Sunday, March 04, 2007

WDA Dinner & Dance 2007

Just returned not long ago from our D&D..

They held it at Grant Hyatt Hotel's Grand Ballroom.

It's a fabulously magnificent place, so elegant, so beautiful.. The best part is.. I've finally seen a hotel whose waitresses knew how to serve fish (yes.. bones removed and fish meat remained intact nicely on the serving plates) and they served... OR-NI*!!!!!
*Or-ni = yam paste.. sinfully sweet and fattening..

Took many pics for my colleagues (which's the purpose of me buying one, cos' I luv taking pics) and I took a couples of shots with my colleagues..

As usual.. I shall only present the 'presentable' piggy side of me.. LOL. Bo bian lar..

Please be warned.. all pixs are never photoshopped.. meaning.. you can see all my giant pores, old acne ('battle') scars, small beady eyes, oily face that can literally reflect someone else's face and the same o' FAT side of me.. HA HA HA..

Somehow.. I realised.. all my pics.. are taken with my left side.. LOL..
Another pic taken with the host, Mr Wilbert Delerose Ang and his 'uncle', Mr Happy Tan..
As you can see... it's dark.. I've got no photoshop in my bro's new computer so hor.. cannot adjust.. :P

Ok.. that's all for today...

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Shu Juan said...

Is that Joney?? She went to rebond her hair? =) Must be you right... who gave her a revamp...