Saturday, December 30, 2006


Annie and I sang karaoke from 6pm to 10pm.. after many months of 'rest'.

Sang our hearts out sia.. invited quite a few friends/ colleagues along.. but all no give face. Either go another colleague's open-house, sick if not overtime. Thus only left the 2 of us.

Sang 曹格's Superwoman, Jay Chou's 七里香 and 千里之外, many many more.. practised with annie some duets (since we seldom got guys who know how to sing) 窗外 and 你最珍贵 (now we are expert in this song, I can sing Jacky Cheung version pretty well. LOL). I also tried singing 恋爱达人 on my own.

No idea how many songs we sang.. serious.. I only know.. now.. my throat is.. rather dry... HA HA HA..

Waiting for another round of karaoke.. Now i'm a member of both Party World and K-Box.

Anyone wanna go karaoke???

2006.. ending.. 2007... coming...

Last Friday.. we had our NWCDC staff retreat at Sentosa's Siloso beach Resort. Think it's just been built, so quite a few parts were still under construction. BUT.. the place is beautiful.. the view that's over-looking.. the sea.. the trees.. So relaxing..

Me and Annie arrived there super early, cos' hers is a weekend car. So we had our 'free' breakfast at the rooftop. why 'free'? Cos'... the breakfast is catered for the hotel residents. The staff tot that we were the hotel residents so din bother about us. Ha ha ha..

Anyway.. I was sabo-ed to be emcee again. (-.-)

Morning session's usually work.. but it was fun.. cos' the presentations by all the teams were damned hilarious!! laff our heads off lor..

Then.. afternoon we have our games.. Went for ride at the er... cable-bench? or was that sky-ride? Whatever lar.. Then visited images of Singapore... which...
our GM... had a 'lovely' surprise inside.. Ha ha ha.. There were some actors posing as figurines inside the musuem. Our GM tot that they are just wax figurines (anyway.. the place was really dim) and put his arm on one of the 'china-man' arm. To his surprise, it was soft and warm to the touch. Within milli-seconds, the figurine suddenly became ALIVE and scared the hell out of our poor GM. That scene was absolutely funny!!

Travelling with our GM is actually fun.. cos he likes to crack jokes and soemtimes do a bit of action to make everyone laff. Very fatherly figure. He even participated in our Captain Ball competition and very very sporting lor.. even our DGM as well.

This captain ball definately made me run more than what I ran in the past YEARS! After the game, we had another mind-boggling mental game. Supposed to use any mathematical ways to give the answer to 10 with the given 4 numbers. i.e.: 1, 2, 3, 4 = 10. Solution: 1+2+3+4= 10 or 1 x (2+3) + 4 =10 etc. This game actually came up by our GM leh.. we only knew it when we were resting in one of the hotel rooms and our GM came in to relax. Gave us some other sums to play around.. then we realised why he so good in these.. he majored in physics last time.. No wonder lor..

After washing up, we had our buffet dinner and gift exchange. Guess who bought my present? Our MAYOR!!! I was so.. so.. surprised! When asked whom he had bought the present for (via drawing of lots a month ago), he said it's for a young fun-loving lady, then said out my name.. Damned pai-seh sia.. Anyway.. our mayor bought me a sporty waist pouch and a boxing-glove cushion on a stick (somewhat like those massager.. and it happens that my mum had asked me to buy since hers was spoiled).

Nice memories of 2006..

Friday, December 15, 2006

Appraisal is finally over...


It's over!!!!!!

It's finally over!!!!!

Then again... over liao , so wat?
Ha ha ha..

I've been working until pretty late everyday.. going back around after 8pm+.. there's this Friday (just last week), I left office at 11.50PM along with Annie.. She was rushing through the appraisals which she had to correct many of my colleagues' English.. For me, I was trying to finish as much work as possible.

The most amazing thing that we did was to come back to work the next day.. at around 8-9am. It's a Saturday.. came back to do housekeeping since GM wants to check our workstations.. (-.-|||)

Since there's plans to renovate our area, I might as well tidy my workstation and remove quite a fair bits ofn personal things, so that I don't have much problem later on.

Now my table looks pretty neat.. that will probably last me for another 1-2 weeks before it turns messy again. Haiz..

Anyway.. I'm really happy for the past 1 week, cos' I'm pretty pleased with my appraisal, the comments and new tasks assigned to me. I'm glad that I did a fairly good job this year as an ESC .. I will definitely continue to work hard for the upcoming year..

Went back to OMB on Wednesday for a small group discussion on our current online database. I was quite early, so went to disturb a couple of my WDA colleagues. I was really surprised that my WDA colleagues already knew the change, and began asking me about wat's going to happen next. I can't say much cos' nothing has been finalised yet..

After attending the discussion, I was going off to wait for my bf @ the MRT Station. JS happened to finish her Case Sharing Conference at the same timing, so we went to TCC for a quick snacks and some drinks since bf will be working a slight late.

After ordering the drinks and snacks, bf called me and said that he's on his way to meet me. Told him that I'm at TCC with JS and asked him to just come over to meet me.
We chit-chat for a while, before we decided to leave. Treat JS to this meal since I suggested coming.

BF and I went to Marina Sq for dinner @ Billy Bombers. I like the service there. The restaurant manager is really friendly! The food was good too. Most importantly, it's relatively affordable. Was supposed to shop around for x'mas presents but couldn't seem to find anything suitable and affordable. In the end, bf suggested going shopping during one of the weekends, where we wake up early and go shopping for the entire day, as many places as I want. Can really shop till I drop lor.. which's wat happened the other time.. Ha ha ha..

Anyway.. I promised my cousin that I will go and be her photographer on Saturday for her cosplay event @ Expo. Hopefully I can get everything done by 2pm to meet bf after his work since Sunday is mostly likely to visit his granny with his parents. I doubt I like being interrupted in the middle of my shopping spree to go somewhere else.

And the idea of going shopping with his parents... simply No no..

Previously, his parents tagged along when my bf told them we are going shopping. We ended up buying nothing (especially me when I actually wanted to buy clothings on that day) cos' his mum kept asking me to help her see if the clothes are suitable for her and we went into every single shop in the shopping center. In the end, his mum bought the most things.. and my bf didn't want to enter the shops with me cos' he was already irritated by his mum's naggings till he got frustrated.

Since then, I told my bf... "if next time I wanna go shopping, and your parents tag along, I will just change my mind on shopping and just tag behind your mum instead." I know it might sound pretty disrespectful, but really.. his mum can really talk and talk non-stop till the extent that you felt like stuffing your ears with wax.

I hope this weekend... I can shop in peace.. LOL

Monday, November 27, 2006

A $1000 Wedding Dinner per TABLE

Yes.. $1000 per table..


Regent Hotel..

Bf's cousin got married.. and I tell you.. it's the MOST FAKE wedding i ever been to.
Ever seen a bride not glowing in happiness during her wedding night? I saw my 1st one last Saturday..

Her smile is so fake..

Everything looks like a show planned from the beginning..

If you think that the food at Regent is nice.. IT IS NOT!!!

It's over-priced.. Food tastes either too bland, too salty or simply sucks.. The only dish that's nice.. probably is the Sautee prawns with celery and cashew nuts..

Service.. is so-so only.. If you see the way the waitress cut and serve the steamed fish.. you will probably wish that they never cut and serve you in the 1st place. The fish simply crumbled.. Hardly see any big pieces around. Ha ha ha..

And.. it's also my 1st time, hearing from the waiter that they ran out of RED WINE!!! WAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAA

So.. if anyone wants to hold their wedding at Regent.. I suggest.. maybe you wanna think it over. Try Grand Corpthone- Waterfalls.. I heard it's good..
Else.. for the cheaper yet deliciously better dinner, Boon Lay Raja Restaurant $700+ per table, guaranteed good food and relatively good service.

As for me.. no dinners.. we have decided.. probably a amercian style wedding reception where everything is held outdoors.. under a giant white tent.. well..

Nothing has been planned out yet.. But.. bf's cousin already planned for him.. To get married by the end of next year, so make sure he (as well as me) saves as much as possible..

My guest list, other than relatives, will be a full list of buddies, friends and colleagues..
Dunno whether will have enough budget for that.. Ha ha :P

It's time.. to... lose the extra extra (x1000) kilos SOON!
Doctor said (went to the doctor earlier due to diarrhea and sore throat) that I'm overweight (since when I wasn't?). Just as I expected anyway.. Whichever it is, doctor said slowly take my time, at least if can reduce 5 to 10 kg(sounds impossible..somehow) for the following 6 months, should be good enough.

So... again... I'm... striving... to... struggle... against... the... temptation... of... food......... (-.-|||)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Money.. Money.. Money..

Bf was discussing with me for the past week if we should change our car next year..

- Old...
- High maintainence costs..
- Low fuel consumption = low petrol costs
- Comfy..

So... we were thinking... Should we.. or should we not?

Then.. think again.. where to get $$$ for the initial payment ar? Bf said once he's confirmed after 6 months, which is next March, he will be entitled to all the benefits and allowances etc, so more or less he will have extra money. If possible, hopefully the new car's instalment is not more than our current one, then we can save more money for rainy days..

Dream car: Mazda RX-8 or Toyota Fortuner
Practical car: Toyota Vios

Dunno what happened to me last week.. I was grumbling to my bf about us not earning a lot and thus I was wondering when we can get married. My guess was that, when I remembered how his buddy and wife are coping with marriage, I got frightened.. The wife is earning big bucks, however the buddy not working (working on his own company software, yet nothing is sold yet). Till now, they have been married for around 3-4 years liao but NO wedding dinners yet. And the wife's family are the traditional type leh.. so must have wedding dinner.

Then to add on to my grumpiness... I felt that he was not supporting me in my job; he kept on saying negative things. So I pissed off lor.. When I reached home, I din bother to give him a good-night kiss (if that happens, he knows that I'm angry with him)

Then later I smsed him and just pour out how I felt. He apologised and said that he felt so heartache everytime he sees me working until so late and that I had to pay for the car instalments during the period he was unemployed (all thanks to his good-for-nothing brother who promised to help him but in the end did not even give a single cent to help). Bf then said that he had already planned, and that he will propose next December but now he let the secret out liao.. so he has to re-plan, meaning... postponed to later date. (-.-|||)

I was like.. grinning from ear-to-ear in my heart.. WAHAHAHAHA..

I think.. when you grow older.. as age catches up.. you just wanna get hitched faster.. :P


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Wedding Dinners

Just in 3 months.. I've been to a couple of wedding dinners at different restaurants..

Their food.. almost the same..

Now.. people.. suggest to me.. if I should or should not.. post the pictures of the food here?

Quick.. let me know~!!

named this entry as no title.. cos I can't think of any titles at all.

I just realised someting.. that I have been wondering how come there's no comments left in my blog (feeling that it's too boring so even friends also dun wanna comment. LOL), in actual fact.. me the kuku-blur-sotong din even go and moderate and publish them!!

Silly me hor?

Anyway.. I went to shop with my buddy on Monday. She's on leave and I was with Monday blues, so both of us decided to shop. She wanted to buy foundation, eyeliner and mascara so I brought her to Robinson @ Raffles City. She bought foundation from MAC under my recommendation (cos i found that it's really good and worth the spurge) and cheap yet good eyeliner from revlon (recommendation from Maria who recommended me) and mascara (the unstoppable from Maybelline, i tried and it's good lar somemore.. cheap)

Dun think that how come friend spent money, I can tahan not spending.. actually.. I did!

1 concealer stick from MAC and blush from Bobbi Brown. Total damage: $65 .
I bought blush from this brand Bourjoris not long ago.. but hor.. somehow.. no matter how much i put and paint my face.. it looks... like nothing on moi face!!
So.. might as well spend a little bit and buy a good brand. The makeup consultant (who was a guy) initially thought we are just look-look see-see, ask for price for fun. So he din pay much attention to us, until I ask him if he can recommend me the colour for my skin colour and maybe can try on moi face (god damned bloody oily.. LOL). Immediately put some on me.. and.. my face instantly look like a monkey ass. WAHAHAHAHA.. Anyway, bought 1 from him, and he told me that if I spend $150 in a single receipt, I will be entitled to joining the Bpbbi Brown membership which entitles us to free makeup classes etc. I was like, 'Really?'. My face literally lit up (like a pink lantern). Cos MAC doesnt have membership, so if bobbi brown have.. lagi best man.. :P

Bf came to meet us after his OT at UOB, so we ate at Cafe Cartel. Buddy's a malay (Cafe Cartel is non-halal) so she only bought Oreo Blended (anyway, she already eaten before she met up with me). She disturb bf and asks him to write down EXTRA Oreo inside the order form.

Guess what! They really put in EXTRA oreos!! U see the blended.. machiam putting 3-4 packets of oreos cookies inside..

Being the nice me.. I gave them a treat and I get a free ride from her brother to West Coast park to pick up bf's car before we headed for home. Even though, it's just barely 5 hours after work where I can relax and shop.. I enjoy every single minute of it..

I've always enjoyed my buddy's company (if not why are we buddies? Hah) and frankly I seldom have very good friends who know me well, even shopping buddies also hard to find. Maybe I too picky bah.. Ha ha ha..
Last time.. both of us, unstable income.. so cannot spurge on clothes or makeup (and my skin condition was horrible back then). Now stable income liao.. can spend a tiny weeny bit more.. so.. spend a LOT more on make up (seeing that condition has gone for the better) and.. somewat almost the same for clothings (apparently.. clothes size varies accordingly to how much I earn) SIGH!

Did i mention how i hate when this colleague of mine, VW, during lunch, mentioned about 2 of my colleagues suddenly gone all pretty and then turned to me and asked.. " HOW MUCH HAVE YOU LOST ON YOUR DIET?!"

F&#k ^$&^H*&&%^%HUF*(AWEYQ(*&$#*(Y P*#YPN.. *pardon the weird language*

I controlled my displeasure.. and my facial expressions as much as I can.. and simply replied, " I dunno" . In my heart I was like "what?! being fat a crime ar? you also fat wat, dumbo fat ass idiot! i never say i wanna compete with my other gal colleagues on who's the prettiest! this is not a modelling agency!"


Friday, November 03, 2006

Bad things just keep happening..

First.. my mum and my bro's personal belongings and valuables were stolen right underneath their nose during my bro's birthday chalet at East Coast Park.


Last Wednesday, I received the most shocking news I heard (after the burglary)...
My dad was admitted to hospital for heart attack..

I probably could have laff at myself for having such a weird reaction when I heard it from my mum. I even called my dad (he was in an ambulance at that time) to CONFIRM it's true..
He told me that his chest felt extremely tight and uncomfortable.. but NOT PAIN..

I took urgent half day leave to fly down to the hospital. My mind was... blank..
Heart ATTACK.. my DAD???

When I reached the A&E, the doc came to tell us that my dad had an heart attack and they were operating on him. I was like.. "WHAT?!! REALLY HEART ATTACK?"

An hour later (yes.. it's that fast apparently, cos it's just ballooning).. my dad was 'wheeled' into his ward at the high dependency ward for cardiac patients. He was awake and can talk somemore..

So the nurse told us that my dad was very lucky to have been admitted into the hospital early otherwise..

So I was at the hospital until Sunday where my dad was discharged. He's now on 1 month MC to recover. And also.. newly diagnose with diabetes.. haiz..

So we have to make a big change to our diet.. and my dad promised to quit smoking.

I'm glad that he's okay now, much to my relief.. I have a huge load off my mind..

I hope that nothing bad will come scaring me again.. :(

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Another long time never update..

SJ was telling me yesterday that I haven't been blogging.. for very very long..

Ya.. I know..

Everytime wanted to blog, but by the time I got home... I'm dead tired.. and lazy to carry out my laptop and log in.

Just too lazy..

I've been working till very late.. (perhaps not very late for some).. 8pm+ for almost a couple of weeks liao. I have no idea how come all of a sudden, there's a sudden increase of work.

Or was it.. I'm not inefficient enough? I wonder..

Whichever it is.. my workdesk is messy.. totally covered with papers, files, and dunno-what's-there. Annie's and Belinda's table.. is no difference.. all 3 of our tables cannot see table top 1. Ha ha..

Anyway, I haven't been going into MSN often. Somehow, I felt that by logging on, it will slow down my productivity to get things done, cos I get friends msning me. Ha ha ha.. so might as well dun log on. :P
Perhaps becos of that, I didn't get updates from my friends on their recent happenings.

I can foresee myself drowning in work.. it's already happening..

Lucky.. my bf has already started his new work as a Project Engineer and has also been working overtime since started. So nowadays, we only meet each other during the weekends, or when he's off early from his work during weekdays.

My buddy just informed me last week that her dad was admitted into hospital due to stroke. It's the 3rd time already. I've known her since our poly days and despite being of different ethnics, she's a great pal to me. We've been through thick (gaining weight) and thin (losing minimum amount of weight) together. Ha ha ha..
So Monday, I bought some fruits and went down to SGH to visit her dad. I can also go back with bf since he happened to be working there. After visiting, I met up with bf. He told me that he's going to his colleague's funeral.

His colleague who came in at the same time with him in the new company was involved in an accident while travelling from 1 site to another site. His motorbike was hit by a car who was turning right (he was travelling straight). The poor guy flew almost a few metres away, landed on top of his head. Despite wearing a helmet, he suffered serious head injuries. Went into coma, inflammation of the brain.. and he was announced brain dead on Wednesday.

The guy.. is only 33 years old and is planning to register next year with his gf.

Life.. is so unpredictable..

Sunday, September 24, 2006

I gave away my first time..

Being an EMCEE lar.. wah piang eh.. what you guys thinking?

Emcee.. for our CDC's JOB FAIR!!!

My first time.. I've never done before.. and I'm telling you, I was SHIVERING at the START!
If there's any one standing beside me at that point in time, he/ she can see my mike was shaking.. I'm not sure if my voice trembled.. I was BERI NERVOUS AR!

Anyway.. I stood on my feet almost the whole day.. Got chair to sit lar, behind the stage, but hor.. not nice lar.. just sit there waiting to make announcements.. So at 1 point, I went around, hoping to 'interview' the jobseekers and employers.. ha ha ha ha..

Seriously, it was really fun. The whole of our Jobs team was activated, as well as SA. Reason why we asked SA? Cos' under WS, they also do job matching mah.. so, Job fair must include them in. I know some of the SA peeps not very happy about it.

C'mon.. it's a CDC event so as to say.. We at Jobs side organised everything.. It's not easy to get employers and vacancies.. Especially to accept older workers.. so all we need is a little help from everyone. We just can't ask volunteers only to help.. There are certain things which volunteers can't explain to jobseekers. Wrong info may be given, and in the end, we get bombarded for wrong info. Jobs only have around 15 to 16 officers. We are not activating our CSEs, they are already working very hard in helping us with the admin and other miscellaneous stuffs. We should let them enjoy their weekends.

So.. each of us are assigned to do something so as not to overwork anyone. Only 1 day.. just that 1 day.. we only hope both teams can work together as a whole. That's all we wanted.. Noone realises the aftermath of the job fair.. data entry, following-up with employers, getting results.. and ultimately, revealing the results to the management. If anything goes wrong, or not done well, we get the scolding. So.. if everyone work together, the success is shared by everyone.

1 day before the job fair, we went down to the CC to do the last preparations. I was practising my emcee script. I went to help around as well.. Still thinking that I'm still 'young', I just came down from the stage at the front, not by the stairs. Then I heard 'CrAACCcK'. I think... I hurt my ankle.. BUT no pain as yet..


Having standing for so long yesterday.. my ankle starts to hurt slowly. Someone.. very cleverly, assumed that my knees hurt, cos... FAT PEOPLE ALWAYS GET PAINFUL KNEES AFTER STANDING!


If you are not one of the employers (who happened to be having the least number of vacancies), I would be making sure whatever words that come out from my mouth will be imprinted into your sicken mind forever. Thank goodness, my control on my temper has been pretty good..

At least, another one of my employers is very kind to understand that we are tired from running around, standing etc for the entire day.. offered us FREE THAI MASSAGE on our shoulders, neck and legs..

AUTHENTIC THAI MASSAGE!!!! Immediate relief from my aching muscles.. even my old stiff shoulder and neck..

After the entire job fair end.. My ankle by then is already hurting very badly. I was limping by the time I got home.. My bf wondered if I sprained my ankle. I dunno whether to say.. Yes or No..

Today.. it was just as bad..

I woke up at 5.45am to get ready for my pte estate walk. Jay smsed me the previous night, reminding me to go. Bf asked me to put on his ankle guard just in case, even though I'm just doing road marshalling.

The walk ended around 8.45 or so.. Bf fetched me, and we went to Bukit Gombak to eat our breakfast. The coffeeshop where my parents used to have a stall there. We used to sell nonya laksa (which my mum learned from my aunt, who's a nonya) and Lor mee. Business was good, my brother and I had to help them during weekends. I've always felt that noone can ever beat my mum's laksa and lor mee. They are like what your mum will cook at home. That home-made taste.. and the delicious sambal chilli. You can never believe how people can actually eat hot spicy laksa early in the morning..

Somehow, due to some reasons, my parents decided to wind up the business.

I missed those days..

Ah well.. My only wish now.. is that my ankle can stop hurting so badly..


I hope that one day both SA and Job teams can be working together hand-in-hand, where colleagues are friends who will go out together, have fun, go karoke, makan..

Bf will be away on reservist for 2 weeks , starting tomorrow.. :(
He hugged me to sleep last night, since my ankle was hurting and I can't really sleep well. Also since he might or might not be able to come home during the weekend.

Really happy when I know that he was offered an employment with one of Singapore's largest company in cabling. I was laffing as much, when they are offering him a position as Project Engineer when he knows little about laying network cabling. Good thing is that training is provided and he can actually learn on the job. 1st 3 months he has to get down and dirty by learning how to lay network cables, next 3 months will be in office, doing more of paperwork. After this 6 months, he will be out on his own, managing small projects for a start.

Salary-wise.. not really fantastic.. BUT they offer hp subsidies, carpark claims etc.. and transport allowances when he starts managing projects. No ot pay, but good bonuses.
However, bf told me that in this job, he will be doing a lot of ot, overnights, or even go overseas so asked me to be prepared. I remembered what his cousin's friend told us when he first intro the company's profile to my bf the other time.

I was more or less, prepared. I will be probably spending my time at work also. I was very much motivated when my boss told me that I've got potential to excel in this job, and asked me to continue working hard. I hope I will not disappoint her.

Somehow or rather.. I was worrying about something.. Something which I never think of.. Bf going overseas.. for a couple of weeks to months?

Hmm.. Missing him is 1 thing.. will he.. find another girl there? I

know I can rely on his faithfulness.. he has never failed me before, never flirt with other girls and such.. except being too friendly. Ha ha ha..

I've know someone, a married man, loves his wife and kids, had a good career, earning big bucks, a good family man, I must say. However, he was having an affair.. I'm not sure if he visit prostitutes when he's overseas working.. Wife doesn't know.. It's a blessing that she doesn't..

From my mouth, I've always say to my bf that if he ever do anything unfaithful, he better don't let me know.. cos..
I will either, break down, and never recover from knowing the heart-broken truth (turn lesbian maybe?)
commit suicide.

But... in my mind, he better don't do anything of such.

I may live to be a strong girl on the outside, but deep down, I'm just as fragile. I already cried for 1 whole night a couple of years ago, when my bf was showing too much concern over my ex-colleague (back when I was working part-time, the poor girl came alone to Singapore and was studying and working). Bf was of cos, quite surprised over my sudden jealousy, especially when he knew that I wasn't the type who get jealous easily. I told him, I didn't want to show it, I didn't want to let him know. But... sorry lar.. jealousy overflowed.
I surprised myself as well. Ha ha. :P

Anyway, bf assured me that, his heart and mind is big enough to fit a pig(and that's me of cos).

Awww.. where to find such piggy love? WAHAHAHAHAA~

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Old.. old..OLD.. part 2

I wish for..

an OVEN!!!

So that I can bake.. cookies.. bread.. etc etc.. and.. lasagne...

Mustafa Shopping Centre sells decent ovens at below $100 .. :X

Old... Old.. OLD!!!

This is a reminder to myself.. that I've got another 10 more days.. before.. I announce to everyone... I'm quarter of a century old..

So.. to make myself feel better.. I demand BIRTHDAY WISHES!!!
Birthday presents will serve as a bonus... LOL

Hmm.. those who had asked me what presents I want (except for my bf, who probably hope that he can forget when's my birthday)..

I'm a virgo.. and virgo are very practical people.. so.. gimme something that's practical.. no ornaments please.. Money will be most appreciated.. :P

Thanks ar.. ho ho ho~


Just 1 bowl of durian ice-kacang...

Fly you to heavens..

SHIOK ar~!

Wanna know where to eat such nice.. nice.. durian ice-kacang, durian chendol, durian bubur-chacha?

Chong Pang Market.. 食就发..

Stall.. is... owned.. by.. my.. 3rd Aunt :)

Durian puree... all ingredients hand-made.. 20 over years of experience.. Generous servings.. cheap price..
Open at 2pm, sold out by 8-9pm.. Closed on Wednesdays.. Expect queues at times..

It's fattening.. but... just 1 bite.. melts your heart.. melts your stress/ pressure/ problems away..

I lurve durians~ *drOOls*

Thursday, August 31, 2006

What's for dinner?

My dinner tonight..

PASTA in Tomato with Sausages, Hams, Mushrooms ... and tons of chilli flakes..

Courtesy of my bf..

He made it anyway.. I'm talented in cooking.. so with so many years of influence.. he had perfected his art of cooking pasta.. it's Al-DenTe~

WAHAHAHA.. I super thick-skinned.. :P

He cooked.. and packed it for me.. and drove down to my house to give me.
I'm already home by then, thanks to my colleague who gave us a lift to Boon Lay.

Sweet of him to cook for me.. Small gestures like this is enough to make my day a wonderful day.. Who needs expensive gifts to substain a relationship?! See.. I'm so easy to be maintained.. and be satisfied..

Now... where's my glass of ice water.. :-/

Shirley Temple..

For the 1st time... I drank SHIRLEY TEMPLE in a PUB!!!

Pub are meant for drinking ALCOHOL!!! ARgHH!!!

It's okay.. I shall not drink.. for the time being.. :P

Bf's cousin, Pearlyn had asked my bf to go and meet her friend, to see if he can help my bf get into his ex-company. The company, a well-known cabling company, dealing in network cables.

Bf got no prior experience.. except that.. he had worked as a telephone cable technician before many years ago, just helping out his cousin/ friends. Related to that, he studied interior design.. so things like reading the floor plan, probably won't be too difficult.
Anyway, this company don't recruit through newspaper advertisements etc.. BUT.. with recommendations/ referrals from own staff.

So.. they chatted.. while we ladies.. nothing to do.. ordered food and munch our way through. There's no handsome english guys anyway. (By the way, we went to The Yard- English Pub)

They chatted and chatted.. I looked at bf with my sleepy small eyes.. stared at the TV showing soccer.. and looked dazed.. wondering when I can buried myself in my heaps of pillows at home.. Anyway.. bf probably dunno how to stop the friend.. HENG.. Pearlyn also tired.. ended both of their conversations.. and we went home.. Zzzz

Maybe next time.. when got the $$$$ and the mood.. can go back to drink and be merry..

Shit stacked up after 3 days

In just 3 days.. my work can pile up into a huge mountain of shit..

I received reply slips from my employers stating they are unable to participate in our job-fair..

Where to find employers? Those who take in 40 years old and above workers.. and I need employers who's willing to take in MANY MANY.. i.e: 50 vacancies..


I'm preparing to die...die.. DIE~!!!


Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Should I...

consider taking up a degree?

It's been running through my mind ever since I graduated from SP in 2001..

I don't know if I had taken up the wrong diploma course in the first place..

BUT.. I shouldn't regret my decision which I made in 1997..

Now.. it's time for me to make the right choice..

Should I or should I not take up a degree course?

If I should, what course?
Bachelor in Counselling?
Bachelor in Human Resource and Development?
Bachelor in Human Resource Management?
Bachelor in Hospitality/ Tourism?
Bachelor in... what?

Exactly.. what should I take?

Training and Development is something which I think I have interest in for quite some time.. I used to imagine how would life be like if I'm a teacher?

I don't know if I make a good trainer..

I only know.. I probably sucks at being someone's mentor.. considering that my 'mentee' isn't really doing what I have taught him.. he's getting on my nerves.. I dunno why..
He's just doing things his own way.. and too rigid.. in fact.. I might even consider him as someone who cant take criticism and accepting others' comments/ feedback.

I guess I can blame it on myself.. perhaps I'm really not good in training/teaching..

Haiz.. anyone can provide me with any good suggestions? :(

Monday, August 28, 2006

Pungent love..

Maria and I came up with a new phrase for the die-hard romantics..

"Undying... Pungent.. Love.. "

Ha ha ha..

We were on our way home from Buckaroo, our hangout place for spicy buffalo wings which Annie recommended.. Annie was driving.. and we were stuffed with spicy buffalo wings, authentic onion rings, deep fried juicy mushrooms, crispy pizza, root beer floats and our usual Hoe Garden..

I'm sure it wasnt the effect of the beer we drank (I barely felt anything...)

We were chatting about a colleague of ours, and a lady colleague was interested in him..
I was commenting that my nose is very very sensitive to BO.. especially when I have bad experiences with people who have BO (I'm just a magnet for those pple with BO.. for the past 4 years.. and apparently they do not know the existance of deodourant).

So this lady, A, I believed had a bad case of BO.. cos' whenever she was near my area, I can smell her coming.. Strong smell.. Initially I tot it was just my nose.. but after confirming with Maria and Joney, confirmed she got BO liao..

Anyway, she has liking for this male colleague, D for quite sometime.. So, we tried being die-hard romantics, giving this relationship some phrases..

Maria started with .. "their undying love.."

Me.."their undying.. " *waving my hand near my nose* "love.."

Maria started giggling..

Me.. "their undying...s...m...e...ll...y... love.."

Maria suddenly blurted.. "their undying.. PUNGENT!"

Ha ha ha.. new phrase for the romantics if their partners got BO..

PUNGENT Love.. You just love to hate them.. :P


I went back to Ulu Pandan Service Centre to do my Saturday duty..

Boring.. so.. GOD had to send an uncle to 'make' my day..

He can only speak Malay and Tamil.. and kept talking to me in Malay, expecting me to have a translator installed in my ear. I kept telling him, I can't understand what he's trying to say.

However, I think I can roughly make out what he's trying to say.. anyway.. I just gave up and called up Woodlands HQ for help.
Luckily Letchmy is around, so she translated for me over the phone to the uncle.

Around 10.30am, Maria came..
As usual.. when you put us together, we will sit and bitch about things.
Saturday's topic (as usual).. is commenting on our colleagues' fashion sense.

The guys.. please... stop wearing tight pants if you got no nicely-shaped or firm butts!
Ugly leh.. shapeless.. flabby butts..

Tight pants do not emphasize your tiny dick size into something big.. Unless you are willing to spend $$ to buy padded briefs to wear everyday.

Ladies.. ok.. take note.. baggy pants(in male cutting) do not go well with ladies sandals.. You are supposed to be more ladylike when you wear these sandals.. Straight cut pants is not suitable for everyone.. Slim ladies with long legs look best in straight cut.. ladies with big hips (like me) can try wearing low-cut or hipster pants with a slight bootcut. ALWAYS check yourself in the mirror when you try on your pants.. Check out if your butt look okay.. is it too tight or too baggy? Overall looks is pleasing to the eyes?

Anyway.. after much commenting and bitching (we are the bitchy club what).. we had a conclusion..

Talk so much like as if we are perfect.. WAHAAHHAHAHA..

Ok.. we are not perfect.. we are only trying to make our office a better place to work in..

While waiting for Maria to finish her stuffs, I was msning SJ.. at the same time, I was chatting with ah Ray on msn as well.. SJ suddenly mentioned something about being alone without a guy, I just msned ah Ray to chat with SJ. So.. I just opened up a another conversation for the 3 of us.
Intro the 2 fellas.. let them chat and I disappeared..

Ok.. disappeared becos' Maria finished her work liao..

Afterwhich, we popped down to Jurong Point.. Walked around the place. and settled down at Coffee Bean.
Same old topics.. but always so entertaining..

Bf picked me up at around 5+pm. Bought him a HDIB.. which he wanted.. and claimed that he wanted a Hot Dog Ikan Bilis instead of Honey Dew Ice Blended. (-.-|||)

His cousin msged him if he wanted to meet up for a chat later with Star. So.. we agreed.. and met each other at 9pm.

Bought drinks and tit-bits, drove up to Kent Ridge Park and chit-chat till 12.30am.. before I started to look dazed.. Too tired liao.. somemore the next day gotta go brisk-walk @ West Coast Park.
The rest also wanted to leave.. the group of Malay hippies were smoking away.. and their ciggies smelled so horrible!! It's as if they had mixed tobacco with something else.. Spoiled the atmosphere..
Bf's cousin wanted to go Mustafa to stock up on some stuffs, so bf sent me home first before he accompanied them there.
Tucked me into bed before he left..
5 more hours before I wake up again.. Damned..

Thursday, August 24, 2006


that's provided she reads my blog.. ha ha ha

WaT tHe F**K~!

How sad ...

By helping someone.. you can kenna axed on the back for ass-licking, curry-favouring etc etc

This is how shallow some idiots can be...
I'm talking about certain idiots who are jealous of someone's success and start attacking all those who are around her.

We came into office on the same day.. We sat together.. We became fast friends .. We are good working colleagues/ partners..
So.. being good friends and colleagues, helping one another is wrong one, izzit?

So if she got promoted (based on her good performance and her own efforts), people cannot help her har? Get promotion means must ignore her?

What fucking crap..!

I'm helping her.. becos' I can see that she's getting squashed by the huge pile of work and responsibilities, and obviously.. she needs help.
If i can help, in some way or another, I will help.. even if it's for other colleagues..

Wouldn't you help.. if.. your own friend, getting sick, stayed back at work to finish piles of reports?

So.. I help her.. means I'm curry-favouring her? Want to get into her good looks? Then wat? I can get promoted also ar?

Does it mean that if the one sitting beside me is a guy, and I helped him.. means I'm interested in him? Might as well say I also provide undertable service so that I can get promoted.. FUCKING IDIOTS!

Never mind.. it doesn't matter..

I'm a nice evil person..
These idiots.. are just.. having nothing to do.. too bored with their lives.. thus.. need someone to entertain them.. So.. I shall sacrifice my good name.. to let them enjoy for this one moment..

I've nothing against my conscience..

One day.. just see.. ONE FUCKING DAY..
The world will turn against them..
When they need help.. noone will help them...
When they cry for help, noone will hear them...
Everyone will jeer at them.. Laffing at them.. for getting themselves into such SHIT.

I.. will be sitting there.. sipping my tea, and pity them..

Bf says.. if they spread rumours about me.. it means.. I'm someone they can talk about..
HEY.. look on the bright side..

Ok.. I shall stop complaining..
and start.. cursing..



Thursday, August 17, 2006

Happy Birthday to Wee Ching~!!

Happy Birthday to you gal! :)

This is for you.. SJ

I'm writing this entry for my colleague, SJ.

Somehow.. what she has gone through is almost the same as what I've gone through in 2001..

All because of a broken relationship..

Deep wounds in the heart take a long time to heal..

Upon healing, it left an ugly scar..

The scar that make you feel inferior.. that make you feel like you are never good enough.. you are no longer perfect..

It left a dark shadow.. that blinded you with its darkness..

You can't see.. your future.. yourself.. It engulfs you slowly..

You felt like falling into a bottomless pit.. Falling.. and falling..

Once in a while, someone manages to hold you and stop you from falling.. But you slipped away.. and continues falling.. You see the light getting further away.. You know you can't come out of it any more..

Then.. you stop falling.. You fell onto a hard ground.. A heart-wrecking pain..
The pain slowly goes away.. As you wander aimlessly in the dark, a light shone upon you..
You felt another sharp pain in your eyes..

Suddenly you felt someone holding your hands.. It's warm.. You felt secure.. It felt familar.. You instantly thought it was that person who pushed you into this darkness.. You felt happy cos' you thought he came back into your life, pulling up out from this darkness..

Then you realised.. this feeling is warmer.. It's not him.. You felt even better..
You opened your eyes.. You see someone else..

You realised it's someone new.. You haven't seen him before.. His looks so unfamilar.. yet you felt as though you have known him for some time..

Memories flooded your mind.. You have met him before.. but paid no attention.. Your mind didn't open the door to let him through.. He's been waiting.. and waiting for the chance to enter your life..

By a small chance, he was let through.. He saw you.. wandering aimlessly.. He reached out for you, to guide you back into the light..

Like bleach to stain.. your past memories slowly faded away.. You learn to accept this new person in your life..

After so long.. you finally felt free..

Free to accept a totally new relationship.. Free to accept a new love..

To SJ (if you ever chanced upon my blog)..
Letting go is not easy.. Erasing him from your memories can never be done.. No matter how much you wanted him dead, he will still be alive and probably lives a better life than you..
Sometimes.. God just like to challenge you with such small trivial matters..

So.. you must live even better.. Let him realise that without him, you are happier. The failed relationship will make you a better lover.. Let God know that you are stronger than what he thinks..

A smile will kill him faster than a stare/ glare... The next time you see him, don't stare/ glare at him.. give him your sweetest smile..

I pray for you to be, feel and live better than before..

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

What do guys really want from us girls?

I've been thinking..

What are the things that guys are attracted to a girl??

Is it the way she flirts around with them or because she's confident and comfortable of who she is?
Is it the conservative side of her or the wild sexy side?
Is it because she's just pretty?
Is it because she's intelligent?
Is it because she has the body of a devil and the face of an angel?
Is it because she can cook?
Is it because she's caring, kind, sensitive, and considerate?
Or.. just because she has big boobs or she has the body of Angelina Jolie?

I guess .. there's no way we can get an answer..

If I can cook (a proper family dinner), able to do all the housechores i.e sweeping, mopping, washing of clothes etc, possess a reasonably nice personality (I'm thick-skinned), humourous (able to crack dirty jokes, perhaps better than a guy), sensitive to what a guy's needs *ahems*

BUT ...

only that I'm fat (ya.. FAT.. but evenly distributed, and has a hour-glass figure. LOL), plain looks (yet I addressed myself as adorable *ahems*)..

Will guys still be interested in me? Ha ha ha ha..

Now.. doesn't that make me confident as well?

Ah well... I'm glad my bf can see through all the fats in me and love me for who I am and what I have. :P

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


I guess it has not been a good month..

Out of the blue, 2 of my colleagues turned to me, and told me that they had relationship problems.

1 having problem with her bf, which I believe is more or less can be settled by having a heart-to-heart talk with each other..

Another.. just broke up from her 2-month-old relationship.. Alas.. she's still much in love with him..

Be it 2 months or 2 years...
Noone can escape the relationship problems.. I'm no saint.. but I can provide my ears and shoulders if needed..

5 years ago, I too didn't escape from the relationship problems..
I ended my 2.5 yrs relationship in 2001. It was not sudden, as any smart girl could have seen it coming.. I did (not saying I'm smart) see it.. but I refused to give it up. I fought back with anger, I fought it using sympathy, but nothing works..
In the end, it just ended in misery..

A relationship where everyone thought it will last.. it didn't..

I cried almost everyday.. I sinked into the deepest part of misery.. My heart literally shattered into a zillion pieces..
I went to drinking.. it didn't help.. I tried smoking.. it sucks..
I wanted to just kill myself.. but I just couldn't bear to do it..
I turned to my friends.. I cried on their shoulders.. They comforted me, encouraged me to cheer up..

Time heals.. slowly.. but miraculously.. almost everything..

Around 1 year later.. I met my current bf. It's like heavens awarding me..
It's a better relationship, much thanks to the previous lessons learnt..

I learned to control my horrible temper.. I learned to be more patient.. I learned to be sensitive towards others.. I learned that in a relationship, it takes 2 to clap..

Now, approaching my 4th year, despite some squabbles during the initial stages, we are happily together.

I guess, one must learn to let go, before embracing a new beginning..
Never sink to making yourself look sympathetic..
Never blame yourself (if you have done no wrong)..
Never make yourself feel like a failure (1 relationship doesn't work out, doesn't mean all will)
Never torture yourself by refusing to eat, drink or go toilet..

Always pick up yourself after everything has happened..

Always remember, if you want to cry, go cry and make yourself feel better..
If you wanna scold or swear (in the comfort of your own room), just do it..
If you wanna tear up that jerk's pic, just do it..

BUT.. remember..
After you cry, take a tissue, wipe away your tears, before you throw, tell yourself:
"I now wipe away my sorrows and my pain, along with this tissue, I throw into the dustbin and I shall let it go. From now on, I will be happier."

Set yourself a time that you have to stop crying and feel sorry for yourself.

Life's a long way to go.. and you'll meet more people along the way..

Always.. learn to let go..

Monday, July 17, 2006

Salary Increment..

I'm eagering waiting for a salary increment.. doesn't matter if it's pro-rated.. at least I'm getting a salary increment...

Almost 1 year liao leh~!!

In another few more months... AWS..

Pull my neck long enough.. I can feel the rest of last March's PB.. and this year's PB as well..

Time to start stretching my neck~


I'm going to be under WDA soon.. no more under PA's payroll.. in September.. hopefully.. this time is true..

I'm a multi-tasking employee

10 good reasons why I should not be sacked or fired:

1) I'm the door guardian.. cos' I'm sitting just in front of the freakin' door leading to the reception area where all crazy, normal, act-crazy clients are waiting. I can save my fellow colleagues from them if they were to ever barge in.

2) I'm the tissue provider.. anytime we go out for lunch or anywhere, no tissues.. look for Shannon..

3) Need to compile any data using Excel? Always look for Shannon to draft out the template with all the functions incorporated into it.....

4) Need to do any thing to do with MS Powerpoint? Call for Shannon..

5) Having trouble with your PC? Call Shannon again..

6) Need a cheapo makeover (that's free) and make you look like a star? Call for Shannon (and her kaki, Maria).. Guarantee a makeover! (Or in other words, we make sure your partner or noone can recognise you. *grinz*) + Free consultation to what kind of makeup to buy.. at your own expenses~ ha ha ha

7) Need a photographer, but can't afford to pay for a single cent? Get Shannon.. She takes pictures for FREE.. and gives you quality pictures according to the price you pay~! LOL

8) Need someone to do up your noticeboard? Look for Shannon.. all becos' she studied Art for 4 years and worked as a graphic designer for 2 years. *Not forgetting to mention that I was the Noticeboard committee member back during secondary school*

9) Looking for someone to come up with ideas for a placement/ KPI board? Squeeze Shannon's brains dry..

10) Wanting someone to help you to decide whether this cake/present/perfume/toiletries/ etc etc is suitable for this person? Shannon's your girl to ask!

See.... I'm a multi-tasking employee, paid with only 1 man' salary..

But.. to make myself feel good... I'm multi-talented~! Ha ha ha..

End Note: This is a lame post..

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Then again..

My dearest horny cat at home is wailing again... She's sexually deprived.. WAHAHAHAHAHA~
Even the older tom 'eunuch' cat cannot tahan her wailing.. came into my room every night to sleep.. or rather.. to escape from her wailing/ screaming/ abusive behaviour..

I'm awaiting for my yearly salary increment.. that's provided if us.. the poor 'contract'/DCN/PR of our CDC is included in the increment.. I'm only a diploma holder.. I'm one of the lowest paid employee of the organisation... therefore.. INCREASE MY SALARY!!! :P
** Likelyhood.. the increment could be just a couple of dollars, just to shut my f**king mouth up..**

My digital camera.. went dead on me a couple of weeks back.. Nothing wrong with the camera body.. Only the battery.. it has.. gained weight (like its owner).. thus.. causing the camera to be faulty.. It has been sent to the 'hospital' for observations.. until now.. no NEWS..!!

I miss my camera.. ArgH~


I'm getting a new email address soon at work.. Finally, we get a chance to use Lotus Notes for email.. and of cos.. the price to pay.. a bloody god-damned f**king long email address, that's even longer than my old long email address.... SIGh~


My bf, his cousin and me went to Mustafa late one night.. around 1am+..
No coconut smell.. No BO...

His cousin went to buy perfume.. Bf just tagged around.. I was pestering him to buy me an oven (weird request... ) and in the end... I bought.... a Revlon liquid eyeliner... Duh~
Which.. I have not been able to draw a proper neat thin line above my eyelashes.. Small eyes need liner to make it bigger.. if not I look sleepy (which I am sleepy most of the time)

I'm probably getting weirder by the day..

1) I talked to myself at work.. Mumbling will be seen as a very serious case (which occurs once in a while)
2) I start to have selective memories.. though most of the time, I feel like I have nothing to remember..
3) My colleagues start to comment that my new colleague (JS) look alike like me initially.. My boss mistook her for me.. I asked LM for confirmation.. luckily LM said " No wat.. her hair longer than yours.. and she wears more baggy clothes than you.. and.. she doesn't wear makeup wat.. How to look the same?!"
That makes me ponder.. so why everyone comment that we look alike?? I guess... to them.. all fat people look alike.. GRrRRR~


4) JS made an interesting comment the other day.. that I bit my upper and lower lips together when I'm seriously concentrating on my work.. so... is that BAD?

Now I'm under heaps and heaps of work to do.. I need to do a lot of reports.. a lot of info compilation.. and still keeping my KPI healthy..



I attempted to make my own lip balm.. and successfully done so..


I attempted to assemble a Nissan Skyline GTR with my bf..
File, Paint, Stick...

I realised.. my hands are not as skillful as my bf's.. apparently.. he's much more nimble than I am.. Study in La-Salle before that's why different...


I'm addicted to
1) Initial D song clips
2) Clips on drifting
3) Music videos
4) KTV music videos to practise before I go for any KTV sessions

1) Clips of Sex and Zen (old hongkong porn movie with Amy Yip inside) ; me and bf.. laffed our heads off.. LAME porn~!
2) Clips of Japanese AV girls being publicly groped on TV and they look happy about it..
3) Silly self-made videos..

Enough crap to let you guys read for 2 mins..

Stop pestering me to update any further.. :>

p/s: I attempted to record my own voice earlier on when I was singing to the music videos.. I realised.. 我的咬字不清!AHHHhh~!!! *gave up hope*


I have no mood to blog...

Apparently... June/ July period of every year is not a good period..
Bad things happened to people around me... and indirectly affected me..

So.. now I bo mood to blog..

SIANZ.... sigh~

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Beri poor liao ar~!

I'm officially poor..

Cos... I've just busted my account.. buying... 2 Motorola L6 (1 was a investment for a bigger diamond ring on my wedding day.. *grins*), paying for car insurance (thank god ours is a small car and bf is above 27 years old with good driving record), stupid road tax and my darn shopping sprees..

There goes my performance bonus.. and WE ARE NOT EVEN INCLUDED IN THE DAMNED CIVIL SERVANT 0.5 MONTH + $200 BONUS!!!!!!! @#$%^&* !

*calm down... *

Anyway.. bf promised me that starting from end of this month, he can start taking care of all our financial stuffs cos he's already been working OT consistently.. AND once he passes his motorbike license and gets confirmed, we can start planning for all the necessary wedding plans. Which means... I can.... be more stingy and save more money.. and go for shopping often.. ho ho ho~

I wonder when we can upgrade our laptops and get a new Xbox 360... hmmm...

p/s: Poor bro is entering his BMT this Friday.. Monkey goes in.. Gorilla comes out.. WAHAHAHHAHAA~
Sianz.. noone to bully from Friday onwards... :(

Monday, May 29, 2006

I'm not afaid of death.. I'm only afraid seeing death..

Even when my bf bought me a tote bag from Nike (after countless efforts of finding the Adidas bag that I like very much).. Even when my bf bought me Revlon's 07 Spring Moss Eyeshadow (despite knowing that I already own 01 Copper Spice and 05 Blushed Wines) ....

Nothing can release me from the sadness that I'm having now...

My maternal grandma died.. as of tonight.. 28th May 2006..

I'll never get to see her beady eyes and big wide smile and I'll never get to hear her talking to me in Cantonese which, after so many years, I barely could understand what she's telling me..

She struggled for almost 8 years.. illness after illness.. She was still so strong and healthy when she was still living in the old farm at Upper Thomson.. After being asked to evict, and moving to the urban estates, her health gradually worsen..

Then she started changing her religious beliefs to Christianity at the grand old age of 90 (because of my eldest uncle, even when the rest of the family objected).. Just last year, at the age of 92, she hesitated and wanted to go back to Taoism but somehow my eldest uncle told her out of it.. Maybe she's afraid of death.. Maybe she thought Jesus or Goddess of Mercy can spare her from dying..

May be...

Everyone were already well-prepared for the worst.. Grandma already having problems eating and drinking during the past month.. Seeing her in such painful state, I rather wish that she can be released from such misery..

And now... she's released..

Peacefully in her sleep, she left us.. Without pain.. Without tears..

Grandma, please rest in peace and giving us your blessings.. I will always miss you.

In memory of my dearest Grandma..

Saturday, May 13, 2006

It's been a long time...

I know.. it's been a long time since I last blog.

Many things had happened.. which although I really wanna blog about it, I simply don't have the time or strength to open up my laptop and start blogging about it. (Truth: I'm too engrossed in either getting my work's data entry done at home- since it's a lot faster at night, or playing my Sims - I only have up to Superstar and The Longest Journey - it's quite an old game,probably launched in 2001-2, but it's really nice!) *grinz*

Whichever it is, I shall update bit by bit (whichever I can remember - I got short-term memory)

Bf's Big Shit update..
2 weeks ago, he went for Ultrasound scanning (no.. he's not preggy) and doctor found small bone fragments in his left ankle and slight inflammation.
I asked him if he broke his ankle before, bf replied he din, but he said it could be an injury which he gotten many years back when he was in his teens. He said he played basketball, and there was once he sprained his ankle quite badly but din see a doctor about it. So.. answer to his bone fragments from yester-years.
Last Thursday he went for checkup at NUH to meet his specialist doc, Doc. Boey. Doc said he's on his way to recovery, but still need some time to recover fully. She even advised him to stop going for his motorbike lessons, but w/o a motorbike license, bf's chances of being confirmed by the company is very minimal (he's already in a panicky stage of whether he will be asked to leave). He continued taking lessons anyway.. and has been working overtime ever since 1 month ago.

My update..
I was recently transferred to do Employer Servicing, meaning I'm dealing with employers now to get more job vacancies, instead of meeting jobseekers to get them jobs.
Then again, all ESC (Employer Servicing Consultants) are supposed to have at least 1 counter duty to meet jobseekers every week.

My contract was renewed by PA for another 2 more years.. hee hee..

Ever since the transfer, I've also been working overtime almost everyday till 8pm. Need to get most of my work done, since during day time, our system is ultra slow.

I'm sure almost everyone has gotten their Progress Package already, perhaps already spent the $$. I took a couple of hundreds out to go for shopping... ha ha ha
Went out with Awyn and Bf to Parkway Parade a week ago, from early afternoon onwards..
Shopping like crazy.. I bought 2 tops and 1 jacket.. It's hard to find plus-size clothes nowadays..
Club Marc from New York just opened it's first shop in PP, although expensive but theya re having a 60% sale storewide till tomorrow! That's where I bought my jacket, slashed from $79.90 to $32+, and I fit into their P1 size (minus the buttoning up.. what to do, you can't shrink bust size that easily.. WAHAHAHAHA)

Then again, I better start losing some weight before those shops decide not to bring in anything larger than XL. HA HA HA HA HA.. easier said than done..

Did I forget to mention, I even bought an epilator?! Awyn bought 1 from Braun, 3 days before me, and raved about it. Good bye to shaving armpit and leg hairs and having ingrown stubs! Welcome to clean shaven and silky smooth legs and armpits! (The other regions have yet to be experimented, MuHAHAHAHhaha)

Total damage for 1 day: $200 (exluding GST, and food/ drinks)
Awyn's damage: approx. $150 to $200 ..
Received: 2 tops, 1 jacket and 2 really touching smses from BF.
Awyn's loot: 2 boxes of coloured lens, 2 skirts, 1 top from Club Marc

Got a new colleague last week, her name's Joney. Previously working in IMH. Some say we both look quite alike (meaning size lar..) and we both wear specs. A lot of similarities..
1) we both go DP for clothes (basically there's where all plus sized ladies will go, and they are not CHEAP!)
2) we both graduate with a diploma and no money to take degree.. (ha ha ha)
3) we are both attached for 4 years .. (who says fat girls can't find good boyfriends)
4) we both wanna get married.. but BO LUI~!!

Only difference for both of us is that.. she doesn't like to put makeup (or dressed up, Joney says mainly becos' she doesn't know how to put makeup).. Taught her to read up from online, which was where I learnt from.. then of cos, there's Luluria (aka Maria) my other colleague cum buddy.. we had a makeup shopping spree the other day.. ho ho ho~

I believe I've heard or seen other ladies said this before.. no matter how long you have been together with your boyfriend or husband, you have to dress up even a little bit, to spice up your love life.. Men sometimes like surprises.. even dabbing on a bit of foundation, using mascara, or lipgloss, they will notice the extra things and be surprised!

Previously, I thought of just being myself, wear t-shirt and jeans when I go out with my bf, he sure won't mind (anyway.. he don't really bother too much on how I dress). But I think he kinda feel comforted when his friends saw me while we are walking on the streets and I'm not looking all shabby.. Muahhahahahha.. (self-praised~)

Makeup do make a woman feel more self-confident, and that's really important. When you feel confident, you feel good and look good (even in being plus size).

Metro Warehouse Sale now at Singapore Expo Hall 5 till 14 May!!!!!!!!
No more long q's for payment, it's super fast!!!!!

My review:
Big sale.. almost every single thing is really cheap!!! Lingerie cheap cheap.. perfumes cheap cheap.. makeup cheap cheap.. shoes cheap cheap.. clothes cheap cheap.. bedlinen cheap, pillows/ blosters ultra cheap...

Total damage: $177 (heng .. bf pay by his CC) + $170 (from Challenger)
Received: 1 skirt (thank god can wear), 1 surfers' shorts (bloody hell.. buy liao cannot wear! I MUST lose weight!), 2 bras (obviously I underestimate my boobs, perhaps mum can wear), Bf's loot- 2 adidas perfume, 4 pairs of toe socks, 3 singlets, 3 Renoma undies, 2 pillows (buy 1 get 1) and 1 bolster + 1 256mb Creative Nano Zen plus with FM radio (Mama day present), 2 laptop cooling balls (Annie's request) and 2 Xbox games (at $21.90 each)

I think both of us spent too much this month...
Still got Car's instalment+ Insurance+Road Tax to pay soon..

My performance bonus is going to be zeroised soon... ArGhh...

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Sometimes changes can be a good thing...

Last Thursday... I did the most unexpected in my entire life after Primary 5..

I finally allowed my hair-stylist to cut my fringe.. something which I die-die also won't let her cut (the most just snip less than an inch)..

The moment I gave her the green light to cut my precious.. her evil mind just took over her hands and did what she has always wanted to do..

The end result... short short fringe.. of cos, colouring the hair is always needed (though I've always use the DIY hair colouring). Pics to be uploaded next time (if I feel like it).


The IT show on Sat was amazing... as usual, it's always packed with sweaty, sweaty people.. Rather than to go there at around 5-6pm, we decided to go early (another reason was because I've to attend my colleague's wedding dinner at 7.30pm).

Carpark is always the issue whenever we go to Cityhall area. Normal days, Suntec carpark is out of the question, so where do you park your car?

1. Millenia Walk
2. Marina Square
3. Raffles Shopping Centre
4. Shaw Towers

Options 1 and 4 are our best choices. Millenia Walk sure will be crowded, according to my bf's experience for the past 3 years, especially during any shows at Suntec (Singaporeans are still smart, to a certain extent..). Therefore, Shaw Towers is the next best thing. I mean, who will ever think of going to a carpark which is not using ERP-cashcard?

The carpark charges are especially cheap.. especially after 2pm. it's only $1 per entry~! Guaranteed got parking spaces (at the upper floors). So we happily parked there and headed off to Suntec.

1st stop, level 3..... XBOX 360!!! I love the stylish design~!!!!!!!!!!!! I like the price even more.. more than $700SGD.. Jeez... ha ha ha

2nd stop, my FAVE... level 4.... DIGITAL CAMERAS~!!! I've long wanted to buy a digital camera.. so I'm gonna grab all the brochures I can find and decide on 1 (and probably to hesitate about buying later.. as usual..). Bf paved the way for me to squeeze thru the dreaded sweaty people to get the brochures. Casio Exlim, Panasonic, Ricoh, Canon, Sony, Nikon, Olympus, JVC etc. In less than 30 mins of pushing and shoving, we got out and went to find a place to sit down, have a drink and decide.

Since bf was quite knowledgable on cameras, we shortlist 3 in our list.
The final 3 brands (in no particular order):
- Nikon
- Olympus
- Canon

Then we shortlist further, based on the $$ vs mega-pixels.
Finally..... after much discussion...
We decide on either Olympus or Nikon..

We headed back to Olympus 1st. The model FE-150 (5 mega-pixels) was out-of-stock! Aaron,the sales guy, gave me a bargain which I can't resist... he's offering me FE-160 (6 mega-pixels) at a discounted price of $...399 instead of $449!

Comparing Nikon and Olympus - 6 mega-pixels at their prices... this Olympus was unbeatable.. I only need a normal camera for normal usage.. Anything more professional, bf's father has Nikon D70. *lol* So... bf paid for it with his credit card... No need to envy lar.. he's only paying for it first, until I get my pay, then I have to return the $$ lar.. I also wish he will buy for me. But he's still very poor after that 2 months of unpaid leave..

So anyway, the excited me can't wait to go home and charge up that battery.

Finally... a camera of my very own~!! Not forgetting... i'm a few hundred bucks poorer... Haiz.. the aftermath of shopping... :(

My trophy... and a promise which bf made, saying that he will bring me out for photography.. Heh heh..

Monday, March 06, 2006

No more unplugged!

I finally got my new ADSL Siemens Ethernet modem from Singnet on Friday~!

My old modems (yes.. I've got 2 Prolink Hurricane modems from my 1st and previous contract extensions) getting old and cranky..
For no reasons, my notebook will pop out a prompt, saying the cable is unplugged. BOTH MODEMS okay~!!! I exchanged the USB cables, trialed and tested. Same problem...

Anyway, my contract is ending, so the Singnet people gave me a call on Tuesday and asked if I'm interested to extend my contract. The new rates are so attractive~!!!!

At first, I thought of just extending my contract for another year to enjoy the new rates.. then thinking that my modems are faulty, might as well extend 2 years and get a new modem. Heh heh.. So the lady promised me to courier the modem over on Friday evening. :)

Now so shiok... no more loss of network halfway through my surfing.. ha ha ha~

But now.. I got problem...

I dunno how to set the connection settings for my Outlook Express 6 since my current internet connection is running on LAN. (-.-||)

Haiz... 1 problem solved.. another comes.. Hmm.... now to wreck my brains on setting the connection. *bLEAh*

Sunday, February 26, 2006

My bed...

Sometimes... I really wish that I have a digital camera so that I don't have to toture my hp to take horrible pics..

I like photography.. but never have a chance to go into it...

Anyway.. this is my bed (it's double decker).. after my mum nagged at me for dunno-how-many months before arrival of CNY..

It better stayed that way until we decided to do something about it...

p/s: I would really appreciate if anyone wanna donate to me their vouchers from any electronics stores, so that I can get a digital camera at a discounted price... Donors anyone???? (-.-)

My 1st contact with SM, PM, and MM~!!!!!

5th February...

Istana... Chinese New Year Garden Party...

I was 'arrowed' to become... a part-time escort for SM... and PM...

From 2pm onwards, we were there... waiting for guests to arrive..
PM, SM and MM won't arrive till 4pm..

Food: so-so, catered by Raffles Hotel.. (I like their western pastries.. yummy)
Atmosphere: tense... everyone waiting for the big shots' arrival..
People: Grassroots leaders, ministers etc

When the big shots arrived...
You probably would wanna find a place to hide, away from the mad crowd.. I was squashed alive.. everyone pushing to get a pic of them.. and their handshakes..

Seriously... PM and SM are really cool people!! They are so FRIENDLY~!!!
Of cos, both have bodyguards closed to them (and we are part of their bodyguard party).
** did I mention the bodyguards... some were really cute-looking?**

I managed to get a handshake with PM, right before he left in his car..

My 1st .. and probably the last... contact with our country's hot shots...
My 1st and last time... that I ever wanted.. to STAND CONTINUOUSLY FOR 8 HOURS STRAIGHT W/O RESTING!!!!!!!

p/s: we did however.. awarded with 1 day time off for our 'efforts'. WAHAHAHAHAHA..

My bf's big shit...

Ok.. as stated in my previous posts...Some big shit happened to my bf.

For 1 period of 2 months +, I was unfortunately made a part-time nanny, maid, personal nurse to my bf.

Poor bf kenna GOUT (rich man's illness)...

It all started when 1 day, during work, bf's trainee made a really-bad-and-god-damned-bad U-turn and almost crashed up the center fence. Of cos, bf had to step on the brake, and it happened that the car's brake pad was small and slippery (wasn't bf's usual car; his training car was at workshop), bf's foot was big (size 10), poor fella sprained his ankle.

So.. thinking it was a sprain, he went to see the chinese physician. Ankle got worse.. and to the extent that he had to buy a walking stick... Thus he went to see his company doc, doc says he got gout and gave him this medicine (phenenor or whatever). This medicine apparently was already not in use by hospitals becos of its side-effects(we din know about that @ that time).

The miraclously thing happened... it spread from his left ankle to his right ankle.. so now... BOTH ankles injuried..

Everyday I had to rush off after work to his house to take care of him, and accompany him..

I was staying over at his place during 1 weekend, when in the middle of the night....... he told his the pain was unbearable and getting worse.. Usually he can really tahan pain.. so when he said he really couldn't bear with it, I know it was bad... Poor fella can't even get out from his bed.
So we decided to call an ambulance.. non-emergency one lar..

FYI.. it was a FREAKING $80!!!!!!!

Anyway, I waited @ NUH for 4 hours plus.. from 12midnight to around 4-5am the next morn..
His uric acid level was a all-time high of 8.8. The doc was very worried. That's when he told us that the medication he took from his company doc was already not in use, as the medicine will transfer the 'pain' to another joint.

I tot the hospital bills gonna be huge.. guess wat.. it's only... $70! including medicine..

So... time passed... he went for checkups.. and doc told him his left ankle joint was infected and filled with pus. Pus was removed and he was also placed on diet (for his gout problem).

Went back to work after 2 months of unpaid leave... He was worried that he might be aske dto leave.. but luckily, his company only told him that his confirmation will be delayed for another 5 more mths. Rather than being dismissed, 5 more months to be confirmed is like a blessing to him.

He's still on checkup with NUH doctors and his situation is placed under control..

But financial-wise... haiz.... both of us got to start from zero again.. :(

I love my office..

Ever since we had new colleagues coming in since October, the office (particularly our section) was pretty rowdy. Of cos, I'm not quite the main reason.. though my CSEs always wondering who was the heck laffing behind the door.. FYI, I'm sitting just IN FRONT of the damned door (leading out to the service centre).. HOW UNFORTUNATE..

Anyway, the group of us (young and old) just happened to be able to click together. So we always talked rubbish everyday, make jokes, gossip (about some bitchy stuffs), even to the extent of messing up everyones' desk...

This is what happened to Maria's table (right in front of her own eyes)..

It was actually supposed to be 3 of 'it' arranged in a row.. but Maria took it off.. So we had to restraint her.. and created this scene...

This is part (and parcel) of our office life.....

I love my office... (^-^)

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Does anyone miss me?

I've been missing for 3 months...

Reasons for MIA:
1) My laptop was down with weird spywares and trojan horses and viruses... My bf's buddy cracked his brains while trying to clean my laptop (cos I simply refused to budge when he asked me to just format the whole hard-disk; that's of cos my last resort... :P )

2) When he finally admitted to hospital after settling the notorious Shannon's-god-damned-shitty-laptop, big shit happened to my bf.. Details to be filled in later..

3) My work gets piled up.. I've got no day/ night.. just work.. and work... and work...

4) I've got an addiction... to The Sims... again... for the i-dunno-how-many times.. This time round.. I've got almost all the expansions, except Makin' Magic. So.. no explanations needed..

5) Lazy to blog... don't even have the time to read other people's blogs..

6) Other than work, I'm enjoying my life... with my bf.. and my colleagues..

So there you go... my reasons for MIA..