Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Yes... My favourite!
Noone can make better durian ice kacang/ chendol/ bobo chacha than my 3rd Aunt!
I've been eating it since I was young... My aunt knew it's been always my fave.. so everytime I go there, no need to say anything, she will sure make for me 1 bowl with lotsa durian puree toppings!
Brought many friends there... everyone fell in love with it after 1 spoon.
Imagine... REAL durian puree.. where u can even taste the fibres in every mouthful.. 香滑却很有口感,原汁原味。It's not like those foodcourt where the durian puree became like syrup or those whipped cream type. Somemore.. it's only $2!!!!! With a BIG scoop of the durian puree. Not it's not becos I'm her niece so she gave me more (of cos more than others lar).. but when I see other customers buy, theirs also a BIG scoop one.. Dun believe?
Check this out!

My mum's durian chendol... without the coconut santan.. LOL~
She's enjoying her chendol..

My durian ice kacang (which is already half-gone) and her durian chendol which she has to tahan it until I finished taking pictures...
All other usual desserts like ice kacang, chendol, ching tng, tau suan, ice jelly etc.. all selling for $0.80 (takeaway is $1). SO CHEAP and STILL HAS LOTSA INGREDIENTS!! Exotic desserts will cost from $1.50 to $2.00. Even her SOURSOP PUREE topping is nice okay!
Cheap and nice desserts.. so hard to find nowadays!

It's at Chong Pang Food Market (in Yishun).. stall number: #01-157
Closed on Wednesdays usually (but she's opening today cos she's closed this Saturday to attend my cousin's wedding).. Open from around 12 to 1pm onwards.. MAY sold out by 8.30pm. See if you are lucky!
U might have to wait a while, cos when i was there with my parents, the queue just kept getting longer.. some even pack around 10 to 15 packets of desserts. My aunt and uncle are like machines, non-stop since 7pm until everything was finally sold out by around 9pm.



Anonymous said...

hey, is it near yishun ring road blk 100+ ?

Shannon said...

I din notice the blk number.. LOL~
Been going there since young yet never notice the blk. :P
Anyway, it's just at the famous Chong Pang Market, where the stage area is. :)

p/s: anonymous, you are.. ?