Saturday, January 27, 2007

Preparing for shifting..

I'm demoted...

From 6th floor, demoted until 1st floor..

Aiyah.. I'm shifting down to my level 1 service centre office lar.. Consolidation as they called it.
Now in the midst of packing up my barang barang.. and I realised.. I actually had 3 boxes full of stuffs.. files, stationeries, personal stuffs.. Jeez..

Supposed to be moving today, but it was postponed due to some cock-up of the 'computer-to-holder' assets issue.. (-.-)

The best part of all..

I'm not in office for 3 whole days next week.

Monday - Eldercare Leave, Tues - On course, Weds - Admitting to Changi Prison.. for training purposes.. Ha ha ha..

So.. if the shifting starting any time during that 3 days.. at least I have 90% of my stuffs packed and ready to go, courtesy of my colleagues who will shift for moi~ :P

Good thing about workinga t level 1, no need to arm and disarm the security system.. thus, can come as early as possible or work as late as possible..
Which... I intend not to do so. New year resolution: To reduce the number of days that I work OT in office..

Anyway, last Wednesday, I went to attend Fuchun CC's Toastmasters Club which my colleague has arranged for us. I've always wanted to see how Toastmasters Club is like.. and.. my wish came true.

It's interesting.. and all of us get to present a table-topic (any topic given by one of the members) and start talking for 1 min (min.). Secretly.. one of them was counting the number of la,leh, erm, hmm.. okay.. alright etc.. As you might guess it, mine was.. quite a big number. Ha ha ha. Not exactly a public speaker yet.. :P

I'm still wondering if I should join.. my busy work.. work-life imbalance.. hiaks hiaks.. then again, bf also work ot (at least not as late as me for the time being)..


Well.. tmr's Saturday and I intend NOT to go office.. I'm gonna relax and slack.. and enjoy my weekend..

Earlier on, bf asked me what Valentines' Day present I want; either a shopping spree (with a budget given) or he will just buy something for me.

Shopping Spree of $100 vs Mystery Present with an element of Surprise..

That spree is tempting.. imagine, I can buy M.A.C makeup, bags, shoes, clothes (hopefully I can squeeze as many thing as possible).. But considering his thin, skinny wallet.. hmm.. that was not a very good thought.

Mystery present.. I like mysteries.. I like surprises..
Although I can somehow read his mind (or see through the present - perhaps we have very good telepathy), it's still a nice gesture.. Just like the executive planner that he bought for me. Din expect him to get it for me but he saw it and bought it (even though it's rather ex), knowing that I've been searching high and low for it. So now.. I bring it with me everyday.

Perhaps mystery present is a good choice.. Who knows mystery present can get a '1-carrot' diamond.. why not?! LOL

Talk about 1-carrot diamond.. While walking past some jewellary shop some time back, I told bf that some of the diamond rings, necklaces blah blah are nice (having wishful thinking that he will buy for me).. He replied saying, "NO PROBLEM!". I was like, 'Sure or not?'.

He then said...

"just give them 1 CARROT lor.. then u can get your 1-CARROT ring.. "


No comments..

The things he said to me at times.. makes me wonder... how many crows are flying above my head already..

Hmm.. before I forget..

To the special 2 friends of mine,

To the Anonymous who left the comments in my previous entry, my bf, Moon, wanna know who you are cos' he's very curious as well and another thing is, he hopes to get in touch with his old friends (from back then i.e: Levi's), maybe can also meet up for kopi or something.

Doesn't matter if you are a guy, gal, ex-gf or who-ever, he hopes to keep in touch. Don't worry, I won't go with a parang behind me, if say, you are the ex-gf. Ha ha ha..

Becos' .... if you are not the ex, then I won't be the current, having the best bf in the whole world. :D

Dear, if you are seeing this, I LOVE YOU~! ;)

Saturday, January 20, 2007

23 items for $1563

I'm not giving 4D number lar..

That's the cost of fixing our Lil' Red Flying Bullet aka Toyota Ferrari.. ok.. that's to console ourselves. Duh~ (-.-|||)

Our starlet.. recently was on hospitalisation leave last weekend (why am I only writing now? cos'... I no mood to blog after 12 hours at work)

EVERYTHING in the ENGINE compartment.. except the radiator (already changed) and engine (re-conditioned a year back) is NEW!!!!

YES! NEW!!!!!!!!

She has finally got new transplants!!

She's now like a new car.. felt like a new car (car no longer rumbles).. drove like a new car (so silent so.. steady..)... only thing is.. the exterior.. still got little dents.. CURSED THOSE INCONSIDERATE DRIVERS!!!

Our mechanic.. is such a nice guy.. Good recommendation by bf's friend (who's now in Aussie studying). Mechanic's workshop deals with Toyota Starlets (most of the toyota starlet club peeps went to him) so.. anything wrong (or needed an upgrade) he can just tell..

So.. we gave him our budget and he did the rest..
In just 2 days.. ok.. 1.5 day cos we went around 3pm on Saturday and got the car back on Monday around 7pm.

So.. what did we do without our car?

We went to *temporary memory loss*
Oh yes.. BUGIS!!! *pai seh.. I still suffering from short-term memory loss*

BY MRT hor!!!

Nothing new for me since I took MRT to work everyday..
BF.. hasn't been in MRT for the past 3.5 years ever since we got car!! WAHAHAHAHAHA..

to make him even more pai seh.. i shall reveal some goondu things he did..
*he's gonna whacked me upside down.. and skinned me alive if he even knows this*

He actually.. attempted to slot the Ez-Link card* in the front of the ticket machine!!!
You know.. like the old times, when we using the filmsy card..
*He has an ez-link card cos' previously he drove and park his car at West Coast MacDonalds before taking a bus to his office at Pasir Panjang to save parking $$

Actually I din know one lor.. he told me after we came out..
He said.. too used to it..

Ok lar.. dun laff at him liao.. I evil gf.. bad piggy.. :X

So anyway.. we shopped around.. ate at Fish & Co..

Oh yAh.. this.. I must WARN everyone!

Being the typical moon who dun eat seafood (unless it's fried, de-shelled, tiny winy small), he ordered his New York Fish & Chips which looks like something new on the menu. It was described as "Packed with xxxxx cheese inside blah blah blah.." something like that..
So.. literally we thought.. the fish & chips must have got cheese inside lor?! Sounds yummy..

Then.. looking down the menu, he said this Swordfish collar sounds new and interesting..

Swordfish leh!! with what mango vingeratte.. sounds.. so.. delicious..
And since I'm the seafood-fish eater.. he ordered that for me.

I was thinking.. why not lor?

I kept having this thinking that it's like the salmon steak that kind..
And then we ordered this.. dunno simi icy drink.. Got pineapple and Rambutan.. Picture of it shows a Mug that looks.. er.. small.. to save $$$.. we ordered 1 to share..

We waited..

Drink came..

We were like... WOW~

Giant MUG.. really GIANT lor.. you know those beer mugs (the ones in coffeeshops?).. it's like 4x as BIG!!!
Looks like those bubble tea ice blended types.. drink until your face turn blue..
We were happy.. and quietly said to ourselves, "heng we ordered 1 nia.."

We continued waiting...

Why so long? I hungree..

Bf's new york fish & chips came..
Er.. looks like normal fish & chips.. so.. he ate before me.. I stared at the fish..
Where's the cheese?? How come never ooze out one?
I aked him.. cheeze leh? Bf replied.. "you see the creamy stuff on the fish?.. that's the cheese!"

I frowned.. Bluff customers leh.. it's miserably little.. my imagination ran of it as semen with parsley flakes.. ok.. sorry for being gross. :P


I have a bad bad feeling about my swordfish..

Then my food came.. Bf stared with his 2 small eyes wide open..
I looked behind..

My jaws became wide open..


2 BIG BIG pieces of dark brown bones at each side of the pan (and they used the pan for the seafood platter for 2 kind) with lotsa rice in the centre..

For a moment, we were wondering if they are fried chicken..

I have absolutely no idea where to start..

Ok.. fine.. I'll cut..

Here.. bone.. ok.. there.. some meat.. scrap out.. then bone again.. some meat.. then some big pieces of meat.. after struggling for another 10 mins.. I have a pan of fish meat and rice with the bones on the saucer.

Took a bit of the fish..

Bf bravely attempted a try of it.. face expressions changes gradually.,


In my humble 'super self-proclaimed chef's' opinion.. the fish is not marinated (not even a taste of it), not well-treated for.. since it's a saltwater fish which tends to have more fishy taste than the freshwater relatives.. fried for too long thus the dry and chewy texture and the ugly dark brown colour..

No wonder only costs $14.90.


We feedbacked to the waitress.. hopefully she will feedback to the management..
Foot the bill and left..
Other than the giant ice-blended and the chewy mints.. it's a disappointment overall.

Went back to bf's home by MRT and feeder bus.. took our shower.. and went back into serious business..


Lord of the Rings-Third Age.. we played the hard version.. and we played that till Sunday..
Yes.. at home all day (other than eating KFC for brunch).. we stayed at home playing XBOX..

Monday came.. we went to get our car..

Opened the bonnet, told us what they changed.. and show us the old and worn parts which he put in a big tray.. all 23 items of it..

$1563.. ALL brand new..

Bf gleaming with delight..
Drove like a boy with new toy.. I was at first gloomy.. cos.. it's like $1500++ lor.. can buy 2 XBOX 360 lor.. SAD leh..

BUT.. less than 2 mins in the car.. I asked.. "YOU START ENGINE AND DRIVE LIAO AR?"
YES.. he's already out of Sin Ming road.. I din even feel anything lor..
Ok.. money well-spent.. and mechanic even helped to 'un-dent' the giant dent at the front right tyre area there. No costs at all.. (ya.. if he dare to charge me despite being a regular, i strangle him with the timing belt)

So.. now.. everyday.. bf is a happy man..

I also a happy pig.. cos everytime he wears his new long sleeve shirt and pants (we bought from G2000 and timberland), he looks so smart and handsome.. finally.. I can to see him wearing office wear instead of his usual casual tees and jeans.. *grins*

Waiting for 1pm..

I (actually it's WE) WANT A XBOX 360!

Yes.. I (and Moon).. we BOTH want a XBOX 360!!!

Look at the games!! SO TEMPTING!!

GRAPHICS so nice!!!




Life sux when you busted your pocket to repair a car...

Monday, January 08, 2007


Ok.. I was 自恋 enough to take pix..
But.. not clear enough to see my new hairdo.. Anyway, pix was taken before I went to bf's company D&D at Chevrons last Saturday.

Big company sure beri generous to its employees..

From 31st to 169th prizes, are vouchers worth at least $50.. From 30th prize to 1st prize.. prizes SI BEI good lor!!!
Ranging from few hundred dollars (up to 1 thousand) worth of cash vouchers, shopping vouchers, holiday trip for 2, PLASMA TVs, PSPs, XBOX 360 (unfortunately bf never win that :"[ ... ), to the top prize..
Guess wat?

It wasn't won by the management.. but a TECHNICIAN!!!!! In fact 60% of the prizes are won by the workers.. Imagine how HAPPY that guy is!!

The middle management up till the top management, even the GM and DIRECTOR went to drink with the technicians. It's not just 1 glass.. but a few rounds of GLASSES.. till the extent that the company went to ask the restaurant to bring in the beer barrel directly! Everyone drank like crazy.. GM (a LADY hor) drank up all the beer in the MUG.. not a drop..

It was really FUN!

1st time went to D&D.. I'm hoping my company will be something like that.. Food, Drinks, Fun..


All of a sudden, have the urge to sing karaoke.. unfortunately.. I've been coughing very badly lately.. so.. rather not risk breaking windows and glass doors going to karaoke with friends (which i hope to go out with more often, other than my current karaoke-colleagues). My bro just told me that he and his gf sometimes will go karaoke, when they really got nothing else to do.. bf dun sing karaoke, so.. maybe can just tag along with my bro and be a giant round light bulb.. WAHAHAHA~

Went into you-tube and sang to the music videos in KTV versions.. Heh Heh..
I have quite a lot of songs now which I've 'favourited' them.. practising for my karaoke sessions everytime.. if not always sing all the same old songs, also beri sianz..

I've more or less know how to sing 珊瑚海 and 发如雪.. practise a bit on 徐若瑄&曹格- I Still Believe.. as well as 千里之外.

Come to think of it.. I was going thru 曹格's other songs, found that he's really talented and his voice is really nice..

Ok.. time to hit the bed..

Thursday, January 04, 2007


Yup.. I've cut my hair.. dye another colour.. and highlighted it..

No nice pix.. but.. soon to put up.. if I become 自恋 enough to take pix of myself.. :P

Wahahahaha... *grinz*

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Cough..Cough.. Cough..

Yes.. I'm coughing like crazy..
After singing karaoke continuously for 4 hours (straining my voice to reach that high high note- which i almost killed Annie for thinking that I can sing as good as her), continously sleeping late at 3-4am during the weekends and holidays, soaking myself in BBQ smoke on 31st Dec... I finally fell sick.

But it's all worth it..

I had fun through the weekends.. spent 3 days at bf's house, doing nothing but playing xbox, pigging through doughnuts, pastas, ice-creams, bubble-teas etc (the kgs I've lost is now officially gained back in just 3 days). Totally relaxed.. and ready to chiong my 2007..

Today.. other than the cough.. I'm starting my 2007 at work as a Team Leader. A sense of achievement i guess.. I looked back the years from school till now..

In primary school, I'm a nerd.. been to EM1.. quiet.. and afraid of taking initiatives..

In secondary school.. lower secondary.. still a nerd, sucked in Maths.. fond of drawing.. drew cartoon characters of my class-mates.. made a name for myself for doing so.. happier.. and slightly more outgoing..made a Patrol leader in less than 1 year in Girl Guides.. the start of leadership journey..

Upper secondary.. 'banished' to last class in express for having lousy maths (despite good results in languages and sciences), made plenty of good friends.. became super outgoing (and horribly tomboyish).. usually top 5 in class.. still a patrol leader.. lost out in a few votes to become Company Leader for Girl Guides (cried my heart out but continued to support my CL).. designed class tees and gifts for relief teachers with my cartoons.. Excel in studies.. supposedly the 'pet' of my Home Econs/ Food & Nutrition teacher.. got good grades for O's.

3 months in JC... skipped classes for Econs (ever since the stupid teacher gave me 1 out of 20 for my 1st Econs test), enjoyed History (almost the same things taught in sec 3 and 4), told by GP teacher and chinese teacher that students from Commonwealth Sec impressed them becos' of our good languages (me and another classmate went to YJC).. bitched about the RV girls, CHIJ girls.. and the RGS girls but realised that they are actually very nice and outgoing.. Didn't continue JC despite having 14 pts.. cos.. I dun like that kinda life.. and also becos' of bloody comment made by that idiot teacher who said the subjects tat I've taken were just GENERAL education, not FIT for PURE SCIENCE!! KNNBCCB..

Went to poly with 11pts.. my relatives started 'looking down' on me.. saying I'm silly.. and should have gone to JC.. Turned my eyes on them.. and went on with my life.. c'mon lor.. i was the 1st in the family to have 247 agg. for PSLE afterwhich my cousins then slowly one by one got higher agg. than me hor.. stupid relatives.. :

3 years in SP.. nerd in class.. had my 1st bf thru IRC (ya.. I know.. farnie hor?).. had CCA as a SPAC2GO.. became the Head for Social & Welfare Committee.. appointed Leader for Final Year Project team.. eventually got a A for our self-made, self-composed, self-sang MTV project.. enjoyed my poly life totally, except the breaking up with my 1st bf during the last semester of my 3 yrs in poly..

Worked as an inhouse Graphics Designer for 2.5 yrs with a mobile service provider.. given opportunity to manage my own projects.. Met my current love thru ICQ..

Worked in a Recruitment agency as a Recruitment Consultant.. became a Team Leader within 6 months.. resigned upon my 1 year with the company to work with CDC..

2005 August.. my life changed.. and i changed many people's lives as well..
2006 May.. became an Employer Servicing Consultant.. new portfolio.. new challenges..
2006 September.. absorbed into WDA.. faced more stress.. facing challenges to work harder and better..
2006 December.. informed by ACM that I'll be a Team Leader in the new year.. hard work recognised.. sensed of achievement..

2007 January.. I'm a Team Leader.. wah piang.. so much responsibilities.. challenges.. and more challenges.. Will I be able to make the mark? Or will I disappoint those who have so much faith in me? Will everyone support me?

I hope my previous learning experiences can help me again..