Tuesday, October 09, 2007

New Hairdo!!!

I've got a NEW hairdo!!!!

A move which SHOCKED practically everyone.. even bf said this to me..
" I think I'll need some time to get used to your new look.. "

My colleagues.. also said.. SO DIFFERENT.. Must need some time to get used to my new looks...

Sie lar... dunno that's good or bad... :(
maybe I look like AUNTIE!!

But.. my hairstylist said it suits me.. miraclously.. LOL~ (ok.. maybe I really look like auntie..)
She was just experimenting.. YES.. experimenting..

I trust my hairstylist so much that.. the fate of my hair is in her hands.. she can do whatever she wants with it..

Anyway, after 3 months, my hair will be long enough with all the wavy ends.. I can just retouch on the colours.. and.. be a pretty piggy on my ROM day. Ho Ho Ho~

3 more months.. and I'm planning to lose at least 5 to 10 more kgs (ok.. at least just another 5kg, I'll be happy)..
3 times a week aerobics/ cardio-latino/ stretch-fit/ hip-hop etc.. is showing slow results.. I only lost about 2 to 4kgs..

Even eat also.. not as much liao.. (ok I lied.. I just ate 4 mini bread-rolls from Provence @ Holland V before my dinner.. it's SO TEMPTING and DELICIOUS!!)

Guess.. it's bee hoon soup everyday for lunch..

Where to buy dress to wear for our ROM day? Si bei sianz.. how to find plus-size dresses that's not like grandma dress or curtain draping on me?

If you have places to recommend that I can go, please let me know!!

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