Monday, June 04, 2007


Kenna sabo-ed by Weijing through her blog.

I heard about Tag.. but never did I expect kenna tagged by my own friends..

Anyway.. for the sake of FUN.. I shall reveal.. the 10 facts about me..

1) I used to be very..very... tomboyish during school days.. Never wear skirts, other than my own school skirt and Girl Guide uniform. Always in t-shirt and jeans.. Even tot being tomboyish will help me 'gain' popularity with the boys.. DUH~ Felt so stupid now.. (-.-)

2) Wore this stupid-looking super big glasses during primary school. Prescribed by the optician located downstairs of my old block at Jurong West St 41 Blk 456. He said.. it was the most popular one then.. POPULAR MY F**KING HEAD!!! My NRIC is still bearing this stupid looking dork picture.. I shall reveal this ugly-looking alien to everyone..

Now.. I feel like digging my eyes out.. and YOURS TOO!!!

3) I guess I was much of an introvert before Secondary 2.. and a scarycat.. Scared of ordering food from hawker stalls, scared of going out without my parents, scared of getting called by my bro's teacher during primary school becos' it's usually due to his poor studies or mischief. Slowly became more outgoing after I joined Girl Guides later in Sec 1 (becos' one of my classmates pulled me in) and I said my first 'Grace' during our leadership camp at Camp Christine. yes.. i said 'GRACE' only, cos' I wasn't a Christian and no idea what 'grace' means.. so just say Grace lor..

4) My home once got its electricity and water supply cut off because my dad was out of a job and my mum wasn't working so we had no money to pay the bills. Luckily my family were close-knitted and helped us tide through that difficult time. I was only primary 4 then and preparing for my streaming exams. Since then, I swore silently that I will never let my family fall into that state again. Must work and earn big bucks and let my parents have a good life. That also helped me understand how some families struggled through such times during my course of work.

5) I was a comics freak.. started collecting DragonBall comics since young.. and now.. I have their full series.. as well as SailorMoon. Even collected A-Club magazines.. Think I spent almost more than 1k there..

6) I tried acted as an ah-lian once.. during sec 4... Ok.. a FAT ah-lian.. LOL~
Anyway.. I gave up acting as one.. cos' more or less, I'm already like one lor.. talk chor-lor, walk chor-lor,.. open mouth, close mouth all KNN, CB lar.. Tsk tsk.. BAD BAD BAD.. But still a student which teachers adore.. *evil laff* I was even a pet student of my Home Econs teacher (took Home Econs and F&N for my O levels)...

7) After Sec 4, engaged in IRC-ing.. and... a 'well-known' irc-er back then, using LemonTea as my nick where all others called me LT instead. Got lotsa god-brothers and god-sisters.. In fact my 1st boyfriend was from IRC.. and steady for 2.5 years. :P Sadly.. things din work out well.. I even heard he's already married now.. Congrats congrats..

8) I enjoyed my Poly days very much.. my most memorable part of my life.. with the company of my 5 other good friends, Qiuyun, Gary, Jianhao, Jason and the long-lost Bee Har. We were the gang of SPAC2GO.. Had so much fun also.. Even now.. our outings still drowned in lotsa laughter and fun.. SP is also where I got to know my buddy, Siti Awiyah or Awyn or 'Wyn' in short.. 8 hours everyday stuck together doing video editing during our final year project .. you are bound to just stick to one another.. We are buddies since then.. till now.. and will always be..

9) I LURVE going to WATSONS!! I can spent an hour or so there.. browsing through their stuffs.. especially health and beauty products.. Constantly looking for miracle products to make my pimples and scars disappear in a night or make me slim in just 1 dosage.. :P
I hate going into clothings stores which salesgirls like to use their eyes to mock at you for not being able to fit into their XL clothings. I will always curse them silently.. either shop will close down or the salesgirls will just grow fat and ugly for every chubby girl they mocked.
I will tend to frequent a shop/ salesperson if I find them very professional and friendly. That's the reason why I will keep on going back to my 2 makeup artists (Charles and Jerlyn) at Bobbi Brown. Not only the products speak for themselves, but the MA are professionals who will not judge you by your complexion.

10) Lastly.. I have a wish that I will get married by 25 and have kids by 27. Cos' I wanna be as young as possible when my kids are ready for the working world. Then I can go travel around the world with my husband. Then of cos.. it's a dream. LOL~

So there... 10 fun facts about me..
Mock if you dare.. WAHAHAHAHA~

Next on list to Sabo..
1) Raymond aka Tiramisuboy
2) Shu Juan
3) My bro - Patrick
4) Shermaine aka my bro's gf
5) Siti.. aka Wyn.. (pronounced as Wee)
6) Sock Mun (if she writes a blog.. LOL)

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Hahahahahah! Sorry to disappoint you but Naaaahhhhh... I dun write blog! Waahhahaha. xP