Saturday, October 29, 2005

New passport~!

I finally decided to get my new passport..

Moon went to apply for his, around 3 weeks back. Got his passport last week, and since mine was expiring in another 2 months time, I decided to just make mine.

Now they make it so easy to apply, just fill in the details, attached a photo and pay via NETs or Credit/ Debit card. I decided not to use my debit card to pay. Think via NETS better.

Before I got the form, I was asking the counter lady if the photo that I took, roughly around 2 mths back (for PA) was alright. She asked me if that's recent, I just gave her a blur blur look, and replied saying "Yuh..". I looked at my bf, and asked him, "I looked very different ar?" Ha ha ha

Anyway, I received the letter on Wednesday(I applied on Saturday) that I can collect it. I'm gonna set out and collect at around 12.30pm.

I wonder if I get a chance to travel overseas with my new passport..

Friday, October 28, 2005

Slim means beautiful?

I have absolutely no idea what's the craze about..

Everywhere we go, see, hear.. everyone's talking about slimming..

Yesterday I was watching tv happily when the reality show on transforming fat ladies into skinny ladies showed. Then came on advertisements on slimming products, slimming centres..

Does slim mean beautiful?

The ladies I saw on TV, all din put up much makeup, lousy fashion.. all trying to look haggard, ugly and not at all confident.

Whereas sometimes on the streets, I see chubby (or some will unkindly say FAT) ladies with great makeup, great clothings walking on the streets with confidence about themselves. I don't see them as fat and ugly, I see them as Big Beautiful Women.

Give those ladies a makeover- great makeup and great clothings, I bet you.. They will look like a superstar and guys will sure look at them the same way as they look at skinny girls.

Few years back, after healing from a bad breakup, I decided to make a change. Start my life all over again..

I told myself to be confident.. Be more outspoken (that's why now a bit siao siao one).. I guess I used to be quite... shy bah..

Nevertheless... my efforts paid off. See my boyfriend.. fruit of my labour.. (though he probably thinks I'd conned him into becoming my boyfriend. ha ha ha) If not for my 'outspokeness', how to know him, right?

Ha ha ha.. 3 years and counting.. cannot run liao.. ;P

Great discovery!

I was watching the tv earlier on, when I came across Krafts advertisement on kitchen recipes.

So I followed the webby indicated at the bottom of the screen.. (FYI: Krafts Australia)


A totally fun way to make cheesecake the EASY way!!!!

Now I can lay my hands on making the best cheesecake around!! Okay... I'm just bragging.. ha ha ha..

If only.. my mum's willing to spend the $$$ on buying a oven for baking cakes and cookies. (But of cos, she wouldn't mind her dotter paying for it.)

I missed the good old days in secondary school where I can lay my hands on the school oven every week during F&N classes.. *remembering the days*

想当年。。。I was the Top student in Food & Nutrition in Secondary 3 and got a A2 for my F&N O's as well.

Damned... I should have opt to study in SHATEC last time. :P


IE really sux.. particularly for logging into No idea why I couldnt login when I'm in the office, that Sign-in button is totally missing~!

I have no idea why, maybe it's becos it's an office computer? Whichever it is, I just couldn't login.

Whenever I got home, I have practically no mood to use my laptop. Been staring at the pc for the whole day, see some more.. can die leh..

Finally I decided to log-in tonight using my Firefox.

Anyway, nothing much happens for this entire week. I was on course yesterday (wednesday) from 9am to 5pm. By right, I'm supposed to attend another course today, from 4pm to 6pm. BUT due to unforeseen circumstances, my team leader (aka POLAR BEAR) had to ask me to attend it next month with another 4 more colleagues and I was to do my duty over at Ulu Pandan service centre.

It's a peaceful place there. Usually..most of us who were there, will be eating snake. Ha ha ha..
But of cos, it's also a good time where we can clear up our paperwork.

Without noisy colleagues around to chat, life's such a bore over there~!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


I took 1 hour time off today (cos' I went for my brisk walking session with my brisk walkers @ Marsiling Zone 7 last Saturday and we get to claim 1 hour off from our work)

Another stormy day..Just when I got out from office at around 5pm, the sky was dark grey, and lightning were flashing across the sky. It's especially obvious across the big field opp. the MRT station. Loud thunder was heard.. like as though the sky has been cracked open by force. In fact, for a moment, it sounded like the scene in War of the Worlds, where the aliens first arrived to earth by lightning. Bolt after bolt of lightning.. Ear-deafening thunder.. next came the downpour.. Heng I'm already at the mrt platform waiting for the train.

My mum cooked fried bee hoon for dinner. Having dinner at home certainly can save lotsa money.. ha ha ha.. Was chatting with my mum about work, and that I was assigned to Nee Soon East CC for mobile service from next week onwards. No more Bukit Panjang.. heh heh..

Anyway, got feeling for drawing.. Suddenly remembered about the incident I had on Monday.. I had morning counter duty that day, and had quite a few interviews with the walk-in jobseekers. So in the afternoon, I was doing my data entry (new jobseekers' application forms and also their job referrals). Our online database was as usual, super slow.. and login time always expires very fast. I was finishing off the jobseeker's working experience and clicking on the SAVE button.

1 second passed... (as usual.. response is ultra slow..)
2 seconds passed... (I'm a patient person)
3..... 4...... 5...... 6..... 7..... 8.....9....
10 seconds passed.. (all right... testing my patience.. fine.. I can wait.. )
30 seconds passed...
WTF~!!! No response!!!
Great... my data arent saved.. and I wasted my time keying in so many data..


Never mind.. re-login again..
Same thing happened... 2x!!

I mumbled "SHIT this database" while re-logining..
I think I mumbled too loud liao.. even my colleague over at the far end (she's around 6 cubicles away) can hear me.. WAHAHAHA.. my 'SHIT" kinda loud.. *LOL*

The stupid database expired my login again when I was keying in my data.. This time, I was like trying to strangle the monitor when my colleague,Lizah walked passed. Lizah was stunned at what I was trying to do to the PC.. and then she asked me what I was trying to do. I just joked with her saying I'm trying to strangle the damned PES. Lizah laffed her head off.. Ha ha..

And so I drew this comic (click for a larger pic).. Basically, that's wat I think most of my colleague will think of me bah.. :P

Our job section can say.. is the liveliest in the office.. We have.. a Polar Bear aka SAGE (organisation for elderly jobseekers), a Gorilla, a Doggy, Corny Johnny who's Horny aka Bizlink (it's an organisation for the handicapped), a self-proclaimed YanDao Kia (erm.... like i said, self-proclaimed), Farmer & Harvester (for cauliflowers - think dirty), Any-thing-any-how-any-where (aka Annie), etc.. Not forgetting me (heng.. no nicknames yet.. LOL)

With such crazy colleagues, everyday is a funny day.. :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


I've not updated my blog for so long~

Nothing much happened nowadays..
My bf started teaching over at BBDC.. so, that means he's working shift. Which also means... I wont get to meet him so often now. Ahh... I've gotta find things to occupy myself during his absence. :(
This probably will mean more OT.. or shopping alone.. correction.. window-shopping alone. Danger to my wallet.. likelyhood to spend more than usual. *help*

Anyway, I've watched Deuce Bigalow: European Gigalo last night @ Jurong Point. It was hilarious!!
Though some of the jokes were kinda old, but it's really funny. Can you imagine.. Golden Boner award? And got one of the gigalo with a well-endowed(read: long and juicy) *censored*, which was actually.. cucumber. LOL.. :P~
Whatever it is, you guys gotta watch it.. Nice to drive the blues away.. even the most depressed person will start laughing their heads off.. (^-^)

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

NWCDC Employing!!

Anyone of you interested to work as a Customer Service Executive?

You will be working in the frontline, at the counter serving walk-in jobseekers and answer their enquiries or helping them to make appointments to meet the officers.

You must be service-oriented, able to work in a stressful environment, bilingual in English and Mandarin (ability to speak chinese dialects is an advantage), computer-literate and has a passion in social-services.

For Career Consultant, you must be knowledgable in current trends of recruitment, service-oriented, passion to help (social services), able to work in a stressful environment, positive attitude and computer literate.

If anyone's interested, please drop me a mail. :)


I had a total of 16 direct placements and 10+ indirect placements, which was way past the targetted monthly KPI.


Staff Retreat @ Raffles Marina Country Club!

WOAH.. Shiok leh~!

My 1st time going into Raffles Marina Country Club!

1st October, Children's Day... also NWCDC Staff Retreat day~! This retreat is possible with many thanks to Dr Gan (MP for Community Development- i think). He was previously the chairperson of Raffles Marina (i think).

Anyway, I woke up around 6.45am. In fact, I only slept at 1am cos' I was too engrossed in playing my Romance of 3 Kingdom (Q-version) that I've forgottened all about the retreat. So, i was all blur and sleepy. But I managed to pull my fat arse out of my cosy bed, dress up and took a bus to Boon Lay, waiting for our bus to bring us to the country club. Our company is kind enough to get a bus to transport those living in the West area to Raffles Marina, w/o going to Woodlands to take the transport. Raffles Marina, for your info, is located in far end of Tuas, near to the sea.

By 8.45am, we reached the place. OH MY GOD, IT'S A PARADISE!!!!!!

The whole place is SO SERENE!!!!!

You can see the straits of malacca!!! Hmm... was that the straits of Malacca? Aiyah.. dunno lar.. I only know you can see the 2nd link from here. WAHAHAHHAA

So many yatches!!!! Deep blue sea~!!!! Clear blue sky~!!!

We proceed to the function room, and get our seats near to the mini stage. My GM gave a warm welcome to all of us, and next in line to give a welcoming speech was Dr Teo, our mayor. A short intro was given by Dr Gan.

1st half of the morning was mainly on our discussion topics. I was asked to present the presentation slides on the topic of 'How to help mature jobseekers seek employment'. I was shaking my hairs off, having to present in front of so many people.. in front of our GM, Mayor and MP!! Luckily, I managed to present w/o having a heart attack. My colleague was saying i did a pretty good job. Hee~

The most entertaining part of the morning was the short skit, presented by my colleagues in the job team. Since I was already involved with the discussion topic, I was spared from the skit. But I can tell you.. it's the funniest skit I've ever seen!! It was so hilarious!!! Everyone of us was laffing till we had tears in our eyes.. even the Mayor was laffing too!

After a good laff, we had a short training lesson with Ms Jacqeline-Carter Teo, Mrs Singapore 2005. She's a trainer with Knacks Pte Ltd on Customer Service. It's a very informative training session and Ms Jacqeline is so pretty!

By 12pm, we had our lunch. Food was great!

From 12.30pm to 6pm was basically free and easy. We can do whatever we want. Me and my colleagues went to play bowling. Seriously, it was my 1st time to bowl, despite my brother was a player with SP Bowling Team. HA HA HA.. Though I've cleaned the 'longkang' many times (and even accidentally had the ball slipped from my fingers and rolled BACKWARDS!), I managed a strike or 2. Heh heh.. At the end of 3 hours, my arms were tired as hell.. It's worse than playing 4 hours of pool..

So it's karaoke time. Didn't really sing a lot, cos everyone had to q-up to dedicate the songs. So i just sang along to the songs everyone was singing. I did sing with my colleague, Annie - Colours of the Wind. Hmm.. my voice.. pretty impressive.. to a certain extent. WAHAHAHAHA~

6pm.. FOOD TIME! DINNER.. BBQ SEAFOOD BUFFET DINNER~!! We just have to sit down and see the waiters bbq the food for us! I din eat a lot, cos' recently I've gained so much weight!! I dunno what happened to me.. I was guessing maybe I was too stressed over work that I snacked quite a lot w/o realising.

Anyway, so long that I'm healthy, I'm happy with it. Maybe i have to go for more brisk-walking sessions with my RC zones.. HA HA HA..

I luv my work.. :P