Thursday, August 31, 2006

What's for dinner?

My dinner tonight..

PASTA in Tomato with Sausages, Hams, Mushrooms ... and tons of chilli flakes..

Courtesy of my bf..

He made it anyway.. I'm talented in cooking.. so with so many years of influence.. he had perfected his art of cooking pasta.. it's Al-DenTe~

WAHAHAHA.. I super thick-skinned.. :P

He cooked.. and packed it for me.. and drove down to my house to give me.
I'm already home by then, thanks to my colleague who gave us a lift to Boon Lay.

Sweet of him to cook for me.. Small gestures like this is enough to make my day a wonderful day.. Who needs expensive gifts to substain a relationship?! See.. I'm so easy to be maintained.. and be satisfied..

Now... where's my glass of ice water.. :-/

1 comment:

tiramisuboy said...

good life huh... got bf cook for you... wonder if my future gf can cook ? maybe its the other way round.. muah ha ha!!

P.S: Your SJ aspires to be a "台妹".. and sibei hokkien ”派“.. but she's quite nice to talk to.. thought she might be a cool ah lian.. but the her pic shows a very "乖"face... ha aha