Saturday, April 14, 2007



So many of my friends MARRIED LIAO LEH!!!

Wah piang.. I was going through friendster and saw so many of my friends all put profile as MARRIED..

They win liao lor.. last time, nong nong ago.. I in poly.. all say I either the 1st or 2nd one to get married (just because I attached).. then hor.. all now.. run faster than me.. all get hitched first.. LOL~

Singaporeans all so kiasu..

Today, one of my colleagues, Maria, getting ROMed.

Don't ask me when's my turn.. even though me and my dear already been together since late 2002. We already like 老夫老妻, ha ha ha。Marriage is just like graduating from your degree of 'single'logy, embarking another journey of getting a doctorate aka kids.

I'm wondering if when we are married, will we still behave like a bunch of teengers? LOL~ fight over playing wat games to play on our xbox360, pondering what new games to buy, tearing open the new game like small kids with new toys..
DIE ar.. i think if we got kids... people maybe will think we are the KIDS themselves.

Anyway, bf told me earlier that he just got signed his confirmation papers today. So, he's offically graduated from his probation and now a confirmed PROJECT ENGINEER. YAY~!!
But hor.. Miserable increment, he said..

C'mon lor.. considering that you can claim your petrol, handphone, carpark, road tax, etc etc. I only got $50 handphone allowance. LOL~

Hmm.. when are we going overseas to play ar?

At this time, my cat has taken my bed as his territory and refused to budge.. tonight.. I got no BED to sleep on!!!


Anonymous said...

congrats! :)

Shannon said...

Congrats to my bf ar? I'll let him know.. hee hee..