Monday, November 27, 2006

A $1000 Wedding Dinner per TABLE

Yes.. $1000 per table..


Regent Hotel..

Bf's cousin got married.. and I tell you.. it's the MOST FAKE wedding i ever been to.
Ever seen a bride not glowing in happiness during her wedding night? I saw my 1st one last Saturday..

Her smile is so fake..

Everything looks like a show planned from the beginning..

If you think that the food at Regent is nice.. IT IS NOT!!!

It's over-priced.. Food tastes either too bland, too salty or simply sucks.. The only dish that's nice.. probably is the Sautee prawns with celery and cashew nuts..

Service.. is so-so only.. If you see the way the waitress cut and serve the steamed fish.. you will probably wish that they never cut and serve you in the 1st place. The fish simply crumbled.. Hardly see any big pieces around. Ha ha ha..

And.. it's also my 1st time, hearing from the waiter that they ran out of RED WINE!!! WAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAA

So.. if anyone wants to hold their wedding at Regent.. I suggest.. maybe you wanna think it over. Try Grand Corpthone- Waterfalls.. I heard it's good..
Else.. for the cheaper yet deliciously better dinner, Boon Lay Raja Restaurant $700+ per table, guaranteed good food and relatively good service.

As for me.. no dinners.. we have decided.. probably a amercian style wedding reception where everything is held outdoors.. under a giant white tent.. well..

Nothing has been planned out yet.. But.. bf's cousin already planned for him.. To get married by the end of next year, so make sure he (as well as me) saves as much as possible..

My guest list, other than relatives, will be a full list of buddies, friends and colleagues..
Dunno whether will have enough budget for that.. Ha ha :P

It's time.. to... lose the extra extra (x1000) kilos SOON!
Doctor said (went to the doctor earlier due to diarrhea and sore throat) that I'm overweight (since when I wasn't?). Just as I expected anyway.. Whichever it is, doctor said slowly take my time, at least if can reduce 5 to 10 kg(sounds impossible..somehow) for the following 6 months, should be good enough.

So... again... I'm... striving... to... struggle... against... the... temptation... of... food......... (-.-|||)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Money.. Money.. Money..

Bf was discussing with me for the past week if we should change our car next year..

- Old...
- High maintainence costs..
- Low fuel consumption = low petrol costs
- Comfy..

So... we were thinking... Should we.. or should we not?

Then.. think again.. where to get $$$ for the initial payment ar? Bf said once he's confirmed after 6 months, which is next March, he will be entitled to all the benefits and allowances etc, so more or less he will have extra money. If possible, hopefully the new car's instalment is not more than our current one, then we can save more money for rainy days..

Dream car: Mazda RX-8 or Toyota Fortuner
Practical car: Toyota Vios

Dunno what happened to me last week.. I was grumbling to my bf about us not earning a lot and thus I was wondering when we can get married. My guess was that, when I remembered how his buddy and wife are coping with marriage, I got frightened.. The wife is earning big bucks, however the buddy not working (working on his own company software, yet nothing is sold yet). Till now, they have been married for around 3-4 years liao but NO wedding dinners yet. And the wife's family are the traditional type leh.. so must have wedding dinner.

Then to add on to my grumpiness... I felt that he was not supporting me in my job; he kept on saying negative things. So I pissed off lor.. When I reached home, I din bother to give him a good-night kiss (if that happens, he knows that I'm angry with him)

Then later I smsed him and just pour out how I felt. He apologised and said that he felt so heartache everytime he sees me working until so late and that I had to pay for the car instalments during the period he was unemployed (all thanks to his good-for-nothing brother who promised to help him but in the end did not even give a single cent to help). Bf then said that he had already planned, and that he will propose next December but now he let the secret out liao.. so he has to re-plan, meaning... postponed to later date. (-.-|||)

I was like.. grinning from ear-to-ear in my heart.. WAHAHAHAHA..

I think.. when you grow older.. as age catches up.. you just wanna get hitched faster.. :P


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Wedding Dinners

Just in 3 months.. I've been to a couple of wedding dinners at different restaurants..

Their food.. almost the same..

Now.. people.. suggest to me.. if I should or should not.. post the pictures of the food here?

Quick.. let me know~!!

named this entry as no title.. cos I can't think of any titles at all.

I just realised someting.. that I have been wondering how come there's no comments left in my blog (feeling that it's too boring so even friends also dun wanna comment. LOL), in actual fact.. me the kuku-blur-sotong din even go and moderate and publish them!!

Silly me hor?

Anyway.. I went to shop with my buddy on Monday. She's on leave and I was with Monday blues, so both of us decided to shop. She wanted to buy foundation, eyeliner and mascara so I brought her to Robinson @ Raffles City. She bought foundation from MAC under my recommendation (cos i found that it's really good and worth the spurge) and cheap yet good eyeliner from revlon (recommendation from Maria who recommended me) and mascara (the unstoppable from Maybelline, i tried and it's good lar somemore.. cheap)

Dun think that how come friend spent money, I can tahan not spending.. actually.. I did!

1 concealer stick from MAC and blush from Bobbi Brown. Total damage: $65 .
I bought blush from this brand Bourjoris not long ago.. but hor.. somehow.. no matter how much i put and paint my face.. it looks... like nothing on moi face!!
So.. might as well spend a little bit and buy a good brand. The makeup consultant (who was a guy) initially thought we are just look-look see-see, ask for price for fun. So he din pay much attention to us, until I ask him if he can recommend me the colour for my skin colour and maybe can try on moi face (god damned bloody oily.. LOL). Immediately put some on me.. and.. my face instantly look like a monkey ass. WAHAHAHAHA.. Anyway, bought 1 from him, and he told me that if I spend $150 in a single receipt, I will be entitled to joining the Bpbbi Brown membership which entitles us to free makeup classes etc. I was like, 'Really?'. My face literally lit up (like a pink lantern). Cos MAC doesnt have membership, so if bobbi brown have.. lagi best man.. :P

Bf came to meet us after his OT at UOB, so we ate at Cafe Cartel. Buddy's a malay (Cafe Cartel is non-halal) so she only bought Oreo Blended (anyway, she already eaten before she met up with me). She disturb bf and asks him to write down EXTRA Oreo inside the order form.

Guess what! They really put in EXTRA oreos!! U see the blended.. machiam putting 3-4 packets of oreos cookies inside..

Being the nice me.. I gave them a treat and I get a free ride from her brother to West Coast park to pick up bf's car before we headed for home. Even though, it's just barely 5 hours after work where I can relax and shop.. I enjoy every single minute of it..

I've always enjoyed my buddy's company (if not why are we buddies? Hah) and frankly I seldom have very good friends who know me well, even shopping buddies also hard to find. Maybe I too picky bah.. Ha ha ha..
Last time.. both of us, unstable income.. so cannot spurge on clothes or makeup (and my skin condition was horrible back then). Now stable income liao.. can spend a tiny weeny bit more.. so.. spend a LOT more on make up (seeing that condition has gone for the better) and.. somewat almost the same for clothings (apparently.. clothes size varies accordingly to how much I earn) SIGH!

Did i mention how i hate when this colleague of mine, VW, during lunch, mentioned about 2 of my colleagues suddenly gone all pretty and then turned to me and asked.. " HOW MUCH HAVE YOU LOST ON YOUR DIET?!"

F&#k ^$&^H*&&%^%HUF*(AWEYQ(*&$#*(Y P*#YPN.. *pardon the weird language*

I controlled my displeasure.. and my facial expressions as much as I can.. and simply replied, " I dunno" . In my heart I was like "what?! being fat a crime ar? you also fat wat, dumbo fat ass idiot! i never say i wanna compete with my other gal colleagues on who's the prettiest! this is not a modelling agency!"


Friday, November 03, 2006

Bad things just keep happening..

First.. my mum and my bro's personal belongings and valuables were stolen right underneath their nose during my bro's birthday chalet at East Coast Park.


Last Wednesday, I received the most shocking news I heard (after the burglary)...
My dad was admitted to hospital for heart attack..

I probably could have laff at myself for having such a weird reaction when I heard it from my mum. I even called my dad (he was in an ambulance at that time) to CONFIRM it's true..
He told me that his chest felt extremely tight and uncomfortable.. but NOT PAIN..

I took urgent half day leave to fly down to the hospital. My mind was... blank..
Heart ATTACK.. my DAD???

When I reached the A&E, the doc came to tell us that my dad had an heart attack and they were operating on him. I was like.. "WHAT?!! REALLY HEART ATTACK?"

An hour later (yes.. it's that fast apparently, cos it's just ballooning).. my dad was 'wheeled' into his ward at the high dependency ward for cardiac patients. He was awake and can talk somemore..

So the nurse told us that my dad was very lucky to have been admitted into the hospital early otherwise..

So I was at the hospital until Sunday where my dad was discharged. He's now on 1 month MC to recover. And also.. newly diagnose with diabetes.. haiz..

So we have to make a big change to our diet.. and my dad promised to quit smoking.

I'm glad that he's okay now, much to my relief.. I have a huge load off my mind..

I hope that nothing bad will come scaring me again.. :(