Saturday, April 14, 2007

Promotion Dinner

I just returned from my promotion dinner by my company. It's held at Hilton Hotel..

When we recieved the email from our HR, we were waiting exciting for this day. Our first time being invited and congratulated on stage by our CE leh.. not forgetting being given small little souvenir which is actually 2 pens (1 blue and black) with our company logo.

I like the sleek black box.. cos' it's also printed "Congratulations on your promotion".

We were lucky enough to sit with our colleagues from SECDC cos we already knew each other quite well.

While waiting for the dinner to start, we were chatting and making silly jokes. We even asked how come there was no performance or entertainment during the dinner, then answered on our own with the following reply "Cos' we already can entertain ourselves the whole night".

And it's true lor.. we had so much laughter.. which I think we are probably the noisiest table there. Ha ha ha..

Anyway, our dinner was a 4 course dinner and it's FABULOUS!!

The appetiser is nice, the.. main course..
I asked for grilled chicken breast stuffed with mushrooms and cheese.. the chicken is SO SO SO TENDER.. So yummy!!!
The dessert is apple pie with vanilla ice-cream.. so SWEET and Sinful~!!!

We also had a glass of wine.. being the drunkards that we are.. ha ha ha..

On the whole, it's a really nice memory to remember.. hopefully.. every year (or other year) I get to go for such dinners.. It really felt good being recognised for our efforts and getting promotion..

Oh.. did i forget to mention that I wore my new contact lenses to the dinner?

Yes!! I finally get a chance to wear my contact lenses again after 3 whole years!!!

I had a trial pair by my optician last week, and my eyes didn't itch, sore or anything!!!! So he allowed me to get those daily disposables which I will only wear if I have events or dinners to attend. I'll still stick to my glasses for work, since it's less stressful for my eyes.

So happy!!! except for the fact that my colleagues joked at me after I changed out from my glasses to the contact lenses.


ArGHhh... sigh.. problem with small single-lid eyes..

JERLYN~!! Where are you??!!!

** Jerlyn is the makeup artist at Bobbi Brown who taught me for my 2 lessons-shaping of eye brows and eye makeup. She also taught me how to do smoky eyes and the big eye makeup trick ( which I din do for today's dinner).
Anyone interested in Bobbi Brown makeup, you can look for either Charles or Jerlyn at the Raffles City Robinson branch. Super nice and friendly people.. so much better than those at M.A.C.

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