Monday, June 04, 2007

Amore.. and my 1st Aerobics..

Had my 1st low-impact (fast-paced) aerobics class at Amore today..

Class was good.. with all my colleagues.. and... it's damned f**king FAST-PACED!!!

Hands like legs, and legs are like hands.. so fast.. until.. I dunno where my legs or hands shd be..

My body now..started to ache.. grRrr~

Anyway.. thanks to the aerobics, my makeup from bobbi brown is put to the ultimate test. 1 hour of continous perspiring.. and wiping from my towel..

My gel eyeliner, mascara and eye shadow stays on.. no smudges!

My foundation and blush, at least 30% stayed on.. considering that I din put much due to my high acne population (becos of the time of the month).

I din took off my makeup.. due to.. laziness.. LOL~ Yeah.. i know it's probably bad for my already bad skin.

Anyway.. my every penny spent on Bobbi Brown is well-worth! Ho Ho Ho~

Waiting for the next class next Monday.. I wondered if I will actually lose any weight at all..

Shall see after 1 month. :)


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