Saturday, March 03, 2007


Yes.. I'm gonna be busy for the next weeks..

Other than work (which has always been keeping me busy)..

I'm busy with training.. training my elves, dwarves, and men... from..


That's right.. I've finished my EASY level of Battle for Middle-Earth 2.

Now.. I'm going to NORMAL level..

Ok lar.. I know I sound rather like shit.. but.. what to do.. you need to familarise with the game wat.

SO.. I shall engrossed myself in this game.. even though... I've yet to finish The Longest Journey 2. *cos' I'm stuck in it.. SIGHZ....*

I think.. I'm more of a Strategist than a Fighter/ Puzzle Solver (perhaps better as a solver when I see others playing games instead). I did pretty good whenever I played Command & Conquer last time.. Now.. I'm still as good. :P

Bf just told me to save a tiny weeny part of my upcoming performance bonus (if I have) for buying Xbox 360. We've ran out of Xbox games to buy.. Now to think we have to buy old games.. i.e: Marvel Action heros Alliances or something.. to pass our time when I'm at his house.

So.. I SHALL PRAY FOR MORE BONUS.. I WANT MY XBOX 360!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and also the expansion pack for Battle for MIddle-Earth pls. WAHAHAHA~

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