Thursday, July 26, 2007

Something sad..

I had my EFD Offsite Meeting @ Orchid Country Club yesterday. It was a fruitful session (with more headaches to come) and lotsa teambuilding sessions.

However, in the morning, I received a sms from a good friend, pinky..
His mum just passed away..

Shocking.. wasn't really able to concentrate much.. wanted to call to ask how he's doing but couldn't do so. Director was talking about our upcoming plans..
Then during our toilet break, gave him a call.. Glad to hear that he's ok.. and he's already prepared for it. Told him that I'll be heading down at night as I had another council meeting in the evening. A month ago, moon's ex-colleague (which he had introduced to me last time) also passed away suddenly after his soccer game. Even though I may not know him much, but it's really sad..

Council meeting ended at 9.30pm.. Moon's project had some problems cropped up.. so he couldn't accompany me to the wake. Told my colleagues to drop me off at the wake on our way home.

pinky looks alright, he's pretty much relieved that his mum has been released from the agony (of her illness). Chatted with him for about an hour before I headed home to continue my presentation for today's staff meeting.

By then.. I'm already dead-tired.. it's already 11plus.. Moon just reached his home.

Quickly finishing all my work, I dropped dead onto my bed.. without reading my Harry Potter..

Previous updates..

Took leave on last thursday to accompany piggy bf Moon to see his doctor for follow-up. We headed to Novena- Velocity.. and.. I bought a pair of Nike shoes at a super discount of 30%.

Friday.. stayed at home all day.. and left home around 5plus to meet piggy at Suntec. With Lady luck smiling at us, we found piggy's hp.. Sony Ericsson M600i @ $348 (w/o GST). It's without contract somemore!! Without much hesitation, we bought a pair. Black for him, Crystal White for me. Once again.. for the 3rd year running, we have the same couple phones. LOL~

Other stuffs that burned a hole in my wallet,
1) Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows
2) 4 Fila Tees (2 for piggy, and 2 for me) @ Velocity. $10 each and it's NEW DESIGN leh!!

Piggy also bought a pair of Billabong bermudas for his company Teambuilding session @ Batam this coming Sat & Sun.
I'll be left alone.. haiz..

Told piggy his company is more likely organising a teambuilding session to find batam mistresses. LOL~

Anyway.. I've already got plans on Sat. Told piggy I'll be going to Jay's birthday party at night.
And.. maybe bring my parents around on Sunday maybe for a shopping trip.

Ah well... if not.. it's Sims 2 all day long!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Getting lazier...

Getting super lazy to blog..

Been working overtime for a few weeks.. always knocking off around 8 to 9+pm.. Seemed like work is endless..

Anyway, my ESS project manager is finally here.. I can finally relieve myself from all the covering for ESS projects.. All the tension from not getting enuff people for my customised classes, running here and there whenever jobseekers asked for training and to sign up.. explaining things over and over again to colleagues who have bad-memory.. LOL

Now the period for handing over all the necessary stuffs.. Luckily, lady boss is back from her USA study/ conference trip.. I was extremely excited.. cos' she's bringing back my loot.. Stonewashed Nudes Eyeshadow palette and champagne eyeshadow.. all from Bobbi Brown. Stonewashed palette won't be coming to Asia so soon one lor.. Imagine Surf & Sand already took almost 3 months to Sg after it's released in US.

Anyway, I have my statistician to use as guinea pig.. to test out the colours.. I even tried it out on Joney.. Colours look great on fair skin. Bring out the sparkles in the eyes..
Now I can do the smoky eye look without looking like being punched cos' the colours are so natural. (unless you are talking about naturally looking panda eyes) HA HA HA HA~

Lady boss also bought presents for us.. She specially bought an Adidas Tees (which was absolutely comfortable and so preettyy~!!), a pair of Tom & Jerry's dangling earrings and 1 small packet of America's 花旗人参 (which i dun like.. so gave to my parents :P)

Next week is my 1st Hip-hop lessons @ Amore.. but... I guess I got to miss it.. cos.. have to attend our HQ's offsite meeting with our Director. ArGHhh.. :(

Found Motorola E6 selling at one of the shops @ Westmall. 12mth plan - $398.
I'm very tempted to buy.. but it's been a habit that me and moon always use the same phone.. Moon kept telling me to buy since I like it.. but he prefers Samsung P310 (i think thats the model) but it's already out of stock and not many places got sell. Anyway, both phones are expensive..
I've been spending quite a lot lately.. my cc bills are my gauge to monitor my spending.. if i'm using my debit card.. guess.. i cd have spent until bo lui.. LOL..
So this month must cut down.. no unnecessary spending.. So..
1) new watch
2) new pair of sports shoes (aka the adidas black pair that I saw @ Suntec for gym, aerobics etc)
3) new hp

ALL.. CANNOT BUY.. yet..



Haiz.. back to doing all my endless reports and stats..