at work. It's really sad that I cant logon to my MSN nowadays. The work itself is keeping my mind off MSN for the time being. I doubt if I got the time.

Last Friday I did my 1st Recruitment Exercise (under NTUC). All of us didn't expect the response is so good! Almost 150 people came (we estimated around 60-80) and because the conference room could only hold roughly 80 people (sitting down) and another 30-40 for standing, we have to filter off those walk-in jobseekers and allow only those with invitation by CDCs or WDA. Of cos, this angered quite a few jobseekers. But we managed to calm them down and advised them to register as our NWCDC jobseeker if they live in our GRCs. At least in future if there are any similar RE, they will be given priority.

It's Sunday already.. and tomorrow is back to work again. I'm going to do my medical checkup at CCK's Raffles Medical Group clinic on Tuesday (which is compulsory). I hate medical checkup.. cos I have to see how much I weigh.. and how short I am.. *LOL*
Hopefully my checkup will pass..

Anyway, for the past 2 days, I've been on a strict diet. Only food in soups (laksas, mee rebus, mee siam, lor mee are a big NO-NO) and porridge are allowed. No tit-bits or what-so-ever..
I dun think I wanna hear that I have high-blood pressure, high cholestrol etc from the doc's mouth. I'm pretty numb to hearing that I'm overweight, obese etc etc.. Doctors like to make a mountain out of a molehill (hope that's how it's used). For the past 24 years, I've been very healthy, after numerous checkups done in schools. Not very often you get to hear those words from the doctor when you are overweight (in their eyes).

Whichever it is, I do hope to shed off some weight. Not because of vanity (whoever dare to say a word about me ought to slim down, I'm gonna tear your f**king mouth apart and tie your sllimy tongue into a dead knot), but because my right knee is really hurting nowadays. It's an old injury which I got when playing a netball match against some other girls. Kenna banged by a girl who's larger and taller than me while jumping up and fighting for the freakin' ball. I guess maybe if some weight is lost, the pain will be gone as well. This is also one of the main reasons why I dun like jogging or exercising as it stresses my right knee.

Perhaps shedding just some weight off is also the 1st step to wedding preparation. No ding dong bells as yet.. but I dun wanna be like my cousins who frantically went on crash diet at the last 4 weeks in order to fit into their wedding gowns. Think it's better to prepare beforehand. *LOL*

Wish me luck.. dunno how long I can tahan this torturing diet.. Ha ha ha..
I miss my Nasi Lemak~! :P

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Home-made Spagetti Tomato (base) Sauce

Suddenly thought of writing down the recipe for my very own home-made tomato spagetti sauce.

1/2 (half)KG of ripe tomatoes- Chopped (which is probably approx. 7-8 of them)
1 can of tomato puree (just get the small one)
Tomato sauce - optional
Light Soy Sauce
Garlic- Chopped finely (Depends on how much garlic you like)
Onion - Chopped finely (Also depends on how much onion you like)
Fresh Chillies - Chopped finely (same as above)
Olive oil

1) Chop up all the veggies. For those who like a 'crunchier' texture, you need not chop the tomatoes until too finely.
2) Prepare a pot, pour some olive oil. Under medium heat, sautee the onions till it's a slight transparent then add in the garlic. Remember to watch the fire.
3) Add in the tomatoes and sautee. Tomatoes will give out its juices when it's cooked, so after 10 to 20 mins, you will probably see lotsa tomato juice covering the tomatoes. When that happened, let the tomatoes simmer*.
*Simmer means letting the fluid/ sauce cook below boiling point. You will see bubbles forming, but not ferociously.
4) Add in the tomato puree. This will give your sauce a nice red colour. Your sauce at this time will taste quite sourish. Therefore, add in some sugar and salt to neutralise the sourness. A little bit of light soy sauce to bring out the taste. Tomato sauce is to add in that teeny-weeny bit of tomato flavour, it's usually optional.
5) Let your sauce simmer for a short while.
6) When almost ready, add in your finely chopped fresh chillies to give a dash of spiciness. If you add in with the tomatoes, be prepared for a spicy hot sauce!
7) Your spagetti tomato base sauce is ready to be used.

- It's always a good idea to add in marinated minced pork/ beef for the authentanic spagetti sauce taste. Marinate the minced meat with light soy sauce, a dash of sesame oil, corn flour, pepper and a dash of chinese wine.

Tips: Get those ripe ripe tomatoes to reduce the time needed to soften/ cook them. You can also add in chopped celery for the extra greenry in your sauce.*lol*

Back to Blogging

Cool... Havent been blogging for almost 1 week!

Any fans miss me? Hee hee.. Shucks.. I got no fans.. I forgot..

Anyway.. It's been a great week.. I got to rest thoroughly for around 4-6 days before starting my new job on Monday, 8th August.

Let's talk about what I did during my 'resting' period.
I got to play intensively.. without bothering about having to wake up early to work the next day.. I got to play a lot more pool and get back my touch with it.. I probably put on much more weight since I was out having late dinners and suppers with my pals and my bf.. Not forgetting spending a little bit more $$ on shopping.. particularly makeup.. No idea what makes me so vain all of a sudden.. I did also buy a new pair of working pants from Dorothy Perkins when they are having their sale. Imagine from $59 and slash until $39, a cool $20 discount~ :P
Couldnt get any working blouses, they look too funky, baring.. and erm.. expensive.. Usually the clothes that I like dun have my size, and even when they have my size (that fits nicely on the shoulders and arms), the chest will be particularly tight.. WAHAHAHA.. So.. most of the time, I have to buy a size bigger, and ended up looking like a dwarf. I dun really know if it's a blessing or a curse. :P

Anyway, I finally signed my Appointment Letter last Friday at People Association. In case, you guys dunno where PA is, it's between Kallang MRT Station and National Stadium.
The HR lady told me that it's a 5 day work week, but no dress down on Fridays. Everyday office wear, cos we have to meet candidates everyday, new walk-ins or via appointments.
Back at TSC, we used to call the employers, our clients, but at NWCDC, it's the jobseekers whom we are calling 'Clients'.

So my 1st day at work.. I was super early. Left my house at 7.25am, took bus to Lakeside and transfer MRT to Woodlands. By 8.05am, I have reached Woodlands. I'm supposed to start work at 8.30am. No idea how to spend that 20mins.. I walked around aimlessly.. then settled down outside the reception area, where my manager finally came and opened the glass door. (Everywhere with a door, requires a security pass to open)
At the meeting room, I was surprised to meet 2 other new colleagues, Annie and Andrew. Nice people.. Annie is in her 30s, previously working as a part-time Prudential Advisor and a qualified Hypnotheraphist, Andrew also in his 30s, previously working in a stat-board.. every guy's favourite... The Censorship Board as a CSO. WOW~ *lol*

On the overall, NWCDC really got lotsa colleagues, both young, old, and with lotsa different races. Considering ourselves to be lucky, we 3 got to join in the senior colleagues in a training seminar with the UK Recruitment/ HR professionals from WorkingLinks. Some of our colleagues went to a 1-week course with them(in sg along with other CDC's colleagues). The 2 ang mohs.. really humorous.. I really like British accent.. it has a kind of a sophisicated feeling to it. So listening to them talking away wasnt that tedious (maybe also becos we are under British colony back then). We have some hands-on session on doing action-planning as well.

Today..well... main focus.. is to learn to use the online system called PESS. It's like an online database with all the jobseekers' information. If only TSC has this kind of database.. My 2 mentors, Belinda and Julieyana, are 2 really nice ladies and very patient. They even let me do a few cases, keying in the data into PESS, updating the records. I even got to call up some jobseekers to inform them about the upcoming Recruitment Exercise held by NTUC and see if they are keen to participate. Julieyana said that if any of them participate and found a job there, it will be under my direct placement target (aka my sales). See.. she's so nice..

I guess tomorrow I'll be probably be continuing my training on the PESS, and perhaps something new like doing counter duties etc. Anyway, I've bought a new jacket to wear whenever I'm on duty (aka doing interviewing in the interview room) or doing counter duties. All these are entirely new from TSC.. a good experience.. a good beginning...

I hope I can excel in NWCDC.. then can look forward to many months of performance bonuses~ *LOL*

p/s: If anyone is wondering why I wasnt online in MSN so often.. that's becos I havent got the time to go MSN, especially at work. I cant really install MSN in my pc, so I can only go webMSN. However, it will probably take some time before I'm back on MSN. Really wanna concentrate on my work first.. If you guys really miss me, just check out my blog or email to me lor.. those of you who got my mobile, keep your smses coming in~ Hee hee...

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Simple recipes..

Hey.. suddenly it strucks me..
I can write a few recipes here.. and u peeps can try it out.
Usually the recipes are the ones which I've tried and tested.. and most definately simplified (not all recipes). Some of them are came up by me, after trying out some foods which I've ate in restaurants and I've simplified them to make it easy to cook at home.

Last Sunday, Moon(my bf) and I went to Orchard. After walking through Centerpoint, Specialist's Shopping Center, we went to PS. After so much walking, we settled down at Secret Recipes for dinner. They are selling all kinds of cakes and the sight of them makes me drool.

Moon ordered Tom Yam Spagetti while I ordered Chicken Dunno-simi-wa-ko.. It's basically Chicken with Ham and Cheese.
The spagetti tasted quite alright, not spicy at all, but full of lemon grass smell.
Mine was quite good, everytime u sliced your knife in, you see the cheese oozing out. It really tasted good. So I decided to come up with my own simplified version.

I shall call it.. Cheesy Hammy Chicky *lol*

Ingredients (serves 2):
2 pcs of Chicken nehneh breast meat (sliced open to form like chicken chop)
2 slices of Ham (shoulder ham, smoked ham, whichever u like)
1/2 cup of Mozeralla cheese (or Parmasean if you are rich)
Toothpicks/ Strings (not those sewing or raffia hor.. take those white colour ones used when you were in Scouts/ Guides for knotting)
Some plain flour

Marinade for chicken:
2 tablespoons of light soy sauce (tablespoon is the spoon u used for eating)
White pepper
Black pepper (preferably coarse)
1 teaspoon of Sesame oil
1 teaspoon of corn flour
1 tablespoon of Hua Tiao Jiu (花雕酒)

1. Marinade the chicken meat. Leave it for at least 30 mins to 1 hour beforehand.
2. Once marinaded, take 1 slice of the chicken breast meat, put 1 slice of the ham on the chicken, then sprinkled the mozeralla cheese on the ham.
3. Roll or fold it like you would to make popiah.
4. Using toothpicks/ string, secure the meat.
5. Sprinkle some plain flour on the meat. This will make the meat more crispy on the outside.
6. Heat up oil in wok, enough to cover at least half of the meat.
7. Fry the meat, lower the heat when necessary, and cook till golden brown or when meat is cooked.
8. Drain with kitchen towels to remove any excess oil.
9. Take out the toothpicks/strings. (you dont want to kill your friends/ family)
10. Cut into slices and serve while hot.

Have fun and surprised your loved ones with your cooking skills!

I resigned...

Some new happenings this week..

I tendered my resignation on Monday..Yes.. i RESIGNED..
Why? cos' I'm offered by Northeast CDC as a Career Consultant. Basically it's the same job as what I've been working as, just that this time round, the scope is of a wider range.

I'll be helping the residents, particularly those from lower-education range, to look for jobs. In Singapore, no matter wat, education is very important. Somehow it will affect your future.
Other than recruitment, I'll most likely be involved in Job Fairs, Career Fairs, etc and also organising events etc. Was informed that I have to do lotsa face-to-face interviews with the peeps.. Dont expect nice uncles and aunties everytime lor.. cos' I doubt anyone will be putting up a smiling face if they are retrenched and out of job for a long period of time. THink I better armed myself with helmets and tissues, in case they come hammering me.. or even crying in front of me, telling me their family's sad stories.. Zzz.. :P

Whatever it is, it's a challenge issued to me.. A new job.. A new beginning..

Kinda missed my ex-colleagues.. I wondered how's everyone's doing..

I still get calls from my candidates and some other people.. and of all peeps.. Mr Mantis.. He was definately shocked when I told him I no longer working in TSC. He had called me to check up on whether I've followed up on his candidates' interviews. Fu*k lor.. who the fu*k he thinks he is..

He's the next most irritating guy after Char*es left. Asked stupid questions, and wears sunglasses thinking that he's all cool, carrying his PDA around probably thinking that he's some professional or something. Disgusting lor.. He looks like a Praying Mantis when he wears his sunglasses.

Fateboy came up with an idea for me to draw a series of comics based on him.. Some good examples:
1. Lord of the Mantis - Fellowship of the Mantis
2. Lord of the Mantis - The Two Mantis
3. Lord of the Manits - Return of the Mantis

Some of which I came up with..:
1. The Mantis Revolution/ Revelation
2. The Mantis Jones's Diary
3. Mantis Potter & The Philospher's Stone

Come to think of it.. why should I give him the credit of being the male lead of my comics?
Nah.. I rather not.. make him 'famous' only.. ha ha ha

Whichever it is.. I drew some today... Of cos maybe it might not reflect correctly on how i think of some people, but hey.. they are just comics lor..

So if you guys got any comments, please please... put some comments about it.
(I still used MS Paint for the time being, being the lazy me.. ha ha ha ha)


Saturday, July 30, 2005

Theme for doodles needed...

I need to come up with a theme for my doodles..
I cant exactly doodle w/o a theme.. There must be something that can spur my imagination like.. something corny/ lame that someone did, or a decription that 1 would think of him/herself (i.e: I probably admit I'm filled with dirty evil thoughts in my head, WAHAHAHA~)
Which is also why I will just doodle out during MSN cos of the jokes we had.. *lol*

Last night (after splitting with my $150 which I had saved up ever since my 1st Wacom Graphire ceased operations) , I drew of something which I probably had already drew during office free time..

Someone.. probably in his younger years.. (ya lar.. I bought a new one.. after 2 years.. @ $139)

See if any1 can guess who that can be..
*seriously.. it meant no offence, just that somehow that's wat I observed lar..*
Hope it's not too blur.. I doodled it on my MS Paint, though I should really do it on my Adobe Photoshop (I did a 'portrait' of myself, and.. that kinda din look like me.. at all)
The lines shd be more defined after saving in Jpeg if it's done on Photoshop, even after minimising the size when I place it here cos' I dun wanna jammed up all your bandwidth.

I doubt I got any 'fans' at the moment, but if any1 got any comments or criticisms, do leave a comment. Ha ha ha..

Friday, July 29, 2005

Comics doodling..

I know I have a flair for doodling (I dont usually call it drawing since I only 'draw' when I have that inspiration coming in.. )
I'm sure everyone know that MSN now enable the user to 'draw' and send to their friends when MSN-ing..
Practically I've been doing that, doodling whenever me and my friends are discussing some stuffs, and being the 'comical/ lame' me.. I just doodled (using mouse hor) .
Check this out..
When I was talking to my ex-secondary school-ECA-mate, WC, she was asking me to draw whatever that comes into my mind about her. Since I havent seen her ever since we left CSS, i just basically dug into my imagination and drew.

This was drawn when I remembered about her incident with The Worm she wrote in her blog. *laffs*

This is about her, having a nasty temper.. Guess she didn't change much afterall. She was that little Chilli Padi. *LOL*

My other friends have asked me to just put up my doodles, and seriously, I would be.. since drawing on paper sometimes isn't as fun as doodling on your own PC. Hopefully, my laptop can 'tahan' that kinda work load. Hey.. anyone wanna find out for me how much does that Wacom Intuos/ Graphire will cost?

I better start to familerise myself with this blogspot.. Damnedz..

Counting down..

Thursday liao.. 28th liao.. waiting for pay day..
My sales are pathetic for this month..
I've lost all mood to continue working here..
Somehow I'm eagering waiting to start a new life..
Life here.. simply.. SUX..

Saturday, June 04, 2005

1st Complaint..

Wat am I doing here?

No idea.. every1 was tokking about their blogging.. i had mine.. hosted at Xanga..
Then again.. i can't really put up pix.. sucks lor.. so.. decided 2 get another blogsite instead..

So here I am.. complaining about my pathetic life.. it definately aint as interesting as the famous blogger, Xia Xue. *lol*

This's just gonna be my 1st post.. so subsequent posts.. will come when I feel like updating it.
I reckon I will have any loyal fans.. ;)