Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Long weekend~!

Took leave on last Friday and Monday.. initially thinking of going to Malaysia or somewhere with bf.. but... due to last min changes, we decided not to. Actually.. mainly because.. my stupid menses came. How to enjoy a holiday when you are having irritating menses!!

Even trip to Sentosa was cancelled, after we planned out where we wanna visit. Basically.. NOT MUCH PLACES THAT WE ARE INITERESTED.. so.. CANCELLED.. SIGH~

What did I do?

Simple.. we went strolling around everywhere.. Friday night.. to Vivo.. and to Orchard since.. some of the shopping centres were opened till midnight. I withheld my urge to shop since I've spent a hefty amount within these 2 months.. WAHAHAHAHA~

I'm proud of myself..

Then both of us started our RAINBOW SIX: LAS VEGAS mission again.. We completed the normal co-op mode with unlimited respawns.. so now.. we started our REALISTIC co-op mode with NO respawns.. meaning.. more intelligent enemies who can kill us with 1 shot even if they are 1km away.. ha ha ha

Ok.. too ambitious...
We ( I admit,... it's me only) died rather fast.. so... we decided to put it as 3 lives (respawns) only... then.. after being defeated numerous rounds.. we changed to unlimited respawns again. BUT.. it's still NOT EASY hor..

1 day 1 nite of rainbow six.. I think I suffered from post-rainbow six syndrome..

"Breach and Clear"
"Go silence"
"Go loud"
"I think I hear something.."
"Come out, come out wherever you are..."
"I can see you.."
"Come out, you bitches!"

If anyone play Rainbow Six: Las Vegas.. you will know what I mean.. LOL

Sunday morning.. I received a call from a rare guest..

I was like.. wondering why so good, call me.. actually hor.. someone made a mistake so need my help.. Bo bian.. since I was the 'connector' for those 2, I better help. Ha ha ha..

I guess, mr rare guest managed to rectify the problem..

These 2.. really owed me a treat.. no.. 2 treats liao.. When these 2 pumpkins gonna treat me ar?

Anyway.. I certainly have a damned good time relaxing during this long weekend, bf also..

So we decided to have such long weekends every 6 months or so..

Battery recharged also full liao.. tomorrow.. it's back to work.. er... I mean on course.. 3 days course at Suntec, IBMEC.. YEAH~!!!

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