Thursday, December 27, 2007

It slowly approaches...

for us to say 'I do'... 'till death do us apart'...
1 more week to go...

I'm feeling all jittery.. excited.. and nervous..

I wonder if I can be at my most beautiful.. despite the permanent-resident acne scars.. and stubborn fats that dont wanna go away.
I wonder if the makeup artist can do her magic on my pathetic skin..
I wonder if the dress can make me look 1kg slimmer..

I wonder... if... I will make a fool out of myself on that day (typically... I always do something silly or idiotic everyday.. )

It's a weekday.. I wonder if my friends are taking leave to see my marital status changed from single to married.. (like as if I'm gonna change from Ms to Mrs.. I shall still remain as Ms)
Whichever it is, I know a few of my close colleagues and my best buddy is taking leave to celebrate with me.. and my other colleagues already expressed their keeness to join in (despite having to work on that day, and our operations cant really allow everyone to go on half day.. er.. maybe when the time comes for my boss to get married, we will self-proclaim 1 day off just for her :P )

I have to go redo my hair colours, re-perm my hair by this week.. I think the best part is my hair liao.. so.. at least everyone can focus more on my hair than the face/ fats. LOL~
I have to at least attempt to go on a crash diet (perhaps) so that I can get to alter even more during my final fitting of my dress on 31st.


We went to The Central to get our wedding bands.. while others opt for gold, platinum, titanium etc with lotsa diamond, we ended up choosing with the same taste... a simple pair of bands made from silver, engraved with the words "Make My Dream Come True". The band has 2 rings, criss-crossed at the correct angle where at a certain angle, it looks like a heart shape. They are designed and made in Japan and made one of the Top 10 popular designs.

I actually like the actual gold series (made with black gold and rose gold) but .. er... the price is too steep. Dear dont really like to wear anything on his hands, so he made it clear that he probably wouldn't be wearing the band (thus no point buy until so expensive). So.. my dream that I want to make it come true.. is just a simple wish that he will wear the ring for me. But of course, I will respect him if he's not wearing it. It's the heart that links the 2 of us together.. we gradually have some sort of connection where there are times we probably can read each others' minds.. Now.. how creepy that can be at times. Ha ha ha ha..

The house.. we got the keys.. now.. we (or he) are cracking our brains to think of a good home style design.. we roughly know what we want.. but.. not sure if it's feasible..

I would be more likely having to crack my brains over the budget part.. need to get loan from banks.. then the furniture to go with the design of the house.. ahh..

My parents kept telling me to just buy the essentials.. then slowly buy the remaining furniture.. but.. the essentials already costing us quite a fair big amount of moolah..

Anyway.. I'm creating a list of electrical appliances which.. you guys can give me for my housewarming, probably set next year..
1) Smoothie maker (for the mini bar counter)
2) Wine glasses, champange glasses, water goblets..
3) Wine, Liquor such as Vodka, Whisky, Jack daniels, Tequilla etc
4) Iron
5) Rice Cooker (enough to cook for 4 persons)
6) Water Flask (to boil and store hot water)
7) DVD Player
8) Bose speakers
9) 21 inch television (for our bedroom)
10) 42 inch television (for the living room)

Hmm.. ok.. perhaps I'm asking a bit too much liao... :P

Whichever it is..

Anyone who wish to donate to my Furniture-Appliances-Fund, please feel free to tell me hor.. :P

Still feeling damned... NERVOUS for my big day... :(


Tiff said...

Chill baby!

Shannon said...

Not easy to chill lor...
It's like an invisible spell of stress, clouding over my head. Sigh..
Think the 'stress' has caused me another breakout again.. :(

Tiff said...

show me the pics when they are ready ok? Never mind la, ai zai.