Sunday, October 14, 2007

Back from Turi.. again..

I juz came back from Turi Beach.. again...

Guess I know why bf;s cuz loves going there.. it's so relaxing.. away from the hustle and noise from the city.. just laze around, have a dip into the pool (or the sea, if you are daring enough...), go to their town and shop till you drop cos, you bascially live like a king there (yes.. cos.. it's so CHEAP!!!). The best thing is... AWAY FROM WORK!!!

Yes.. away from work.. there are many times where i just get so frustrated from work, so many things to do, and I juz dunno where to start. Sometimes, I even forgot what to do..

Bf's work is even more stressful from mine. Calls, calls and more calls.. From his technicians to his customers to his manager.. He juz finished his 2 weeks reservist and off we packed and go to Turi. He needs his precious sleep, which he din manage to get much so far.

Anyway, on our first day, after unpacking our stuff, we went for lunch at the local seafood restaurant, called Amazon, that's juz beside the ferry terminal. They serve their freshest catch to their customers. How fresh? Well... their seafood are mostly caught by some of their staff and then kept in their pond for customers to choose. It's cheap too!

Afterwhich, we head on to Batam Center. Aim: To buy our hair care products that's 6 times cheaper than in Singapore and... bf's cuz bought 6 Loreal White Perfect Zoom In Spot Corrector (so something like that?) that's half the price than Singapore (the cuz's sister sweared by its effectiveness, dunno how true is that?). Anyway, because it's Hari raya, a lot of shops are closed. We din really get to walk around much though.. So.. we quickly grabbed 2 dozen of donuts, A&W's Root Beer Float and head on back to our hotel.

Rested a while before going to have our dinner.. Soup Butuk (think it's cow/bull/ox tail soup?) though... one of cuz's fren said butuk means BUTT..
Aiyoh... din know the buttock soup is so nice... LOL

Afterwhich, we watched cable Tv till 1am and slept like pigs till next day..

Morning, we went for our buffet breakfast.. and then a dip in the pool.

I learned swimming when I was 10.. but I din swim since 12. So.. after 14 years... I forgot how to 'swim' liao. Previously I tried. and FAILED.. now.. I tried again.. and FAILED again.. So.. in the end, i grabbed a float... and... VOILA! I SWAM!!!!
Ok.. i just nid to grab the float while I 'swim' to keep me upper body above water.. and I can start 'swimming'. Ok.. LOUSY.. I know.. LOL
I even went into the 'hole' and swam using breaststroke. WAHAHAHAHHAA...

I think.. me upper body too heavy liao.. that's why i kept sinking.. WAHAHAHAHAHA..

Even though we had fun.. sinking.. jumping in water.. waddling.. I think I got sunburn.. my arms and shoulders (tan also not even.. stupid SUN), my back... and lower neck area.. my back really look like it's BURNT.. now my body.. can see SUPER clearly.. the shape of my swimsuit. No wonder... girls preferred to wear bikini to sun tan.. sigh..

Since I wont be swimming in Singapore (cos everyone just starred at you if you are fat and wearing a swimsuit, they never see piggies swim before, that's why), bf recommended that I buy myself bikinis.. Not that I dun wanna buy.. but... judging at my 'top', buy in Singapore.. a bit difficult.. all catered for mini 'tops', wait I wear liao.. cannot cover how? Free show leh.. I promise that if we ever come across nice ones and got my size one.. I will sure buy..

If Ms Piggy can wear bikini, so can I! (Juz wear a t-shirt over it to cover the fats lor.. ha ah ha ha)

p/s: I din manage to find the ampoules, but I bought this award-winning whitening serum from The Face Shop to try out. Dunno if it will work.. but.. no harm trying! :)
However.. if you know where to buy the ampoules, please let me know still!

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