Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I'm a lazy pig..

Ya.. Haven't been updating..

Cos.. I'm very busy.. trying to run my sims' lives..
YUP!! Recently I bought Sims 2 Deluxe (which is the original Sims 2 and Nightlife) and I've been playing it almost every night.

I'm a Sims-fanatic!

It's really like playing God over your Sims which either you've created or pre-created by the game. Running their lives as if your own but making it even more perfect..

Now.. my hands are itchy.. hoping to buy more extensions..

Lao ban niang just flew to US for conference/ study trip. I was made the covering centre manager during her absence. It's the auditing period as well.. so.. I'm given the task of answering auditors' questions.. As everyone know, I'm a finance-idiot..

Ask me why this amount like that, that amount why no tally, why this, why that.. Haiyo.. How i know?!! I din do the reports and stats what!! Anyway, lao ban niang already told me, just tell them that she will get back to them when she's back.

Before she left, she asked me if I wanted to get anything from US. I dunno what to buy.. though i tot of asking her to tabao Dunkin' Donuts.. LOL!

Whatever it is, I told her that I will email her once I know of anything..

Then just yesterday, lao ban niang sms-ed me.. and told me she's at Bobbi Brown and asked me if i wanna get anything.. yes.. She's also a Bobbi Brown fan liao.
I guess everyone can guess what I will do next..

Open Bobbi Brown webby.. and saw their latest eye shadow palette.. Stonewashed Nudes.. and immediately got her to buy including 1 other eyeshadow which is not available in sg. My statistician also got herself a 2-way cake after trying out mine.

On the same night... my Surf N Sand palette came as well! Finally released in Sg!!! So happy!! My Makeup artist called me to pick up and when I went down to Isetan Scotts, he told me I was their 1st customer to get it. WAHAHAHAHA..
The colours are amazing!! So different from Bobbi's all other colours..
Definately worth my wait!!

Brought it to work today, cos statistician wanna see. I dabbed on 1 colour on her eyes since she already had her eyeshadow. Immediately, she can see the difference in her eyes. So much brighter! Tried on Queen and HR Director as well.. all 3 of them loved the colours..
Statistician requested that I bring my gel eyeliner and the palette so that I can do a eyes-makeover for her tmr. She likes the eyeliner that I used after seeing me using it everyday. Told her that she doesn't need to draw such a thick line like mine, cos, she got double eyelids and her eyes are big. Not like mine, small and single lids. LOL.. Must draw thicker so that it will show. :P

So.. tmr i'm gonna be a freelance makeup artist, just for the day..
This hobby.. is definately.. a expensive hobby.. :P
But like what my makeup artist said, he loves to see women smile after he helped them to put on suitable makeup and how it bring out their features. I like how my colleagues glee in joy when they see a difference in their looks. :)

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