Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thursday... WEEKEND's here soon!

I've been going for lotsa courses at WDA these past 2 weeks.. Good thing about such courses, is where you are not in the office to be stressed about seeking employment for our jobseekers and also.. get to go shopping directly after the course itself.

Khai's prolink modem, after troubleshooting by me last night, is diagnosed to be.. SPOILT~! Both of us are Singnet broadband users, thus the modems that we used are the same, so it's pretty easy to troubleshoot.

Since we are at One Marina Boulevard, we decided to pop over to Funan's Challenger to check out the ADSL modems. I'm a challenger member mah.. using my card, can get either 10% discount or the promotion rate for members for certain products. It's quite a long walk from OMB to Funan.. The walk is made shorter by talking rubbish along the way, with Khai and Andrew as the entertainers. Ha ha ha..

Once at the Challenger, we were scratching our heads which modem is suitable for SingNet broadband. Suddenly, my excellent memory reminded me that there's a Singnet broadband counter over at one hidden corner.. so.. just ask the guy lar.. Surely he will know right? Just as I guessed, the guy gave us a list of the modems which are suitable. It's an easy search, given that I'm a regular over at Challenger. No need to wonder why I'm a regular there.. When me and my bf got nothing to do, or nowhere in particular to shop, we'll just go there to shop (not forgetting the Software Boutique for a range of Xbox games not found easily in Challenger).

Anyway, Khai got what he wanted (and I earned another 75 points to my Challenger account), we decided to go home. Bf called.. and said that he finished his OT already and had gone home to change. He's already on his way to meet me (I msged him that I'm at Funan earlier). Wondering where to have dinner, and being the lazy me, I told him to meet at Marina Square. Maybe can eat Carl's Junior.

We headed down to Carl's Junior at the basement area.. Packed... really very packed.. Ah...well... had dinner at Cafe Cartel instead. Since I've already got my salary, and bf's salary is yet to come, I paid for our dinner tonight. We are not very particular about monetary issues between the 2 of us. Usually we will just initiate the payment and won't argue about it.

Passing by Dorothy Perkins, I had the urge to go in and shop. My bf, being the clever one, restrained me from going in. Ha ha ha.. he knew i'll spend a lot once i'm in there.
So never mind lor.. I shall go to The Face Shop instead.

I heard about this place when I surf this forum ( Apparently, they sell very good face masks. I've been having a pimple outbreak since 2 weeks ago, and these pimples are not going away. So tot of buying a couple of face masks to see if they work. Heard also that they are very good for those who have acne-prone or sensitive skin.

My trophies: 3 mushrooms and 3 lemon face masks.. AND.. 1 stick eye shadow and 1 lip gloss. Total damage: $40.90. A bit harsh on my thinning wallet though.. BUT.. guess wat?!

Bf paid for it~!!!


He seldom paid for my makeup/ beauty stuffs, cos I'll usually pay them myself since I'm the one using them. So.. it's really nice of him to pay for them :P

Anyway, I have already used one of the mushrooms mask. Smells nice leh.. and after using it.. wah.. damned shiok lor.. Hopefully my pimples will go away.. I hate pimples. For once, they are gone, and out of my sight for 3 years, now they are back! Damned those pimples!! GrrR~


Sunday, November 20, 2005

Saturday... World Cyber Games~!!!

Woke up at around 12pm on Saturday..

Decided to go and see World Cyber Games at Suntec Convention Hall, hoping to get some good deals from the Xbox booth. We assumed they have placed a booth there, since WCG includes playing Halo 2 and other xbox games.

Parked our car at Millenia Walk and walked to Suntec. If anyone is wondering why we parked there instead of Suntec, please lo... anyone who drives a car will know.. SUNTEC CARPARK IS ALWAYS FULL!!! You can try circling in there for 20 mins and you can never find a empty slot that easily.. Millenia Walk is a lot easier, and less than a 5 mins walk across the road.

So.. we went.. and surprising.. not many people.. So we searched high and low for the xbox booth..
WAH PIANG EH!!! They never set up a booth!!!!!!!

Great.... so much for getting cheap deals for xbox games.. Bf was saying I should get a game that I'm interested in playing since everytime I was the one buying the games that usually he likes to play (i.e: those millitary type, or those shooting ones.. etc)
I'm the intellectual type *pukes*... k lar... I'm the type who prefer RPG type.. If not those fight, kill, kick, bash type. :P

Anyway, we went to watch around at the new Marina Square which was fully renovated already. Lotsa people.. lotsa shops.. damned.. tight budget. LOL *must fight the urge to shop*

Initially wanted to buy Carl's Junior back since everyone was saying it's really nice. But hor, after 2nd thought... better not... Bf's mother already cooked our dinner. Next time, perhaps..

So we walked back to Millenia Walk, deciding to go to Funan to get our games instead. Cos... I'm a Challenger member mah.. so might as well, get some points from the games.

Then someone really familar caught my eye at Harvey Norman.

Even though it was just the back view, I can recognise him, even if he's reduced to ashes.
2.5 years together, I'm damned sure he's someone I know..
No prizes for getting the correct answer.. It's my ex.. He did turn his face a bit, so I'm even more sure..
I didn't wanna go up and greet him though.. Kinda awkward.. even though we did like kinda remain as friends..
Anyway, I think he's with his gf lar.. so I think better not. Ha ha ha..
I din tell my bf, cos he probably will try to see how my ex look like.. My bf although may not be a handsome guy, but he's pretty confident of himself thus he carries himself quite well. (Not forgetting his sacarism is horrifying).. So.. what if... both meet eye to eye.. ?
Bf told me once.. that if he was to meet my ex one day, he will probably thank him(ex) for breaking up with me and thus letting us meet and become a couple. How sweet is that.. :)

But of cos, I wish my ex all the best, and can see he's really happy, compared to last time. Ha ha ha.. I admit, I was really.. er... horrible last time.. HA HA HA HA..
Now.. think I'm worst.. so thank god, my bf can tame me.. *LOL*

Friday.. Harry Potter~!!

Went to catch Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire @ GV Plaza, late-night movie.. 1.50am. Was thinking of going to Orchard Cineleisure, but thinking it might be packed, we just went to Plaza Singapura.

This movie had made me waited for 1 whole year.. Finally.. it's HERE!!!!

A week ago, I read my book again to refresh my memory, believing that this new director will do a good job.

However..... after watching it.. I WAS SO DISAPPOINTED!!!

It's probably only 60% of the book being made into a movie. The director missed out so many important sections!!! Utterly disappointed~!

For example, the 1st scene where Harry Potter and Ron was awaken suddenly by Hermione to go to the Quidditch World Cup and all hell broke loose becos' of the deatheaters, that particular scene where Harry lost his wand and met with Winky the house-elf.. Where's that scene??!!
The Death-Mark was conjured using Harry's wand not that... Fudge Junior fella.. Haiz..

Triwizard Tournament supposed to have 10000 Galleons as prize money, and that wasn't being mentioned! Needless to say, nothing was mentioned about George and Fred opening a joke shop and Harry being the investor was mentioned (becos' Harry won the tournament so he got the 10000 galleons).

There's a lot more not being mentioned.. and Dumblelore.. I din know that he actually became 'younger' than the other Dumblelore in Prizoner of Azkaban. Ha ha ha..

The whole movie anyway, was a less exciting or mysterious (which my bf commented) than the previous 3. Take note that my bf has never read Harry Potter's books before. He doesn't know who's Harry Potter until I was pestering him to watch it with me 3 years ago. :P

They could have made it into a 3 hour show like Lord of the Ring or Titanic.. not a miserable 2.5 hours.. Did I mention we were watching a full 20 mins commercials from the 1st min we sat down in the cinema?

GV,please take note... DON'T AIR YOUR COMMERCIALS FOR SO LONG, CAN? 10 mins is enough already. I can have a full 20 mins nap in there... and we even try to finish our Nachos in 20 mins just to show that commercials are very long. Ha ha..

I give Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire.. 3.5 out of 5 (in comparison to the first 3 movies).

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Fish & Co @ Park Mall

I admit.. I'm a sua-ku girl..

Long ago, I've known that Fish & Co had opened one of its branches at Park Mall..
Long ago, I've heard that the ambience is superb..
Long ago, I've stepped at the doorstep of this place to book a table (but un-booked it after)..
Long ago, I've seen the crowd waiting for a seat..


Dinner with my 4 other colleagues (or should I say.. jokers) Annie,Maria,Khairuddin (Khai for short) and Andrew.

We went for a course on our PES system (ya.. after 3 mths of using it ever since we started - other than Maria) over at WDA (it's at NTUC Centre, One Marina Boulevard). Ended our course early by 30 mins, thus we decided to have dinner.

Since Khai is a malay, we have to dine at somewhere halal. Racking our brains through, we thought of..
Seoul Garden.. 1st thought.. I'm gonna go home smelling like a walking roasted pig.

Then, Maria suggested Fish & Co at Park Mall. So.. everyone of us agreed. I was hoping that it wont be crowded. Maria said, we are too early for the crowd.

True enough, the whole place is like.. empty... Shiok leh..
We ordered a few stuffs, planning to share among everyone..

I must say, their food standard is absolutely better than some outlets. Their service is great too!! This is how service crew should be like in all restaurants! Once in a while, they will pop by and ask if food is okay, or do we need anything and our waters are filled up everytime without us asking for it!! Great right?

During this while, people came in.. and the whole place is packed!!!

The next thing we know.. the LIVE BAND came in!!!! 2 guys and 1 lady..
I've always like live bands.. especially those that they interacted with the crowd.

We decided to grab some drinks since it was still early.
Maria actually had a drink named after her.. Fishy Maria.. Ha ha ha..

Suddenly thought of dedicating songs.. and we've decided to sabo Andrew.. So we wrote a song dedication, indicating it's for Andrew, and end with a note asking for any interested gals, please go to the bar (we were sitting near there). Damned.. the girl forgotted to read Andrew's name! :(

Ah well... whichever it is, it's still fun.. Great time chatting, laffing, and joking about stupid things.. Annie wasn't a very good drinker though.. less than a few sips, I think she has turned lobster red.. ha ha ha.. in the end I had to finish her drink for her (we ordered passion fruit with vodka).

Planning for Karaoke on this coming Tuesday over at Party World, since it's just our neighbour over at our CDC (not forgetting we get 15% discount). I wonder how many people will be going.. :)

Since my bf is working almost from morning to night everyday (cos' he worked a lot of overtime, so that he can earn as much money as possible).. I had to find some ways to keep myself occupied (either work or chilling out with colleagues/ friends). Bf doesn't mind.. at least he won't feel too guilty for not spending enough time with me, unlike the last time (where we see each other everyday, more than we see our parents.. ha ha ha)
I'm easily contented if I get to see him once a week, and occassional smses or calls (or weird, funny calls) from him. I guessed we treasure our time with each other more.. Quality time together. :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Project Runway

WENDY (the auntie) won~!!

The judges commented on the previous 2 episodes that her designs were either... cloth-less or not 'complete'. So.. Wendy designed this outfit which was conservative yet stylist and the winning design is gonna be sold in all their outlets as well as online stores.Oh.. did I mention that the company is Banana Republic? Apparently this company is as famous as Guess/ Levi's/ Gucci in US.

Starr (the lawyer) got kicked out. I don't like the clothes she designed anyway. Just simply.. UGLY.. Glad she got kicked out.

Austin's design is slowly bringing out his style - Victorian/ European style of design.
I like Nora's and Alexandra's design.. classy~

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Kenna 'volunteered'..

I was.. baffled..

My manager nominated me to be in the committee for organising this year's Year-End Staff Party..

In the email she wrote..
"Hi Shannon,

Pls add some fun to our year end party, help make it a success ok.

Thanks :) "

Arghh... SABO-ED AR~!

Then again.. that means I get a chance to 'officially' sabotage my own colleagues.. *evil laughter*

Present Revealed!

Did I ever tell you guys that my bf can read my mind?

(Maybe my forehead is transparent and thus he can read my mind)

He even guessed what present I bought for him!!!!

Damned.. talking about surprising him.. I was totally surprised by him!
Ah well... I made him guess about the brand of the pen and after he din manage to do so (thank god), I presented to him his present (even though it's not his birthday yet).

Wanna see?
He was totally speechless! Wait till he knows about the price that I've paid (apparently, he guessed it to be around $100+). I think he was hoping that I bought a pair of lover pens instead, but er.. I sheepishly told him.. it was way out of my budget. Ha ha ha..
I let the cat out of the bag by saying that.. The clever him immediately realised that the pen was worth more than $200. Of cos, I had a little 'scolding' from him for spending so much money. But can tell that he was really touched.

Bf doesn't really wanna bring it to work, cos' he worried that he might drop and spoil it. Pen are meant to be used, so.. never mind lar (even though my heart will break in a million pieces)

I may be very stingy.. but when there's a need to spend, I can be very generous (only after I calculate that it's in my advantage.. ha ha.. kidding :P)

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Mission accomplished..

Went out with my buddy, Awyn, to Orchard.

I had to withdraw and deposit money from my POSB to UOB. Cos'... I wanna get UOB points using my debit card to pay (and sadly UOB not much money left lar).

Anyway, I decided to go to Robinson to have a look at the pens. Came up to the Men's section and found a counter selling the pens.

My eyes caught the glimpse of Mont Blanc pens.. Wow~ All look so nice.. but hor, when I see the price tags.. ArGHh.. OVER BUDGET!!
Then I pretend pretend, asked the counter lady if she had Waterman brand of pens. She's very nice, showed me the range of Waterman pens.

Nice leh.. got pens with prices within my budget range somemore.. I told the sales lady that I'm buying as a birthday present for a guy,told her my budget range and she immediately took out the range of pens which is within my requirements. Finally.. after looking here and there.. I've set my eyes on this roller pen which can be changed to ball point, by changing the refillable ink.

Charcoal black looks very common to me, so I chose copper brown. It's a unique colour lor.. Awyn agreed with me too. Then, the very 'auntie' side of me asked the sales lady if she got any free gifts (cos the pen cost a few more dollars above my budget, must make it worthwhile).
She gave me.. not 1.. but 2 free gifts!!!
2 key chains - 1 leather, and 1 steel (with crystals on it)

Got it wrapped up.. and happily made payment.

Mission accomplished..

But here comes the next mission.. HOW TO SURPRISE HIM WITH THE PRESENT????
Basically... I think my bf can read my mind.. and I dunno if I can tahan not telling him that I've got a present for him for his birthday (which is on Saturday).

I'm really hoping I can surprise him..

1) Thought of secretly hide it in the front compartment of the car (what if.... he din open it?)
2) When he's out of the car, placed it on the driver seat and act innocent (Ya.. lame.. LOL)
3) Hide it underneath his driver seat (and risk getting the present stepped by him.. :P )
4) Just give it to him like that.. and say I picked this box from somewhere.. (Duh~)
5) Bake a cake, and give everything together.. (Cake... okay... where's my oven ar?)

How how how??

Monday, November 07, 2005

Pens pens pens..

I need major help!!!!

4 more days to my deadline.. I need help in choosing pens.. no.. not those pilot ballpoint cheapo pens or watever.. I mean.. BRANDED pens.. branded meaning Mont Blanc that kind..

This Mont Blanc is so god-damned expensive!!!! Though I must agree, the design is sooooooo.. classy! *drools*

In order of preference to brand:
1. Mont Blanc
2. Waterman
3. Parker
4. Sheaffer

Here's the challenge.. under budget of.. not more than $250.. no.. i'm not talking about US dollars nor British pounds.. $250 singapore dollars!
That's the highest I can spare out now..
I'm forgo-ing my digital camera to buy this pen.. I know it's quite impossible (just like my digital camera.. ) but... I'm sure it can be done (ya... right.. Arghh..)

Fountain pens are classy, beautiful, but a hassle to use (still hv to pump ink.. )
Roller pens can be messy as well, smudge inks.. yucks..

So.. meaning.. back to the good o'ballpoint pens..

Check this website out.. Asethetic Bay
So many nice pens, but since I'm a self-proclaimed pen-idiot, I don't know if other brands of pens are good.

I need suggestions, comments watever.. Please please help~ (At this point of time, I wish I own a credit card, or earning $3000 every month. Haiz~)

p/s: Meeting my good o' buddy tomolo @ Orchard to search for the impossible. Wish me luck~

Project Runway ep.2

I'm still watching this interesting reality show..

This week's theme is on 'Envy'. Using limited length of white cotton cloth, all contestants must work out an outfit that portrays Envy.

Envy to me.. 1st thing that comes to my mind.. Green, evil yet sexy look(a lot like Austin's idea- Austin's the guy). Maybe I'll use a long long long cloth, dyed green (apple green or dirty, drape around the model; covering all important 'spots' (*lol*), then stitched up some strategic points, This will hopefully make the whole dress look seamless. Of cos,the lower part will have a flowing effect..
Makeup for the model... green with gold theme.. and a sexy glossy pout, with long flowing golden brown wavy hair.

Anyway, Cara won (she's the Afro-amercian girl). She used War as her concept to Envy (envy induces war between countries. ) It was really nice.. and sexy.. The model..erm...probably will keep the guys glued to the TV.

Since the models are important, to a certain extent, how come the producers never think about corporating both America's Top Model together with Project Runway?

See...great idea eh? I can watch 2 great reality shows at the same time. Ha ha ha. ;)

Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire!!!!

17 November 2005!!!!!!!!

Harry Potter!!! This is even more exciting than the book itself!

I just can't wait!
Damned! Bf working night shift that week.. ArgHh! :(


Wait for 19 November then.. :-/

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Sky High

Watched Sky High on Thursday (Yup... Hari Raya Holiday) @ Bugis Parco.

It was a funny movie.. Super heroes' kids going to a school, specially built for them.. to cultivate their 'talents' or'super powers'. Ha ha ha..

So.. this fella was the son of 2 super heroes- Dad's a mighty strong hero, while mum's a flyer. Initially the son didn't have any powers, or rather, he had not developed any yet. Until a fight in school kinda spurred him, and he developed super powers like his dad.

The rest of the story is quite predictable. Boy fell for the belle of the school, neglecting his friends (who arent the popular ones in school), ignorant of his childhood friend who's been secretly in love with him since young and realised everything when something went wrong. Belle of the school was a evil villian shrunk back to a kid by the boy's dad many years ago etc etc.. and THEN.. boy developed another super power- his mum's powers, being a flyer. So now, he's like Superman.. a hero with incredible super strength (virtually indestructable) and able to fly in the speed of light. Ha ha..

Anyway.. i HATE the seats @ Parco Shaw. The seats are damned high (okay.. maybe becos I'm short *dreads*) and they aren't even seated like a slanted slope (dunno how to explain lar, arrangement like GV that kind).

Heng, the one sitting in front of me wasn't any tall guy with a big head cos' probably my view will be totally blocked. The only good thing about Parco Shaw.. is the POPCORN~!! Apparently.. Shaw outlets make great popcorn. Ha ha.. (and they also seem to only hire very senior people to work there. :X )

Ain't going there to see movies anymore... Sucky seats. Hmph!

Friday, November 04, 2005

My Cats!

This 2 are my beloved cats..

My precious babies...

In fact, they are my parents' babies.. Ha ha ha.. Love them or Hate them.. :P

A gift!

I was out having dinner with my bf's parents today, over at Jurong East.

There's this coffeeshop opposite Jurong East Stadium, the food was great. For a 5 persons-meal, it only costs us around $40+.

Anyway, after dinner, we went to look for some cats' veggies. Surprised right? Cats eat greens too! They have this special grass, which are like malt grass especially for cats. It was said to help in removal of furballs. So both of our cats have finished the grass and we thought of looking for the grass at the petshop.

To our disappointment, they sold mainly doggies stuff, and dun sell the grass for cats. However, my bf's mum took a liking for a 2storey high basket. So they bought it. In fact I took a liking for that basket for quite some time already, but the price was quite steep, it's about $80. My cats probably preferred my mum's bed than the basket. Ha ha..

We walked to another pet shop (in front of Chinese Garden MRT station), and same thing, they dun sell the grass too. BUT... the lady boss was very nice, she gave us some cat food samples for FREE!! A total of 6 packets, Solid Gold brand somemore!!
As we are about to go out of the shop, my eye caught this ornament by the shelf.

It was in the shape of a cat, made from this cat's eye gem and some sparkling diamonds. (Of cos not real ones lar). I asked my bf's mum to take a look, cos I know she might like such stuff. Instead of buying it for herself, my bf's mum bought it for me. Hee hee..

This is the brooch that his mum bought and a closeup.. (sorry for the blurry pic, I dun own a digital camera lar.. only a camera phone. :P)

Nice right??

I'm gonna put it on my jacket tomolo at work. Yeah~!!!

Project Runway

Watched Project Runway's debut on Monday..
I kinda like it.. Though the concept is the same as any other reality show, but it's really cool.

For America's Top Model, it's quite interesting to see how ordinary girls transform themselves into beautiful, sexy ladies in front of the set. They have to bare themselves when needed (in front of strangers somemore), get dirty (remember the episode on Britany rolling around in mud?), get tortured (sort of, by this nasty photographer, who tried to act nasty as a challenge to the models) etc..

But... once they see their photos.. WOW~
They look absolutely gorgeous! I was cheering for Naima all the way. She looks really awesome in the pictures. I'm glad she won.

For Project Runway.. some designers... erm... are pretty.. weird.. A few that I remembered, this 'porn-supplier' turned designer, a 'father for marriages' who once had a line of fashion under his name, a lawyer who thinks she can design fashion and gay-ish guy who's more into Victorian-style fashion etc..

I'm rooting for this young graduate from the fashion school. Their 1st challenge was to design an outfit where their models can wear for a party. The materials for the outfit... must be from the local grocery store! This amazing gal used lounge chair material (the plastic-sheet kind) and transform it into a wacky, creative 1-piece tube dress. It was to me... very very eye-catching.

Guess wat, the gay-ish guy won.. his design was made from corn husks.. though he had forgottened that corn husks will wilt if not refridgerated. But he was very creative to use such material.
The lousy piece(s) was 1 that was made from candies (really lousy) and another made from..I dunno what (made by the lawyer).

I'm totally glued to this show. Ha ha :P