Thursday, August 31, 2006

What's for dinner?

My dinner tonight..

PASTA in Tomato with Sausages, Hams, Mushrooms ... and tons of chilli flakes..

Courtesy of my bf..

He made it anyway.. I'm talented in cooking.. so with so many years of influence.. he had perfected his art of cooking pasta.. it's Al-DenTe~

WAHAHAHA.. I super thick-skinned.. :P

He cooked.. and packed it for me.. and drove down to my house to give me.
I'm already home by then, thanks to my colleague who gave us a lift to Boon Lay.

Sweet of him to cook for me.. Small gestures like this is enough to make my day a wonderful day.. Who needs expensive gifts to substain a relationship?! See.. I'm so easy to be maintained.. and be satisfied..

Now... where's my glass of ice water.. :-/

Shirley Temple..

For the 1st time... I drank SHIRLEY TEMPLE in a PUB!!!

Pub are meant for drinking ALCOHOL!!! ARgHH!!!

It's okay.. I shall not drink.. for the time being.. :P

Bf's cousin, Pearlyn had asked my bf to go and meet her friend, to see if he can help my bf get into his ex-company. The company, a well-known cabling company, dealing in network cables.

Bf got no prior experience.. except that.. he had worked as a telephone cable technician before many years ago, just helping out his cousin/ friends. Related to that, he studied interior design.. so things like reading the floor plan, probably won't be too difficult.
Anyway, this company don't recruit through newspaper advertisements etc.. BUT.. with recommendations/ referrals from own staff.

So.. they chatted.. while we ladies.. nothing to do.. ordered food and munch our way through. There's no handsome english guys anyway. (By the way, we went to The Yard- English Pub)

They chatted and chatted.. I looked at bf with my sleepy small eyes.. stared at the TV showing soccer.. and looked dazed.. wondering when I can buried myself in my heaps of pillows at home.. Anyway.. bf probably dunno how to stop the friend.. HENG.. Pearlyn also tired.. ended both of their conversations.. and we went home.. Zzzz

Maybe next time.. when got the $$$$ and the mood.. can go back to drink and be merry..

Shit stacked up after 3 days

In just 3 days.. my work can pile up into a huge mountain of shit..

I received reply slips from my employers stating they are unable to participate in our job-fair..

Where to find employers? Those who take in 40 years old and above workers.. and I need employers who's willing to take in MANY MANY.. i.e: 50 vacancies..


I'm preparing to die...die.. DIE~!!!


Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Should I...

consider taking up a degree?

It's been running through my mind ever since I graduated from SP in 2001..

I don't know if I had taken up the wrong diploma course in the first place..

BUT.. I shouldn't regret my decision which I made in 1997..

Now.. it's time for me to make the right choice..

Should I or should I not take up a degree course?

If I should, what course?
Bachelor in Counselling?
Bachelor in Human Resource and Development?
Bachelor in Human Resource Management?
Bachelor in Hospitality/ Tourism?
Bachelor in... what?

Exactly.. what should I take?

Training and Development is something which I think I have interest in for quite some time.. I used to imagine how would life be like if I'm a teacher?

I don't know if I make a good trainer..

I only know.. I probably sucks at being someone's mentor.. considering that my 'mentee' isn't really doing what I have taught him.. he's getting on my nerves.. I dunno why..
He's just doing things his own way.. and too rigid.. in fact.. I might even consider him as someone who cant take criticism and accepting others' comments/ feedback.

I guess I can blame it on myself.. perhaps I'm really not good in training/teaching..

Haiz.. anyone can provide me with any good suggestions? :(

Monday, August 28, 2006

Pungent love..

Maria and I came up with a new phrase for the die-hard romantics..

"Undying... Pungent.. Love.. "

Ha ha ha..

We were on our way home from Buckaroo, our hangout place for spicy buffalo wings which Annie recommended.. Annie was driving.. and we were stuffed with spicy buffalo wings, authentic onion rings, deep fried juicy mushrooms, crispy pizza, root beer floats and our usual Hoe Garden..

I'm sure it wasnt the effect of the beer we drank (I barely felt anything...)

We were chatting about a colleague of ours, and a lady colleague was interested in him..
I was commenting that my nose is very very sensitive to BO.. especially when I have bad experiences with people who have BO (I'm just a magnet for those pple with BO.. for the past 4 years.. and apparently they do not know the existance of deodourant).

So this lady, A, I believed had a bad case of BO.. cos' whenever she was near my area, I can smell her coming.. Strong smell.. Initially I tot it was just my nose.. but after confirming with Maria and Joney, confirmed she got BO liao..

Anyway, she has liking for this male colleague, D for quite sometime.. So, we tried being die-hard romantics, giving this relationship some phrases..

Maria started with .. "their undying love.."

Me.."their undying.. " *waving my hand near my nose* "love.."

Maria started giggling..

Me.. "their undying...s...m...e...ll...y... love.."

Maria suddenly blurted.. "their undying.. PUNGENT!"

Ha ha ha.. new phrase for the romantics if their partners got BO..

PUNGENT Love.. You just love to hate them.. :P


I went back to Ulu Pandan Service Centre to do my Saturday duty..

Boring.. so.. GOD had to send an uncle to 'make' my day..

He can only speak Malay and Tamil.. and kept talking to me in Malay, expecting me to have a translator installed in my ear. I kept telling him, I can't understand what he's trying to say.

However, I think I can roughly make out what he's trying to say.. anyway.. I just gave up and called up Woodlands HQ for help.
Luckily Letchmy is around, so she translated for me over the phone to the uncle.

Around 10.30am, Maria came..
As usual.. when you put us together, we will sit and bitch about things.
Saturday's topic (as usual).. is commenting on our colleagues' fashion sense.

The guys.. please... stop wearing tight pants if you got no nicely-shaped or firm butts!
Ugly leh.. shapeless.. flabby butts..

Tight pants do not emphasize your tiny dick size into something big.. Unless you are willing to spend $$ to buy padded briefs to wear everyday.

Ladies.. ok.. take note.. baggy pants(in male cutting) do not go well with ladies sandals.. You are supposed to be more ladylike when you wear these sandals.. Straight cut pants is not suitable for everyone.. Slim ladies with long legs look best in straight cut.. ladies with big hips (like me) can try wearing low-cut or hipster pants with a slight bootcut. ALWAYS check yourself in the mirror when you try on your pants.. Check out if your butt look okay.. is it too tight or too baggy? Overall looks is pleasing to the eyes?

Anyway.. after much commenting and bitching (we are the bitchy club what).. we had a conclusion..

Talk so much like as if we are perfect.. WAHAAHHAHAHA..

Ok.. we are not perfect.. we are only trying to make our office a better place to work in..

While waiting for Maria to finish her stuffs, I was msning SJ.. at the same time, I was chatting with ah Ray on msn as well.. SJ suddenly mentioned something about being alone without a guy, I just msned ah Ray to chat with SJ. So.. I just opened up a another conversation for the 3 of us.
Intro the 2 fellas.. let them chat and I disappeared..

Ok.. disappeared becos' Maria finished her work liao..

Afterwhich, we popped down to Jurong Point.. Walked around the place. and settled down at Coffee Bean.
Same old topics.. but always so entertaining..

Bf picked me up at around 5+pm. Bought him a HDIB.. which he wanted.. and claimed that he wanted a Hot Dog Ikan Bilis instead of Honey Dew Ice Blended. (-.-|||)

His cousin msged him if he wanted to meet up for a chat later with Star. So.. we agreed.. and met each other at 9pm.

Bought drinks and tit-bits, drove up to Kent Ridge Park and chit-chat till 12.30am.. before I started to look dazed.. Too tired liao.. somemore the next day gotta go brisk-walk @ West Coast Park.
The rest also wanted to leave.. the group of Malay hippies were smoking away.. and their ciggies smelled so horrible!! It's as if they had mixed tobacco with something else.. Spoiled the atmosphere..
Bf's cousin wanted to go Mustafa to stock up on some stuffs, so bf sent me home first before he accompanied them there.
Tucked me into bed before he left..
5 more hours before I wake up again.. Damned..

Thursday, August 24, 2006


that's provided she reads my blog.. ha ha ha

WaT tHe F**K~!

How sad ...

By helping someone.. you can kenna axed on the back for ass-licking, curry-favouring etc etc

This is how shallow some idiots can be...
I'm talking about certain idiots who are jealous of someone's success and start attacking all those who are around her.

We came into office on the same day.. We sat together.. We became fast friends .. We are good working colleagues/ partners..
So.. being good friends and colleagues, helping one another is wrong one, izzit?

So if she got promoted (based on her good performance and her own efforts), people cannot help her har? Get promotion means must ignore her?

What fucking crap..!

I'm helping her.. becos' I can see that she's getting squashed by the huge pile of work and responsibilities, and obviously.. she needs help.
If i can help, in some way or another, I will help.. even if it's for other colleagues..

Wouldn't you help.. if.. your own friend, getting sick, stayed back at work to finish piles of reports?

So.. I help her.. means I'm curry-favouring her? Want to get into her good looks? Then wat? I can get promoted also ar?

Does it mean that if the one sitting beside me is a guy, and I helped him.. means I'm interested in him? Might as well say I also provide undertable service so that I can get promoted.. FUCKING IDIOTS!

Never mind.. it doesn't matter..

I'm a nice evil person..
These idiots.. are just.. having nothing to do.. too bored with their lives.. thus.. need someone to entertain them.. So.. I shall sacrifice my good name.. to let them enjoy for this one moment..

I've nothing against my conscience..

One day.. just see.. ONE FUCKING DAY..
The world will turn against them..
When they need help.. noone will help them...
When they cry for help, noone will hear them...
Everyone will jeer at them.. Laffing at them.. for getting themselves into such SHIT.

I.. will be sitting there.. sipping my tea, and pity them..

Bf says.. if they spread rumours about me.. it means.. I'm someone they can talk about..
HEY.. look on the bright side..

Ok.. I shall stop complaining..
and start.. cursing..



Thursday, August 17, 2006

Happy Birthday to Wee Ching~!!

Happy Birthday to you gal! :)

This is for you.. SJ

I'm writing this entry for my colleague, SJ.

Somehow.. what she has gone through is almost the same as what I've gone through in 2001..

All because of a broken relationship..

Deep wounds in the heart take a long time to heal..

Upon healing, it left an ugly scar..

The scar that make you feel inferior.. that make you feel like you are never good enough.. you are no longer perfect..

It left a dark shadow.. that blinded you with its darkness..

You can't see.. your future.. yourself.. It engulfs you slowly..

You felt like falling into a bottomless pit.. Falling.. and falling..

Once in a while, someone manages to hold you and stop you from falling.. But you slipped away.. and continues falling.. You see the light getting further away.. You know you can't come out of it any more..

Then.. you stop falling.. You fell onto a hard ground.. A heart-wrecking pain..
The pain slowly goes away.. As you wander aimlessly in the dark, a light shone upon you..
You felt another sharp pain in your eyes..

Suddenly you felt someone holding your hands.. It's warm.. You felt secure.. It felt familar.. You instantly thought it was that person who pushed you into this darkness.. You felt happy cos' you thought he came back into your life, pulling up out from this darkness..

Then you realised.. this feeling is warmer.. It's not him.. You felt even better..
You opened your eyes.. You see someone else..

You realised it's someone new.. You haven't seen him before.. His looks so unfamilar.. yet you felt as though you have known him for some time..

Memories flooded your mind.. You have met him before.. but paid no attention.. Your mind didn't open the door to let him through.. He's been waiting.. and waiting for the chance to enter your life..

By a small chance, he was let through.. He saw you.. wandering aimlessly.. He reached out for you, to guide you back into the light..

Like bleach to stain.. your past memories slowly faded away.. You learn to accept this new person in your life..

After so long.. you finally felt free..

Free to accept a totally new relationship.. Free to accept a new love..

To SJ (if you ever chanced upon my blog)..
Letting go is not easy.. Erasing him from your memories can never be done.. No matter how much you wanted him dead, he will still be alive and probably lives a better life than you..
Sometimes.. God just like to challenge you with such small trivial matters..

So.. you must live even better.. Let him realise that without him, you are happier. The failed relationship will make you a better lover.. Let God know that you are stronger than what he thinks..

A smile will kill him faster than a stare/ glare... The next time you see him, don't stare/ glare at him.. give him your sweetest smile..

I pray for you to be, feel and live better than before..

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

What do guys really want from us girls?

I've been thinking..

What are the things that guys are attracted to a girl??

Is it the way she flirts around with them or because she's confident and comfortable of who she is?
Is it the conservative side of her or the wild sexy side?
Is it because she's just pretty?
Is it because she's intelligent?
Is it because she has the body of a devil and the face of an angel?
Is it because she can cook?
Is it because she's caring, kind, sensitive, and considerate?
Or.. just because she has big boobs or she has the body of Angelina Jolie?

I guess .. there's no way we can get an answer..

If I can cook (a proper family dinner), able to do all the housechores i.e sweeping, mopping, washing of clothes etc, possess a reasonably nice personality (I'm thick-skinned), humourous (able to crack dirty jokes, perhaps better than a guy), sensitive to what a guy's needs *ahems*

BUT ...

only that I'm fat (ya.. FAT.. but evenly distributed, and has a hour-glass figure. LOL), plain looks (yet I addressed myself as adorable *ahems*)..

Will guys still be interested in me? Ha ha ha ha..

Now.. doesn't that make me confident as well?

Ah well... I'm glad my bf can see through all the fats in me and love me for who I am and what I have. :P

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


I guess it has not been a good month..

Out of the blue, 2 of my colleagues turned to me, and told me that they had relationship problems.

1 having problem with her bf, which I believe is more or less can be settled by having a heart-to-heart talk with each other..

Another.. just broke up from her 2-month-old relationship.. Alas.. she's still much in love with him..

Be it 2 months or 2 years...
Noone can escape the relationship problems.. I'm no saint.. but I can provide my ears and shoulders if needed..

5 years ago, I too didn't escape from the relationship problems..
I ended my 2.5 yrs relationship in 2001. It was not sudden, as any smart girl could have seen it coming.. I did (not saying I'm smart) see it.. but I refused to give it up. I fought back with anger, I fought it using sympathy, but nothing works..
In the end, it just ended in misery..

A relationship where everyone thought it will last.. it didn't..

I cried almost everyday.. I sinked into the deepest part of misery.. My heart literally shattered into a zillion pieces..
I went to drinking.. it didn't help.. I tried smoking.. it sucks..
I wanted to just kill myself.. but I just couldn't bear to do it..
I turned to my friends.. I cried on their shoulders.. They comforted me, encouraged me to cheer up..

Time heals.. slowly.. but miraculously.. almost everything..

Around 1 year later.. I met my current bf. It's like heavens awarding me..
It's a better relationship, much thanks to the previous lessons learnt..

I learned to control my horrible temper.. I learned to be more patient.. I learned to be sensitive towards others.. I learned that in a relationship, it takes 2 to clap..

Now, approaching my 4th year, despite some squabbles during the initial stages, we are happily together.

I guess, one must learn to let go, before embracing a new beginning..
Never sink to making yourself look sympathetic..
Never blame yourself (if you have done no wrong)..
Never make yourself feel like a failure (1 relationship doesn't work out, doesn't mean all will)
Never torture yourself by refusing to eat, drink or go toilet..

Always pick up yourself after everything has happened..

Always remember, if you want to cry, go cry and make yourself feel better..
If you wanna scold or swear (in the comfort of your own room), just do it..
If you wanna tear up that jerk's pic, just do it..

BUT.. remember..
After you cry, take a tissue, wipe away your tears, before you throw, tell yourself:
"I now wipe away my sorrows and my pain, along with this tissue, I throw into the dustbin and I shall let it go. From now on, I will be happier."

Set yourself a time that you have to stop crying and feel sorry for yourself.

Life's a long way to go.. and you'll meet more people along the way..

Always.. learn to let go..