Monday, November 27, 2006

A $1000 Wedding Dinner per TABLE

Yes.. $1000 per table..


Regent Hotel..

Bf's cousin got married.. and I tell you.. it's the MOST FAKE wedding i ever been to.
Ever seen a bride not glowing in happiness during her wedding night? I saw my 1st one last Saturday..

Her smile is so fake..

Everything looks like a show planned from the beginning..

If you think that the food at Regent is nice.. IT IS NOT!!!

It's over-priced.. Food tastes either too bland, too salty or simply sucks.. The only dish that's nice.. probably is the Sautee prawns with celery and cashew nuts..

Service.. is so-so only.. If you see the way the waitress cut and serve the steamed fish.. you will probably wish that they never cut and serve you in the 1st place. The fish simply crumbled.. Hardly see any big pieces around. Ha ha ha..

And.. it's also my 1st time, hearing from the waiter that they ran out of RED WINE!!! WAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAA

So.. if anyone wants to hold their wedding at Regent.. I suggest.. maybe you wanna think it over. Try Grand Corpthone- Waterfalls.. I heard it's good..
Else.. for the cheaper yet deliciously better dinner, Boon Lay Raja Restaurant $700+ per table, guaranteed good food and relatively good service.

As for me.. no dinners.. we have decided.. probably a amercian style wedding reception where everything is held outdoors.. under a giant white tent.. well..

Nothing has been planned out yet.. But.. bf's cousin already planned for him.. To get married by the end of next year, so make sure he (as well as me) saves as much as possible..

My guest list, other than relatives, will be a full list of buddies, friends and colleagues..
Dunno whether will have enough budget for that.. Ha ha :P

It's time.. to... lose the extra extra (x1000) kilos SOON!
Doctor said (went to the doctor earlier due to diarrhea and sore throat) that I'm overweight (since when I wasn't?). Just as I expected anyway.. Whichever it is, doctor said slowly take my time, at least if can reduce 5 to 10 kg(sounds impossible..somehow) for the following 6 months, should be good enough.

So... again... I'm... striving... to... struggle... against... the... temptation... of... food......... (-.-|||)


Shu Juan said...

Aiyah... from the way you write sure know who you are liao... and who else will nag at me when my mum already given up nagging me years ago???

None other than our DEAR Shannon 姐姐... who also happen to know that 矮冬瓜... oops... he quite chee hong as you know...

Pls hor... we din do much together or hang out that much as you think lor...

I am still waiting for the day I bump into 啊信 from 五月天 and he will grab me and rescue me from my dull life and we can live happliy ever after... Aww...

Hahaha... yes, yes, yes... Yes to all that you said. I will reduce my alcohol intake and sleep alittle earlier... ok?! Hehe... I where got look like stick insect?? I even think I am fat lor... sob sob... lets go running together leh after work... I can meet you at Cheena Garden... Jio my darling Khairuddin too!! I miss him so much =)

Shu Juan =) said...

Oh... and if you want discount for Boon Lay Raja Restaurant... or ask them to cater food... let me know... the big boss is under my Functional Committee... hehehe... I can intro him to you!! =)