Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Earlier on, bf called me.. told me he just knocked off from work.

Can hear from his voice that he's stressed and frustrated.

He's overwhelmed with so many ad-hoc projects and there's a lack of manpower (not forgetting quality manpower).

Perhaps you are putting too much pressure on yourself to make every project a success cos' you are a perfectionist?

It makes me sad when you told me you couldn't sleep at night and woke up in the middle of the night.

When there's a chance for you to take a couple of days' leave, let's go and have a good break. I also need a good one.. We'll just stay at home, play our xbox, drive around for good food, shop till we drop or we can go to all the places of interest and have fun, taking pictures.. Let's go Sentosa and take the sky-train, play the luge.. Ok?

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Awaiting the news..

In a few days time..

We will be receiving news on our Performance Bonus.. and our SWDA grades (similarly equivalent to PA's PAL system).

I'm waiting anxiously for the letter..

There's a high chance that our Director of the department might wanna give us our letter by hand and to see each and every one of us.

I dunno whether it's good or bad.. though I was thinking, if my PB was pathetic, can I look into his eyes and say..



Of cos, who dare to do it anyway?

IF.. and IF.. my bonus is REALLY GOOD.. I shall...
TRY to give 0.5 months to my parents.. and.. a small minimal amount to buy a XBOX 360..

Ya.. I know I've been talking about getting it for dunno-how-many-donkey-months.. but if.. there's a CHANCE.. we will buy it you know.. :P

Be patient...

Sunday, March 04, 2007

WDA Dinner & Dance 2007

Just returned not long ago from our D&D..

They held it at Grant Hyatt Hotel's Grand Ballroom.

It's a fabulously magnificent place, so elegant, so beautiful.. The best part is.. I've finally seen a hotel whose waitresses knew how to serve fish (yes.. bones removed and fish meat remained intact nicely on the serving plates) and they served... OR-NI*!!!!!
*Or-ni = yam paste.. sinfully sweet and fattening..

Took many pics for my colleagues (which's the purpose of me buying one, cos' I luv taking pics) and I took a couples of shots with my colleagues..

As usual.. I shall only present the 'presentable' piggy side of me.. LOL. Bo bian lar..

Please be warned.. all pixs are never photoshopped.. meaning.. you can see all my giant pores, old acne ('battle') scars, small beady eyes, oily face that can literally reflect someone else's face and the same o' FAT side of me.. HA HA HA..

Somehow.. I realised.. all my pics.. are taken with my left side.. LOL..
Another pic taken with the host, Mr Wilbert Delerose Ang and his 'uncle', Mr Happy Tan..
As you can see... it's dark.. I've got no photoshop in my bro's new computer so hor.. cannot adjust.. :P

Ok.. that's all for today...

Saturday, March 03, 2007

On another note..

I'm having a swollen right eye..

No idea how it came about.. started last night..

I dun remember spying or peeping or surfing obscene porn sites..

Must be too heaty liao..

It was rather painful when I tried to blink each time and I had to sacrifice myself by not wearing makeup to work today.. Yes.. that's my first time in 1.5 years of working here..

Nevertheless, I hope my eyes recover by tomorrow.. cos' tmr it's my 1st WDA D&D that I'm attending.. and I BETTER LOOK 'PRESENTABLE'!!!! GrRRr...


Haiz.. Looking at the pics that my colleagues took for me today at our CNY Gathering in office with my other HQ colleagues.. it's either their camera techniques were not good enuff or I really look god-damned fat and ugly (I lost my cute piggy looks) or I'm just simply looked HORRIBLE!

How come ar.. I took the rest of my colleagues until so nice.. yet mine.. TAKEN UNTIL LIKE SHIT LOR..

Sigh.. I must have lost my cute piggy looks..

Lucky, at least there's 1 pix that managed to look 'cute' enough.. *自我安慰*


Yes.. I'm gonna be busy for the next weeks..

Other than work (which has always been keeping me busy)..

I'm busy with training.. training my elves, dwarves, and men... from..


That's right.. I've finished my EASY level of Battle for Middle-Earth 2.

Now.. I'm going to NORMAL level..

Ok lar.. I know I sound rather like shit.. but.. what to do.. you need to familarise with the game wat.

SO.. I shall engrossed myself in this game.. even though... I've yet to finish The Longest Journey 2. *cos' I'm stuck in it.. SIGHZ....*

I think.. I'm more of a Strategist than a Fighter/ Puzzle Solver (perhaps better as a solver when I see others playing games instead). I did pretty good whenever I played Command & Conquer last time.. Now.. I'm still as good. :P

Bf just told me to save a tiny weeny part of my upcoming performance bonus (if I have) for buying Xbox 360. We've ran out of Xbox games to buy.. Now to think we have to buy old games.. i.e: Marvel Action heros Alliances or something.. to pass our time when I'm at his house.

So.. I SHALL PRAY FOR MORE BONUS.. I WANT MY XBOX 360!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and also the expansion pack for Battle for MIddle-Earth pls. WAHAHAHA~