Sunday, February 26, 2006

My bf's big shit...

Ok.. as stated in my previous posts...Some big shit happened to my bf.

For 1 period of 2 months +, I was unfortunately made a part-time nanny, maid, personal nurse to my bf.

Poor bf kenna GOUT (rich man's illness)...

It all started when 1 day, during work, bf's trainee made a really-bad-and-god-damned-bad U-turn and almost crashed up the center fence. Of cos, bf had to step on the brake, and it happened that the car's brake pad was small and slippery (wasn't bf's usual car; his training car was at workshop), bf's foot was big (size 10), poor fella sprained his ankle.

So.. thinking it was a sprain, he went to see the chinese physician. Ankle got worse.. and to the extent that he had to buy a walking stick... Thus he went to see his company doc, doc says he got gout and gave him this medicine (phenenor or whatever). This medicine apparently was already not in use by hospitals becos of its side-effects(we din know about that @ that time).

The miraclously thing happened... it spread from his left ankle to his right ankle.. so now... BOTH ankles injuried..

Everyday I had to rush off after work to his house to take care of him, and accompany him..

I was staying over at his place during 1 weekend, when in the middle of the night....... he told his the pain was unbearable and getting worse.. Usually he can really tahan pain.. so when he said he really couldn't bear with it, I know it was bad... Poor fella can't even get out from his bed.
So we decided to call an ambulance.. non-emergency one lar..

FYI.. it was a FREAKING $80!!!!!!!

Anyway, I waited @ NUH for 4 hours plus.. from 12midnight to around 4-5am the next morn..
His uric acid level was a all-time high of 8.8. The doc was very worried. That's when he told us that the medication he took from his company doc was already not in use, as the medicine will transfer the 'pain' to another joint.

I tot the hospital bills gonna be huge.. guess wat.. it's only... $70! including medicine..

So... time passed... he went for checkups.. and doc told him his left ankle joint was infected and filled with pus. Pus was removed and he was also placed on diet (for his gout problem).

Went back to work after 2 months of unpaid leave... He was worried that he might be aske dto leave.. but luckily, his company only told him that his confirmation will be delayed for another 5 more mths. Rather than being dismissed, 5 more months to be confirmed is like a blessing to him.

He's still on checkup with NUH doctors and his situation is placed under control..

But financial-wise... haiz.... both of us got to start from zero again.. :(

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