Saturday, October 20, 2007

Precious.. and ... Forever...

This was what the pastor said to Jason (my poly buddy) and his wife, earlier this evening at their solemisation.

Marriage is precious.. and it's forever..
So.... inspiring.. HA HA HA.. can't wait to hear what my solemiser will say to us..

" I announce you.. husband and wife.. Sign liao can go... "
Ok.. me = lame..

They had their wedding at the Gallery Hotel.. where the hotel's swimming pool walls are actually glass.. which means, TRANSPARENT! WAH~~~~~

But.. too late liao, no swimmers..

We the gang of 5 from SPAC2GO.. finally witnessed our big brother (Jason's the oldest) end his bachelor life.
Next in line... should be our 2nd brother, Jianhao.. but hor.. he hasn't made his move.
3rd brother, Gary... no targets yet.. so... left me.. the 4th sister.. who's about to sign away my singlehood in another 2+ months time.
5th sister, Qiuyun.. who knows may be the 3rd? :P
Counting the years.. we have known one another for almost 10 years (ever since poly year 1)..
Me and Siti.. for almost 8 years.. (we became buddies from year 3 onwards..)
I think.. the longest running.. most likely.. is Liming aka Michelle.. from Sec 1.. as well as Weijing aka Tiff..

This reminded me.. TIME FLIES LIKE A ROCKET!!!

So fast.. :(
Ah well.. better do what I want now.. before time is wasted.. (which anyway, I started going for exercise classes, hopefully to lose the fats, tone up, get healthier and maybe can grow prettier also *LOL*, then made new changes to my hair - 1st time in my life, I permed it.. and even change my style of dressing... well.. that maybe hv to depend on my hubby, he's the stylist.)

Whichever it is.... it's all for the better..
If I become more confident about myself.. Naturally.. I will become more beautiful.. i think. :P

Gary started cam-whoring at the wedding earlier.. and that inspired me.. to do the same when I got home..

Ok... enough of acting cute... EVERYONE PUKING LIAO!!!
Are my eyes looking bigger? I took pains to makeup my eyes so that they look bigger, becos' they are so small.. I tried using the method of drawing my eyeliner according to Kevin 老师in女人我最大 and adding some white eyeshadow/ liner to my lower lashline. Wearing this big eye lens (I bought this Maxi Eyes by Spectroflex from USA).. Probably the last thing which I should learn.. is to wear faux lashes.. ok.. enough of makeup.. *bf must be shaking head by now.. *
Anyway, my eye bags are showing.. I havent been sleeping well... Always not enough sleep..
Must get rid of eye bags..
I can't wait for my hair to grow longer.. long sexy curls at the end.. to create my ultimate sexy look for the ROM.. provided if I can slim enough.. :P
Hmm... feel like having prata tmr morning.. :X
COUPLE OF TURI BEACH RESORT SWIMMING POOL PIX!(sorry.. no bikini babes/ speedo trunks hunks)

That's all folks!!!

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