Monday, April 14, 2008


It's probably the first time..
tat I cried after so long..

I dunno whether to consider it as my fault..
Since I'm a team leader.. I guess I am at fault..

I assume that after all the emails that went to and fro to every one.. every one knew what to do..
I delegated jobs to everyone.. and informed them that we had to launch it soon, cos it's already been delayed..
In the end.. another tl already done up the posters.. so now members need not do.. informed another member to do up the list of hp numbers.. but she only did it halfway, perhaps not enough time. I volunteered to finish it for her.. and stayed up on Sunday night until 1am to finish the 1st part.

Wasnt feeling too well.. so took medication and urgent leave to rest. Emailed to members to put up the posters and upload the templates into the pc.
Here.. I assumed it's not going to take more than 5 mins to get 4 posters up and 4 templates into the pc.
I finally finished the numbers and type out the sms which all of us agreed on last Friday.
I broadcasted out...

Received call at 3plus.. informing me that the sms which I sent out, the people called.. in fact too many called.. I specifically indicated to them to COME to the office.. not call..
Now.. i declare... s'poreans dunno how to read..
It's a mess at the office then.. cos everyone came.. and.. posters are not up.. templates also..

So.. it's now my fault that I assumed that things are DONE..

I had to resend the sms again, to inform these pple to come to the office to find out about the dates and register..

I guess this is the point where I got really stressed over it.. cos I know eventually it will get into the ears of our GM. sms to my manager to apologise for the mistake (yes.. i take it as my mistake) and informed her that I will hold responsible should our gm ask.

At this point.. I just cried.
I thought of resigning from my job.. it's getting too stressful.. things are made even more stressful when it doesn't go your way especially due to people's factor.

Perhaps I should just email to my friends and check with them if they've got any lobangs on jobs and quickly update my resume.
Or perhaps I should just request for job rotation.. or transfer.. to somewhere else..
If, no matter what you do or how well you have done, if the main person who is the main deciding factor does not agree with you on what you have done.. everything is just a waste of efforts.

I may not hold a degree.. I may not be as knowledgable.. I may seem to be someone who is not serious.. but.. where I am now, I'm very sure I put in double as much effort to achieve it.

Maybe to some, degree defines your status, knowledge?

Why of all people... it has to happen to me??

Why the above topic?
Cos' ... I just had to complain..
This blog is a place for me to vent my frustrations... to record my happiest moments of my life.. to recognise the things that I'm probably proud of..

I know, it's been very long since I had updated this blog. Maintaining a blog after work everyday is not easy. I also have no idea what to blog about.

At least now... I have something to blog about. Oh ya.. may not necessary sound good.

We just had a change of GM since January 08.

I finally realised that having a male GM and a female GM.. really can see the difference.

One was a fatherly figure.. another... top notch career woman who challenges us to think out of the box... everything must be able to respond fast..

Many of my friends look at me as someone who is.. cheerful, outgoing personality.. and perhaps a crazy fella who always smile.. although I tend to be quiet at times when I'm concentrating/focusing on doing something... but most of the time, you probably see me as a smiling piggy. Right?

So now.. gm commented that I can be a tat childish at times.. I guess it's because I smile, while trying to explain something during a meeting. Yes.. smiling makes one look NOT serious. I agreed. But that doesn't mean that I'M NOT A SERIOUS PERSON AT WORK!!!
If you have any idea how nervous and stressed I was during the meeting... So my tendency is to smile.. cos it relieves me of stress and allows me to think and respond fast. You know how your mind goes blank when you are nervous?

So now.. I have to.. be SERIOUS.. at least.. ACT SERIOUS..


I'm not an ACTRESS!!!!

Now.. going to work has officially become a very sucky thing....