Sunday, March 12, 2006

Sometimes changes can be a good thing...

Last Thursday... I did the most unexpected in my entire life after Primary 5..

I finally allowed my hair-stylist to cut my fringe.. something which I die-die also won't let her cut (the most just snip less than an inch)..

The moment I gave her the green light to cut my precious.. her evil mind just took over her hands and did what she has always wanted to do..

The end result... short short fringe.. of cos, colouring the hair is always needed (though I've always use the DIY hair colouring). Pics to be uploaded next time (if I feel like it).


The IT show on Sat was amazing... as usual, it's always packed with sweaty, sweaty people.. Rather than to go there at around 5-6pm, we decided to go early (another reason was because I've to attend my colleague's wedding dinner at 7.30pm).

Carpark is always the issue whenever we go to Cityhall area. Normal days, Suntec carpark is out of the question, so where do you park your car?

1. Millenia Walk
2. Marina Square
3. Raffles Shopping Centre
4. Shaw Towers

Options 1 and 4 are our best choices. Millenia Walk sure will be crowded, according to my bf's experience for the past 3 years, especially during any shows at Suntec (Singaporeans are still smart, to a certain extent..). Therefore, Shaw Towers is the next best thing. I mean, who will ever think of going to a carpark which is not using ERP-cashcard?

The carpark charges are especially cheap.. especially after 2pm. it's only $1 per entry~! Guaranteed got parking spaces (at the upper floors). So we happily parked there and headed off to Suntec.

1st stop, level 3..... XBOX 360!!! I love the stylish design~!!!!!!!!!!!! I like the price even more.. more than $700SGD.. Jeez... ha ha ha

2nd stop, my FAVE... level 4.... DIGITAL CAMERAS~!!! I've long wanted to buy a digital camera.. so I'm gonna grab all the brochures I can find and decide on 1 (and probably to hesitate about buying later.. as usual..). Bf paved the way for me to squeeze thru the dreaded sweaty people to get the brochures. Casio Exlim, Panasonic, Ricoh, Canon, Sony, Nikon, Olympus, JVC etc. In less than 30 mins of pushing and shoving, we got out and went to find a place to sit down, have a drink and decide.

Since bf was quite knowledgable on cameras, we shortlist 3 in our list.
The final 3 brands (in no particular order):
- Nikon
- Olympus
- Canon

Then we shortlist further, based on the $$ vs mega-pixels.
Finally..... after much discussion...
We decide on either Olympus or Nikon..

We headed back to Olympus 1st. The model FE-150 (5 mega-pixels) was out-of-stock! Aaron,the sales guy, gave me a bargain which I can't resist... he's offering me FE-160 (6 mega-pixels) at a discounted price of $...399 instead of $449!

Comparing Nikon and Olympus - 6 mega-pixels at their prices... this Olympus was unbeatable.. I only need a normal camera for normal usage.. Anything more professional, bf's father has Nikon D70. *lol* So... bf paid for it with his credit card... No need to envy lar.. he's only paying for it first, until I get my pay, then I have to return the $$ lar.. I also wish he will buy for me. But he's still very poor after that 2 months of unpaid leave..

So anyway, the excited me can't wait to go home and charge up that battery.

Finally... a camera of my very own~!! Not forgetting... i'm a few hundred bucks poorer... Haiz.. the aftermath of shopping... :(

My trophy... and a promise which bf made, saying that he will bring me out for photography.. Heh heh..

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