Monday, August 28, 2006

Pungent love..

Maria and I came up with a new phrase for the die-hard romantics..

"Undying... Pungent.. Love.. "

Ha ha ha..

We were on our way home from Buckaroo, our hangout place for spicy buffalo wings which Annie recommended.. Annie was driving.. and we were stuffed with spicy buffalo wings, authentic onion rings, deep fried juicy mushrooms, crispy pizza, root beer floats and our usual Hoe Garden..

I'm sure it wasnt the effect of the beer we drank (I barely felt anything...)

We were chatting about a colleague of ours, and a lady colleague was interested in him..
I was commenting that my nose is very very sensitive to BO.. especially when I have bad experiences with people who have BO (I'm just a magnet for those pple with BO.. for the past 4 years.. and apparently they do not know the existance of deodourant).

So this lady, A, I believed had a bad case of BO.. cos' whenever she was near my area, I can smell her coming.. Strong smell.. Initially I tot it was just my nose.. but after confirming with Maria and Joney, confirmed she got BO liao..

Anyway, she has liking for this male colleague, D for quite sometime.. So, we tried being die-hard romantics, giving this relationship some phrases..

Maria started with .. "their undying love.."

Me.."their undying.. " *waving my hand near my nose* "love.."

Maria started giggling..

Me.. "their undying...s...m...e...ll...y... love.."

Maria suddenly blurted.. "their undying.. PUNGENT!"

Ha ha ha.. new phrase for the romantics if their partners got BO..

PUNGENT Love.. You just love to hate them.. :P

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