Wednesday, August 01, 2007


If showing concern is being described as 'kaypoh';

If giving my sincere suggestions is being described as 'busybody';

Should I dun bother to waste my time and effort to care for someone whom I consider as a friend, despite knowing this person for a short period of time?

Should I go against myself since I'm not a person who can 'dun care' about someone which i consider as a friend?

The person mentioned in this person's blog may not be pointing to me.. but it seemed to be pointing at me somehow.. like the arrow pointing north in a compass..


First time in my life.. I'm being described as being a hypocrite.. I wonder what would I get out from showing my concern?

I felt betrayed... and speechless..

Ain't going to blog any time soon.. heart pain.. Think I better showered all my love, care and concern instead for my bf who's so stressed over his work and projects and also to my family, perhaps a small amount to my close true friends who truly understand me.

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