Saturday, October 20, 2007

Precious.. and ... Forever...

This was what the pastor said to Jason (my poly buddy) and his wife, earlier this evening at their solemisation.

Marriage is precious.. and it's forever..
So.... inspiring.. HA HA HA.. can't wait to hear what my solemiser will say to us..

" I announce you.. husband and wife.. Sign liao can go... "
Ok.. me = lame..

They had their wedding at the Gallery Hotel.. where the hotel's swimming pool walls are actually glass.. which means, TRANSPARENT! WAH~~~~~

But.. too late liao, no swimmers..

We the gang of 5 from SPAC2GO.. finally witnessed our big brother (Jason's the oldest) end his bachelor life.
Next in line... should be our 2nd brother, Jianhao.. but hor.. he hasn't made his move.
3rd brother, Gary... no targets yet.. so... left me.. the 4th sister.. who's about to sign away my singlehood in another 2+ months time.
5th sister, Qiuyun.. who knows may be the 3rd? :P
Counting the years.. we have known one another for almost 10 years (ever since poly year 1)..
Me and Siti.. for almost 8 years.. (we became buddies from year 3 onwards..)
I think.. the longest running.. most likely.. is Liming aka Michelle.. from Sec 1.. as well as Weijing aka Tiff..

This reminded me.. TIME FLIES LIKE A ROCKET!!!

So fast.. :(
Ah well.. better do what I want now.. before time is wasted.. (which anyway, I started going for exercise classes, hopefully to lose the fats, tone up, get healthier and maybe can grow prettier also *LOL*, then made new changes to my hair - 1st time in my life, I permed it.. and even change my style of dressing... well.. that maybe hv to depend on my hubby, he's the stylist.)

Whichever it is.... it's all for the better..
If I become more confident about myself.. Naturally.. I will become more beautiful.. i think. :P

Gary started cam-whoring at the wedding earlier.. and that inspired me.. to do the same when I got home..

Ok... enough of acting cute... EVERYONE PUKING LIAO!!!
Are my eyes looking bigger? I took pains to makeup my eyes so that they look bigger, becos' they are so small.. I tried using the method of drawing my eyeliner according to Kevin 老师in女人我最大 and adding some white eyeshadow/ liner to my lower lashline. Wearing this big eye lens (I bought this Maxi Eyes by Spectroflex from USA).. Probably the last thing which I should learn.. is to wear faux lashes.. ok.. enough of makeup.. *bf must be shaking head by now.. *
Anyway, my eye bags are showing.. I havent been sleeping well... Always not enough sleep..
Must get rid of eye bags..
I can't wait for my hair to grow longer.. long sexy curls at the end.. to create my ultimate sexy look for the ROM.. provided if I can slim enough.. :P
Hmm... feel like having prata tmr morning.. :X
COUPLE OF TURI BEACH RESORT SWIMMING POOL PIX!(sorry.. no bikini babes/ speedo trunks hunks)

That's all folks!!!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Back from Turi.. again..

I juz came back from Turi Beach.. again...

Guess I know why bf;s cuz loves going there.. it's so relaxing.. away from the hustle and noise from the city.. just laze around, have a dip into the pool (or the sea, if you are daring enough...), go to their town and shop till you drop cos, you bascially live like a king there (yes.. cos.. it's so CHEAP!!!). The best thing is... AWAY FROM WORK!!!

Yes.. away from work.. there are many times where i just get so frustrated from work, so many things to do, and I juz dunno where to start. Sometimes, I even forgot what to do..

Bf's work is even more stressful from mine. Calls, calls and more calls.. From his technicians to his customers to his manager.. He juz finished his 2 weeks reservist and off we packed and go to Turi. He needs his precious sleep, which he din manage to get much so far.

Anyway, on our first day, after unpacking our stuff, we went for lunch at the local seafood restaurant, called Amazon, that's juz beside the ferry terminal. They serve their freshest catch to their customers. How fresh? Well... their seafood are mostly caught by some of their staff and then kept in their pond for customers to choose. It's cheap too!

Afterwhich, we head on to Batam Center. Aim: To buy our hair care products that's 6 times cheaper than in Singapore and... bf's cuz bought 6 Loreal White Perfect Zoom In Spot Corrector (so something like that?) that's half the price than Singapore (the cuz's sister sweared by its effectiveness, dunno how true is that?). Anyway, because it's Hari raya, a lot of shops are closed. We din really get to walk around much though.. So.. we quickly grabbed 2 dozen of donuts, A&W's Root Beer Float and head on back to our hotel.

Rested a while before going to have our dinner.. Soup Butuk (think it's cow/bull/ox tail soup?) though... one of cuz's fren said butuk means BUTT..
Aiyoh... din know the buttock soup is so nice... LOL

Afterwhich, we watched cable Tv till 1am and slept like pigs till next day..

Morning, we went for our buffet breakfast.. and then a dip in the pool.

I learned swimming when I was 10.. but I din swim since 12. So.. after 14 years... I forgot how to 'swim' liao. Previously I tried. and FAILED.. now.. I tried again.. and FAILED again.. So.. in the end, i grabbed a float... and... VOILA! I SWAM!!!!
Ok.. i just nid to grab the float while I 'swim' to keep me upper body above water.. and I can start 'swimming'. Ok.. LOUSY.. I know.. LOL
I even went into the 'hole' and swam using breaststroke. WAHAHAHAHHAA...

I think.. me upper body too heavy liao.. that's why i kept sinking.. WAHAHAHAHAHA..

Even though we had fun.. sinking.. jumping in water.. waddling.. I think I got sunburn.. my arms and shoulders (tan also not even.. stupid SUN), my back... and lower neck area.. my back really look like it's BURNT.. now my body.. can see SUPER clearly.. the shape of my swimsuit. No wonder... girls preferred to wear bikini to sun tan.. sigh..

Since I wont be swimming in Singapore (cos everyone just starred at you if you are fat and wearing a swimsuit, they never see piggies swim before, that's why), bf recommended that I buy myself bikinis.. Not that I dun wanna buy.. but... judging at my 'top', buy in Singapore.. a bit difficult.. all catered for mini 'tops', wait I wear liao.. cannot cover how? Free show leh.. I promise that if we ever come across nice ones and got my size one.. I will sure buy..

If Ms Piggy can wear bikini, so can I! (Juz wear a t-shirt over it to cover the fats lor.. ha ah ha ha)

p/s: I din manage to find the ampoules, but I bought this award-winning whitening serum from The Face Shop to try out. Dunno if it will work.. but.. no harm trying! :)
However.. if you know where to buy the ampoules, please let me know still!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Seeking ampoules..

Need to look for ampoules for my face..
Those that can lighten acne scars (even from million years ago *LOL*) and minimise pores..

If you have friends who study in beauty schools or working as beautician, and is able to buy for me or has lobangs for such, please let me know.

I'm also looking for those ampoules for cosmetics use.

Heard from many that the ampoules for cosmetics allows your makeup to stay longer and oil-free.

p.s: If you know where these are sold, please also let me know~! :)

THANKIES~!! *muaks*

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

New Hairdo!!!

I've got a NEW hairdo!!!!

A move which SHOCKED practically everyone.. even bf said this to me..
" I think I'll need some time to get used to your new look.. "

My colleagues.. also said.. SO DIFFERENT.. Must need some time to get used to my new looks...

Sie lar... dunno that's good or bad... :(
maybe I look like AUNTIE!!

But.. my hairstylist said it suits me.. miraclously.. LOL~ (ok.. maybe I really look like auntie..)
She was just experimenting.. YES.. experimenting..

I trust my hairstylist so much that.. the fate of my hair is in her hands.. she can do whatever she wants with it..

Anyway, after 3 months, my hair will be long enough with all the wavy ends.. I can just retouch on the colours.. and.. be a pretty piggy on my ROM day. Ho Ho Ho~

3 more months.. and I'm planning to lose at least 5 to 10 more kgs (ok.. at least just another 5kg, I'll be happy)..
3 times a week aerobics/ cardio-latino/ stretch-fit/ hip-hop etc.. is showing slow results.. I only lost about 2 to 4kgs..

Even eat also.. not as much liao.. (ok I lied.. I just ate 4 mini bread-rolls from Provence @ Holland V before my dinner.. it's SO TEMPTING and DELICIOUS!!)

Guess.. it's bee hoon soup everyday for lunch..

Where to buy dress to wear for our ROM day? Si bei sianz.. how to find plus-size dresses that's not like grandma dress or curtain draping on me?

If you have places to recommend that I can go, please let me know!!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Yes... My favourite!
Noone can make better durian ice kacang/ chendol/ bobo chacha than my 3rd Aunt!
I've been eating it since I was young... My aunt knew it's been always my fave.. so everytime I go there, no need to say anything, she will sure make for me 1 bowl with lotsa durian puree toppings!
Brought many friends there... everyone fell in love with it after 1 spoon.
Imagine... REAL durian puree.. where u can even taste the fibres in every mouthful.. 香滑却很有口感,原汁原味。It's not like those foodcourt where the durian puree became like syrup or those whipped cream type. Somemore.. it's only $2!!!!! With a BIG scoop of the durian puree. Not it's not becos I'm her niece so she gave me more (of cos more than others lar).. but when I see other customers buy, theirs also a BIG scoop one.. Dun believe?
Check this out!

My mum's durian chendol... without the coconut santan.. LOL~
She's enjoying her chendol..

My durian ice kacang (which is already half-gone) and her durian chendol which she has to tahan it until I finished taking pictures...
All other usual desserts like ice kacang, chendol, ching tng, tau suan, ice jelly etc.. all selling for $0.80 (takeaway is $1). SO CHEAP and STILL HAS LOTSA INGREDIENTS!! Exotic desserts will cost from $1.50 to $2.00. Even her SOURSOP PUREE topping is nice okay!
Cheap and nice desserts.. so hard to find nowadays!

It's at Chong Pang Food Market (in Yishun).. stall number: #01-157
Closed on Wednesdays usually (but she's opening today cos she's closed this Saturday to attend my cousin's wedding).. Open from around 12 to 1pm onwards.. MAY sold out by 8.30pm. See if you are lucky!
U might have to wait a while, cos when i was there with my parents, the queue just kept getting longer.. some even pack around 10 to 15 packets of desserts. My aunt and uncle are like machines, non-stop since 7pm until everything was finally sold out by around 9pm.


Monday, October 01, 2007

Lonely Pig..

Bf went on 2 weeks reservist today. Meaning to say i will be on my own for the week.. :(

Anyway, we went shopping around during weekend to buy his reservist stuffs. I also bought some of my stuffs - Bobbi Brown No Smudge Mascara, and ........ Clinque's Anti-Blemish post blemish treatment gel. Saw a few comments about it, being able to lighten acne scars so....... I dug whatever money i had to get it. What to do.. if I hope to look pretty on our ROM day, I had to sort to all sorts of ways and means to do it. Ha ha ha. I actually wanted to buy my blemish cover stick also.. but the shade that I used is out of stock.

Dun ask me when is my ROM... cos.. #$%#$#*%$#% .. I've yet to get any dates.. EVEN AT MIDNIGHT, I ALSO CAN'T BOOK ANY DATE! HOW LAME IS THAT!!!!
Stupid sad me..

We wanted to be on 12 Dec, but fully booked by the time we wanna book.. 24 Dec.. hands slower than other people.. 26 Dec .. bf dun hv his dad's ic (for the witness) so.. by the time we got it.. booked.. 31st also booked.. we went in at midnight, it was not even in.. 15 mins later.. it's fully booked. I'M SO F#$#KING ANGRY!!!!

Sigh.. Let's see if I'm lucky today to book 2nd January 2008.

5 more days to go before my cuz's wedding on saturday.. I'm making extra efforts to slim down as much as possible and my skin to clear. This is to avoid any 'irritating' questions from my relatives about me being FAT..
To date after I started Amore.. I've lost around 4kg (I just checked on the weighing scale, but dunno how accurate). I dun even see much changes... I dun look any slimmer.. My clothes dun feel any looser.. Ah well... Heck..


UPDATE: I finally managed to book my ROM date... it will be on 2 January 2008, 2.30pm!
Watch out for more updates.. so friends and buddies who wanna come to my ROM date, please let me know in advance hor!