Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My birthday..

Yesterday was my birthday..

Actually.. bf and I started 'celebrating' since the weekend... Yes.. on Sunday, I treated my 二姨and her family + my parents and brother and bf to C-Nai Hongkong Cafe @ East Coast Park.
My 二姨 is like my 2nd mum to me since young. When I was younger, she's been the very fierce aunty that all of us feared.. but we always look forward to see her during CNY.. cos' her ang pow is the biggest. LOL~
As years go by, her temper reduced.. and she's even more motherly..

Anyway, we had a good time eating.. and eating more stuffs... In the end.. for 8 persons, I spent around $90++.. Then we eventually headed down to Arena Country Club. 二姨's friend took over the bowling alley and herself took over the games arcade management. The pool hall (which i used to work part-time in) was still under Mambo Billards. Anyway, bf and I grabbed our cues from his home and went there to play.

2 long years of not playing already... we both got so rusty.. that we couldn't even shoot a proper straight ball. LOL~
We took some time to get back at least 40 to 50% of our 'skill'. By then we already spent a good 4 hours before stopping to have dinner. Then continued for another hour or so.
I think bf was keen to go back to the days that he used to 'conquer' the pool table.. ke ke ke..

So.. on my actual bird-day.. bf had to go back to office to settle his work before meeting me in the afternoon. Like all birthdays.. it's usually food and shopping..
We had Sakae for lunch.. shopped at almost all the malls in Orchard.. and went to Marina Sq for more shopping. Eventually.. bought the following..
1) 1 pair of DP jeans
2) 1 pair of Everbest shoes in Cream White
These 2 are bought to match the white empire top with flowers motif. Bought it at DP in Paragon last week. Somehow.. the top looks very nice.. BUT.. can be quite.. er.. sexy. Can see a deep monsoon drain... WAHAHAHAHAHA.. No need to wear push-up to get the effect hor..
All clothings are picked out with bf's special styling power...

I did attempt to try to buy a denim jacket from Levi's.. but as usual.. like all clothes store for skinny ladies.. their largest size is L.. miserably SMALL.. Despite being an american brand, their sizes are bloody f**king small. Bf kept asking me to buy one of their jeans.. of cos, he can fit in their guys jeans.. but... if I were to get their guy's jeans..
1) I probably have to get like a few sizes bigger just to fit my HUGE HIPS and having to see myself sticking 1 arm into the jeans at waist level.
2) I will probably also start feeling annoyed having to see myself wearing such BIG size.. I'm already wearing like size 16 at DP.. and size 18 for buttoned blouses so that I have ample space for my assets w/o bursting the blouse..
3) LEVI'S JEANS ARE EXPENSIVE.. even though they are durable..
It irritates me so much.. that I prefer to call them C***B** Jeans instead..
Then again... I know.. I just have to blame it on myself for being... so NOT THIN..

Anyway.. We had a good time... despite having to see my poor darling so tired from all the walking.. I am tired too..

So before we decided to head back home.. he pulled me conveniently into SK..

I need not tell you what he bought.. Anyway.. it wont be ready until probably 2 weeks later, cos they ran out of the size that I need.. FAT FINGER!!!

Till then.. I will be eagerly waiting for the lovely birthday present of mine..
hey.. who knows.. he might just use that to propose to me.. WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA..

p/s: We are still waiting ... for the kuku HDB to get back to us on our HDB loan..

Anyone interested to donate $$$ to 'Shannon & Moon Love Sty Renovation Sponsorship' are welcome to drop me a mail or sms me.. or.. write me a cheque.. Or.. you can also volunteer to help out on certain things like painting the house for free, donate tiles for the whole house (it's a huge area of 126sqm), pulling of electrical wires blah blah blah..

All of my friends out there... U GUYS BETTER START SAVING FOR THE ANG POW.. !!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Out 1st overseas trip...

We went to Turie Beach @ Batam couple of weeks ago, with his cousin and friend.
My 1st overseas trip (OVER the seas..) with bf.

Just a short getaway from all the city life.. The last time I went to Batam was 10 yrs ago with my parents..
Definately lotsa changes.. it's like Singapore in its 1990s.. The resort that we stayed in was nice and comfy.. and 'natural'.
Took a few pictures.. I din take a lot.. cos.. I found it a hassle to bring around (especially when I went to the city area for shopping). I only brought my wallet, resort keys and tissues when I went to their mall (in my adidas sports pants and t-shirt and sandals). LOL~

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Nice hor?

More views....

Storm brewing... on our 1st day there... But we still went out shopping in their new mall- Nagoya Hill. It's like... IMM... with Giant inside.. Ha ha ha.. The resort helped us book a taxi for 250 000 rupiahs (eq. to SGD$36) for 3 hours. Trip from resort to the centre.. 30 mins.

Attempted to look for a swim suit.. planning to go swimming.. and sun tanning... Ok.. I din actually swim.. cos.. I've forgottened how to swim! Yes.. I learned swimming back when i was in pri. 4 (it's compulsory for our primary school then) then.. eventually.. as i grew.. fatter.. I got no GUTS to wear a swim suit.. So.. now since I'm overseas.. where noone knows me, nor bothers to take a second look at me, I planned to wear one.. and soak in the water till i become a prune. HA HA HA HA HA...

I did manage to find 1.. Super revealing at the back, all the way to the lower back with just 2 strings cross at the shoulder areas. In front, of cos.. must cover until 'kao kao'. WAHAHAHAHA..
It's only SGD$20+... Speedo brand one okay... where to find??

It was definately fun and relaxing.. Chow bf din even wanna get anywhere near the waters though.. kuku-piggy.. Anyway I had more fun laughing at myself while I attempt to 'swim'. $#%^&$#*&%^## I just kept sinking.. All those fats just cant keep itself afloat.. Whichever it is.. I did get a tan! I guess it will fade off soon in another month..

Here's more pictures..

Comfortable beds... twin beds... But.. even under the same mosquito nettting.. I still got bitten.. on my arms by this annoying greedy fat bastard commando mozzie in the middle of the night.. Bf just slept his way through.. ArGHhh.. my arms still had the scars from the battle..
The mozzie din escape of cos.. I murdered it.. the old fashion way... in the middle of my palms.. blood splattered all over.. 去死吧!WAHAHAHAHA...
Definately going to come back to tis nice place soon.. and I WILL go to BATAM CENTRE this time to buy all my Branded Polo Ralph Polo (made in indonesia) and CLOTHES (if I can slim down some more by then).
Yes... I'm still going for my Amore.. Usual Mondays and Fridays.. for Hi-Lo, Stretch Fit, Cardio Latino and Hip Hop. Will attempt to go for other classes like BellyBlitz.. My left ankle is still relatively weak so.. kickboxing seemed to be kinda hard for me to go leh..
I muz try to slim somemore..
Maybe somemore classes should do the trick..