Monday, March 06, 2006

No more unplugged!

I finally got my new ADSL Siemens Ethernet modem from Singnet on Friday~!

My old modems (yes.. I've got 2 Prolink Hurricane modems from my 1st and previous contract extensions) getting old and cranky..
For no reasons, my notebook will pop out a prompt, saying the cable is unplugged. BOTH MODEMS okay~!!! I exchanged the USB cables, trialed and tested. Same problem...

Anyway, my contract is ending, so the Singnet people gave me a call on Tuesday and asked if I'm interested to extend my contract. The new rates are so attractive~!!!!

At first, I thought of just extending my contract for another year to enjoy the new rates.. then thinking that my modems are faulty, might as well extend 2 years and get a new modem. Heh heh.. So the lady promised me to courier the modem over on Friday evening. :)

Now so shiok... no more loss of network halfway through my surfing.. ha ha ha~

But now.. I got problem...

I dunno how to set the connection settings for my Outlook Express 6 since my current internet connection is running on LAN. (-.-||)

Haiz... 1 problem solved.. another comes.. Hmm.... now to wreck my brains on setting the connection. *bLEAh*

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