Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Lousy class..

Today's Low impact class @ Amore by this instructor Jet.. was LOUSY..

Unclear English... Pace was ultra fast.. steps were complicated.. and not much demo of the steps to us the newbies.. wait.. he din even bother to ask if there's any one new joining the class.

Although I already knew some of the steps, it's so hard to catch up! Jump here.. right there.. left here... turn around (wTF?? He din even turn.. but I see everyone turning.. except us the new ones.. ) .. BLOODY KUKU...

I dun think I wanna join his class liao.. wat a let-down.. Think Jovienne's one still the best..
Shall rest tmr.. and Friday.. it's another round of 2 hours cardiolatino and hip hop!!!

I weighed myself today.. again.. yes... I just cdn't stop thinking about my weight gain..
Weighing machine must be spoilt.. cos.. I weighed 500grams lighter..
ONLY 500 GRAMS.. But then again.. I weighed 500 grams heavier 2 days before..
So.. I'm back.. to my ORIGINAL WEIGHT!

So what's the moral of the story?

and noone commented if I got slim down or not... not even my bf...

low morale liao leh...
Ah.. Well...

I SHALL WORK HARDER!!! EAT HARDER!!! ha ha ah ha ha ah.... *gone kuku*

p/s: My new found fave food since 2 months ago... Caesar Salad.. *drOOlz*


Awyn said...

let me decide whether u do slim down the next time i see u ya! hehe. hey...when's our hanging out session gonna be..? miss u guys lah!!

Shannon said...

Wanna go Turi Beach or not? Planning probably in Oct.. Can share the big room..
I see here and there.. no slim down leh..