Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Should I...

consider taking up a degree?

It's been running through my mind ever since I graduated from SP in 2001..

I don't know if I had taken up the wrong diploma course in the first place..

BUT.. I shouldn't regret my decision which I made in 1997..

Now.. it's time for me to make the right choice..

Should I or should I not take up a degree course?

If I should, what course?
Bachelor in Counselling?
Bachelor in Human Resource and Development?
Bachelor in Human Resource Management?
Bachelor in Hospitality/ Tourism?
Bachelor in... what?

Exactly.. what should I take?

Training and Development is something which I think I have interest in for quite some time.. I used to imagine how would life be like if I'm a teacher?

I don't know if I make a good trainer..

I only know.. I probably sucks at being someone's mentor.. considering that my 'mentee' isn't really doing what I have taught him.. he's getting on my nerves.. I dunno why..
He's just doing things his own way.. and too rigid.. in fact.. I might even consider him as someone who cant take criticism and accepting others' comments/ feedback.

I guess I can blame it on myself.. perhaps I'm really not good in training/teaching..

Haiz.. anyone can provide me with any good suggestions? :(

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