Wednesday, August 09, 2006

What do guys really want from us girls?

I've been thinking..

What are the things that guys are attracted to a girl??

Is it the way she flirts around with them or because she's confident and comfortable of who she is?
Is it the conservative side of her or the wild sexy side?
Is it because she's just pretty?
Is it because she's intelligent?
Is it because she has the body of a devil and the face of an angel?
Is it because she can cook?
Is it because she's caring, kind, sensitive, and considerate?
Or.. just because she has big boobs or she has the body of Angelina Jolie?

I guess .. there's no way we can get an answer..

If I can cook (a proper family dinner), able to do all the housechores i.e sweeping, mopping, washing of clothes etc, possess a reasonably nice personality (I'm thick-skinned), humourous (able to crack dirty jokes, perhaps better than a guy), sensitive to what a guy's needs *ahems*

BUT ...

only that I'm fat (ya.. FAT.. but evenly distributed, and has a hour-glass figure. LOL), plain looks (yet I addressed myself as adorable *ahems*)..

Will guys still be interested in me? Ha ha ha ha..

Now.. doesn't that make me confident as well?

Ah well... I'm glad my bf can see through all the fats in me and love me for who I am and what I have. :P

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tiramisuboy said...

well..from a guy point of view, he has his own criteria for a gf...when he's young, he would have a vision of his dream gal..cute and kawaii..perfect in every ways...but as time goes on he realise its quite impossible to find someone who possess both looks and brains..the ration would be 1:100.... some guys just got the luck..and there's not enough to go around ..As age increases, facing with the slim chances of getting hitched, his criteria would changed...he will realise that looks is not everything...its the heart that hey...every gal got a fair chance of getting hitched!! isn't that wonderful??