Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Lousy class..

Today's Low impact class @ Amore by this instructor Jet.. was LOUSY..

Unclear English... Pace was ultra fast.. steps were complicated.. and not much demo of the steps to us the newbies.. wait.. he din even bother to ask if there's any one new joining the class.

Although I already knew some of the steps, it's so hard to catch up! Jump here.. right there.. left here... turn around (wTF?? He din even turn.. but I see everyone turning.. except us the new ones.. ) .. BLOODY KUKU...

I dun think I wanna join his class liao.. wat a let-down.. Think Jovienne's one still the best..
Shall rest tmr.. and Friday.. it's another round of 2 hours cardiolatino and hip hop!!!

I weighed myself today.. again.. yes... I just cdn't stop thinking about my weight gain..
Weighing machine must be spoilt.. cos.. I weighed 500grams lighter..
ONLY 500 GRAMS.. But then again.. I weighed 500 grams heavier 2 days before..
So.. I'm back.. to my ORIGINAL WEIGHT!

So what's the moral of the story?

and noone commented if I got slim down or not... not even my bf...

low morale liao leh...
Ah.. Well...

I SHALL WORK HARDER!!! EAT HARDER!!! ha ha ah ha ha ah.... *gone kuku*

p/s: My new found fave food since 2 months ago... Caesar Salad.. *drOOlz*

It's back to blogging..

I'm back to my freaking o' self.. Shall treat nothing has happened..

Lotsa happenings..

I've finished my hip hop classes which my co. sponsored @ Amore. Jovienne is an excellent instructor; every session is a fun experience. Having considering to take up more Amore classes, and getting piggy to give me the approval stamp, I signed up for the Power Package aka Unlimited classes, Unlimited gym, any time, any where. It's a 24 mth package but they threw in 15 more months free!
Now I can get to lose weight... on my body and my wallet... LOL~

Went for 2 classes straight at Jurong Point last Friday. Luckily all the hip hop classes which we took have helped me improve my stamina.. otherwise I probably will be panting like a dog after 1 class. Took Cardio-Latino and Hip Hop (the actual one).
Took the last Hip Hop (aerobics+dance) class on Monday (that's yesterday), supposedly to rush down to the 7pm Hi-Lo class at JP but I decided not to. Not that i'm lazy but i still have lotsa work to do and I have a workshop that I'm doing today.

Anyway, I've decided the following routine from now on.
Monday 7pm Hi-Lo JP
Wednesday 7pm Low Impact Aerobics Wdls Civic Ctr
Friday 7.30pm Cardiolatino JP
8.30pm Hip Hop JP

Not sure if I still got the strength to do gym after the classes, but I might just go for gym after wed's Low Impact Aerobics. It's like my previous routine when we first took the low impact on Mondays followed by 30 mins cycling at the gym.

Anyway, although as much as I hope that I have lost some weight, I stepped on the weighing machine yesterday with my fingers crossed, and.... was shocked to see that I've gained 1/2kg more.

I was like, WTF%$$##!@!

Wasn't I supposed to lose the FATS in my body? WHY AM I GAINING WEIGHT??!!!!

Staring at the stupid needle pointing at *8.5kg (I refused to reveal my hideous weight), I lose all motivation at very moment and decided not to go for my cycling.
Kuku-hell... cycle cycle.. also neber lose weight.. waste my time, sweat, time..
Off I went.. back to work..

But today.. miraculously.. I decided (or convinced myself) to continue.. Remembering SM has signed up also, asked her if she wanna go for the low impact on Weds @ Wdls. She helped me to make booking and so.. we shall go for our 'ah-lo-pig' tmr. Good starter for her..

Anxiously waiting for tmr to come.. For a moment.. I've never seen myself so enthusiastic about exercising.. piggy says.. I've gained weight becos my pui bah now turning into muscles so will gain mass. but hor.. after some time.. muscles tone liao hor, sian already will start to lose the mass.. that's where I'll start to look like a slim pig. Ho seh liao leh..

Can go shop for preety clothes liao.. heh heh..

** if any one is wondering why my ang moh looks weird at times... it's my alter ego showing itself.. LOL~*

p/s: stupid piggy everytime go see other gals' blog, neber see my blog... then says this preety, that preety.. me will become TL jealous one leh.. *^%$##$%^&@

Sigh.. birthday coming.. dunno got pple remember or not..

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


If showing concern is being described as 'kaypoh';

If giving my sincere suggestions is being described as 'busybody';

Should I dun bother to waste my time and effort to care for someone whom I consider as a friend, despite knowing this person for a short period of time?

Should I go against myself since I'm not a person who can 'dun care' about someone which i consider as a friend?

The person mentioned in this person's blog may not be pointing to me.. but it seemed to be pointing at me somehow.. like the arrow pointing north in a compass..


First time in my life.. I'm being described as being a hypocrite.. I wonder what would I get out from showing my concern?

I felt betrayed... and speechless..

Ain't going to blog any time soon.. heart pain.. Think I better showered all my love, care and concern instead for my bf who's so stressed over his work and projects and also to my family, perhaps a small amount to my close true friends who truly understand me.